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    1. Chapter 10 embarks on a study of improvisation. After some introductory remarks, theimportance of melody in improvisation is discussed. A few basic improvisational strategiesinvolving blues riffs, guide tones, and motifs are closely examined and implemented inpractice
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    1. Then I remembered a little card game I came up with to make jam sessions more interesting: Have each band member list 10 musical acts they’d like to play in Write each musical act on an index card Shuffle the cards, and, without revealing the cars, deal one to each band member. Keep the cards secret — the game is no fun if you can see the cards before you play. Just like any other jam session, it helps to pick a key and start with the rhythm. Everyone has to pretend like they’re playing in the act written on their card. Jam until it gets boring. At the end, everybody gets to guess which card each person was dealt. Repeat until you’re out of cards

      A game by Austin Kleon for making jam sessions less boring using cards.

      Inspired by Oblique Strategies and The Creative Tarot.

  8. Dec 2019
    1. It's not for beginners, but it's extremely flexible once you get a handle on things. If sticking to a system is hard for you, I highly recommend giving this system a try.
    1. There are thousands of to-do list apps out there, in part because no system works perfectly for everyone. I’m not going to say todo.txt is the exception, and that it will work for everyone, because that would be crazy. But todo.txt is the most flexible tool I’ve come across. In part, this is because of the sheer number of clients available, but also because the simplicity lends itself to improvisation.

      First time I've seen improvisation used like this.

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    2. Better than either of these, however, is the man who, when he wishes, can repeat the words, and at the same time correctly apprehends their meaning.

      This line is comparable to Quintilian's high regard for improvisation. Augustine seems to go along the same lines arguing that better than just memory is memory with understanding. And best of all is being able to employ all of that whenever one wishes (improvisation).

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    1. put any question to him, and that he would answer.

      Improvising is a part of rhetoric. "Knowing how to answer about any given subject"