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  1. Sep 2022
    1. In other words, i18n allows applications to support and satisfy the needs of multiple locales, thus “enabling” l10n.

      one feature enables the other

    2. “Internationalization is the design and development of a product, application or document content that enables easy localization for target audiences that vary in culture, region, or language. Localization refers to the adaptation of a product, application or document content to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market (a locale).”
  2. Sep 2020
  3. May 2020
  4. Mar 2020
    1. For several reasons the Simple backend shipped with Active Support only does the "simplest thing that could possibly work" for Ruby on Rails3 ... which means that it is only guaranteed to work for English and, as a side effect, languages that are very similar to English. Also, the simple backend is only capable of reading translations but cannot dynamically store them to any format.That does not mean you're stuck with these limitations, though. The Ruby I18n gem makes it very easy to exchange the Simple backend implementation with something else that fits better for your needs, by passing a backend instance to the I18n.backend= setter.
    1. However imagine we are creating a format string in a separate file, commonly because we would like to internationalize it and we rewrite it as: <?php$format = 'The %s contains %d monkeys';echo sprintf($format, $num, $location);?> We now have a problem. The order of the placeholders in the format string does not match the order of the arguments in the code. We would like to leave the code as is and simply indicate in the format string which arguments the placeholders refer to. We would write the format string like this instead: <?php$format = 'The %2$s contains %1$d monkeys';echo sprintf($format, $num, $location);?> An added benefit is that placeholders can be repeated without adding more arguments in the code.
    2. $format = 'There are %d monkeys in the %s';

      Compared to below:

      $format = 'The %s contains %d monkeys'
    1. Sometimes a single term is used in several contexts. Although it is one and the same word in English, it may need to be translated differently in some languages. For example, the word "Post" can be used both as a verb ("Click here to post your comment") and as a noun ("Edit this post"). In such cases, the _x() function should be used. It is similar to __(), but it has an additional second argument -- the context:
  5. Jun 2017
    1. Derek Maisonville, Humanities Teacher, John Abbott College, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue , QC.

      Possibly first Francophone.

    2. Joseph Lowndes, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oregon.

      First U.S. signature. Scholar of US Conservatism.

    3. Cindy Egan, Geomorphologist/Environmental Engineering lecturer Challenger Institute of Technology currently and Curtin University Western Australia

      First international signature - related to the environment.

    1. While she bears the same last name as the Canadian Prime Minister, she couldn't be more opposed to his new bill. Harper, 38, and Ingrid Flores, 46, a fellow Chilean living in Canada, started a Facebook group for Latinos who support the Idle No More movement, which has now grown to nearly 300 members in just a few weeks.

      Connecting the struggle of First Nations to struggle abroad. This approach, sometimes called the "boomerang effect" is theorized to be an approach when a group has no power internally. Instead of utilizing local channels, they call to the international community and attempt to apply pressure to government in that direction. In this case, it appears that the International element is unlikely to pressure the Canadian government. Instead, the message is more symbollic solidarity, although the message appears to be saying the struggle is a universal one, diluting the political message somewhat.

    2. Chief Spence's liquid-only hunger strike

      While Theresa Spence did become a focal point of Idle No More, especially in International attention, Adams and others made it clear she was not the spokesperson. Pam Palmater was the official spokeperson.

    3. everyday the Idle No More movement is gaining more sympathizers and allies around the globe

      Unclear whether this was people sympathizing with Idle No More or appropriating the phrase Idle No More to other issues and causes. This is an important theme in digital humanism - it is quite easy to apply a term to a situation or give support to a cause, but it is never very clear that this translates into material support -- such as public pressure, resource sharing and so on.

    4. is holding gatherings on Friday in dozens of cities across Canada and the U.S., and in various countries around the world, including Colombia, Chile, and Puerto Rico

      Idle No More would later become important in the United States in disputes over oil and gas pipelines. The movement definitely became more international after the meetings with Harper.