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  1. Oct 2023
    1. ``` { version: 4,

      info: { reason: <string>, // what triggered this ping: "saved-session", "environment-change", "shutdown", ... revision: <string>, // the Histograms.json revision timezoneOffset: <integer>, // time-zone offset from UTC, in minutes, for the current locale previousBuildId: <string>, // null if this is the first run, or the previous build ID is unknown

      sessionId: <uuid>,  // random session id, shared by subsessions
      subsessionId: <uuid>,  // random subsession id
      previousSessionId: <uuid>, // session id of the previous session, null on first run.
      previousSubsessionId: <uuid>, // subsession id of the previous subsession (even if it was in a different session),
                                    // null on first run.
      subsessionCounter: <unsigned integer>, // the running no. of this subsession since the start of the browser session
      profileSubsessionCounter: <unsigned integer>, // the running no. of all subsessions for the whole profile life time
      sessionStartDate: <ISO date>, // hourly precision, ISO date in local time
      subsessionStartDate: <ISO date>, // hourly precision, ISO date in local time
      sessionLength: <integer>, // the session length until now in seconds, monotonic
      subsessionLength: <integer>, // the subsession length in seconds, monotonic
      addons: <string>, // obsolete, use ``environment.addons``


      processes: {...}, simpleMeasurements: {...},

      // The following properties may all be null if we fail to collect them. histograms: {...}, keyedHistograms: {...}, chromeHangs: {...}, // removed in firefox 62 threadHangStats: [...], // obsolete in firefox 57, use the 'bhr' ping log: [...], // obsolete in firefox 61, use Event Telemetry or Scalars gc: {...}, fileIOReports: {...}, lateWrites: {...}, addonDetails: {...}, UIMeasurements: [...], // Android only slowSQL: {...}, slowSQLstartup: {...}, } ```

    1. ``` { type: <string>, // "main", "activation", "optout", "saved-session", ... id: <UUID>, // a UUID that identifies this ping creationDate: <ISO date>, // the date the ping was generated version: <number>, // the version of the ping format, currently 4

      application: { architecture: <string>, // build architecture, e.g. x86 buildId: <string>, // "20141126041045" name: <string>, // "Firefox" version: <string>, // "35.0" displayVersion: <string>, // "35.0b3" vendor: <string>, // "Mozilla" platformVersion: <string>, // "35.0" xpcomAbi: <string>, // e.g. "x86-msvc" channel: <string>, // "beta" },

      clientId: <UUID>, // optional environment: { ... }, // optional, not all pings contain the environment payload: { ... }, // the actual payload data for this ping type } ```

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    1. Actually, using the hypothesis BOOKMARKLET is much more convinient than 'paste a link' or typing "via.hypothes.is/" in front of every link you want to annotate. With the bookmarklet all you need to do is, when you find a page that you want to bookmark, in the search bar of the mobile browser search for the name you saved the bookmarklet as and click it. It will immediately load hypothesis on the page just like clicking the hypothesis extention would do in pc. To bookmark the bookmarklet link (which can be found in https://web.hypothes.is/start) in the mobile browser, copy the link address of the bookmarklet link (which is a javascript code) and just edit an existing (useless) bookmark already there in the mobile browser replace the url with the bookmarklet link. Also give it a title (like "bookmarklet hypothesis") which you would type in the address bar of the mobile browser to find the bookmarklet bookmark.

      Manual to use hypothes.is in mobile Firefox

      via.hypothes.is does not work as they stopped providing an open proxy. It makes all URL forwarders and standalone apps on Android close to useless.

      The piece of advice provided here works, but it is highly unintuitive.

      The mechanics is this: 1. open a page where you want to add annotation 2. click on a bookmark as if you are opening a new page 3. since the bookmark is actually just a piece of javascript, it will simply load hypothes.is client 4. profit.

      To make it work in Firefox mobile, the instruction is this: 1. create a new arbitrary bookmark on some page. It will appear in the list of your bookmarks. 2. copy the bookmarklet javascript code. I was not able to do it directly in the FF mobile, so I copied it on my desktop and sent it to the phone via an IM 3. edit the newly created bookmark and a) give it a name, e.g., "hypothesize"; and b) replace the URL with the piece of copied javascript code 4. now when you want to add an annotation, follow the process above.

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    1. Note though that restarts are an essential part of updating software, by refusing to restart when you apply an update you are risking having a less stable software running as well as postponing what could be security updates and putting yourself at risk. There is a reason software asks for restarts and you absolutely should respect that.

      Software should never force something on the user. The user should always be the one in complete control. You can warn of the risks, but let the human decide what is best for the human at this exact moment. For example, they may just need to look something up. It may be an emergency. They may have private tabs that would be lost if they restarted now, and they need to wait until a better time.

      It's no different than Windows or other OS updates.

      See also: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1398179/firefox-restart-required-how-to-disable

    1. Hence, to keep things balanced, I think we should constantly oppose the anti-competitive behavior by tech giants and start using Mozilla Firefox (in whatever capacity, even as a secondary browser).

      This is an interesting argument as to what individual users can do to keep Firefox alive. But the biggest dent on anti-competitive behavior should come from well enforced proper anti-trust regulations the way Europe is doing it. How can browser users contribute to this?

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  20. Dec 2021
    1. Wayback Machine being broken in Firefox

      Are you getting "Fail with status: 498 No Reason Phrase"? You might have your Referer header disabled.

      If that's the case, you can fix it by going to about:config and setting network.http.sendRefererHeader to 2 (or pressing the reset button to the right).

    1. Type about:config in the address bar and press EnterReturn.A warning page may appear. Click Accept the Risk and Continue to go to the about:config page. Find the browser.compactmode.show preference. Switch the toggle to true and then close the tab. Click on the menu button to open the menu panel. Click More Tools. Choose Customize Toolbar. At the bottom of the panel, click Density. Choose Compact (not supported) from the menu options. Click Done.

      It is possible to use a more compact tab/tool bars.

  21. Sep 2021
    1. I honestly believe that if more people aren't aware of these issues, Firefox for Android might soon end up dying a slow, painful death as its users give up in frustration and leave for better web browsers.
    1. It is also why it's implementation in firefox is completely useless, considering that windows/osx/most linux distros plan to add support for DoH/DoT/DNScrypt resolvers in the near future, so firefox doing it itself will provide no additional benefit.
    2. The whole point of DoH in firefox is to not depend on the OS like windows. And it is the OS, which implements the hosts file mechanism.
  22. Jul 2021
    1. Following "NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource." only on Firefox I found the problem. It seems that Firefox' onclick event propagation interferes here with the fetch() call. As soon as I added event.preventDefault() in the onclick-handler before doing the actual fetch(), everything started to work again.
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    1. control shift p

      Need to rebind the shortcuts due to Firefox binding [Ctrl+Shift+P] to Private Browsing (and not comment-preview).

  26. Sep 2020
    1. There are clever ways around trackers

      I also recommend switching to FIrefox, getting the Facebook container extension and Privacy Badger extension!

  27. Aug 2020
  28. May 2020
    1. Apparently Firefox does have translation built-in, it's just not enabled due to lack of usage agreement / API keys. https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/a3eb8e502006
    2. Thank you for letting me know about this move by Google. Definitely something to watch. While I agree with Google's position from an end user experience perspective, it unfortunately puts Firefox at a further disadvantage since Mozilla does not have its own language translation initiatives.
  29. Apr 2020
    1. A settings page gives users a way to see and change settings (sometimes also called "preferences" or "options") for the extension.

      Topic: How to save settings in firefox extension.

    1. Webpack is a most have to compile a complete JavaScript project.

      Test question: how do you pack the web extension?

    2. linter

      Test question: What is a linter?

      Answer (Wikipedia): lint, or a linter, is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs.[1] The term originates from a Unix utility that examined C language source code.[2]

    3. This tool accepts both a configuration file and line parameters.

      Test question: How can you configure web-ext?

    1. you create an HTML file and point to it using a specific property in manifest.json. The HTML file can include CSS and JavaScript files, just like a normal web page.

      Test question: How do you link in manifest.json sidebar, popup and options page?

    1. It should be 48x48 pixels.

      Test question: What is the recommendes size of the icon for the firefox extension?

    2. "48": "icons/beasts-48.png"

      Test quesiton: Why is there no "," at the end of the line?

    3. [

      Square brackets are used for arrays.

    4. ,

      Not to forget the "," at the end of { } block in json.

    5. The popup

      Question: How to create popup and what do I need for creating this? Answer: 3 files: html, css, js

    1. Extensions for Firefox are built using the WebExtensions APIs, a cross-browser system for developing extensions.

      Testing question: How compatible are extensions among Web Browsers?

    2. It’s created using familiar web-based technologies—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

      Used technologies for Firefox extensions.

    1. The most interesting key here is content_scripts, which tells Firefox to load a script into

      Testing question: What part of "manifest.json" tells firefox where is the script to load?

    2. description is optional, but recommended: it's displayed in the Add-ons Manager. icons is optional, but recommended: it allows you to specify an icon for the extension, that will be shown in the Add-ons Manager.

      Testing question: What are the optional parts of manifest.json?

    3. The first three keys: manifest_version, name, and version, are mandatory and contain basic metadata for the extension.

      Question: What are the mandatory part of manifest.json?

  30. developer.mozilla.org developer.mozilla.org
    1. The popup is specified as an HTML file, which can include CSS and JavaScript files, as a normal web page does.

      Testing question: Of which files the popup consists of?

    2. Popups resize automatically to fit their content.

      Testing question: How is the popup resized?

    1. There are two ways to specify a browser action: with or without a popup

      Question: What are the ways in which the browser action can work?

    2. The only mandatory key is default_icon

      Question: What is the only mandatory key in the firefox "browser action" in the manifest.json file?

    3. Specifying the browser action

      Question: Where do you define the browser action? Answer: In the manifest.json.

    4. ommonly referred to as a browser action, this user interface option is a button added to the browser toolbar. Users click the button to interact with your extension.

      Question: What is a "browser action"?

    1. An extension is a simple collection of files that modify the browser’s appearance and behavior.

      Question: What is an extension?

  31. Dec 2019
  32. Nov 2019
    1. To boil everything down to a bullet list, the differences Firefox Developer Edition bring to the table include: A separate profile so your development environment can be configured differently to your regular browsing environment Access to cutting edge features not available elsewhere A 12 week lead time on support for the newest additions to web standards Default preferences tuned for developers Dark theme style out of the box

      Differences between Firefox vs Firefox Developer Edition

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  35. Nov 2018
    1. PDF.js is built into version 19+ of Firefox

      Used by Firefox

  36. Oct 2018
  37. Mar 2018
    1. An equivalent extension for Firefox is coming shortly.

      It's been 3 years! Where is it??

  38. Oct 2017
    1. Hypothes.is front page

      I took some time to find this page...

      If you had made your account and logged in, then the front page turned to be "How to get started" page with only the link to Chrome extension.

      If you want to use Firefox bookmarklet, you do as follows: 1) If you had logged in, sign out 2) click GET STARTED button 3) find the link to "other browsers" in the line with number ➁

      I think it's misleading. The better way for me to put the link to "other browsers" in the "How to get started" page for the users who already logged in. Thank you!

  39. Aug 2017
    1. The average teen spends about two and a half hours a day on electronic devices. Some mild boundary-setting could keep kids from falling into harmful habits.

      Firefox direct linking test. Link here.

    1. Despite growing interest in Open Access (OA) to scholarly literature, there is an unmet need for large-scale, up-to-date, and reproducible studies assessing the prevalence and characteristics of OA. We address this need using oaDOI, an open online service that determines OA status for 67 million articles.

      Firefox direct linking test.

  40. Jul 2017
    1. Firefox add-on technology is modernizing

      Note: Starting in Firefox 57, which will be released in November 2017, only add-ons built with this new technology will work in Firefox. These are indicated by the “Compatible with Firefox 57+” label on addons.mozilla.org (AMO). Add-ons built with the old technology are labeled “Legacy” on the about:addons tab. If an add-on does not have the "Compatible with 57+" label, or has the "Legacy" label, the developer may be in the process of transitioning to the new technology. You may find developer contact information on the right side of the add-on listing on AMO.