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  1. Apr 2024
    1. And you, what do you think, have you tried these or other things, please share your experience so that other people can be enriched by them 😊.

      And what about you? Have you tried these or other methods? Please share your experiences so that others can benefit from them 😊.

    2. If you have tried all of the above and it still doesn't work for you... something that could happen, since f

      If you have tried all of the above and it still doesn't work, consider more dramatic changes. It's possible that traditional methods may no longer suffice. F

    3. offer:

      offer include

    4. , and use

      . Also, consider using

    5. , although ideally

      . Ideally,

    6. share it afterwards so people can come by,

      sharing them afterward. This encourages people to come by,

    7. , in

      . This was done in

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    1. new way of seeing could lead to loss of dignity, oppression, and even greater inequality; there are many historical examples of that.[10] But there is also the open horizon of new ways of being that are more humane, more authentic, more just. This horizon is what political theorist William Connolly refers to when he says: “Today perhaps it is wise to try to transfigure the old humanisms that have played important roles in Euro-American states into multiple affirmations of entangled humanism in a fragile world.”[11]

      !- quotable : William Connolly !- comment - Deep Humanity?

    2. The future behind us into which we are being thrown is also a maelstrom born out of the catastrophes of the past.

      !- quotable : progress trap

  6. Dec 2022
    1. The environmental crisis is one of overconsumption, carbon emissions, and corporate greed. But it’s also a crisis of miscommunication.

      !- quotable sentence : climate change communication

  7. Sep 2021
    1. The world opened up, and it was with great joy that I responded, "I know the thing what you speak exact now.Talk me more, plus, please, plus."

      i think he realizes that to speak a language doesnt only mean you have to know basic words. you have to undersatnd the flow of it the reasoning behind it. just becasue it sounds insulting doesnt mean that it is.

    2. You exhaust me with your foolishness and reward my efforts with nothing but pain, do you understand me?"

      does she mean im sick of you not understanding what i mean but understand what i say ?

  8. Aug 2021
  9. Jan 2021
    1. Text labels can be written in sentence case, as long as the button is clearly distinguishable from elements around it.
  10. Nov 2020
    1. Sentence case, e.g. ‘Next section’. I use sentence case for more ‘friendly’ or ‘conversational’ platforms.
    2. Note: Yes, it is sentence case, and yes, there should be a full stop if it was true sentence case — but for the love of all things good and designy, please don’t add a full stop.
    3. Choose sentence case or title case over uppercase. (This being said, Material Design does use buttons with uppercase labels.)
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  13. Mar 2020
    1. The stock market, our swaggering symbol of financial health and Trump’s best asset, has become a neurasthenic Victorian lady prone to taking to her fainting couch.

      Amazing sentence

  14. Nov 2019
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  16. Nov 2018
    1. The transition is a keen one, I assure you, from a schoolmaster to a sailor, and requires a strong decoction of Seneca and the Stoics to enable you to grin and bear it. But even this wears off in time.

      This phrase is typical of Melville's sentence construction. Comparison is the mean and reason is the goal.

  17. Aug 2018
  18. course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com
    1. Aunt Julia was an inch or so the taller. Her hair, drawn low over the tops of her ears, was grey; and grey also, with darker shadows, was her large flaccid face. Though she was stout in build and stood erect, her slow eyes and parted lips gave her the appearance of a woman who did not know where she was or where she was going. Aunt Kate was more vivacious. Her face, healthier than her sister’s, was all puckers and creases, like a shrivelled red apple, and her hair, braided in the same old-fashioned way, had not lost its ripe nut colour.

      Joyce uses a lot of adjectives to describe the physical features of the characters such as Lily, Aunt Julia, Aunt Kate, and Freddy, so I thought of building sentence trees to see how these descriptions are modified. However I think this may be difficult considering most of these descriptions use pronouns instead of the names.

  19. Dec 2017
    1. They found that people’s ability to detect road hazards, reaction time, and control of the vehicle were all impaired by cell phone use.

      The sentence is confusing and incorrectly structured

  20. Dec 2016
  21. Oct 2016
    1. Pixar films fascinate with spectacle.

      The super happy fun candy scenes and how they create moments of movement. An example is the Pixar Zoetrope at Disney California Adventure

    2. Much as widescreen cin-ema altered the scale of perception, mak-ing it possible to perceive minute details and epic grandness, digitalization has made possible the careful construction of a cinema of impossible scale—and for the creation of an atmosphere that is graphically “clean” and carefully con-trolled down to the most microscopic, barely perceptible detail.

      This paragraph quickly sets the lens and topic sentence of the Coopting the Cinema of Attractions section.

    3. They also cause them to ponder their relationship to “the end”

      This marks a transition sentence.

    4. If identification with the object is ex-hilarating, it is also, at moments, fright-ening.

      This is the topic sentence for the first paragraph.

    1. A more specific framework for ana-lyzing female scientists emerges when drawing on studies across fiction genres.

      Framework for analyzing female scientists emerge from fiction genres. Goes along lines with the previous paragraph

    2. While previous scholarship gener-ally considers audiences’ reactions to the representations of scientists and ex-perts within non-fiction programming, the scholarship on their representations in fiction programming garners a little more depth of inquiry.

      Fiction representation of scientists has to be more in depth

    3. Scientists of all types—doctors, fo-rensics experts, chemists, biologists, physicists, and others—appear regularly throughout television programming.

      Different types of scientists appear throughout tv programming.

    4. The Big Bang Theory offers a unique moment to explore the representations of female scientists within the situa-tion comedy

      BBT offers to explore the representation of female scientists in a sit-com

    5. Starting with the third and fourth sea-sons, The Big Bang Theory introduced more regular female characters as love interests for the main characters.

      BBT introduced female characters in the season 3-4 for love interests. *regular?

    6. UNLIKE SCIENCE FICTION AND POLICE PROCEDURALS,the situation comedy genre historically has offered few, if any, represen-tations of female scientists.

      Few representation of female scientists in sit-coms.

    7. Bernadette’s and Amy’s scientific careers set them up as suitable partners for their accomplished boyfriends, but these careers become fodder for the developments of their relationships.

      Includes both Amy and Bernadette. Careers are key to the development of relationships

    8. While both Bernadette and Amy pos-sess achievements as scientists as part of their characters, sharp contrasts appear in those representations.

      Contrast about their representation both including Amy and Bernadette

    9. Both Bernadette and Amy earn rec-ognition for their achievements in their fields.

      The topic sentence for the 2nd previous (?) one, Amy was only in the intro, however this topic sentence, includes both female characters.

    10. While discussions of work become one way to show their professional roles, another way lies in showing these characters performing their professional roles in a work setting.

      How characters perform professional role in the show.

    11. Amy’s discussions of her expertise and her work appear more frequently throughout the show.

      Topic sentence is about Amy's expertise and work

    12. Because Bernadette and Amy work as scientists, they both have the potential to contribute to the discussions among the friends about their own work and to share their own observations based on scientific inquiry.

      Because? Female characters contribute to conversations with their friends that are based on scientific inquiry.

    13. The professional aspirations for fe-male characters thus become an oppor-tunity for ridicule within situation com-edies.

      Female scientists in a sit-com are ridiculed for aspiring a professional role

    14. A professional role refers to a char-acter’s job or occupation outside the home.

      Defining a professional role for a character

    15. Unlike other television genres, the situation comedy offers the opportunity to push the boundaries of these repre-sentations in terms of female scientists through their professional roles, their gender roles, and their intelligence.

      Topic sentence about the structure of the paper

      1. Professional Roles
      2. Gender Roles
      3. Intelligence
    16. A hegemonic tension operates throughout situation comedies and pro-vides a flexible boundary along which these tensions humorously play out.

      Sit com provides flexible boundary while humors tensions plays out.

    17. Among all these studies, few focus on scientists generally and female scien-tists specifically in situation comedies.

      The topic sentence of the paragraph is about focusing on female scientists in sit-com

    18. A third theme centers on work-life balance, in that female scientists strug-gle to find equilibrium (Long et al. 359).

      The topic sentence dives right into the third theme. I know when you read you find out about 1 and 2 but the topic sentence started with theme three.

  22. Sep 2016
    1. Many scholars see the job of rhetorical pedagogy as helping students to forge real relationships with publics and counterpublics.

      Topic sentence, introduces her point about scholars in relation to rhetorical pedagogy (their thoughts)

    1. The idea that architecture regulates is found at the core of much urban planning and geography scholarship,

      Does the three things all Topic Sentences do: 1) Stakes a claim, 2) Relates that claim to the overall aim, and 3) Leans into the ensuing paragraph.

    2. Despite this deep theoretical understanding of the powerful role that archi-tecture plays in crafting experience
  23. Aug 2016
  24. Jun 2016
    1. Philautus neelanethrus sp. nov. was found mainly in the mid-altitudinal range (500–700 m asl) characterized by ever-green/semi-evergreen/moist deciduous forest patches in the central Western Ghats, and most importantly in Myristica swamps, which are considered to be living fossils among the vegetation types prevailing in the region (Chandran and Divakar, 2001)
  25. Oct 2015
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    1. Elinkautisvangit harjoittelevat Shakespearen Julius Caesar -näytelmää Tavianin veljesten ohjaamassa draamadokumentissa, joka voitti Berliinin elokuvajuhlien pääapalkinnon. MV.

      well this is interesting

  27. Jun 2015
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    1. It was when my sister finally dragged me out of bed and took me to the beach, I looked up in the sky and saw birds flying around, I instantly knew that this was a call, from Trace, telling me that hes free at last.

      Sentence too long

    2. ,

      Sentence structure