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  1. Feb 2020
    1. create a new Slack app

      When I saw this in the "Slack API changelog: February 2019" newsletter episode:

      New Slack apps are the default

      New Slack apps, with subtler permissions and more intuitive behavior, are now the default when you create an app. Get started by building or migrating.

      I didn't really understand what they meant. I assumed they were talking about their Slack app -- the Slack app.

      (Of course if I had read the intro to the newsletter for some context, I probably would have understood. The intro said:

      Welcome to the Slack changelog newsletter. You’re receiving this because you built a Slack app, and we want to keep you informed about changes to the Slack APIs. … )

      How does one distinguish between the Slack app (created by Slack) and a Slack app (created by non-Slack)?

    1. which provides consistent results across languages, although not consistent with the rules for any given language.


  2. Jan 2020
    1. It is difficult to recall a commit that is not pointed at by any ref. The further the user goes from a ref, the harder it will be for them to construct the meaning of a commit. But the further back they go, the less likely it is that someone will have changed history since they last looked5.


    2. Push a branch to a bare repository


    3. Git goes to HEAD to get the parent of the a3 commit


  3. Dec 2019
    1. According to man bash, however, non-interactive shells don't even read these files:
    2. This has the consequence that if the .bashrc contains any commands that print to standard output, file transfers will fail, e.g, scp fails without error.
    3. Confusingly, all the distributions I use (Ubuntu, RHEL and Cygwin) had some type of check (testing $- or $PS1) to ensure the current shell is interactive. I don’t like cargo cult programming so I set about understanding the purpose of this code in my .bashrc.
    1. It's confusing whether one should put things in gemspec development_dependencies or in Gemfile or in both.

      Duplication is bad since the lists could get out of sync. And the gemspec's development_dependencies should be a complete list. Therefore, my opinion is that that should be the canonical list and therefore the only list.

      Actually, what good is gemspec's development_dependencies? A contributor should clone the repo, run bundle, and get the dev dependencies that way. Therefore development_dependencies is unneeded and you should only list them in Gemfile.

      It is simpler to just use Gemfile, since it is a more familiar format. You can copy and paste content into it. For example, if you extract a gem out of an app, you may wan to copy/move some gems from app's Gemfile into new gem's Gemfile. It also generates a Gemfile.lock (which you shouldn't add to git).

    1. Arguably, the rails-team's choice of raising ArgumentError instead of validation error is correct in the sense that we have full control over what options a user can select from a radio buttons group, or can select over a select field, so if a programmer happens to add a new radio button that has a typo for its value, then it is good to raise an error as it is an application error, and not a user error. However, for APIs, this will not work because we do not have any control anymore on what values get sent to the server.
  4. Nov 2019
    1. I'm considering this, although I'm still leaning towards not including it and I'd love to just get rid of first if it wouldn't break so many peoples tests. Newcomers to Capybara don't understand (or aren't willing to learn) the issues that all/first (and last if added) have and massively overuse them. Yes the fact that all and first now wait by default will prevent some of the new user issues/confusion, but it won't fix the non-reloadability issue.
  5. Oct 2019
    1. I don't have anything to add other than "extract_css" in webpacker.yml has been a source of confusion for me as well. When it is "extract_css: false" in development and production, a stylesheet IS included in the document head (shouldn't this be "extract_css: true"?). And when I use "extract_css: true", styles are not included in the document.
  6. Aug 2019
    1. especially funders, that, while sometimes present in research, are especially salient for program evaluation given its origins.

      This last half of the sentence tripped me up a bit. Perhaps consider rewording, or restructuring into multiple sentences, so that the author's main point is more clearly articulated.

    1. As you might have guessed, this approach likely is studying a topic with the most existing research, when compared to the other two.[4]

      Though I think I do understand the author's intended point here, I think the wording is perhaps a bit tricky and potentially confusing for some readers. To make links explicit and content easier to understand, consider revising to something like:

      "As you might have guessed, this approach is more likely to be used if you're studying a topic which already has some existing research in the literature base."

      (I think this section will be clearer, and can stand on its own, without the last "...when compared to the other two" part of the sentence.)

    1. researcher’s focus’s

      I do understand (I think) what the author was saying here. The sheer number of apostrophes in the parenthetical part of this sentence, however, threw me off a bit. Perhaps reword for clarity/simplicity.

    2. perceivgeneralizable findingsed

      Not sure how the linked term "generalizable findings" fits into this particular sentence - a typo, perhaps? If this term was intended to be included in this paragraph, we may want to add an extra/separate sentence to clarify and contextualize.

    3. case study examining the experiences of youth who is transgender and their family in a rural mid-western community

      As I was reading this idiographic study example, I wasn't sure whether the example pertained to a single youth/family or multiple youth and family groups. Perhaps we can revise the wording a bit to clarify here.

      Suggested revision: "For example, an idiographic study might be a good approach for a case study examining the experiences of a transgender youth and her family living in a rural Midwestern state. Data for this idiographic study would be collected from a range of sources, including (*provide examples of appropriate sources), to gain a very holistic picture of this family's experiences."

    4. video captures

      Video "captures" - to what is this referring, specifically? Does this mean video recordings? May want to provide a brief explanation or alternative word choice here.

  7. Jul 2019
    1. Who after Archimagoes fowle defeat,   Led her away into a forrest wilde,   And turning wrathfull fire to lustfull heat,   With beastly sin thought her to haue defilde,   And made the vassall of his pleasures vilde.   Yet first he cast by treatie, and by traynes,   Her to perswade, that stubborne fort to yilde:   For greater conquest of hard loue he gaynes, That workes it to his will, then he that it constraines.

      Is this a longer period of time than it is? it seems that they are doing a montage of the girl trying to find something? This story is so long and confusing, I have lost all points in the story line by now.

  8. Jun 2019
    1. and sheer above of true Toulouse

      The phrase "And sheer above of true Toulouse" sticks out to me. I can't get the translation quite down yet.

      Maybe it means that her clothing is Sheer -transparently thin; diaphanous, as some fabrics. And that it is is pink, because the city of Toulouse is known as the "Pink City."

      This is something I would like some help on.

    1. hypothesisR

      this seems incomplete. one could assume that the bullet point in front is missing but the title of the list above is "other files" and this is the name of a package, not a file. Maybe there was going to be some more information here?

  9. May 2019
  10. Jul 2018
    1. I have the option to link the main link for the bookmark to the Hypothesis link for “all annotations” on the source, but I’m thinking most readers will want to go directly to the source to read more.

      Again, when I click what I think is a link to take me to "all annotations available in the source" or even to the source, all I get is a black framed version of this block quote. Really confusing...

  11. Dec 2017
    1. For example, Schnall and her colleagues were interested in how feeling disgusted affects the harshness of people’s moral judgments, but they were also curious about how disgust affects other variables, such as people’s willingness to eat in a restaurant.
    1. This matching is a matter of controlling these extraneous participant variables across conditions so that they do not become confounding variables.
    2. 2 level designs and t-tests

      generally a confusing topic, you couldn't overexplain this enough

    3. A good rule of thumb, then, is that if it is possible to conduct a within-subjects experiment (with proper counterbalancing) in the time that is available per participant—and you have no serious concerns about carryover effects—this design is probably the best option. If a within-subjects design would be difficult or impossible to carry out, then you should consider a between-subjects design instead.

      Even if experimenters start with no serious concerns over carryover effects, it seems this can change over time. This to me feels like the hardest choice, because both have significant limitations. Finding the "best" design is difficult and sometimes hard to understand.

    1. Inevitably, and not too different from our world today, there would be large segments of the population who believe false claims about how things work, and large segments of the population using therapies, tools, or other technologies that simply do not work (even if they believe they do).
    2. They found that people’s ability to detect road hazards, reaction time, and control of the vehicle were all impaired by cell phone use.

      The sentence is confusing and incorrectly structured

    1. A biological theory of sexual orientation and a sociocultural theory of sexual orientation might accurately describe different aspects of the same complex phenomenon.


    1. In physics, for example, one might measure the potential energy of an object in Earth’s gravitational field by finding its mass and height (which of course requires measuring those variables) and then multiplying them together along with the gravitational acceleration of Earth (9.8 m/s2).


    1. Remember, that an issue with within-subjects designs is that subjects usually contribute data to each condition at different times or orders in the experiment. As a result, the order of the manipulation, rather than the manipulation itself, can sometimes cause differences. Counterbalancing is a technique used to systematically control the order in which subjects receive the manipulation.

      A bit confusing!

  12. Oct 2017
    1. Maybe a different example would make this part less confusing...I had a hard time understanding the example itself...

  13. Mar 2017
  14. Nov 2016
    1. My Tips

      After I did the symptom tracker, it took me right back to this page and the "Get Started". It seems like a prompt or direction of clicking on My Tips would be helpful to aid the user experience. I knew I should look at My Tips, but had momentarily forgotten as a pretend user.

    2. Get started Use the link below to begin.

      This seems misleading. I've just finished tracking my symptoms. Why is it prompting me to "get started". I see it says you can use it "as often as you'd like", but it seems that information would be helpful to bold or highlight or have closer to the top of paragraph.

  15. Sep 2013
    1. Does this comment exist at article level? If so, the interface of this tool is rather confusing...

      Yeah, that device at the bottom is not that clear...