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  1. Jul 2017
    1. capitalism and disastrous in their predictions about thepromiseofthecommunistsocietythathebelievedwouldreplaceit.

      I find this statement to be eerily ironic given america currently

    2. Without burrows, lacking fur or claws, in this vulnerable state humans need to work together to survive, hence they need to develop social relationsh

      Being that humans need to produce use-able goods from their natural environment, we must rely on the collective strength and ability of their community. Many people are involved in the labor process in production, thus, production creates social relationships.

    1. Social Relationships of Production

      This is a way of looking at class structure. In capitilistc society that we live in labor is extracted from the proletariat at the lowest possible costs for economic interest ( pay only enough to keep the proletariat alive and productive). Marx predicts the proletariat will drvie a change to communism from the capitalism

    2. Classes, Class Exploitation, Class Struggle

      Marx proposes that history is made of up stages driven by class conflict where there is an ownership class which controls the means of production and a lower class that thus provides labor for production. One class is thus exploiting another class. When these two come into conflict it leads to social change.