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    1. I have the option to link the main link for the bookmark to the Hypothesis link for “all annotations” on the source, but I’m thinking most readers will want to go directly to the source to read more.

      Again, when I click what I think is a link to take me to "all annotations available in the source" or even to the source, all I get is a black framed version of this block quote. Really confusing...

    2. all annotations in the source in the open for the bookmark

      Maybe I'm confused as to what you are intending with this example, but when I click on "here" in the line below--or anywhere in the entire block, I'm just taken to a black framed version of the quote.

  5. Jan 2018
    1. With Radio3, the publicised links connect to the corresponding site, whereas when I bookmark using my site, it shares the link to my post rather than the original site. This has me rethinking why I bookmark and POSSE. Maybe I do not need to share links to the original source, especially when my bookmarks have secondary information.

      I wonder about this sometimes as well and have even contemplated crazy machinations for changing the canonical URL of my own posts to point to the originals.

      I'm still a long way from figuring this out completely.

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