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  1. Oct 2019
    1. if I reference a stylesheet in a JS pack application.js but DON'T include <%= stylesheet_pack_tag 'application' %> in my .html.erb file, then those styles will not be applied? Correct, unless you are using webpack dev server, in which case the CSS will be inlined with JS.
    1. I don't have anything to add other than "extract_css" in webpacker.yml has been a source of confusion for me as well. When it is "extract_css: false" in development and production, a stylesheet IS included in the document head (shouldn't this be "extract_css: true"?). And when I use "extract_css: true", styles are not included in the document.
    1. You probably have extract_css: true in your webpacker.yml. This removes import '../scss/index'; and generates the equivalent style sheet. You do need to add stylesheet_pack_tag yourself.
    2. (if extract_css == true) -> application stylesheet -> MiniCssExtractPlugin -> application.css -> stylesheet_pack_tag 'application' (if extract_css == false) -> application stylesheet -> style-loader -> application.js (loads css in head)