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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Since the M.S.M. is training people to function as pastoral musicians, musicianship and consequently the audition carry great weight. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is NO LONGER REQUIRED for your file to be considered for admission. Your GPA should be around 3.5, although the GPA of courses most closely related to Music is more important. The core of the application, however, is the profile created by the statement of intent and the letters of recommendation. You should therefore draft your statement and choose your recommenders with great care, so that we have the most clear and vivid sense of what kind of student you would be in our program. You may have up to four letters of recommendation, but three of these letters must be from academic faculty who can speak to your ability to work in music and theology at the masters’ level, although they do not have to be music or theology professors themselves.

      antoni, arthur, mario, carina

    2. You might briefly include what has prepared you to consider this program, knowing that your resume will give us precise information on your background. Your statement of intent should be no more than two double-spaced, typewritten pages, in normal font (Times New Roman 12). In it, you should give us a clear and vivid understanding of how you came to be interested in the study of music and liturgy, why you want to pursue it at the graduate level, and why you want to do the M.S.M. at Notre Dame (in contrast to any other school). A successful statement of intent will make the case that you clearly fit in the M.S.M. program at Notre Dame, and that you will both benefit from your two years here and will make a positive contribution to the program. We recommend that you work on your statement of intent with your advisor, or even all three of your recommenders, so that you might benefit from their advice, and so that their letters might match the interests you discuss in your statement.

      Catholic church in SA - music quality Tap into vast repertoire of plainchant-based music Refer to my honours and masters research topics rfer to mass names, catholic composers, monastries (Meinrad)

  2. May 2019