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  1. Oct 2018
    1. We may hate and fear the death of a loved one, and do whatever we can to prevent it, while also recognizing “that a mortal life is the only life in which the people one loves could actually be.” This tension is, says Nussbaum, “part of the best human life” (Nussbaum 1990: 381).

      The author makes a crucial reference to Nussbaum in order to emphasize the power of life and being mortal. Nussbaum states that this specific, unaltered type of life is the "only life in which the people one loves could actually be". Nussbaum critiques the idea of transhumanism regarding the advantages of embracing devices that exceed the standards of mortality in order to demonstrate her cherishing attitude toward the simple and natural way of life. In addition, Nussbaum introduces the paradox comprising of the fear and embracement of death. While death brings sorrow and remorse, it also brings contentment and satisfaction because the living know that with death comes release from worldly pains.

  2. Apr 2017
    1. A few equations scattered on a single page of paper explain most of what goes on in the physical world. This miracle speaks of the organizing principles of the universe: symmetry, invariance, and regularity—precisely the stuff on which mathematics feasts.
  3. Jan 2016
    1. If you will take a look at it, you will find that when you are not hearing me, it is because you are expecting something you cannot hear. The moment you stop listening for something hard to hear, assuming that I am going to say something simpler, you immediately begin to hear me. Contemplate that Paul, because it accounts for difficulties that you have in your everyday life. When you feel that you are about to be faced with something that you cannot comprehend, when you feel that you are faced with a solution that is beyond you, you see no solution. To repeat, the previous message, Paul: “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” It is truly the nature of the Universe and the manner in which It functions. Simplicity should be your byword. Discovering this will relieve a great deal of anxiety on your part. The sign of greatness is the ability to deal with life simply and effectively.

      When in the 'trying' fearful mind we cannot hear this way.

  4. Dec 2015
    1. I want you to consider that in everything we are doing, we are harmonizing and flowing with the divine energies—with the outpouring of the river of Life, right at Its source. This river of Life flows freely and totally through and as your conscious experience of Being. It is always doing this, whether or not you have placed yourself properly in that Place. This is important to understand, since it makes clear that the only thing we need to do in order to find the resolution to whatever situation we are faced with, is simply go to the Source as the Door.

      The simplicity of life comes in harmonizing with the source of life that is continuously flowing freely through your conscious experience of Being.

  5. Nov 2015
    1. Perhaps the simplest form of simplicity in life is withdrawing from outer activity, going within ourselves, to find our answers and our directions. But, as you have found out, even in ourselves, when we are attempting to be complex, when we are attempting to be very specific—in fact, when we are attempting anything at all within ourselves—we close ourselves off to the intuitive function of our Being, and we frustrate ourselves just as we did when we were attempting to work “out there.“

      Attempting, trying all have a fear core energy.

  6. Oct 2015
    1. RAJ: I know you are, Paul. You must realize that we are not going to be doing anything spectacular here. We are simply going to be bringing out the uncomplicated Facts of Being. You are not faced with anything which requires an astounding understanding. You must trust that this is so. No matter how big the problem claims to be, keep it simple.

      Raj says, Keep it simple.

      The purpose of their communication is to reveal what is True, he says, ... to bring out the uncomplicated Facts of Being.

      No matter how big the problem, keep it simple.

    1. However, to return to the situation that you are finding yourself faced with, let me remind you to “simplify, simplify, simplify.” It does not matter who else does, or does not, see what you see as Conscious Being. It does not matter if their viewpoint is primarily three-dimensional, finite, limited and distorted. You stick to your perceptions, as Conscious Being, of the Fourth-dimensional Fact of what is going on and appearing three-dimensionally to those around you.

      We all have the freedom to choose where we focus, which dimension.

    1. You see, Paul, Being is not complex, hard to get at, or hard to understand. Half of the problem we have is our belief that it is not easy. We believe that it is bound up in complex religious or occult rituals or mental structures which we must pass through, like mazes, in order to prove our worthiness. It is not true.

      Being is simple and all aspects of it are available - because it is all Your Self.

    1. In regard to tomorrow and its demands, you are already aware of things you need to do. Do them. But do them as Conscious Being. You are getting quite acclimated to being from that Place. Continue to do so. Take one step at a time. Keep it simple. If it claims to be complex, keep it simple.

      Keep things simple.

  7. Oct 2013
    1. express the same simplicity in writing

      Again, common, simple language important to communicate