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  1. Dec 2016
    1. Most people's problems are hypothetical anyway. There is the problem and there is the interpretation of the problem, which can be quite different from the problem itself. People say, "I want to have a relationship in my life now," which may not be the problem. So, why should I try to resolve something that is not the problem? The problem is not that they do not have a relationship, but that they need to develop something else that is more important! That is very often the case, but people do not see that as the avenue that they must follow. They are lonely, so they want a mate. But, I say "stillness."
  2. Nov 2015
    1. As long as we hold dear our concepts of righteousness, education, and highly-developed ability to reason, our conscious experience of Being is so full of the “noise” of our ego that we cannot hear the “still, small voice” of our true Identity—the still, small voice of God, as it is called. This is why we are cautioned to “Be still, and know that I am God.“2 You are really beginning to see this point, and are really beginning to feel that it is a valid point—valid enough to trust yourself to completely.

      Stillness - being quiet allows us to move from rational mind to hear the still small voice of God.