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  1. Feb 2017
    1. Communication

    2. If you would well receive it, there are many friends, unseen by physical eyes, that are gently encircling those that have come forth to contribute, to support, to abide in the creation of this work. And what is this work, but to create a medium of communication?

      Jeshua's friends joining with him in this work.

    3. For in Truth, I come not alone to join in communion with this, my beloved friend, in order to communeicate with you through a medium that you understand, and that you accept.

      He is not alone when he gives these messages.

    1. Many important themes are introduced here.

      • Purpose of these messages
      • What happens when illusion is set aside
      • Separation is an illusion
    2. Therefore, beloved friends, I come not for myself, but for you
  2. Dec 2016
    1. Life and Teaching is a work of fiction in the genre of magical autobiography.

      Disappointed, it's a work of fiction.

  3. Oct 2016
    1. It is not time to be silent. It is not time to be aloof. It is not time to be uninvolved. It’s not time to be in a false sense of peace within yourself rehearsing platitudes such as, “Oh, God will take care of everything,” or “Oh, this too shall pass away.” What you don’t want to have you must withdraw your support from. You must withdraw your support and replace it with correction!

      Raj, referring to Donald Trump

  4. May 2016
    1. n the Eternal there is no Time, or Space, or Individuality,
    2. Be-ing is ex-pressing or out-pressing. You cannot imagine be-ing without expression. Therefore,I, All that Is, AM expressing, constantly and continuously expressing.Expressing what?What else could I express, if I AM All that Is, but My Self?
    3. Now, My Consciousness is the inner essence of all Space and all Life. It is the real Substance ofMy All-comprehending and All-including Mind, whose informing and vitalizing Center iseverywhere and Its limit and circumference nowhere. Within the realm of My Mind alone I liveand move and have My Being. It both contains and fills all things, and Its every vibration andmanifestation is but the expression of some phase of My Be-ing.
    1. The body you perceive has no meaning. The body you have created as a result of fear and guilt has no meaning. That definition has been overlaid upon something that does: The visibility and tangibility of your individuality. And your individuality is the Presence of God expressed and expressing interminably eternally.
  5. Apr 2016
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    1. All the mutually agreed upon definitions have as their purpose: to protect and maintain the ongoing ignorance of your divinity, by preoccupying you with your independent status and its improvement with the promise that you can become a presence of excellence without a Source.
  7. Mar 2016
    1. But the point is, that you are not a body and any successful use you put it to that convinces you that it is foolish to abandon the body as your vantage point, that must be overcome! You must arrive at a place where you’re willing to abandon that, even if it’s only for the sake of experiment, to see whether what I’m saying is true or not.
  8. Dec 2015
    1. Section II.

      stopped here Dec 30, 2015

    2. Miracle Principle #47

      stopped here Dec 23, 2015

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    1. In fact, that everything that you thought you were isn’t part of you at all.

      Everything I think I am is not what I am at all - that's hard to believe! But, I trust it to be true and just need to allow the truth of it to be revealed.

    1. everything that you thought you were isn’t part of you at all

      I am nothing that I think I am.

    1. You are realizing that when that sensation occurs to you in a healing session, it indicates not a three-dimensional point of view on your part, but an awareness of a pervading feeling (distress) in the area of the person you are working with.

      Learn to discern what you are aware of. Is it coming from 3dRef or 4dRef? What is there to be discovered.

    1. Although the transcript gives some slight indication of what we have been discussing, the emphasis should be placed on the actual experiences which you have had. The value is in the communication of meaning as experienced within your consciousness.

      Words are symbols of symbols twice removed from Reality ~ACIM

      It's the meaning of the words that is important - that has value. Meaning is communicated by experience.

    2. As I have said before, there is only one thing going on. That one thing is your Self, infinitely expressed and infinitely seen and experienced as Your infinitude—the One that is You. You are totally available to yourself to experience directly as Your Self, to experience consciously as Your Self, with understanding.

      All is One. Read a few paragraphs down where He includes animals, trees, chairs, etc in the Oneness - Everything is part of it.

    3. The personal sense of things becomes a sieve through which is run our experiences of our “others” and even our experience of the world. This causes a highly unnatural misalignment of our perception of them. You could compare it to intense inbreeding of animals, in which the breed becomes so refined as to no longer have a broad enough base to support it. It becomes weak and idiotic. This is why relationships based on a personal sense cannot stand, or withstand, the normal dynamics of Life. Having been so finely misaligned by having been put through the sieve of egotism and self-righteousness, the downfall of such personal relationships does not occur comfortably. They come apart only with great distress being experienced on the part of the one indulging in that personal sense.

      Why break ups can be so painful.

    4. The only solution which can actually resolve a relationship problem is for the one experiencing discomfort to drop the personal sense of involvement, thus resolving it actually back into the normal Universal Harmonies that constitute the existence of the individualities involved. This is a phrase which you have heard many times before, but it has been unclear to you how to do it. Trying to lay down a personal sense is like trying to lay down a piece of flypaper. The more you attempt to put it down, the more firmly it sticks! The only way to lay down a personal sense of things is to go within to that Place of quietness and attentiveness, and listen for the influx of your Being as It sees Itself from Its infinite standpoint. This can be achieved through meditation, if one is a beginner. Here, you not only see things as they are, but you experience them as they are. In that experience you cannot find a trace of that personal sense of things from which you had been suffering.

      The way to resolve challenge with in personal relationship.

    5. If we insist on leaving the position of seeing out from Mind, and choose to view it the way it appears, we set ourselves up for sharp jabs. This is because “personal” relationships are, in themselves, unkind and harsh misperceptions of our Wholeness. This is why personal relationships are perhaps the most unsatisfying experiences we can endure.

      "Personal" Relationships are perhaps the most unsatisfying experiences we can endure.


    1. Paul, the energy field which is activated by the activity of Consciousness—by that I mean the presence of specific ideas and concepts—is constituted of the Universal Substance with which you had a conversation the other day. The impetus which gives Substance rise to give form where form has not been is the activity of Consciousness. As you remember from your conversation the other day, if the activity of consciousness arises out of a three-dimensional frame of reference, which for the most part is constituted of beliefs and reactions, the Universal Substance cannot respond. It is required by its Nature to respond only to that which is in harmony with your Being. It is for this reason that Substance must be activated from the standpoint of your experience of Being as Conscious Being. In other words, the activation of that energy field called Substance, in order to be fulfilled, must originate while you are experiencing your Being as Conscious Being, Fourth-dimensional Awareness, Awareness from that Place. For the sake of convenience, you can call that Place the Center of your Being. Mind you, that is not truly where the Center of your Being is, but the concept has meaning for you at this point, and I shall allow it. This should clarify a point for you. Whatever is set into motion from the standpoint of Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being must move into manifestation. Whatever originates from a three-dimensional frame of reference does not cause anything to move into manifestation, nor does it hinder anything moving into manifestation. Cause does not lie positively or negatively within the three-dimensional, or finite, frame of reference. This is a great point to understand and keep in mind. I would like you, on your own time, to consider the ramifications of that point.
    2. Raj, is there anything you can do to help me quit smoking, or is there anything you can suggest to me that will allow me help myself more effectively quit smoking? RAJ: As you asked the question, you realized that all you have to do is set into motion the fact that you are not addicted to cigarettes—or, more positively, that you are free of the desire to smoke cigarettes—and that that is the most effective means you could possibly use in order to give them up. As I said earlier, they, as part of Your infinitude, are going to be more than willing to cooperate with that desire, placed at the point of Conscious Being, and set into action by the Law of Being. I would suggest that you simply begin to use that facility to see your desire manifest in your life. You see, Paul, it all has to connect up. There is truly only one thing going on. From the first through the Fourth Dimension there is only one Activity, and that is the Activity occurring as Conscious Being. All of you is always present, and all of you is always functioning and the manner or the means by which it is present and functioning is the simple practice with which I began our conversation today. As you can see, this is not self-hypnosis, nor is it an attempt to influence the three-dimensional conscious frame of reference. It does not involve manipulation of things “out there,” or ideas within your head. You simply go to the Source, bringing to it the perfect desire. The Law, then, together with the Nature of Substance Itself, takes care of the objects “out there” and the beliefs “in here”—in three-dimensional awareness. You are going to have fun with that.

      Raj suggests to practice manifestation of quitting smoking in the manner he described earlier - to actually put it into practice with something occurring in everyday life.

    1. You must grasp that in Reality it is fulfilled. You must be willing to move on, staying at that point of consciousness, of Conscious Being, wherein you can feel the fact that all of you is always available and all of you is always functioning. It is a matter of consistency on your part to act out from Mind rather than react to your world and the way it appears. This is an apparently difficult switch to make, because the habit of reacting is still very strong.

      To allow your needs to be fulfilled it is important to consistently behave from a perspective of truth - from a 4dRef frame of reference.

    1. Somewhere, early in our conversations, I told you that you have to be willing to stand at the point where you know nothing, because that is what allows you to become aware of Something. You are beginning to sit down and begin our conversations as though you have a pretty good idea of what’s going to come about. This is going to begin to get in the way. The meditation exercises that we have been doing have been partly for the purpose of helping you get to the point where you can see, from an experiential standpoint, that when you let go of everything, infinity has an opportunity to appear. You, yourself, have begun to find, when a subject is difficult for you to deal with, that if you will do a meditation, it removes the resistance and allows the communication to unfold smoothly. I would like you to stop forming preconceptions in the first place. Paul, we are talking about becoming the Door. The image you have in your mind of the Door is, indeed, accurate. It is a doorway, and there isn’t a single door attached to it. And yet, you have begun to come to these conversations ready to close a door—that shouldn’t even be there in the first place—if what you are hearing can’t be quickly classified, judged, and decided upon before you get the first word out of your mouth.

      SDT = "Simply do this..." from ACIM Lesson 189. It's the act of releasing all beliefs and opening to deeper truth.

    1. PAUL: Very well. What about the three gentlemen that were here? RAJ: Paul, I know you are still looking for some specific, objective evidence to totally prove the fact that all of this is valid. Paul, it will happen in its own time, and you must be patient. The formation of voluntary trust on your part is still in the development stage. The need at this time is for you to persist in this process because you feel it is right.

      Development of trust

    1. In the present day, the awareness of the Christ-consciousness is no longer new. Indeed, there is a large part of the population—Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, et cetera—who are quite at the point of recognizing that the Christ-consciousness resides within them. And this is where it will come to pass that the reappearing of the Christ will occur. Stop trying to figure it out, Paul. It is obvious that the literal manifestation of the level of the development of mankind today would not be conceptualized as a brand new baby. Instead, it would be an adult facilitator of that inner Self-discovery which will actually constitute the reappearance of the Christ. You must realize that the majority of mankind is not at this conscious point of Self-realization. They are, nevertheless, at the point of recognizing their Divinity. It is for this reason that an adult will appear. This adult will meet the requirements that will allow them to pay attention and give credence to the appearance.

      Paul is trying to figure out what the "Reappearance of the Christ" really means. Raj says, stop trying to figure it out.

    1. As you found, all you had to do in order to contact that part of your infinite Being called “Raj,” was to simply acknowledge my existence. Even though you had no idea who I was, you reached out with a simple, heartfelt acceptance of the possibility of my responding to you; and I was there. So is every other aspect of your Being. It’s all present. It’s all active. It’s all You.

      Every aspect of your Being is present, active, and available. It's all You.

    2. Now we are going to talk for a bit about the idea of what it is that you are going to practice on. As your entire Being is becoming consciously integrated as your conscious experience of your Self, it will appear as though the Reality of your Being—to whatever degree you are aware of it—will be brought to bear upon that disowned portion of your experience which is not clear to you is your own Being. It will appear as though that aspect will be “healed,” “improved,” “changed,” or “reversed.” But, the actuality of such appearances is one of the revealing of its true nature as your Being. Every time you have a healing session with anyone, do not believe for a moment that, through your inner growth and development, you are being able to do something wonderful for “them.” It is your Self that you are experiencing, working with, and handling. Figuratively speaking, it amounts to nothing less than your discovery that the piece of the puzzle—which is difficult to identify on its own—is actually some part of the universal portrait of your Self. The Bible quotes Jesus the Christ as saying, “I have overcome the world.” This means that He had come over into the Christ-consciousness of His world, and no longer disowned any part of it as being separate or other than His Being.
    3. Immediately upon such willing relinquishment of the false sense of identity, the Intelligence of your Being, which constitutes the Law of Your Being, may be recognized as already functioning. This will further relieve any false sense of responsibility, and inhibit any sense of attempting to bring along the finite concept of “putting these Laws into action.“

      The effect of Practice, the relinquishment of the finite sense of self, is the recognition that Being is already functioning perfectly - there is no need to do anything.

    1. I want you to consider for a moment that you are very structural regarding what is and what is not right, and what is and what is not done properly when it comes to yourself. it takes very little for you to feel that you have not done well enough—or that you have not measured up to the mark—and therefore, you are deserving of those negative feelings which are appropriate for such a person. This is unfortunate, because each successive, little dig you have made at yourself—by pointing out to yourself those ways in which you have not measured up—has developed into a rather strong subjective “put down” of yourself. This subjective “put down” is part of what tells you that you can’t move beyond where you are, or you can’t see this, or you don’t know what the answer is to that, et cetera.

      Paul's Belief that he is not measuring up and therefore deserving of negative feelings adds up to a big subjective put down that tells him that he can't go beyond where he is, etc.

      It's an Ego strategy - a 3dRef perspective.

      Raj gives perspective in the next paragraph.

    1. Now, let’s move on. I want to correct a misconception on your part—a spatial misconception. you are feeling that you are moving forward along a path, building upon a foundation of knowledge and ability to reason, which you have developed and exercised in the past. This is not the case. The fact is that you are moving backwards on the path which you have come. This is because, to a large degree, your path took you away from your Being and into a three-dimensional frame of reference. You are, so to speak, relaxing back out of that thinking process—that finite, reasoning, intellectual structure which you felt was getting you somewhere in a progressive sense. Our conversation right now is not the result of a thinking process at all. When you stand at the Door as the Door, the Wisdom, the Truth, the Knowledge that flows through and as your conscious experience of Being, is not the result of thought processes, nor of reasoning. Because It continues to flow on past you, It truly does not become a stored body of knowledge from which you may draw in the future. Standing as the Door means that, in this so-called “future,” whatever Knowledge and Understanding is applicable to the unfolding at that time will be there in exactly the same manner that It is here right now. You see, Paul, we are beginning to redefine what constitutes your conscious experience of Being.

      Description of how Being operates.

      Not by storing knowledge...

    1. Now, I want to correct a misconception on your part. Your ability to reason and think is not the equivalent of the three-dimensional frame of reference. Your thought processes and reasoning processes are not to be ignored. We would not be communicating at this very moment if you did not have the means to translate the meanings I am communicating into words and phrases. It is only by virtue of the fact that you have imagination, reason, perspicacity—all of the various capacities and functions of Consciousness—that you are able to correctly translate that which unfolds to you. This is true whether it is coming from me, or from that Place wherein you directly experience the Reality of Being. We run into trouble when we stand away from the Door, and begin our thinking or thought processes from their standpoint, and then extrapolate and come to conclusions without going within and being as Conscious Being. You see, Being unfolds Itself as meaning, not as language. It is through the function of Reason and Imagination that language is brought into play, for the purpose of verbalizing these infinite meanings which Being is unfolding. You do have a right to answers which will identify the Absolute Oneness of Being throughout your entire experience of Being.

      Question: what is the best Tag to use when referring to challenges that arise in life - here, Raj, speaks of running into trouble when we begin our thought process apart from conscious Being.

      Raj is correcting Paul's Belief, or misconception, regarding reason and thinking.

      He also further describes Being.

    1. RAJ: It has a direct bearing, an exact bearing, on it. You are trying to make everything fit into your concept of what is right, instead of simply flowing with What Is. You are so busy reacting to your own thought structures and concepts, and how things look to you, that you are not able to perceive what is really taking place. It is not destructive or unprincipled in any way.

      Paul is really challenged by his financial situation and he has hoped that his conversations with Raj would have done something to make it all better - it hasn't and he is questioning the value of his interaction with Raj.

      Paul's belief about what is right and reacting to what is wrong in his world he is not able to see what is really going on.

      Raj suggests he could flow and allow what is.

      (from ACIM: Would you rather be right or happy?)

    1. RAJ: Paul, you are suffering from your “should” system. You are experiencing how difficult it is to lay down conceptualized processes and theories. I will not leave my position that this conceptual thinking relates in no way to what is Actually going on—which is the infinitude of your Being unfolding Itself perfectly, properly, and nondestructively—except of course, in terms of these concepts which are binding you. They will be destroyed. They no longer serve to move you to a new base. As you are discovering, the concepts are actually impeding your growth. You must lay them down. The growth will occur. The growth is occurring. This is why you feel shoved into the corner right along with the concepts. Figuratively speaking, this is why you feel that you are going to be blown up in the blowing up of your concepts.

      Paul is suffering because he thinks things should be different than what they are.

      Raj says that "should" stance illustrates how difficult it is to lay down concepts and theories. This Links directly to ACIM Lesson 189, Simply do this...

      Raj says what's Actually going on is the "infinitude of your Being unfolding itself perfectly, properly, and nondestructively"...

      Paul can't see this because of the concepts that bind him.

    2. PAUL: I feel like I’m going crazy. RAJ: I know you do. But remember, Paul, that is just an idea, just one of an infinitude of ideas, and it therefore holds no position of authority or dominance in your experience. Do not credit it with any value, for it has no more value that any other spurious thought which states an absurd impossibility. Do not attempt to handle it, but simply pass on by.

      Paul's concepts are being challenged and he feels like he's going crazy.

      Raj says not to give that idea any authority, it has no more value than any other spurious thought which states an absurd impossibility.

      This advice is similar to the metaphor of thoughts being as clouds passing through a clear blue sky. They arise and pass away. There is no need to clink to any given cloud...

    1. PAUL: Raj, as you know, nothing has apparently changed since the first conversation we had—objectively, at least—although subjectively speaking, I feel a lot has occurred. As we have progressed into the last few weeks, I have become more and more concerned about the dire straits I find myself in, objectively speaking. It has been very difficult for me to relax and to have faith in the validity of what you have been telling me. Nevertheless, something keeps me coming back, and here I am again. I will do my best this evening to be still and attentive and receptive. I will listen to what you have to say, and not busy myself with arguments and questions and doubts and fears.

      Paul last spoke with Raj 4 days ago, he's been rocked due to the fact that Maitreya did not announce his presence and that he did not receive a visitor that Raj said that he would.

      Paul wonders if he can trust Raj and he's honestly expressing it. And yet something inside keeps bringing him back. He is allowing his doubt, in effect, he is trusting there is something valuable in this relationship with Raj.

      So now, he's going to lay aside the doubt and distrust in order to discover if that is true.

      This is a very good demonstration of walking into the unknown, of not listening to the critical part of the mind in favor the something that brings him back, an intuition or knowing that comes from a deeper part of the mind then his critical thoughts.

    2. That which makes abundance appear to be lack is entirely in the standpoint. It depends entirely on which end of the binoculars you are looking through. As I have said before, you have a habit of switching ends quite frequently. This is what is frustrating you. When you receive a telephone call, or a statement in the mail, which claims that your Supply is not omnipresent—some part of your universe is coming up short—you must recognize this as being totally false. Your Being is omnipresently present and active. Since that is the Fact, then it would be foolish for you to go out and attempt to correct that illusion on the basis of the phone call or statement. The attempt is made on the basis of a false assumption.

      This is an effective metaphor: what is perceived depends on which end of the binoculars you are looking through.

      It is important to be aware of claims that what is false is true so they can be effectively addressed. This is why mindfulness or awareness is such an important component of the journey of awakening.

      What tag to use?? An event has arisen that claims Paul is in lack when that is not possible in Truth - only in illusion. How best to tag things like this?

    3. You must be alert at the inception. Then you will not waste your time attempting to do something which is already done by virtue of the immovable completeness of your Being. Indeed, your Being will be identified completely, and is identified completely—and that means manifest completely. Otherwise, the omnipresence of your Being would be only partial, which is an impossibility. You must be willing to face the suggestion of lack, and meet it head on, with the recognition that such a suggestion is an exact opposite of the Fact. If you will reverse the suggestion and be conscious of the specific truth which you will discover in that Place where you are right now, and abide with that truth, then you will be able to respond appropriately. Everything you do will identify the Fact. It is not enough to know what the Fact is. You must also include consciously in your awareness of the Fact that It is not omnipresent if It is not present as that which identifies your completeness. This must be done from that Place wherein you are experiencing the omnipresence of your Being as Conscious Being. It is essential that you keep this in mind.

      Use time wisely: don't try to fix what is not true.

      Be willing to face illusion - head on, recognizing that it cannot be true from the place of conscious Being.

      What is True (not illusion, not FACT) is present only from that place of being conscious of Being. Here Truth is what identifies your completeness.

      He is not talking about a concept of Truth but and experience of Truth.

    1. We need to remember that all of Life, infinitely speaking, is unfolding Itself at every moment, and not just an isolated part of that infinity. It is essential for you to realize that your thinking processes do not in any way have any effect, whatsoever, on this infinitely detailed, yet harmonious unfolding of Being. This does not mean you have nothing to do with it, but it simply means that you have no three-dimensional control over it. You must come to the realization that it is your Being which is unfolding Itself infinitely on the basis of Its Nature as Intelligence, as Life, and as Mind. Therefore, It is—before you think a single thought about it—unfolding Itself (your Self) with all the precision, Intelligence, and Principle which constitutes Itself. It is this infinite unfolding of your Self that you must learn to bring your thought in line with. You cannot use your thoughts to bring your Being into line with them. This is a part of the letting go which is necessary for you in order for you to experience the unfolding of your Being as complete Harmony. Until you are willing to let go of this concept—that you must in some way be able to control your environment and your life experience with your thought—you will seem to suffer from the unfoldment of your Being.

      Being, all of Life, is unfolding Itself and our thoughts about have no effect on it.

      You must bring your thought in line with this unfolding of Being, you cannot bring Being in line with your thoughts.

      Until you let go of the need to control your environment and experience and allow Life to unfold as it does, you will seem to suffer.

      ForMe: this means that my journey is mine. It doesn't depend on anybody else getting it, that anybody else understands and applies Christ Mind teachings the way I do. If I don't allow things to be as they are - even when they don't correspond to my view (my spiritual view, HA! - folly), I will suffer. And I do!!

    2. The world literally is not going on “out there” at all, but within You, as your Being. More correctly, your Being is unfolding Itself and is seen and experienced by Itself (your Self) as conscious experience. As I have said before, the difficulty you are having is because you flip-flop back and forth, in and out.

      Another teaching tag class: .t:OT, there is nothing out there.

    3. You see, Paul, the flaw in the Power of Positive Thinking lies in the fact that it assumes that, if one does not engage in positive thinking, the Universe will not unfold Itself in a positive manner. So, this theory and practice creates a fundamental distrust of the Universe Itself, of Being Itself. This, of course, puts one at odds with his Self, with his Being, since any distrust in the basic Nature of the Universe is a basic distrust in one’s own Nature and Being. This is basically why you are having trouble letting go and simply being.

      Tag: .na:PPT = .na: represents popular ideas in society. PPT is an acronym for the Power of Positive Thinking.

    1. You have kept yourself quite busy, and constructively so for the most part. But you are beginning to realize that you cannot operate successfully “out there,” in the three-dimensional frame of reference, without, in so many words, shriveling up and feeling barren and dry. You need to take some time each day to specifically be out from Mind and ignore the demands which seem to be coming from “out there.“ There is no requirement for you to labor through the desert of human experience without draughts of inspiration and the direct experience of the divinity of your Being. No matter what your situation claims, you are not required to exist that way. In fact, it is only the lack of taking the time to stand as the Door that makes your experience seem to be a desert.

      Take time to nurture yourself.

    2. RAJ: Very well, Paul. Tonight it is very necessary for you to once again begin to relax out of the personal, three-dimensional sense of responsibility. I realize it has been difficult to take care of the necessities which have required your attention, and yet remain uninvolved and free of believing that you must respond as a three-dimensional man to three-dimensional demands. Nevertheless, you need to do so. I sense that you are more than ready, since it is, indeed, very tiring to believe that you are making the world go round.

      .t:INDN - I need do nothing.

      When I believe that I need to respond to 3d demands I am believing that they have power over me and can dictate my actions.

      This belief is not true and is an important concept to grasp. The rational mind is not able to understand it clearly - time is required to sit with the concept and begin to feel its meaning.

    1. As I said yesterday, your Being is unfolding Itself infinitely in all Its perfection. This is the Fact which underlies everything that Is, as well as everything that seems to be. Do not get hung up on what seems to be the case. Your Being is capable of manifesting Itself as your conscious experience of being, and has never stopped doing so. It is this ongoing eternal, abiding Fact which needs to become an integral part of your conscious experience. Cultivate It and you will not be sorry.

      What does he mean?

      The unfolding of Being underlies everything that is and everything that seems to be (even Illusion [what seems to be]??).

      You Being has never stopped manifesting Itself as your conscious experience of Being. Cultivate (Practice) this fact so it becomes an integral part of your experience and you will not be sorry.

    1. You certainly know that, because you exist, you have purpose or intent—there is a design to your Being. You should also know that every single event which is unfolding in and as your conscious experience of being is in perfect harmony with that design. They are all part of the intent of your Being to fulfill Itself specifically and flawlessly, both individually and Universally, since all of you is always unfolding all of Itself with total success.

      Further clarity on Being.

    1. If “form follows function,” then it is imperative that your attention be on the function and not the form. What is the Function which you see as the unfolding of daily activities? It is the unfolding of Your Being, identifying and fulfilling Itself as Itself. Activity, money and profit are all aspects of that identification. Money—income—is not the end goal of it all. Every aspect of your day identifies your Being, and not any one is more important or less important than another. Work does not generate income. Being generates work and income and leisure and growth. Yet, not any one of these things exist for their own independent purpose or identity. They identify Being, and Being is the Alpha and Omega—that which is and is identifying Itself completely and successfully. It is the flow of Being which is the Function. It is identified by the forms which constitute your daily activities. Your need is to identify yourself as Being and not as form.

      The Function of your daily activities is the unfolding of Your Being Identifying itself as Itself.

      Every aspect of your day identifies your Being and not any one part is more important than another.

      The Flow of Being is the Function. It (the Flow?) is identified by the forms of your daily activities.

      Your Need is to identify yourself as Being, not form.

    1. At any rate, it was very timely for Christopher to have this need, because I am not in the frustrated state that I was fifteen minutes ago. I feel as though I’m in a position to be receptive, and to hear you.

      this is nwffacim/?part=yaa-021482

    2. There were no survivors.

      this is nwffacim/?part=yaa-022882

      Feb 28, 1982 Sunday.

    1. Stay with the Fact that your Being is totally present. THAT’S FACT. Your Being is totally functioning. THAT’S FACT. Your Being is being totally successful in fully identifying Itself. THAT’S FACT. You are not a small part of the totality of God’s Universe. THAT’S FACT. And you are not part of God’s Universe, because God is the only Identity you have. Therefore, your Being is infinite and cannot be contained. Do not let yourself be coerced into accepting the pea-sized concept of Identity called three-dimensional man. You must stay with the Infinity of your Being, together with Its Omnipresence and Omnipotence. You are all of It. It is all of You. God is the only thing going on. it is the Happening. Do not buy the hypnotic suggestions being put forth by “ego.“

      Being is present, Being is your Identity, **Being is infinite and cannot be contained.

      You are Infinite - Do Not allow yourself to be coerced into accepting the pea-sized concept of identity as 3d man.

    1. RAJ: Your first answer is that Substance is infinite, nondimensional, and pure Energy—the Life Force, as it were.

      Further description of Substance that which is the substance of Being.

      Read this part for details.

    1. Right now, you are seeing from the inside. Although you do not see me with your eyes, and do not hear me with your ears, you are, indeed, perceiving me and the ideas which I am expressing. You are perceiving the meanings which my Being is expressing at that point of my infinitude which is called “Paul.” The five physical senses play no part in this exchange or process, and yet the process is Actual and experienced. As I said yesterday, observe the process of communication that we are enjoying. As you do, you will begin to grasp the process by which you may communicate with and understand the meaning of any and all parts of the infinitude of your Being, whether it is visible or invisible to the five physical senses. Everything about this process of communication illustrates and includes lessons to be learned and understood.

      The body is not necessary for communication.

    2. The process of “observing” is the Conscious Function of Mind. That which is being “observed” is Mind’s Universal Function of being Conscious Being. In other words, Being—Mind—by being, projects or manifests Itself, and is the Observing of the Process. It is the projector, the image, and the observing of it. The more you learn to be out from Mind—rather than believing that you are some part of the image on the screen—the more you will become aware of the total harmony of the total process or function that constitutes your Being. What you apparently do, and what apparently is done to you, will become apparent as being totally harmonious. There will be no sense or experience of separation, lack, division, or opposition. The conscious experience of Being is all that is going on. The details, the drama, the story line, et cetera, are incidental to the whole Process.

      Description of Conscious Being.

    1. RAJ: Whenever you are faced with a demand to give specific attention to some part of your infinitude and it presents itself as being “problematic,” it is simply the time and place for this aspect of You to be consciously incorporated into and as your conscious experience of being as Yours! You say you don’t want to be bothered, that this is not a good time because of other more pressing demands. But, Paul, your Being unfolds Itself as You according to divine Intelligence, Universal order and priorities. Every problem is your opportunity to be the Christ—that accurate perception of Reality (Your Being) that is not deluded in any way—and for that perception to become irrevocably “incorporated” into and as your Self-awareness. There is no more pressing need than that, because when seen, it becomes apparent that pressing needs are illusions of the partial view. They never existed as anything for you to sweat over and tense yourself up about.

      Quote: Every problem is your opportunity to be the Christ - that accurate perception of Reality (Your Being) that is not deluded in any way - and for that perception to become irrevocably "incorporated" into and as your Self-awareness.

      There is no more pressing need than that.

      Pressing needs are illusions of the partial view (3dRef).

    2. RAJ: I think you can see that unfoldment is really a matter of how quickly or slowly we are willing to let go of limitations, rather than the presence or availability of something to expand into, since Infinity is the Actuality of every moment of conscious experience. This is important to understand, because we often feel that we are held back by the limitation as though it had the ability to influence or deprive us of our Good. Not true! There is never anything holding us!

      Quote: Infinity is the Actuality of every moment of conscious experience.

      We are never limited by anything.

    1. Now, I do want to deal with some of these issues which are confusing to you at the moment. First of all, it is an accurate perception on your part that your allegiance, your trust, and your energies need to be placed unequivocally where they have been for the past six months—in other words, in your direct perception of your Self as Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being. You will be foolish to use any external source as a gauge or measuring stick by which to know whether you are on the right track. It would be a backward step for you to allow the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, or any other author, or the current point of unfoldment of any group or organization to become in any way the authority for what you are to think or do. These sources most certainly have their place when one seems to be unable to consciously perceive the Divinity of his own Being directly as his very own conscious experience. But, this is not where you are. Therefore, you cannot afford to place the authority for what you think, believe, or do at any point external to that direct perception of your Conscious Being.

      You cannot afford to place the authority for what you think, believe, or do at any point external to that direct perception of your Conscious Being.

    2. Therefore, those in your experience who are attempting to “help” you see that what is unfolding here in your experience is the Christ-consciousness revealing Itself, are correct to that degree. However, they are incorrect in attempting to “help” you see that an individuality by the name of Raj is an illusory part of this experience. Their view is still so limited—in spite of the grandness and infinity of the view they see currently, as opposed to what they saw originally—that you would be foolish to use their vantage point as your own.

      This reminds me of Rod's assertion that channeled beings are just the channels higher self.

      Read on to get another perspective.

    3. It is quite accurate that it is not possible for those who believe that they have been born to communicate with those who believe that they have died. These are two different states of the three-dimensional-only frame of reference. It is part of the distortion of that finite view which makes it seem as though some part of one’s infinitude (those who have “passed on”) is not available to him as his conscious experience. There are infinitely more individualizations of Being who are Awake than there are those who are “asleep.” it is ridiculous to believe that communication with them is impossible.

      Quote: There are infinitely more individualizations of Being who are Awake than there are those who are "asleep."

      Birth and Death are two different states in the 3d frame of reference. They are part of the same distortion. It is not possible for one who believes in death to communicate with one who had died because of the belief that they are gone.

    4. It is true that you are not participating in spiritualism. You are not communicating with a soul that has “passed on.” You are not speaking to an individuality still befuddled by the three-dimensional illusion of birth and death who thinks that he was ever born or ever died. I am not the medium through which the Christ-consciousness is revealing Itself as your conscious experience of Being. But, I do exist, as does every other individualization who has existed as an infinite aspect of Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being. There is infinite progression, even beyond the partial, three-dimensional-only view. It is simply ignorance—the inability to see infinitely—which would make one think that once the “mortal dream” is grown out of, there does not continue to be the infinite unfolding of Being as Conscious Being. This is true before or after the experience called death.

      Definition: Ignorance - the inability to see infinitely.

      More about Raj - not caught in belief of birth and death.

      There is an infinite progression of the unfolding of Being as Conscious Being. "Death" does not end it - it never ends.

      This is implied by WOM when it speaks of *The journey to the Kingdom and the Journey within the Kingdom."

    1. Remember that your Being is unfolding Itself in Its Totality, and therefore the events going on “out there,” three-dimensionally, are all part of this Totality. You cannot get out of sync. You have not taken any time out from anything, not now nor during the past four weeks.


      Come back to this and diagram to deepen understanding. The following two paragraphs are confusing to me and seem to be contradictory.

    2. Although we are going to be conversing more continuously today and tomorrow than we have in the past, it need not involve any sense of urgency or rush. Let it flow at its own rate, and you float with the current. The river will get to its destination. the river, of course, is the flow of your own Being unfolding Itself as Itself, and constituting your conscious experience of Being.

      River is a metaphor the unfolding of your conscious experience of Being.

    1. PAUL: Thank you very much for what you shared with me last night.
    1. My relationship with you is evolved out of Love
    1. RAJ: Good morning, Paul. I am glad to hear from you this morning. I know yesterday was a rugged day for you, as it also was for Susan.1 PAUL: I do not understand why it was necessary. However, I do not want to dwell on that level or in those feelings.

      Answer: to question of what Raj is up to when he tells Paul that Maitreya (Christ) will make himself known on March 14 (yesterday in the timeframe of this chapter).

      The footnote explains that Raj was making a point with Paul to not look outside himself for answers. They were expecting a life-changing announcement by a being revealing himself as the return of Christ. That's huge and Raj was playing them - telling them outright this was going to happen as proposed by Benjamin Creme.

      This could feel like total and deliberate deceit on the part of Raj. The teacher must really know what he is doing...

      The lesson - don't seek for answers outside of your Self.

    1. Just like beings can arrive at the Way of Mastery materials without having read ACIM (which deals with an stage one of atonement) so too can beings arrive at any new sphere of the work without the prior stages.

      What is stage one of atonement?

      How do you see these 'different forms' of teaching? Are you saying they build on each other? For instance, WOM adds to and is a further clarification of ACIM?

    2. creating with God and coming into alignment with our true purpose as creators

      This part expresses the whole journey of awakening - to relinquish the thought of a separate self and allow the creative flow of God to express through us (healed and whole).

      There are many aspects of this practice - the practice of dropping the separate self.

    3. Gone is the spirit of an age of patriarchy which seeks to deny the immediate direct contact with reality and with the divine to one that inserts texts (bible) and intermediaries (guru’s, priests, and other external authorities above the self) in it’s place as substitute. The Way is a living energy and engagement with life that unfolds from within.

      Agreed again - but it is important to understand that no one has authority over us - no matter what they think. When we feel limited by a teacher or teaching it is because we've chosen it.

      This is an important part of the practice you're talking about - to find our own independence and live it according to our deepest desire.

    4. The movement to inner authority and the process of withdrawing value from external authority is an important and known stage of psycho-spiritual growth. And it is a domain known intimately by creative person. It has been symbolised as an overcoming of the Father, the symbol of the Patriarchy and a movement into the archetypal realm of the Mother.

      Personally, I don't resonate with the gender characterization, overcoming the Father to realm of the Mother.

      But I do agree with the process of finding the truth within, learning to trust it and live it - not giving in to patterns of weakness that have previously turned attention outward toward an authoritarian figure.

    5. Gone is the idea that a resistance to an external form represents a flaw in the self, a manifestation of ego, or worse influence from the devil. Even a subtle idea held within the mind can become a painful separation device which holds away the autonomy and self trust required for fourth stage atonement maturity and expression. In it’s place is a culture that sees the inherent wisdom of the divine, the flow of the life within taking you to some new flowering. Trust it.

      but - we must heal the belief that another can exert control over us, even when they think they can.

    6. hese explicate forms are the very life we are living. It’s forms, it’s manifestations and the learning lessons that arise through our practiced and conscious engagement with this process of learning to live the life of pure Creation.

      Agreed, and the life we live and our willingness to allow and challenge the boundaries we have built, to be fully responsible for our experience - all that, allows us to put the teaching into practice, to walk the talk.

    7. Providing practices that help cultivate this process AND help to specifically address the unique healing phase and to understand this process in a larger context of spiritual and mainstream world knowledge could be effective and evolutionary work of a centre.

      I see this as the first proposal:

      For JCS to offer practices for sexual healing.

    8. starting at the end

      To 'start at the end' means to live, be the Truth of you, live as Christ rather than as you think you are. This is a practice, e.g. Five Minutes as Christ

    9. n the language of Way of Mastery, it is to realise that there is no death only ‘eternal birthing.’

      There is no death - just change, Being is forever evolving.

    10. The tendency to view the feminine through the eyes of death, destruction and loss is a source of fear around the feminine.

      I'm not aware of this tendency - how does this manifest?

    11. Life: Themes related to sexuality, the life force and birth

      In general terms Life is conscious experience, and includes much more than sexuality and birth.

      Is that what you mean by life force?

    12. lowering CHRIST MIND, can ONLY occur precisely in the one place you have come to habitually believe you are IN Separation from your SELF

      It is in the place of separation where the experience that separation does not exist, that you are not the body, that your are not finite, dispels the dream and corrects the mistaken belief.

    13. HATRED of the Feminine is FEAR of the fully enlivened and freed flow of energetic currents of the BODY/NATURE Circle.

      Fear of the fully enlivened and freed flow of energetic currents of the body... is expressed as Hatred of the Feminine.

      This fear is experienced by everyone - it is not a matter of the masculine being afraid of the feminine, but everyone caught in separation being fearful of the full expression of Being - here described as a feminine quality.

    14. The inquisition and the burning and torture of millions of women and large numbers of men and children was the height of the fear and hatred of the feminine channelled through a kind of religious frenzy.

      Fear of the feminine

    15. My resonating feeling and revelatory unfoldment over the last four years has been that fourth stage atonement is only vaguely echoed at in the current forms of the teachings and a great expansion is set to take place.

      Yeah, the teaching points to the truth but the Truth is only known through my experience.

    16. The spiritual journey, then, is the process of Nature being ‘christ-ed’

      The journey is the process whereby the consciousness of Christ is embodied.

      This is what is called here the true spiritual journey.

      What is Christ Consciousness?

    17. . If we are birthing spirit through the body then disinhibition of body would of course be the same thing as disinhibiting soul.

      How do you see this? Would you elaborate on your understanding of this?

      My view: it's all a process of allowing the fullness of spirit to flow through me - as me. Spirit is Free and does not move according to my concepts or beliefs. I resist, inhibit the flow when it moves in a direction contrary to my belief (idea of right/wrong, good/bad, moral/immoral, etc).

      The process is one of releasing resistance, allowing spirit to flow as it will, to allowing life to be as it is.

    18. Through the fourth stage of atonement,

      Abba- Soul-Mind-Matter

      My understanding is that this fourth stage is Matter. Correct?

      This means the process of Atonement that we are all engaged in - this life we are living. Right?

    19. eachings of the priestess return

      Just above here - this image, is very compelling. One of total allowance, letting go of all resistance.

      Is this what you would characterize as the teachings of the priestess?

    1. That’s what I mean, and persisting no matter how much they might resist. And persisting no matter how hard it seems to you for you to overcome your commitment to seeing him as less than what God is being. You would be amazed at how many people are upset because I said that Hitler is Awake. “Well, he can’t possibly have paid enough. He cannot possibly have suffered enough to atone for the awfulness of what he did.” And each of you have people in your experience that you look at and say, “I will not be their friend because they did me dirt. And until I feel that they have paid enough for it, I refuse to love them.” In other words, I refuse to fulfill my function as the Presence of Love. And in that act, separate yourself from your full experience of your divinity and your inseparableness from God and your capacity to be Awake. So all of you still hold someone responsible for something and you are demanding justice. And until justice is gotten, you will refuse to be the divine one that you Are and fulfill your function as Love. You will refuse to hang in with them insisting upon being willing to have the Father infuse you with the inspiration it takes to find your capacity to love them renewed, which would bless them and which would bless you, because you’re no longer standing on your jugular vein, if I may put it this way, through which your capacity to be the Son or Daughter of God flows. You get it?
    2. That’s what I mean

      stopped here Dec 16, 2015

    3. Yes. So indeed the faith-full-ness

      stopped here Dec 2, 2015

    1. I want you to consider that in everything we are doing, we are harmonizing and flowing with the divine energies—with the outpouring of the river of Life, right at Its source. This river of Life flows freely and totally through and as your conscious experience of Being. It is always doing this, whether or not you have placed yourself properly in that Place. This is important to understand, since it makes clear that the only thing we need to do in order to find the resolution to whatever situation we are faced with, is simply go to the Source as the Door.

      The simplicity of life comes in harmonizing with the source of life that is continuously flowing freely through your conscious experience of Being.

    1. Again, do not let your experience of being as Conscious Being become divided into many beings, externalized, “out there,” separate and apart from You. That is the illusion. The fact is that everything you see is going on as You, and you must understand that the You that you experience as “being alive,” “being conscious,” is the I that is Mind, God. The realization of this fact is what is called the Christ, the True Perception of Your Being. It is this True Perception of your Being which is dawning in your thoughts more forcibly than ever before.
    1. It is amazing that one can be tempted to forfeit experiencing the Oneness of Being in order to play the chancy game of “look How Great I am,” knowing full well that he could just as easily be the one who is the least. It is, indeed, a game of chance.

      This suggests that the life experienced in an incarnation is by chance.

    2. I cannot make myself any clearer than to say: Paul, do not waste your time with heady trips of greatness, of holiness, of grand purpose, of fulfilling a Divine Purpose in the universal scheme of things that is outside or other than “simply existing.“ Existence is all of those things, but it is nothing “special.“ It is only by comparison with ignorance that that which is “normal” can seem special, and you will weaken yourself greatly if you indulge in such nonsense! This had better be a fundamental point in your awareness of what is happening here, or you will lose the Value.

      The Infinity of Being is "normal"

    3. Being is Infinity. It far exceeds your wildest imaginations.
    1. You can see that it truly, completely, means getting yourself out of the way. This is the grand lesson. Do not be afraid of being “out of control.” So many times people feel that if they are out of control, they will be wide open to being controlled by other entities, forces, or powers. But the omnipresent I Am—the infinite, divine Mind that constitutes the Being of every being that be’s—is the only Presence and Power which can exert and manifest Itself, and be the center and circumference—the Alpha and Omega. Therefore, such concepts or beliefs are groundless, and one need never be afraid to let go and say and be the statement, “Thy Will be done.“

      .t:TWBD - teaching: Thy Will be Done.

      The grand Lesson to learn to let go of control and allow Being to flow through and direct the movement of my life. Fear is a barrier against allowing this because of my Belief that will open myself to the manipulation of others.

      This is the grand lesson - indeed. Take a deep breath and walk on - with Trust and allowance and patience and love and courage putting conscious awareness of Being first - using that as the guide.

    1. It is apparently new territory for you, Paul, although you could say it is your “native land.” Nevertheless, as the shift is made from the finite to the infinite view, you are going to have to be a stranger in a strange land, a babe in a new world. Although there will be no aspect of danger involved, it will be necessary to patiently explore, sense, perceive, and understand how to be, rather than do.

      On the Journey of awakening we need to learn to be rather than do. This is experienced as a totally new way of being - so we will feel to be a stranger in a strange land.

      The Practice is to patiently explore, perceive, sense, and learn how to be rather than do.

      .t:SFK - Seek ye First the Kingdom.

    2. You see, Paul, whether you have misidentified your Self as “ego,” or whether you have correctly identified yourSelf as Fourth-dimensional Man, your Being has effortlessly been being Itself totally, perfectly, and successfully by being rather than “doing.” Anything ego has thought it has done was pure nonsense.

      Quote - Anything ego has thought it has done was pure nonsense.

      Being is being Itself perfectly regardless of how I have identified myself, by being not doing.

      .t:EIP - everything is perfect.

    1. RAJ: This would mean that the conscious experience of Being is not existent someplace in an objective, three-dimensional universe. It means that the Universe of Mind is peopled with infinite ideas which are perfectly tangible to Consciousness. Therefore, they are not bodiless in the sense of having no visible, tangible outline, form, or colour. It means that everything is identified and identifiable, minus the finite sensation of space and time, minus the sense of separation between subject and object, which is unavoidable in the three-dimensional frame of reference. It is also minus the sense of the beholder being located somewhere in that which is beheld. Man is as incorporated as God, and yet “all is infinite Mind and Its infinite manifestation.” Mind is never minus Its manifestation.

      Conscious experience of Being is not found in the objective 3d universe.

      Reality is found in the Universe of Mind that is peopled with infinite ideas that are perfectly tangible to Consciousness. There is no sensation of space and time or sense of separation between subject and object.

    1. RAJ: I know you feel like you need help, but no one can help you at this point. There is no other One but You, and you had better be sure that you have no other “ones” before You, You Self, God. Your entire Being, in all Its infinitude, is harmonizing with You, loving You, and supporting You because of the Integrity of your Being. No one but You can relinquish consciously your hold on the false sense of self—the misidentification which feels it can’t do it.

      Quote: No one but You can relinquish consciously your hold on the false sense of self - the misidentification which feels it can't do it.

      It is up to me to take the journey of Awakening. No one can do it for me. Being, All of ME, is loving and supporting me (the mis-identified self) on the journey.

    2. RAJ: Don’t add that “but.” Stay with the simple Fact you have just stated. The “but” is the hooker! “All is infinite Mind and Its infinite manifestation.“1 There aren’t any “buts” about it! Being is “neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards it. It is at that point and must be understand therefrom.“2 It will never be understood from the standpoint of the three-dimensional frame of awareness (ego). You must stop looking for clues, helpful hints, or reassurances objectively. Being doesn’t need them, and “ego” only needs them in order to hook you. Remember, as you “do battle,” that there is no battle going on at all. It is a process by which you are becoming less slipshod in your self-identification. It seems as though it is an attempt to influence you in the direction of misidentification, but you are at a point where the thrust truly cannot reach you because you are hidden in the Secret Place of the Most High. You have experienced It.

      The expression - "But" is to express the belief that there is an exception to what was previously stated. This is like saying The Truth is not True always, which, of course, cannot be True.

      Here is where the fight is - to NOT ALLOW suggestions of ego to have any credibility whatsoever!!

      Or, from a positive perspective, to lean on your experience of Being and identify with nothing less than that.

      This is an inside job.

      The Battle is one of self-identification. A diagram of this would be a good method of illustration.

      Quote: There aren't any "buts" about it!

    3. PAUL: I feel as though I’m really going out on a limb here by maintaining the position which you outlined this morning and previously. RAJ: Why? PAUL: Because it appears that I might lose something. RAJ: There it is! Ego. If nothing can get outside the infinitude of your Being, then how can You lose anything? Paul, you must be very strict. If you can’t lose anything, then you haven’t lost anything. All of You is still present and functioning, and all of You will continue to be present and functioning.

      Throughout this entire book Raj has been teaching Paul about Being and that Beings is what is True about him.

      Here is a great example of learning to lean on what you know even if you have not yet had the experience - that Raj suggested earlier.

      This is a good use of the logical mind - to argue against ego attempts to bring us back into its system of beliefs. (WoM mentions this).

    1. RAJ: You are at a point where you need to see that there is only One Cause, only One Action, only One Life, Mind, Being, Consciousness. This does not mean that everything you seem to experience is included in that One Mind, Being, Consciousness, but it means that the step that needs to be taken here is to not deal with specific little “causes.” It means that it is time to have no other gods but God. I don’t care what anybody else seems to have to be doing at the present moment, or whether they are seeming to have to learn this, or be faced with what you are being faced with. YOU HAVE GOT TO HANDLE THIS AS THOUGH YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE! AND YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO HANDLE THIS AS THOUGH THERE IS ONLY ONE PRESENCE AND POWER! The time is past to handle anything from the standpoint of “handling” this or that or the other “thing,“—whether it be thought, belief, object, or circumstance.

      There is only Oneness, one Cause, one Action, one Life, one Mind, one Being, one Consciousness.

      The solution to problems we experience is not to deal with the little "causes" but to lay aside idols and Seek First the Kingdom.

      It doesn't matter what is happening for or with anybody else, it is between you and God.

      Handle the problems you experience as though You are their only cause, as though you are 100% responsible.

      And deal with those problems in Reality - using the only Power and Presence that exists!! That of Being (God).

      Raj is making a strong point here, that: There is no other way.

      Any other way is the way of illusion and illusion is a mistaken idea that has no existence and can therefore never be a solution. Never.

    1. Your focal point must remain at that within Point wherein you are constantly aware of being as Conscious Being, not as the operator of a business, or the promoter of a service. You must let the business and the service be what they will, as the ever-fluid manifestation of that living Being which You Are. Do not let what “occurs” become the repository of yourself. This is because Your Self, being infinite, cannot be confined to any manifestation or visibility which It evolves for Its identification. Yes, in your terms, it would mean a dispassionate, uninvolved experience of what is appearing. You must learn to get your satisfaction from being What You Are as Conscious Being, rather than what you appear to be by virtue of what is done three-dimensionally.

      You are not what you do - you are Conscious Being. Do not identify who you are by what you do.

      This Links directly to WOM "Who are you?".

      Quote: Do not let what "occurs" become the repository of yourself.

      Let what you do be as it is, the ever-fluid manifestation of that Living Being which You Are.

      Learn to get your satisfaction from being what you are a Conscious Being rather than what you appear to be by virtue of what you do.

  10. Nov 2015
    1. Now, you can see that this understanding cannot be used to overcome lack. It reveals unequivocally that it is impossible for there to be lack to overcome. Abide steadfastly in this understanding of Substance—as being that which constitutes Your Being Totally, infinitely, and unfailingly—from that Place where you are experiencing Being as Conscious Being. Joyously observe what unfolds.

      It is impossible for there to be lack to overcome.

    2. There is only One Substance, no matter how infinitely seen nor how great its diversification. Substance is not an attribute or a manifestation of God, of Being, but is Its Constitution.
    3. I reiterate that Supply is not a movement from “here” to “there,” not even from God to man—meaning, the infinite to the finite—since in Reality there is no finite realm, only a finite view of the Infinite.

      There is no finite realm - only a finite view of the infinite.

    4. RAJ: Health is the constituting Wholeness of Being, the Orderliness, Integrity, Indivisibility and, therefore, the Perfection of all Conscious Being. Being omnipotent in Its ability to fulfill Its Intent or Purpose, there is no delay or obstacle to that fulfillment. It is this unimpeded Omnipresencing of Substance which constitutes Supply in what is called health or Wholeness.

      How does substance relate to health?

    5. RAJ: Let us first be clear that when we speak of Supply we are not speaking from a finite, three-dimensional standpoint. Supply is not something that comes from one point to another point, such as payment from a client or customer. Supply does not come from one thing to another, such as food value from wheat. Supply is not given or received. Supply is an Omnipresencing of That Which Is: God, the Life Principle, Divine Mind, Fourth-dimensional Being as Conscious Being. You must remember that Substance is Activity, not a static lump of stuff. We have already spoken in regard to the fact that It has intent or purpose. Substance is Being’s Ability to fulfill Itself successfully, Totally. Therefore, it should be clear that Substance is fulfillment—Supply in its truest meaning. Supply is inescapable, unavoidable, when understood.
    6. PAUL: What is the function of Substance? RAJ: Its function is congruency, integrity, confluency, and inseparable Oneness, the inviolable substantiality of Infinity, of Reality. It is the constituting indivisibility of Conscious Being. It is the Absolute Law of the intelligent, harmonious blending of the infinite manifestations which constitute the experience of being as Conscious Being. Substance is Omnipotence. There is nothing passive, whatsoever, about it. It is the adhesion, cohesion, and attraction which constitute the immutable orderliness of the Totality of Being.

      What is the function of Substance?

    7. Spirit is the substance of all of these, both nondimensionaly and dimensionally. It is the Light, Itself, which illuminates and is illumined. It is That which shines, and That which is shone upon. Spirit is, Itself, the Life Principle, the Life Force, the Initiator and Initiated, the Cause and the Effect. Law is intelligent Principle—principled Intelligence—and this constitutes the omniactive Nature of Substance. The Light which is divine, intelligent Love is the means by which divine Mind reveals Itself to Itself infinitely as the omnipresently active Experience of Revelation. It allows Soul to respond. “And, behold, it was very good.“2 Substance is the infinite “recognition” of Reality when we are standing as the Door, since there is no disparity between the perception of Reality and the concrete or substantial experience of It in all of Its completeness.
    8. It functions by being the omnipresent omniaction of Being. The substance of Mind is Consciousness. The substance of Truth is Principle. The substance of Principle is Intelligence/Law. The substance of Soul is Love. The substance of Love is Life. And the substance of Life is Mind.

      How does substance function?

    9. The Bible says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.“1 This means that no matter how deeply we may seem to be buried in the distortions of a personal, three-dimensional, finite frame of mind, the faith that we find everpresently abiding within us is our everpresent “connection” with the Actuality of our Being as It is really going on. In other words, it is our Actual experience of Substance, inviolably “held in trust” for us, you might say, so long as we indulge in attempting to experience the Reality of our Being from a partial view. This is why it is “the evidence of things not seen.” It is the evidence of Reality, present and undistorted, in spite of the distortions inherent in the partial view. Faith, intuition, and desire constitute three aspects of our everpresent conscious experience of Reality while we are involved in the deception of existing as a finite mentality.

      Our lifeline back to Reality.

    1. Yes. But if you are in effect saying,

      stopped here Nov 26, 2015

    1. Remember that every activity, and every apparent result of that activity in your daily affairs, does not constitute a cause and effect at all. More properly, it is the apparent activities and their apparent results that constitute the “effect” or “form” that follows the Function that is You, Your Being.

      Your activities and their results constitute the effect or form that follows the Function of your Being.

      Being is cause, form is effect.

    1. You see, the Christ-consciousness is that consciousness of things which embraces the Totality of Being as It Actually Is, consciously. It is that which sees and experiences the Reality of all appearances, because It does not have Its attention focused on them—but rather on that Awareness which is Mind being Aware of Itself. Mind sees from the inside, as it were.

      Christ Consciousness embraces to totality of Being.

      Mind sees from the inside.

    2. When observing them from the position of the image, we seem to be trapped into the story line. But, as we leave that position for the standpoint of being as Conscious Being, we apparently gain perspective. The story line appears to change and identify the Universal Harmonies of Being, which we could not see when we thought that we were one of the characters on the screen. It is in this process of leaving the basis of the image and uniting with and as the One Mind that the Reality of things begins to appear. This is why we have taken the last four weeks to effect this change of view. It is time for you to sop operating from the dimension of the image, and to begin functioning as Fourth-dimensional Man, being out from Mind. Until you thoroughly understand that nothing occurs at the point of the “image”—the three-dimensional frame of reference—until you realize that Cause does not reside at that point, out of habit you will be inclined to continue to try to rearrange things on the screen, to try to improve them, to try to make them more comfortable. And this will be a waste of time.

      This is a good description of Turtle Bay.

    3. Paul, the three-dimensional frame of reference is very much like the image on a motion picture screen. Where it appears to be full of meaning it, nevertheless, remains an image no more than a fraction of a millimeter thick on the surface of the screen. The meaning is not in the image at all, but is supplied within the awareness of the observer. If the observer dislikes something appearing on the screen, it is foolish for him to attempt to change the image in any way, because the meanings which he would like to alter are within him. What is faulty with that illustration is that, in a theatre, there is a projector—separate from the screen and the observer—which is projecting the picture on the screen. In Reality there is not a third aspect called a “projector,” which places the image on another aspect called a “screen.” In Reality, all three aspects are constituted of the one conscious experience of Being.
    1. You are the masculine figure, the point at which Life emerges into manifestation. You are also the feminine figure, that out of which the form is formed. You are the Life, and you are the Substance by means of which Life is Self-expressed. It is a total and complete Life process. Your Being is the Father/Mother God referred to in one of your prayers. As I said, all of you is always present.

      Map this out - come up with an image of Being, Totality, and Creativity.

      This is a further description of Being; masculine, feminine, Life, and the Substance by which Life is expressed.

    1. I want to begin tonight by bringing out a point about design. We have talked about energy patterns, but it is time for a clarification of that term. You see, a pattern can also be called a design. However, we are going to use the term “design” when referring to pattern by using its second major definition as well, which is “intent,” “purpose,” or “direction.“ Energy patterns are not simply organizations of energy that have a recognizable or definable or describable pattern. Energy patterns are the Universal Substance existing in an organized manner, but it is not static. And so, in adding to the shades of meaning regarding the word, “pattern,” the word “design” becomes essential. Since all Substance is the Substance of Being, then that Substance, having infinite form, has infinite pattern. That infinite pattern is a design—meaning that this infinite pattern is not static, but embodies and expresses the intent or purpose which it is conveying by being patterned. All life, whether a rock, a body of a living animal, or a human being, is actively expressing the Universal Life Force. To three-dimensional sight, it may appear to be a static lump of stuff,
    1. On the other hand, Identity, when It is perceived to be the expression of the Universal, omnipresent divine Mind or Intelligence, is capable of expressing Itself on a sustained basis—so sustained that the word “eternal” is the only word that describes It. It is so substantial by virtue of Its Nature as Intelligence, that It is called Omnipotent.

      Identity is the expression of the Universal Divine Mind.

    1. Be very wise, and do not bother to waste your time trying to accommodate the three-dimensional viewpoints of those around you. Do not allow yourself to give authority to anything outside of your own demonstrated conscious experience of Reality, of Fourth-dimensional Being, under any circumstances.

      Do not give your authority to anyone outside of your own demonstrated conscious experience of Reality.

      Conscious Being = Experience of Reality = 4d Man

    2. It is a fact that from the three-dimensional frame of reference, conscious identity must come to that point where it recognizes itself as being the Door. Then, it must actively and consciously be the Door. This, then, allows the Reality of Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being to “break through” into and as that apparently finite conscious experience of Being called three-dimensional man. This reveals the eternally accurate conscious perception of what is Really going on—the Christ-consciousness. This break-through is what has been perceived as the statement, “Behold, I stand at the Door and knock.“1 However, it must become clear that the apparent relationship of a three-dimensional consciousness becoming the Door and then the Christ-Truth—the direct perception of Reality as It is—flowing through that Door as the conscious experience of a three-dimensional, finite man, does not then become the new “norm.” Man, as he conceives himself to be three-dimensionally, does not simply forever remain the “conduit” for Reality to flow through. The fact is that the more consistently he is willing to stand as the Door, the more consistently he will begin to experience himself less and less as “a three-dimensional man standing as the Door.” He will become consciously aware of himself as that conscious experience of Reality which includes no distortions of any kind—the Christ-consciousness, the means by which God, or Conscious Being, experiences Its Infinity.

      A description of the journey of awakening.

    3. You must be willing to stand with things the way they are unfolding in and as your conscious experience of Being. Reality does not exist to fit into or coordinate with partial views of Reality. As long as you are expressing clear explanations of Reality, you must fully expect those seeing with a partial view to attempt to discredit Truth if It doesn’t agree with or come in the form that they conceive that It must come.

      Accept your Journey as it is unfolding as your conscious experience of Being despite the disagreement of others.

    4. RAJ: You do not need to feel that you will in any way be deprived of anything worthwhile by relinquishing external authorities, concepts, or organizations, no matter how beautifully they may have served to identify your unfolding perceptions of Reality as your Conscious Being.

      Don't believe that you will be deprived of anything worthwhile by following guidance from the Place of Conscious Being.

    5. RAJ: You do not need to feel that you will in any way be deprived of anything worthwhile by relinquishing external authorities, concepts, or organizations, no matter how beautifully they may have served to identify your unfolding perceptions of Reality as your Conscious Being.

      Don't believe that you will be deprived of anything worthwhile by following guidance from the Place of Conscious Being.

    6. The same old story which is going on is that Reality, the Actuality, Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being, is what is going on and is what has always been going on in Its Totality. You must be very strict in your observance of what you know Actually to be true. Be willing to act, think, and respond from that standpoint. The need is to see the Actuality, not to respond or react to the partiality. Right now you are geared to spontaneously react to the way things appear. You are beginning to perceive that the necessity is to spontaneously respond to the Actuality as though that were the urgent need, rather than the limited, finite, three-dimensional view. I realize what I am telling you is not something new, but it is, nevertheless, the step that needs to be taken. It is the needed thing.

      Paul identifies a problem from his partial view of Being and Raj encourages him to change his perspective.

      Be willing to think and respond from what you know Actually to be true rather than to be fooled into believing what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is true.

      What???? Ignore my experience? Ignore what is coming to me through my physical senses and be willing to act only on a theory - an idea that has not yet been experienced????

      Question: We are taught two approaches, one, to live the truth and deny the illusion (5 minutes as Christ), and the other, to feel and embrace what we have always rejected and not wanted to even acknowledge. How does one do this? What does it even mean? The answer comes from living life and finding our way...

    7. PAUL: I am feeling some confusion this morning about things. I feel a sense of pressure, and also of being up against the wall. It is not a comfortable thing. I can conceive of the fact that this sense of pressure and of being up against a dead end is an illusion. But this theoretical knowledge isn’t helping me, at the moment, to know what to do and which way to go in order to see the illusion dissolve.

      Theory vs reality (perception of reality).

    1. Essential to being able to break the partial view, is the shifting of the “point of awareness” from being within that which is observed to that subjective Place wherein It is that which is what is observed—the all-inclusive, infinite experience of being as Conscious Being. It is only the intuitive perception of our Infinity as Conscious Being—prior to our “expansion”—which gives us the guts to expand. That intuition gives us the perspective to see that we are expanding into what we already Are, and that we are not expanding into the unknown at all! True, we may not know the details of our Infinity, but it’s the details that we cannot see until the Universal Nature of our Self becomes an accepted Fact and basis from which to be. This is so essential to understand, and you are beginning to see this. Excellent!

      To Awaken we must shift awareness from being within what is observed to being what is observed, all that is.

      Our intuition, the feeling that we are more than we think, is what gives us the guts to expand, to step into what appears to be unknown.

    2. It is always us that is holding onto some comfortable sense of limitation with which we feel some sense of familiarity. The active agent which holds us back is actually our own refusal to let go of the known for the Unknown. This reluctance is entirely due to an adopted belief that we are what we appear to be—finite, separate, an independent “intelligence” that exists “inside” this finite object called a body, a potential victim of an unpredictable environment. Yet, the finiteness, separateness, independence, and unpredictability are entirely inherent in the partial view of the Actual conscious experience of Being which is going on. If it weren’t going on, there couldn’t be a misinterpretation or misidentification!

      Quote: The active agent which holds us back is actually our own refusal to let go of the known for the Unknown.

      I have misplaced my identity and believe that I am separate, existing inside a body, vulnerable, etc. This misidentification comes from a partial view of what is actually going on (the conscious experience of Being).

    1. In the process of desiring to Awaken, keep in mind what we have been discussing about Substance. In fact, keep in mind everything we have discussed because these Facts are substantial and are constituted of the Substance which is Light. Allow this Light to illumine your way, no matter how abstract this may seem to you. Keep more in touch with the Fourth-dimensional Actuality of your family experience, and of any activity which you are involved in during the day. If necessary, remind yourself of the Facts of which we have spoken. Measure your daily experience according to these Facts, rather than the way the day seems to be appearing or what it seems to be claiming. The simple fact is that you need to proceed as though the divine Facts were Facts—which They are. And, on the basis of these Facts, you must be alert with a sense of active expectancy to see Them become apparent in and as your conscious experience.

      Raj says to keep in mind what they have been talking about regarding Being, Substance, Law, Love, etc - behave as though they are True (which they are but 3dref doesn't see it that way).

      Measure your experience relative to these Facts rather than 3d ideas of success.

    2. I mentioned in our last conversation that the Awakening is already occurring. I will add to that, that because you are waking up, the dream seems to be coming to an end—even the “good” aspects of the dream seem no longer to be good, to be functioning properly, to be dependable, and so forth. For this reason it is imperative that you not react to the appearance of “ending” and attempt to keep it going. You will not be able to do it anyway. Even if you could, you would end up with only a further dream.

      Even the "good" parts of the illusion seem to no longer be good as one awakens. Don't try to keep the illusion going.

    3. RAJ: Good morning, Paul. You are beginning to grasp that there truly is a more infinite and accurate view of what you are experiencing, and yet you feel you have no basis upon which to wake up to that larger, more accurate perception. You recognize the demand for something, and I have told you that the three-dimensional situation will not be relieved until you wake up. Thus, you find yourself in a bind from which you see no escape. The fact is that Being has no dead ends. It is only the finite view which would make Infinity appear to be blocked off. You are sitting, right now, as the Omnipresence of infinite Good, actively, Omnipotently unfolding and fulfilling Itself without exception. It is the intuitive perception—it is the desire, faith, and intuition of there being something to wake up into—which must remain the focal point of your conscious experience, regardless of the illusion of being boxed in. Then you must desire to wake up. Do not waste any energy in attempting to overcome any facet of the dream, since the way things appear is imaginary. It, therefore, cannot be dealt with in any way other than waking up!

      Paul is feeling trapped not knowing what to do. Raj says that all is unfolding perfectly, have faith and follow your desire, the only way to improve your experience is to wake up.

    1. To answer your unspoken thought here, I am not responsible for your being in this position. Nor could I be, if I wanted to. I am simply telling you where you are by virtue of your own unfolding Being, and to that extent, at least, you are not in the dark. I have nothing to do with it one way or the other. I cannot hold you to it or relive you of it, put you in it, or get you out of it. Being as Conscious Being, and not as three-dimensional man, is the shift which you are experiencing at this time. It cannot be altered in any way, just as the three-dimensional, objective delivery of a baby, once begun, is not a matter of choice in any way.

      The shift to Conscious Being from 3d man is what Paul is experiencing. This shift is not under his control and cannot be altered - even by Raj.

    2. RAJ: It is because the time has come to stop manipulating the finite view to improve it according to finite concepts. This does not constitute waking up out of the dream or waking up out of the distortions of the partial view. If you succeed in improving the partial view—in “healing it”—you will find no necessity to involve yourself in the labors necessary to Awaken

      Read Paul's question above:

      Quote: Manipulating the finite view to improve it according to finite concepts does not constitute waking up out of the dream.

    3. Fourth-dimensionally speaking, the observer and the observed are One, although they are experienced in infinite variation of qualities, outline, form, and colour—which go beyond anything you have conceived up to this point.

      No separation

    4. RAJ: Paul, that statement was made within the illusion of three-dimensional existence. In the first place, there is no man separate from God for God to give anything to. Secondly, it is only from within the finite frame of reference that there can seem to be an “earth” separate from “man” for man to have dominion over. Any apparent success that the human concept (ego) has of being able to exercise dominion over an earth “out there” only succeeds in further deepening the illusion that life is going on objectively.

      Raj's description of Being and wholeness is so completely divergent to that of my lived experience of my world that I'm beginning to get a deeper appreciation for a statement he made earlier -

      No matter what you believe, it's wrong.

    5. Now, when I said that Substance is Energy, I did not mean that It was energy in the sense that your scientists measure and call electrical or atomic energy. it is Energy in the sense that It is Light. Even so, It is not Light in the sense of It being that energy which emanates from your sun. In terms of the manner in which It is experienced Fourth-dimensionally, it is very similar. It radiates, glows, or fluoresces, yet these are very poor words to describe it. Light, as it is experienced objectively, is seen only as it reflects off of an object. At night, when you look out into the objective universe and there is nothing in the sky to reflect light, the sky appears to be black, except where light is either reflected or generated as planets and stars. Fourth-dimensionally speaking, the Substance which is Light is illumined, apparently, from within. It is not a reflected light. The apparent space between specific manifestations of Mind will not be found to be dark, because the Fourth-dimensional equivalent of what appears to be empty space in the three-dimensional frame of reference, is filled with the omnipresent Substance of Being. Therefore, you will find that even “empty space” is filled with that living Illumination of the Universal Substance which is Light. Further, it must be understood that this Substance which is Light is Love, living Love. You have experienced this already in illumination, and so I know you understand what I am saying.

      Holy, do I every perceive it different than this, Batman!!

      This sounds similar to descriptions of the "other side" given by NDE'ers.

    6. When you are observing the three-dimensional universe, and you are interpreting it as existing and functioning on its own, then substance, as you are seeing it, has absolutely nothing to do with Substance as It Is. The flaw in your interpretation—the distortion of this partial or finite view—causes what is seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled to seem to be capable of sickness, decay, and death. These are dysfunctions which the Actuality of what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is totally incapable of. The shift we have been discussing for the past few months involves a shift of the point of awareness from an objective placement to a subjective placement, wherein each and every Actual idea of Mind is experienced and recognized as being absolutely mental.

      3d Perception of Reality is a partial or finite view that includes the distortion of sickness and death that is not present in Reality.

      To shift perception from 3d Illusion to what is Real involves a shift in awareness from an objective to subjective placement where every Actual idea of Mind is experienced as being absolutely mental.

    7. As I have explained Substance to you, it has only this connection in relation to substance as you experience it every day: It constitutes the Actual conscious experience of every single idea included in the conscious experience of Being as Conscious Being. This Reality of conscious experience is what is objectified as the three-dimensional universe, but none of it is happening in the objectification.

      Further description of Substance,

    8. You must remember that none of what you see, hear, taste, smell, or feel is going on external to the conscious experience of it, even though that is the way it appears. All of it is Consciousness. All of it is Mind’s Self-experience.

      This is getting esoteric and I don't understand it. I see a tree but the tree doesn't exist outside of my experience of it???

      I can apply my logical thinking to this idea but that doesn't help me to grok it. I need to have the experience to really get it.

    9. In fact, Substance is Fourth-dimensional or non-dimensional. It constitutes every aspect of conscious experience as Conscious Being.
    1. Now, even though one has believed that the three-dimensional frame of reference constitutes his boundaries, such a belief cannot change the fact that the one who is seeing himself that way is Infinite Being. He is not limited or bound by the way he sees himself. The infinitude of One’s Being, which has become disowned by virtue of the three-dimensional frame of reference, must somehow be accounted for within the three-dimensional range of consciousness.

      Awakening happens in the context of the 3d frame of reference because the infinitude of Being is disowned there.

    2. So, that portion of one’s Self, which he has disowned by claiming he is finite, becomes an intuitive perception of potential of unattained good, or unattained life, but nevertheless attainable through some path or other. So, while that one identifies himself three-dimensionally, he is constantly reminded, goaded, pushed by his Actual Oneness and Universality to give up his finite view as fact. This whole process has nothing to do with evil, error (as power) the dark forces, evil powers, or the devil. You could say it is purely mechanical, with no values associated with it.

      Source of the perception of evil (devil, darkness, etc).

      The natural evolution of life.

      This is important: The infinity of our Being shines through the belief in death as intuitive perception of potential. We are constantly - goaded - to return to Truth.

    1. We have already spoken in regard to the fact that It has intent or purpose.

      Raj previously talked about intent and purpose of Substance on Feb 18th

    2. PAUL: In what way does Substance constitute Supply?

      Substance and Supply or Abundance.

    3. Raj, you really know how to put the screws to me. It isn’t easy coming up with pertinent questions, I am finding. RAJ: That’s correct. Learning what questions to ask is half the battle of learning what you need to know. Abstract generalities mumbled in consciousness serve no practical purpose, even though a temporary sense of satisfaction can be gained from such mumbling.

      Asking the right questions is important.

    4. PAUL: What is the function of Substance?

      The function of Substance is Oneness.

    5. PAUL: How does Substance function?

      More about the Substance of Being

    6. Now, it does no good to have a lifeline attached to us while trekking around in the foreboding territory of the three-dimensional frame of reference if we do not use it to guide ourselves back into the Fourth-dimensional view, wherein perspective returns and there is no foreboding. In other words, it serves no purpose to stand in the finite view and have faith, have intuition, and have desires. From within that frame of reference, the distortion applies equally to those three everpresent perceptions of Reality. It causes them to be experienced as arising out of the absence of that which we have faith in, intuition about, and desires for. One can sit and rot in the illusion of “hell” while tenderly fondling and embracing his intuitions, faith, and desires. Your faith in what is Real, your intuitions about It, and your desire to experience It must be seen for what they are, and utilized, no matter how infinitesimal they seem to be from the standpoint of the partial view!

      Faith, Intuition, and Desire must be used to guide us into the 4d view of experience.

    7. The Bible says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.“1 This means that no matter how deeply we may seem to be buried in the distortions of a personal, three-dimensional, finite frame of mind, the faith that we find everpresently abiding within us is our everpresent “connection” with the Actuality of our Being as It is really going on. In other words, it is our Actual experience of Substance, inviolably “held in trust” for us, you might say, so long as we indulge in attempting to experience the Reality of our Being from a partial view. This is why it is “the evidence of things not seen.” It is the evidence of Reality, present and undistorted, in spite of the distortions inherent in the partial view. Faith, intuition, and desire constitute three aspects of our everpresent conscious experience of Reality while we are involved in the deception of existing as a finite mentality.

      Faith, Intuition, and Desire are aspects of our conscious experience of Reality while we are engaged in the 3d experience.

    8. As I observe myself, it seems incredible to me that there is this definite reluctance to get into the subject of Substance, or into the specific answer to the problems we have been faced with over the past number of months. It is extremely strong. RAJ: And, Paul, it is entirely operating at the level of belief. It is a totally ignorant experience. That is what makes it most incredible. It simply means that you are going to have to move through it purposely, and not hope for some way to get around it.

      Paul is having financial problems. He is following Raj's suggestions but it is not helping. I think he is feeling victimized - no matter what he does it is not helping - even being open and receptive to Guidance.

      Now he doesn't want this conversation because he wants to maintain his belief about his situation and is afraid he won't be able to - that Raj will tell him something where he won't be able to maintain his belief. He wants to keep it!!

      Raj says his reluctance and its physical result is a totally ignorant experience operating at the level of belief.

      He needs to be honest about it and purposefully move through it and stop hoping for some magical means to get around it.

    9. Be aware of your reluctance to have this conversation. Simply recognize it. Notice that the reluctance is because you are wanting to glide over the information and understanding which you imagine you are going to be confronted with. You imagine it is going to discredit you in some way. Realize, further, to what extent this fear or reluctance is manifested physically in terms of strong perspiration, discomfort in the pit of your stomach, and just a general yukkiness. I am going to suggest that you clean up your act mentally and physically before we continue further. Go take a bath! And while you’re taking the bath, refresh your consciousness also.

      Paul believes this upcoming conversation with Raj will discredit what he believes and so he doesn't want to have the conversation. His discomfort is felt physically also - strong perspiration, discomfort in the stomach, etc.

      Raj suggests that he simply recognize it - bring his attention to the discomfort and - clean up your act and refresh your consciousness before continuing.

    1. RAJ: You are correct. This jelling, as you have put it, will continue. The facts will become more meaningful to you as each day goes by. Since you already know that there truly is no process to it, I would encourage you to relinquish this idea that standing as the Door is something “special,” and therefore not something to waste your time doing during everyday activities. Nothing exists outside the infinitude of Being. Therefore, what you denominate “everyday activities” in a somewhat demeaning way, needs to be seen as equally worthy of being embraced and perceived from the standpoint of being the Door. Remember that standing as the Door, at the edge of the Unknown, will become a constant activity or point of observation in your life. You might as well see it in its proper perspective right from the beginning as being totally normal and not “special” in any way.

      Nothing exists outside of Being. Your everyday activities, your ordinary moments need to be seen as equally worthy of being embraced and perceived from the standpoint of being the Door.

    2. What is not excellent is that you are not yet spontaneously choosing to avail yourself of the answers by means by being the Door on a continuous basis. It is as though it were in some way more laborious than figuring the answer out, or simply postponing having the answer. I want you to take some time to examine what this reluctance is, so that you may understand it better. I could tell you, but I want you to learn it for yourself.

      This is true for me!! To continuously abide conscious of Being, where answers are found, I often still attempt to figure things out.

      I haven't really learned how to do it, or I tell myself that at least.

    3. RAJ: Good evening, Paul. You are beginning to notice the limitations you place upon yourself by virtue of assuming that you don’t know something or that you can’t figure it out, or that it’s not the right time, or any of a number of excuses which are totally false, but which you totally believe. You are beginning to discover that you truly do not have to figure a single thing out. You, Paul, person, three-dimensional finite consciousness, do not have the answer! Yet, the answers are available. The answers are available because of What You Are when you are standing as the Door. You are really beginning to see this, and this is excellent. You are also beginning to find more satisfaction from being that which is the Answer unfolding Itself, rather than being the one who is figuring out what the Answer is, or being able in any way to claim credit for the Answer. This also is excellent.

      I limit myself when I believe I don't know something or can't figure it out, etc.

      I, as a person, a 3d finite consciousness, do not know, yet answers are available because of what I am when conscious of Being.

      Satisfaction comes from being the answer unfolding itself than trying to figure it out. *That's true and is what is happening for me with LTW.

      That is what is called Evolution and that is what is necessary for JCS - let it reveal itself, let it evolve as we each live it.

    1. Because it is a well-established habit, it is so very easy to attempt to take the infinite unfoldments of our Being and try to channel them into habits of action. The need is to give up our habits of “doing,” and replace them with being what the infinity of our Being is being at every moment. The call for action this evening is for you to consciously relinquish your attempts at control and conceptualization and get back to that Point where you stand as Nothing. Thereby you allow the Somethingness of your Being to become apparent as your conscious experience of being.

      Give up your habits of doing, relinquish your attempts to control and conceptualize and return to the place where you stand as Nothing thereby allowing the Somethingness of your Being to be your conscious experience.

    2. You will remember that, at the beginning of our conversations, we talked about the necessity of being willing to stand at the edge of the Unknown—knowing nothing. And at this point, you are attempting to take what we have been speaking about and using it as the basis for knowing something now. In Actuality, the necessity still remains, and will forever remain, for you to continue to stand at the edge of the Unknown—knowing absolutely nothing. Let the infinitude of your Being flow through and as your conscious experience at each and every moment. This is essential.

      To be a successful student it is necessary to lay aside everything we have learned from the 3d frame of reference and be willing to stand at the edge of the Unknown.

      It is always important to do this. Do not use what you have learned by being a good student as the basis for now knowing something!!

      Doing that is called spiritual ego.

      Stand at the edge of the Unknown - knowing nothing and let your Being flow through and as your conscious experience in each and every moment.

    3. It is equally imperative for you to begin to really grasp that your “others” are your Self seen infinitely. Therefore, “competition” is useless and baseless. No one can control you, and you can control no one, because there is only One Thing going on. You must stop challenging Susan, and you must stop seeing Susan as someone separate who is challenging you. This is extremely important, because none of it is happening that way. The necessity here is for you to own all of yourself as your Self. The infinity of your experience is your Infinitude identifying the Oneness of your Being.

      You must grasp that others are your Self seen infinitely. No one can control you Stop challenging Susan and seeing her as someone separate who is challenging you.

      The infinity of your experience is your Infinitude identifying the Oneness of your Being.

    4. Remember that letting go of control—letting go of these intellectual thought structures—will not cause disorganization and disorientation of the Universe. Rather, it will reveal from an experiential standpoint, the fact that the Universe is already organized and orderly and intelligent in Its Function, whether you are intellectualizing about it or not. Remember, too, that until you do go ahead and let go, you will not have the opportunity to observe It working in Its absolute perfection and spontaneous and effortless harmony.

      Attempting to control comes from the belief that all is not already functioning perfectly. Only by letting go, releasing control, will you see that all is working in absolute perfection and harmony.

      That is the paradox.

    5. You are simply setting up blocks to the effortless unfoldment of your Being by attempting to structure your Being, and you are doing nothing but causing yourself unnecessary distress. You must get back to the fact that it is the infinitude of your Being with which you are confronted. Stop separating It into compartments—dividing It up into “me” and “thee”—and then attempting to organize the bits and pieces according to concepts. Your problem at this point is truly a matter of attempting to place an overlay of intellectual patterns upon Infinity. Nothing less than the infinite view will do for you any longer.

      Stop attempting to separate Being into compartments and organizing the bits according to your concepts.

    6. PAUL: Raj, I am going to change the subject here, because I have a question that is demanding attention. The question is: Why does it irk me when Susan asks to speak to you? Why do I feel that her questions will be an imposition upon you, and why does it make me mad that she doesn’t contact her own Guide? RAJ: Because you have not learned that Being is truly unfolding Itself infinitely and not according to concepts. It is true that she has a Guide whom she can contact, but you need to learn to flow with what is happening, rather than with what you think ought to be happening.

      Learn to *flow with what is happening not with what you think ought to be happening.

    7. RAJ: You must realize, Paul, that the concept of “irresponsibility” is going to present itself to you until you see that the concept of “responsibility” is invalid—except from the ego standpoint. This is because the concept of responsibility implies Being is not Universal, and is not unfolding Itself Universally, with absolute perfection. It implies, therefore, that each tiny, finite mentality must take on responsibility for what needs to be done, and for seeing that it is done in a “principled,” “intelligent,” and “reasonable” way. Responsibility and irresponsibility both fade out of the picture as being as Conscious Being becomes the Place from which all is experienced.

      The idea of being responsible has validity only from an egoic standpoint.

    1. Each individuality in your family is the One infinite Individuality infinitely individualized and unfolding Itself in absolutely healthy, constructive and integrating ways. This is the Fact. Even when one member or another of your family vehemently claims his ability to act on his own, you can rest assured that the eternal Facts which contradict such a belief, contradict it in such a way as to turn it to the advantage of the individuality indulging in the belief. Thus, it illustrates experientially why the belief is invalid and a waste of time. Every single event, whether constituted of Reality or what seems to be a belief about Reality, cannot get outside the realm of serving the One and Only thing going on. This is why “the very circumstance, which our suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.“2 Paul, it is imperative that both you and Susan begin to really get this sense that Being is totally positive and totally constructive. Not even a false belief can escape the design or intent of Being to fulfill Itself, and thus serve to enlighten the one indulging in such a belief.

      Being is unfolding itself Perfectly even within the realm of ego belief**.

      Not even a false belief can escape the design or intent of Being to fulfill Itself.

    2. You give the weight to the Law of Perfection by beginning with the perfect concept. You seem to diminish your awareness of that Perfection unfolding when you begin with a finite concept of what is going on. You cannot actually change the Fact, but you can seem to blind yourself to It. If All is Infinite Mind, then All is Infinite Mind! One must live his experience of the infinitude of his Being as though that were the Fact. Not because that will help make it so, but because that is what is so! And such thinking is, therefore, in line with what is already true.

      Limited finite concepts serve as blinders to the awareness of Perfection.

      One must live his experience of the infinitude of his Being as though that were the Fact because it is Fact. Such thinking is in line with what is true.

    3. This means that, rather than trying to figure out what you can do which will be best for your family, you can abide in that Place of observing with understanding that Being is unfolding Itself perfectly as each specific identity in your family. This perfect unfoldment is, because of Its infinity, occurring in a way which appears to be harmonious for all concerned. I say “appears” because, no matter how many It appears to be, It is still One infinite Event.

      Rather than trying to figure things out, abide in the place of conscious Being and observe that Being is unfolding itself perfectly.

      All is One no matter how many there appear to be. The unfolding of Being is One Infinite Event.

    4. RAJ: Paul, when it comes to your family and your living experience, be observant. Watch to see whether you are seeing yourself and the members of your family as isolated bits and pieces—parts of the flotsam and jetsam of life—floating on the currents of who knows what. This is a three-dimensional-only point of view. It will be constantly frustrating, because it begins with a false concept of man. It sees him as trying to lift himself up by his bootstraps and getting help in doing so from others who may or many not be “more enlightened.” It misses the larger fact that Being is unfolding Itself on an infinite basis. It is unfolding Itself successfully.

      The belief that life is difficult and one must pull himself by his bootstraps is an illusory concept of man. It is a 3d point of view whose effect is frustration.

      Being is unfolding itself infinitely without regard for individual feelings about it. I suffer when I believe there is something wrong with its unfolding.

    5. In fact, the more you can find your answers coming from that which you recognize to be your own Being, without any possibility of imagining that it is coming from someone or something separate from yourself—such as me—the better it will be for you in tying together those aspects of your Being which you have not consciously been aware of as Your Self. The fact is that it is all You. But, it must become your conscious experience of your Being, without any dichotomy of any kind.

      I have to find my own way.

      You must become your conscious experience of your Being without any dichotomy of any kind.

    6. I cannot force you to do it, but I would suggest that you get back into that Place as an ongoing state of Being and remain there. Being out from Mind is the only state of Being in which illusion is absent. Illusion is always distressing and uncomfortable, as you well know.

      Illusion is always distressing and uncomfortable. Being out from Mind (in the place of conscious Being) is the only state of Being in which Illusion is absent.