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    1. https://kfitz.info/23-july-2021-0951/

      There's something interesting here with respect to relationships and desiring-to-have and wanting-to-be. Something we may miss in our daily interactions, but worth thinking about in our loves, crushes, etc.

  2. Jun 2021
    1. Meritocracy harms the elite as well. Life for the meritocratic elite is dominated by work. Substantial numbers of elites report that their work interferes with their health, prevents them from forming strong relationships with their children, gets in the way of good relationships with their spouses, and even makes it harder to have a satisfying sex life.
    1. At that time, I just wanted to do good for my family and try and grow up, because I always took everything as a joke. I feel like I'm still 18 and I'm 26 already. I feel like I didn't have a chance to live my childhood.

      Time in US - falling in love - having children

  3. Apr 2021
    1. I managed to do half the work. But that’s exactly it: It’s work. It’s designed that way. It requires a thankless amount of mental and emotional energy, just like some relationships.

      This is a great example of how services like Facebook can be like the abusive significant other you can never leave.

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    1. ‘power with’ (based on equity) rather than‘power over’ (based on domination and control).

      power relations young people experience will influence the type of adult they develop into, possibly related to attachment styles developed in childhood



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    1. If you look at the same graph with distance 2, the layer of additionally visible nodes show how my new Notion might be connected to things like online identity, using the environment to store memory and layered access to information. This triggers additional thoughts during the writing process.

      Lovely. This is such a great insight that I can already see is going to help me a lot.

    2. Usually while writing a Notion, I show the graph of how it connects to other Notions/Notes alongside it. I set the graph to show not only the 1st level links, as that only shows the links already apparent from the text I have in front of me. I set it to show 3 steps out at the start, and reduce to two steps when there are more links.

      This is a great idea that hasn't occurred to me before. When looking for non-obvious relationships between concepts (something that I think forms part of creativity), it makes sense to have the graph view open alongside the note you're working on.

  8. Nov 2020
    1. They use inclusive language by using no language at all, sometimes the best way to communicate are our actions, this add is meant to be seen by many and people wouldn't understand if there was one language spoken, this lack of language makes the advertisement inclusive of all. Additionally our actions are a honest representation of the people we are and I believe that in a advertisement meant to represent emotions and bonds there is no better language than our purest form of expression, body language.

    2. The advertisement is completely pathos since it tries to form a emotional connection with the viewer by using such emotional and happy scenes, making the viewer remember the happy and good times they had when they were together with the people they held dear or when meeting new people. It wants the viewer to remember the good times they had while drinking a coke and promote the idea that they are missing out on happiness because they are lacking a coke.

    3. Target audience: the target audience is everyone. No matter who you are Coca-Cola tries to connect itself with everyone by forming a close relationship by writing impactful, fun and friendly things on their bottles.

    4. Explicit: Convey to others that forming new bonds and overcoming social barriers and/or cultural walls is very easy, creating a better society.

      Implicit: To promote the consumption of coke by associating coke with family friends and relationships and connecting with their consumers

    5. 0:10 -The older man places a coke on the table and turns it around, the bottle has the word "Friends" inscribed on it. The fact that the bottle has such word inscribed makes the viewer want to buy one since it is a very striking word, it makes you think of home and the people you hold dear.

    6. 0:21 the young man accepts the old mans friend request through the phone, this has never been seen in other advertisement of coke but as times change people change and many friendships and relationships have and are currently being created through the internet , this tells the audience that coke is always adapting to us and that it will always be by our side no matter when.

    7. The way they used men of very different ages represents that coke can break the barrier of time, since it is usually said that the disparity between generations and their way of thinking is not easily overcome. But thanks to the ad we see that Coke Transends this barrier of time creating new never thought possible bonds.

    8. 0:16 we get a top view where the coke is perfectly placed in the middle of the table braking the "wall" that keeps both men apart form each other .

    9. the "Share a Coke" slogan has a strong call to action it is incentivizing the audience to purchase one for the purpose of giving it to another like how you give chocolates to someone important to you on valentines, this would be the same idea.

    10. 0:20 the coke is placed in a way that it is perfectly lighted up and in the mid point between both men this could be said that the coke is braking the ice between them or the cultural wall in between as it is literally the reason why both men start to interact with one another.

    11. This advertisement is also a critique against racism around the world, it implies that no matter who you are, what your background is and the different thoughts and believes you have, we should create new bonds, not destroy them. This is seen by the way the young man quickly develops a friend ship with the older man, with just the simple act of sharing a drink.

    12. The lack of speech is also very note worthy since it gives off the idea that forming new bonds is very simple, such that there is no need to talk. It is a critique to society as it implies that the only thing separating us from having a world where no one is less than others is our ego and our own human complex.

    13. The lighting used in this advertisement is very bright in order to set up the very friendly atmosphere shown in the video, this hooks the viewer since it gives off happiness and good vibes, which people feel more attracted to. It also represents the theme of the ad which is creating and strengthening bonds.

    14. 0:21 both the man and the young man grab the coke, this is symbolic because it is as implying that the man in conveying his emotions and thoughts to the coke before the young man drinks it, when the young man drinks its he sighs and looks at the old man in a more friendly way as if implying that he can now understand him in a more deeper way since he literally drank the old mans thoughts through the coke.

    15. Through out the whole commercial there is no verbal interaction between the old man and the younger one, implying that forming new relationships and meeting new people is very simple to the point that you don't even have to talk. This lack of conversation is also very clever since it can be said that the man is conveying his emotions and feelings to the younger one through the coke as saying that when share a coke you are sharing more than a drink you are sharing emotions

    16. 0:13 the older man makes a facial gesture which conveys to us that he is telling the younger one to "go ahead" and drink the coke, which he is only willing to sheared if the youngest becomes friends with him.

    17. 0:15 the youngest looks at the old man and there is a pause, as if he were thinking about the repercussions of becoming friends with the man, but realizes that there are non.

    18. 0:15 - the music used has a very high pitch and is very fast as implying that the youngest has to make up his mind quickly. This creates suspense on the viewer since it makes us wonder what will he choose, ignore the man or make friends with him.

    19. 0:16 - 0:20 - The music pauses and the youngest grabs his phone, this leaves the view confused on what is happening, they start thinking that he decided on ignoring the old man, which would be very shocking because it would not follow the natural order of mainstream media in where usually they would become friends instantly, this is something unexpected and pulls the viewers attention.

    20. 0:25-0:27 - The music starts playing aging, it has a very repetitive rhythm, each interval is grater than the one before, like if we were approaching the climax of this short interaction between this two men.

    21. 0:28 - the repetitive music is gone and a cheerfully melody is introduced, this melody makes the viewer think that there will be a happy conclusion, which proves to be correct since. the older man receives a text message form the youngest that his friend request has been approved.

    22. 0:37-0:40 - after the youngest drinks the coke he puts it down and a text shows up next to the bottle which reads "share a coke with..." and the label of the bottle which previously said friend changes to dad, dude, bro etc. This implies to the viewer that coke is meant to be shared no only to create bonds with others as seen through the commercial, but it is also used to strengthen bonds between people you hold very close to you, as if implying that when sharing a coke there is no boundaries between people.

    23. 0:01- two men sitting in a train, the train implies that they are from different places traveling somewhere. They have different ethnicities and backgrounds

  9. Sep 2020
    1. Henrich defends this sweeping thesis with several studies, including a test known as the Triad Task. Subjects are shown three images—say, a rabbit, a carrot, and a cat. The goal is to match a “target object”—the rabbit—with a second object. A person who matches the rabbit with the cat classifies: The rabbit and the cat are animals. A person who matches the rabbit with the carrot looks for relationships between the objects: The rabbit eats the carrot.
    1. the caregiver and the quality of the relationship (33), functioning as a mediator of attachment experiences (34). These representations tend to be extended into adulthood (17). In certain cases, parents are not able to provide a safe haven for their children, offering them frightening or unpredictable caregiving (27). As a consequence, experiences of interpersonal trauma can be detrimental to the core conceptual system (35) and can become permanently imprinted in an individual’s internal working model (31), including ensuing long-lasting effects on attachment and interpersonal relationships in later life

      Abuse can start as early as infancy and continue to affect the child into adulthood.

      I was correct when I said that I think the lack of nurture as a child and the lack of parents affect my confidence and the way that I view relationships.

      Childhood is where you begin to develop confidence... think self soothing. When they don't fear things continuously they feel same and they feel secure.

  10. Jul 2020
    1. Stalking Cat is open to the idea of a relationship, especially with a cat girl by far, which may exist but they haven't met them. It requires a very deep bond, and it's difficult to deny that bond to a given animal, so I imagine it might be difficult to sustain a non cat-cat relationship.

      There's also the issue of not having enough time to sustain a relationship, as much time is spent pursuing body modifications.

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    1. Cancer - a symbolic drama between mother and child Bahne-Bahnson (1982) notes that people suffering from cancer experience in a psychosomatic way old emotional deficits that have never been consciously addressed. He suggests that cancer patients have been deprived of being innocent children, and that many of them had to look after and emotionally support their parents. These people missed out on much of the essential emotional nurturing that would have allowed them to develop a strong sense of self.
  13. Jan 2020
    1. Look over your list. Do they contain words like published, awarded, graduated, built, founded or created? Or do they contain mostly adjectives like nice, caring, loving, honest and smart? If you’re in the first sentence it’s likely you’re an SC. If the majority of your responses are in the second sentence you are likely an RC.

      The difference is if listing egocentric stuff (I'm impressive and I feel better than others, I feel worthy for myself itself) or listing qualities that influence the surrounding world (I do social work to help refugees, I published a theory to improve the current state of philosophy, I completed a project or a school, I created something that now generates some kind of value).

      The Replication Creators are creative just for themselves, so they get just short-term rewards.

      The Skilled Creators are creative for the sharing with the others, so they get long-term rewards.

  14. Oct 2019
    1. establish

      Establishing relationships is key. One way to build trust is to share why you are asking students to do something, and how it applies to them not just in the course but in real life. This also could lead to motivation...

  15. Aug 2019
    1. Ire—membered.tohavereadthe“servantienotabovehisMaster

      how Boutwell views his relationship with the Ojibwe

    2. hepacificdispositionoftheIndianstowardsthewhitepeople.T

      Hall and Boutwell think the Natives will take kindly to the White settlers



  16. Jun 2019
    1. guébhInini,'th§pibusnativefratthe"antremainsatthePointwithBr.H.&ItruatwillbeofmuchAidinimpartinganin—tcrusttothereligioua'meetinga,ashecanuddreeatheInds.&prayintheirosnlangu

      Poguoch Inini stays with Mr. H to pray to the Natives in their own language (but not their religion)

    2. PoguoohInini,thepiousnatIVe

      the expedition has a religious interpreter - Poguoch Inini

    3. isitfromtheirFather.Thisistheaxpollationbywhichthey11call1'3

      one of the leaders of the expedition (Mr. C) is known to the Natives as their "Father"

    4. reachedtheInd.villageatthemouthoftheErwin.agan.ThechiefhoistedtheAmericanFlagasweneared,whilehis'youngmenstandbyviththcirmuskctatocivcustheaalune

      Native "village at the mouth of the Antin-agon" - the chief raised an american flag and the young men saluted with muskets as the expedition approached

    5. conversepleasantlyandfreely

      no animosity reported



  17. Apr 2019
    1. The brain-disease model overlooks four fundamental truths: (1) our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring well-being; (2) language gives us the power to change ourselves and others by communicating our experiences, helping us to define what we know, and finding a common sense of meaning; (3) we have the ability to regulate our own physiology, including some of the so-called involuntary functions of the body and brain, through such basic activities as breathing, moving, and touching; and (4) we can change social conditions to create environments in which children and adults can feel safe and where they can thrive.
  18. Feb 2019
    1. Learners need support from peers and mentors to persist through setbacks and challenges

      We can help to guide our students through their mistakes ad hardships by being supportive and encouraging. Building a positive relationship with them is very meaningful and lucrative to setting up their learning environment.

    2. Learning is irresistible and life-changing when it connects personal interests to meaningful relationships and real-world opportunity

      When we understand our student's interests and build relationships with them, we can help them to love learning. We can do this collectively with our classes and we can do it with each student individually.

  19. Jan 2019
    1. Romantic relationships are undone by texting; people are much crueler than in live conversation because they don’t receive the visual cues that accompany live talk.

      Dating apps are changing the norm of meeting people in real life to 'e-meeting' and causing a whole host of problems. People are able to create their ideal image on their virtual profiles which may not be an accurate representation of who they are in real life. A new phenomenon in the virtual dating world known as 'cat fishing' is now taking place. This is where people create a fake profile and trick others online to thinking they are some one else - often the Cat Fish is known to the unsuspecting victim

  20. Jul 2018
  21. course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com
    1. Whether the letter which Rosanna had left to be given to him after her death did, or did not, contain the confession which Mr. Franklin had suspected her of trying to make to him in her life-time, it was impossible to say.

      Letters have been used throughout the text to add detail and action to the narrative. It would be interesting to create some kind of network connecting the senders and receivers of the letters and see which characters are the receivers and relayers of the information they provide. I would imagine Mr. Betteridge would be a major hub, but I think it would be interesting to see how they all connect and relate.

  22. Sep 2017
    1. the connections between the individuals and groups are studied. T

      The space between individuals is where the social capital resides. Where peer pressure occurs. Where norms are exchanged and regulated. It is an important space :-)!

    1. social relationships as a primary concern

      While traditional social science focuses on the characteristics of the individual, SNA takes the idea of social pressure and social forces seriously and analyzes the space in between individuals, i.e. the 'air'.

  23. Jul 2017
    1. capitalism and disastrous in their predictions about thepromiseofthecommunistsocietythathebelievedwouldreplaceit.

      I find this statement to be eerily ironic given america currently

    2. Without burrows, lacking fur or claws, in this vulnerable state humans need to work together to survive, hence they need to develop social relationsh

      Being that humans need to produce use-able goods from their natural environment, we must rely on the collective strength and ability of their community. Many people are involved in the labor process in production, thus, production creates social relationships.

    1. Social Relationships of Production

      This is a way of looking at class structure. In capitilistc society that we live in labor is extracted from the proletariat at the lowest possible costs for economic interest ( pay only enough to keep the proletariat alive and productive). Marx predicts the proletariat will drvie a change to communism from the capitalism

    2. Classes, Class Exploitation, Class Struggle

      Marx proposes that history is made of up stages driven by class conflict where there is an ownership class which controls the means of production and a lower class that thus provides labor for production. One class is thus exploiting another class. When these two come into conflict it leads to social change.

  24. Mar 2017
    1. An ex-student came to my class, he has become a successful manager in IKEA in Clermont Ferrand. He came to talk about his experience. We sat down in the comfy chairs in our learning space. His presence resulted in an extraordinary moment of connection. He told the story of how he had been at a cross-roads in his life. He had lived a crisis, he made a conscious decision to live, rather than to die.

      Storyteller connection

    2. I have known for perhaps fifteen years, first as a student and then as a friend.

      changing relationships

  25. Jan 2017
    1. You are expressing yourself continuously. Your thoughts are affecting the mental environment, and your actions are affecting the physical environment. You live in both environments. They co-exist together. You are becoming more aware of your physical environment, but the mental environment is still a great mystery to you. Everyone else is living in these environments as well, and they too are expressing themselves every moment of every day. The interaction between human beings, then, becomes quite complex. It is complex because people are unaware of their self-expression. They interact with each other, but then they have their interpretations of the interaction, which can be quite different from the interaction itself. When you are unaware of something, you make judgments in order to give yourself explanations upon which you build your assumptions about life and your sense of self. This complexity between human beings is not natural. In other words, it is not meant to be that way. It is complicated by the fact that people are unaware of their self-expression and because they are unaware of their self-expression, they base their actions and thinking upon assumptions, which may have little to do with reality as it is occurring moment to moment. This is what makes things complex between people. Indeed, if you think about this and consider it, it may seem hopelessly complex. How can one gain a real experience of self-expression and the interaction with other human beings without being governed by personal fear or personal preference, by judgments and beliefs? How can one have a real and direct experience that is not colored by these things or distorted by them? Indeed, because people are so minimally aware of the mental environment in which they live and have such little recognition of their self-expression, this problem can seem enormous and the solution can seem far in the future, if it is possible to accomplish at all.
    1. Each of these professionals is immensely aided by new technologies they use daily yet their work depends upon human interaction and unfolding relationships.

      This is most certainly true and I often sense a strain on those who strongly believe this to imagine how technology can really benefit. It is almost seen as a zero sum game, with relationships at odds with "tech".

  26. Dec 2016
    1. he expectation of romance in relationship exacts an exorbitant price, both immediately in terms of time, energy and attention and in a long-range sense. People lose so much over this pursuit and how little is their reward--a few moments of self-inflated pleasure or self-abandonment or a few moments of physical sensation, none of which can be maintained for long. The reality of the relationship can seem very depressing in contrast to the thrill of romance. That is because people invest in the romance and not in the relationship.
    1. Most people's problems are hypothetical anyway. There is the problem and there is the interpretation of the problem, which can be quite different from the problem itself. People say, "I want to have a relationship in my life now," which may not be the problem. So, why should I try to resolve something that is not the problem? The problem is not that they do not have a relationship, but that they need to develop something else that is more important! That is very often the case, but people do not see that as the avenue that they must follow. They are lonely, so they want a mate. But, I say "stillness."
    2. First, you will find that this quality of relationship will come to you as you have something important to do in life. People who are actively engaged in life do not have to go searching for relationship. This is a fact. If you have found something truly meaningful to do in this world that it is natural for you to do
    4. Developing Knowledge is a major theme in all of our discussions. Knowledge, relationships and communication permeate all true activity, true development and true progress. They give rise to your spiritual nature and destiny.
  27. Nov 2016
    1. Very few people have this feeling of vitality in their engagement in life and so, to substitute for this, they seek excitement in relationship, some for excitement's sake and some in the name of personal growth. I can assure you there is not enough personal growth in the universe to justify endless involvements. What takes you beyond personal growth is that you become very tired of it, and you now seek refuge, relief and inspiration from something greater. Personal growth is very disappointing because you cannot expand the personal side of you very far. It always has great promise, and it is always very exciting when you are embarking on personal growth, but it quickly begins to get very difficult. Personal growth is natural when you are developing Knowledge, for your mind and body must now accommodate a Greater Power within you. This is the context in which personal growth has value and is governed by necessity and not by preference.
    2. Many people expect or demand devotion from others but are incapable of giving it themselves, for they wish to bargain with their affection. They wish to make sure that their demands will be met before they are willing to give in. But you see, devotion is not negotiable. You do not bargain for it. It is not giving in. It is something that emerges from the very depth of you, so that you need not create it. It simply arises.
    3. there can be a bond that is deeper than the personalities involved and stronger than any divergent interests or orientations. This is something that transcends personal realities and has purpose and direction. This is something that is not created by the people involved but is something that they discover together. It is a discovery, and yet it is a discovery with a purpose. It is here to do something.
    4. Not everyone is meant to be in marriage-that is between husband and wife. That is not the appropriate expression of marriage for everybody. However, a relationship based upon Knowledge, recognition and purpose is meant for everyone. When you have experienced that, you will realize that your life is greater than your personality. It will be an experience that will be very confirming for you. Out of this relationship will come devotion, which is the highest expression of love in the world. Devotion is a quality that is very rare. It is not to be confused with obligation or bondage of any kind. It is a free gift that is essential to give.

      Translator's note: cf. EN "marriage" : PT "amarrar" 'to tie, to bind'

    5. True marriage is something that is a source of nourishment for other people as well as for the two people involved.
    1. A moment of recognition, on even a very spiritual level, does not confirm or initiate a genuine relationship. How many people have learned this painfully and at great expense? If you look about you, you will see people making all manner of mistakes and carrying out all manner of ideas and committing themselves to all kinds of things, with great justification.
    2. Though your personalities may have difficulties and your orientations may be different, you will feel at home with them nonetheless because they have come from your Spiritual Family
    3. The Creator offers Knowledge, and Knowledge is the foundation for relationship, and relationship is the foundation for success and fulfillment. You return to the Creator through a great network of relationships which are all bonded in Knowledge. Here you re-enter and re-experience the great fabric of life where everything is interwoven, but in a certain pattern and way. You will learn that you cannot join with anyone you want. You cannot be united with anyone you want. You cannot call anyone you like or love a member of your Spiritual Family, for you are destined to be with certain ones and not with others, regardless of attraction or affection. For it is true, is it not, that you can love dearly many individuals that you could never live with or participate with in any meaningful way, and yet you may love them intensely. But you could not function together. How often this is demonstrated in the tragic disappointments that people feel in their relationships with one another.

      Impossible relationships

  28. Oct 2016
    1. Knowledge will not give you what you want, but it will give you what you need and what you long for. Wants and wishes are temporary things, so changeable, so influenced by the world. The flames of your passions and desires can burn hot or cold, depending on what is stimulating you and how secure you feel within yourself. Knowledge is not governed by such emotions, and you cannot make it come into a relationship that you may want.
    2. if you choose without Knowledge, Knowledge will not follow you. You may believe fervently that you are doing the right thing. You may even believe fervently that you are making the right decision. But if Knowledge does not go with you, you have no stability, no certainty in your endeavor.
    3. Without your essential relationships, you cannot function at a higher level. You need relationships simply to survive here. At a fundamental level you need others in every aspect of your life to support and assist you, physically, emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually.
  29. Sep 2016
    1. But fandom without limits makes Team Internet vulnerable.
    2. This kind of dynamic -- between a digital influencer and a fan -- has become commonplace in the “Team Internet” community. Over the last few years, dozens have come forward to share stories of creators who have had inappropriate relationships with those who see them as bona fide celebrities.
  30. Jul 2016
    1. Once people in jail his family really struggle to the point where my aunt couldn’t take it anymore and she left him

      putting people in jail make the family break the relationship they had

  31. Mar 2016
    1. Love in pedagogical work is an orientation. It’s a commitment to the personhood of learners, to their intersectionality, to their deep emotional backgrounds, to the authenticity of their lives. It is a decision to commit first to the community of learners and second to the material we’ve come to teach.

      "Orientation" is a powerful concept here. At a seminar for Gestalt Coaching, participants were asked "How do you orient?" It's not only a question of how we get our bearings but also where they come from. I used to think I was oriented towards people and during that seminar I realized that it wasn't people, per se, it was relationships. Relationships both stimulated my most active curiosity and my deepest anxieties. So "Love" as an orientation speaks deeply to me. My content area (physical education) is my vehicle for building learning relationships with my students. Without the relationship, there is no learning.

  32. Jan 2016
    1. Barbara Mundy, chapter 1 from Mapping New Spain: Indigenous Cartography and the Maps of the Relaciones Geográficas

      Mundy, B. "Spain and the Imperial Ideology of Mapping" in The Mapping of New Spain. Indigenous Cartography and the Maps of the Relaciones Geográficas. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1996

      While Mundy’s approach to the production of maps in the Spanish empire centers on the figure of the king and his connection to territories near and far from him, she does so in order to exemplify the way man in 16th-century Europe positioned himself within the world. Through this view, for example, the maps serve as a way for Phillip II to legitimate his rule over the empire, especially in the New World territories.

      Mundy's research questions explore why different/varied methods of representation were important in the 16th-century European context (i.e. choreographic vs. geographic maps), and how these translated into understanding space in New World from an Old World perspective.

      In order to answer her main questions, she examines two mapping commissions ordered by Phillip II and carried out by Anton van den Wyngaerde and Pedro de Esquivel. She identifies the distinct methods of representation used by the artists taking into account the broader historical and geographical context that would eventually influence the way the territories in the New Spain would be represented, as happened with the creation of the Relaciones Geograficas in New Spain.

      Mundy effectively help us understand the significance of mapping (along with the different methodologies of doing so) from a conceptual as well as a methodological point of view. Her analysis, as well as contextualization of the van den Wyngaerde and Esquivel maps offers a glimpse onto the conceptual frame that informed Europe’s initial understanding of the New World as part of the greater whole that was the Spanish empire. However, as she stresses the importance of the tangible nature of the lands (at least through maps), her visual examples become limited as she only provides an example of Esquivel’s work. It would have been very useful to compare it to the work of van den Wyngaerde (the distinction between choreographic and geographic maps remained unclear without a visual aid).

      Mundy's contribution lies in prompting us to think about different ways of engaging with space, and what that engagement signifies within a given context (i.e. for Phillip II, engaging his New World possessions through visual representations of the maps legitimized his status as king given that he could not physically rule overseas, thus he still has control over this space).

      “In both kinds of maps [van den Wyngaerde’s and Esquivel’s], man defines his relation to the world through his ability to measure it” (Mundy, 4)

  33. Sep 2015
    1. number one is contempt, when you look down uponyou’re partner or you feel they’re not worthy or you don’t dignify them and youmayroll your eyes or pthhh sort of do that sound when they’re speaking, bad news.Number two is criticism, instead of kind of thinking about collaborativeconversation or praise, when you’re more inclined as your first tendency to criticizeto fault find to cavil or carp or bring out problems, bad news for the relationship.Number three is stonewalling and this is a patterns of behavior a little bit morecommon in the men in this study where the individual might put out their handand say you know we’ve already talked about that I know our son is struggling inschool we don’t need to talk about that anymore they just shut down conversation,stonewalling. And finally, the fourth toxic behavior is what Gottman and Levensoncall defensiveness which is kind of a counter punch approach to conversation

      The "four horsemen of the apocalypse" for romantic relationships; relationships featuring all four of these traits have a 92% chance of ending in 10 years.

    1. In fact, he finds privacy is achieved more often through rules regulating interpersonal behavior rather than by direct manipu- lation of the environment

      Maybe instead of actually building things that provide privacy, creating a societal structure that respects the need for privacy..?

    2. relationship of power and space

      Is this a direct relationship?

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