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  1. Jan 2020
  2. www.core-econ.org www.core-econ.org
    1. Economy, Society, and Public Policy

      David Brancaccio and the kind folks at Marketplace are doing a public virtual bookclub with this book as their text for twelve weeks through the Spring of 2020.

      Given the complexity of the subject and the public nature, I might suggest that they consider using the opensource and free Hypothes.is platform as an academic discussion tool for allowing everyone to highlight, annotate, and respond to the text and conversations.

      I suspect the Hypothesis team would be happy to do a quick run through of their platform as well as potentially creating a private group if they preferred.

  3. Dec 2019
  4. Nov 2019
  5. Oct 2019
    1. Epictetus wrote nothing; and all that we have under his name was written by an affectionate pupil, Arrian, afterwards the historian of Alexander the Great, who, as he tells us, took down in writing the philosopher’s discourses

      As it happens, this annotation works through its proper URL) but, Hypothesis butchered the link. You need to turn the page once to see the highlight though.

    1. little focus on asking students to engage in the kind of repeated practice that can be computer generated and computer graded

      Not so. Tools like Hypothesis help streamline discussions of texts in both in-person and online courses, in my experience.

  6. Sep 2019
    1. Transparent Review in Preprints will allow journals and peer review services to show peer reviews next to the version of the manuscript that was submitted and reviewed.

      A subtle but important point here is that when the manuscript is a preprint then there are two public-facing documents that are being tied together-- the "published" article and the preprint. The review-as-annotation becomes the cross-member in that document association.

  7. Aug 2019
    1. A timestamp is a sequence of characters or encoded information identifying when a certain event occurred

      Now Hypothesis annotations not only show when they were created, but also a second timestamp if they were edited.

  8. Jul 2019
    1. Some users have deployed independent Hypothesis servers, and at least one uses an API-compatible reimplementation of the Hypothesis server.

      I'm curious about these. Would someone point me in their direction?

      The prospect of hosting your own server seems intimidating, if not tempting.

  9. Jun 2019
    1. Convention

      Here is a gratuitous annotation, as an example.

      Have a look at the Page Notes section above to see another feature provided by Hypothesis.

    1. URIs are split on characters `#+/:=?.-` into their keywords.

      split chars used for uri.parts parameter

  10. May 2019
    1. config_file: Path to the config file name

      Since Hypothesis uses a server side config I'm not sure what to do here as there is no config file to provide. 🤔

      If it turns out this isn't feasible (although I'm sure there's a solution for this config_file issue) the alternative approach would be to use the post method.

    1. This would be a good space to let folks really kick the tires with Hypothes.is. I am wondering why they seem reluctant to let the crowd loose on the "actual" program? If someone finds the notes and such distracting, one can turn them off. This is a great feature of Hypothes.is. I sometimes like to read a document all the way through before I read any comments or notes.

    1. he builds a trail of his interest through the maze of materials available

      Recording the trail we wander through this info seems to be a key feature of the Hypothesis annotation view we return to whenever we open the page.

  11. Apr 2019
    1. Favorable changes occurred in z-scores for weight (one-tailed p < 0.04) for age and gender among children in the combined center- and home-based intervention compared to comparison children at posttest.

      Here is an example of a study that used an one-tailed test as opposed to a two-tailed test.

      Challenge for readers: Dig into the Methods section and find out why the researchers used an one-tailed test.

  12. Mar 2019
  13. Feb 2019
    1. incorporating community feedback and expert judgment

      Biomed Central and ResearchSquare have partnered on a project called InReview, which enables community feedback in parallel with traditional peer review. More on that project here.

    2. peer review reports are published, either anonymously or with attribution;

      American Society for Plant Biologists is using Hypothesis annotation to draw the reader's attention to Peer Review Reports, publications that were previously hidden in supplementary materials. An example can be found here. And a list of all articles where such annotations have been added can be found here.

  14. Jan 2019
  15. pdfs.semanticscholar.org pdfs.semanticscholar.org
    1. “parallel linked systems” where the discussion forum and artifact are presented side-by-side on the screen, and then linked visually via hyperlink. In these parallel linked systems, the distance between discussion and text is less than in traditional threaded discussion forums,
    1. Academics will be able to give feedback at the same time the research is actively taking place; and it will be as though scholars are directly connected to each other in the same lab or institution.

      Annotation is a great way for folks at a range of institutions to provide public or private collaborative feedback. Get your free account here: https://web.hypothes.is/start/

    1. Appendix A. The survey instrument
    2. they did notparticularly value the comments of their peers. Moreover, students'perceptions of learning in this class depended upon their sense ofcommunity: when the sense of community was higher, studentsreported higher levels of learning and vice versa. Sense of communityemerged as a significant predictor of perceived learning, with higherlevels of community being related to higher levels of perceivedlearning.

      key finding

    3. social constructionof knowledge, which happens by means of sharing knowledge,asserting different perspectives and interpretations, and critiquingviewpoints (Leslie & Murphy



    1. Create a note by selecting some text and clicking the button

      This is a test of Hypothesis, a note created using the tool in public view. It's somewhat like Google Docs. Here's a link to SAE Expression College. Below is a list of things to read in this test article:

      • HIghlight some text, then click the highlighting tool.
      • Highlight text, then use the comment tool. (Hmm..had to click the list button in this line again????

      This is bold text. * Here's italicized.* Definitely not WYSIWYG as in a word processor. Could be improved.

      In preview mode, my bold and italicized text don't show up correctly????

  16. Dec 2018
    1. In my work, I have strayed far from a background that includes a MA in English Literature and teaching K-12 students written composition. I’ve focused on teaching or analyzing written communication or networked online discourse in the higher education, especially at the graduate level, for the past 16 years or so. But this work, annotating in the open not just for an individual, the teacher who grades the assignment, hits close to my heart in teaching K-CEO learners to write for an audience.
  17. Oct 2018
    1. einen Kommentar

      Um alles zu vereinfachen, haben wir die Kommentare 'öffentlich' gemacht. D.h. alle können lesen, was du schreibst.

    1. Our a priori hypothesis was that the length of mesophyll tissue that must be traversed as the transpiration stream passes from a vein ending to site of evaporation will reflect both the hydraulic and coupled photosynthetic performance of any leaf.
  18. Sep 2018
    1. Doing the same in digital is incredibly hard without programming skills (see the low success rate above) or expensive tools, even when the closed silos allow it.

      Annotation with a standards-based open tool provides great utility in this regard, without the need for programming skills.

    1. Between publishers' higher costs of textbooks and students' struggle with large amounts of reading materials, getting students to both access and engage more deeply with texts is a challenge.

      Two challenges that #OER and #annotation together can provide infrastructure to help solve: the high cost of learning materials and engaging teachers and learners in social reading, discussion and analysis.

      Issues to solve: both OER and annotation don't require digital reading, but are both made more powerful through it. Yet technology access and reading preferences don't always support to digital reading.

      Solution: Explore online and offline, digital and print experiments in OER and annotation/social reading.

  19. Jul 2018
    1. Marginalia#section5 With Webmention support, one could architect a site to allow inline marginalia and highlighting similar to Medium.com’s relatively well-known functionality. With the clever use of URL fragments, which are well supported in major browsers, there are already examples of people who use Webmentions to display word-, sentence-, or paragraph-level marginalia on their sites. After all, aren’t inline annotations just a more targeted version of comments?

      Absolutely. This is what I'd love to have with Hypothesis.

  20. May 2018
    1. We’re now in a transformative stage as new tools such as ‘commenting’ emerge that can support a collective reading experience. These innovations allow readers to ‘engage’ with content in new ways.

      Or better yet--in-line annotating! Open interoperable standards-based annotation, of course.

  21. Apr 2018
    1. Ciao,

      benvenuto in Hypothesis!

      Hypothesis nasce dal progetto AnnotateIt ( http://annotateit.org), ora dismesso, e permette di creare annotazioni su qualsiasi pagina web , pdf ed epubs.

      L'idea di fondo era già venuta a Google con SideWiki (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Sidewiki) che dal 2009 al 2011 aveva permesso

      Una alternativa a Hypothesis è diigo.com, in funzione da diversi anni , potente ma con piani free e a pagamento a seconda della quantità di annotazioni prese ...

      Con Hypothesis invece non si hanno limiti apparenti, il progetto è gestito da una organizzazione non profit che sviluppa codice open source (v. https://web.hypothes.is/about/)

  22. Mar 2018
    1. Open web annotation of audio and video

    2. (If I were Virginia Eubanks I might want to capture the pull quote myself, and display it on my book page for visitors who aren’t seeing it through the Hypothesis lens.)

      Of course, how would she know that the annotation exists? Here's another example of where adding webmentions to Hypothesis for notifications could be useful, particularly when they're more widely supported. I've outlined some of the details here in the past: http://boffosocko.com/2016/04/07/webmentions-for-improving-annotation-and-preventing-bullying-on-the-web/

    1. Rewriting is necessary to avoid cross-domain frame issues and to allow the user to browse pages with the sandbox and to keep seeing annotations.

      cross domain

    1. pywb Documentation, Release 2.0The default JS rewriter does not rewrite any links. Instead, JS rewriter performs limited regular expression on thefollowing: *postMessagecalls * certainthisproperty accessors * specificlocation =assignmentThen, the entire script block is wrapped in a special code block to be executed client side. The result is that client-sideexecution oflocation,window,topand other top-level objects follows goes through a client-side proxy object.The client-side rewriting is handled bywombat.jsThe server-side rewriting is to aid the client-side execution of wrapped code.For more information, seepywb.rewriter.regex_rewriters.JSWombatProxyRewriterMixi

      JS rewriter

    1. A high-level technical explanation of how Dropbox's PDF annotation interface is implemented.

      Quite interesting for Hypothesis.

  23. Feb 2018
    1. ension up and running. It's time to start annotating some documents.

      Testing the things...

  24. Jan 2018
    1. Please create a Hypothesis account here. We're going to try and see if it's helpful to us as a way to more robustly and elegantly comment and annotate within Scalar pages.

      Hello everyone, btw I integrated the Hypothesis tool with our Scalar site. Let's play around with it as it looks like it might serve us well for commenting, annotating, and embedding discussion directly into Scalar pages. Please create an account here.

  25. Dec 2017
    1. heories and hypotheses always have this if-then relationship

      helpful for forming a hypothesis for an experiment/paper

    1. I hope over time Reviz.in features will be integrated in the original client.

      Yes, I certainly hope so too. But what exactly are the additional features? I see the precautions for preventing accidental publication and the "Copy Review Report" button. (The renaming of annotations and page notes is perhaps not such an important "feature"...) Anything else?

  26. Nov 2017
    1. are visible only to other group members

      One thing I really like is that you can move annotations from one group into another (or into public). But it would be even better, if annotations could be shared with multiple groups. Because if I move the note from group A to group B, users who are a member of group A but not of group B will no longer see the annotation.

    1. Rap Genius finally gives us the opportunity to find out. It's an ambitious mission, and one we are proud to get behind.

      I wonder whether Marc would still write this the same way today, in a world where web annotation is finally a W3C standard and Hypothesis looks much more like the future of web annotation than Genius...

    1. If you want to access all annotations on a specific URL, you can do that using `uri:<URL>` terms in the search box at https://hypothes.is/search. You can also use `group:<name>` and `tag:<name>` filters here. There isn't currently a convenient way to search for all annotations in a particular domain (say "bbc.co.uk" or something like that), and we know that functionality is important for a number of use cases.
    2. The Hypothesis web service currently supports two kinds of accounts, the first are "first party" accounts which are those a user signs up for on the Hypothesis web site or via the login screen for the client. These can only be created by the user directly, currently with a username and password and in future using external accounts (Google, etc.). The second are "third party" accounts which are created by the publisher via API calls to our service. These accounts can only be used on web pages that the publisher owns and where they embed the client. Third party accounts currently also have some limitations with respect to functionality - there is only one publisher-specific group and users cannot yet create their own groups when using third-party accounts. Also the Hypothesis web site pages at https://hypothes.is/search are not available for third-party users yet. The API can however be used to fetch data for these accounts and present it however you wish.

      two types of accounts (I'm not sure I like the the third party accounts that can only be used on the publisher's website, but I guess it's a way of getting publishers to integrate H. I only hope that users can upgrade from third party to "real" accounts without losing data.

    1. We know that there are few sticky security and implementation issues

      Which is probably why @judell’s tate doesn’t show up in Chrome on my system and there’s weirdness with the scrolling once we accept to load unsafe scripts.

    1. Students often lose access to their materials at the end of the semester Students also often lose access to their own work as well, in the form of highlights, notes, and other annotations

      Hence the need for #OpenAnnotation to pair up with some of the other opens. Hypothes.is people are doing their part, but still.

  27. Oct 2017
    1. I published my own set of core principles for an authoring & publishing tool.

      Steel's principles for an authoring and publishing tool.

    2. After our talk, Nate Angell from Hypothesis asked me if I’d be willing to write up a blog post describing in more detail what we’re doing with web annotation specifically. And so here we are.

      Ask and thou shalt receive! Thank you Steel!

    1. Annotating DML

      Few conference sessions offer this level of supplemental reference. Thanks for rockin' DML!

  28. Sep 2017
    1. A system-wide Share extension

      This is something I would like for my iPhone as I use the share sheets a lot, but I'm not sure how widely they are used.

  29. Aug 2017
    1. <script src="https://hypothes.is/embed.js" async></script>

      One line of code adds open, standards-based annotation to any website.

    1. Hypothesis Demo 2017-07-05

      helpful product overview

  30. Jul 2017
    1. he wishes Lacuna could be updated more easily. Texts must be submitted to the tech team for uploading, which can take a few days, and once his grant funded fellowship ended, he had to upload documents on his own, he said.

      Major difference with Hypothesis. Enabling annotation only in a specialized content repository drastically limits the utility of annotation.

  31. Jun 2017
    1. retrieves the JSON data

      Step 2: Grabs the data from the URL...

    2. generates a well-formed search URL

      Step 1: Creates a URL to be looked at by another fuction/method

    3. To enhance that process, you could add the appropriate path to the output file name in this script, and write a shell script that runs this script and then commits/pushes to GitHub, and then schedule that script to run at regular intervals from your computer/server. I'm going to look into adding that functionality to this script, but it's not ready yet.
    1. # search for all annotations with the tag IndieEdTech and return them in json format. s = searchurl(tag = 'IndieEdTech') l = retrievelist(s) # print the title of each article annotated. for entry in l: e = Annotation(entry) print(e.title)

      I don't get it. Is this all I need to put into a Jupyter Notebook?

    2. given the annotation's API URL

      Is this specific to an annotation? Yes, I guess.

  32. May 2017
    1. provide a set of discussion APIs

      Digital #annotation is currently demonstrating a model for discussion much like Michael describes, where "discussion" (as annotation) is a separate, generic service and different manifestations of that service can be harnessed for and surfaced in various platforms for different uses. See Hypothesis' work, especially with a Canvas LTI integration.

    1. Each item added to the repository will be assigned a DOI, which means you can trust they will be persistently resolvable.  In our exemplar role, we will ultimately be connecting the DOI to the creator’ ORCID iDs

      on DOIs and ORCIDs in websites

  33. Apr 2017
    1. Affinity Spaces - MTG: Salvation

      Hello Ben,

      Nice change of pacing for a presentation! I appreciated the fact that it wasn't another video. I don't have much experience with prezi, but it seemed to fit this particular application well!

      I had heard of the game Magic before, but only in passing and never had any real experience with it. Your presentation was thorough and I personally liked how it resonated with your learning throughout this course. You were able to make relevant correlations to the semester's knowledge. I like how you narrated the engagement among the community, you broke it down into cataegories and had a great understanding of the flow of information within the community.

      Your interpretation of the interaction of the community according to Gee was very accurate and well thoughtout. The community's practice was well documented through the analysis of the discussion and threads, about the topics directly related to the game, as well as, topics indirectly-related such as the price of decks and the speculations surrounding the release of certain materials.

      Your knowledge of the course materials was extremely evident throughout your presentation. It seemed that your experience lent itself to a real-world application of affinity spaces, your chosen community provided you with a robust demonstration of what it exactly means to be apart of a great learning community and network of passionate people contibuting to an AS.

      Great job! Thanks for sharing your presentation!

    1. Hypothesis is a lightweight option for adding website annotation with the aim of bringing “a new layer to the web”.
    1. A fundamental concern when evaluating educational technology for use is the balance of the effort required to learn and implement it against the value it provides in the educational endeavour. Hypothesis is well-position with respect to this balance.

      detailed review and tutorial about Hypothesis in education

  34. Mar 2017
  35. Feb 2017
    1. Video tutorial from Jun 2016 showing how to use Hypothesis to annotate a Wikipedia page.

      It briefly shows groups and the stream, but using the old (pre-Nov 2016) Hypothesis website.

  36. Jan 2017
    1. Previous link won't take us to the highlighted text automatically because I shared the whole page link (top right) not the specific annotation link (bottom right).

      How to share specific annotation rather than a whole page

    2. annotation with jupyter notebook

      How to Annotate Jupyter notebook stored online

    1. Thank you for your query. I'm afraid that while improving the accessibility (particularly keyboard navigability) of Hypothesis is high on our list of priorities, it's still a little rough in places, and we don't have an accessibility report at the moment.

      I'm commenting here because the ticket is closed (and consequently locked), but we do have an accessibility report from August 2016 focused only on the client at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aV4yOqR-rbBjy0t4z3cbmDfz4zKmJMt_YEXjYthGODQ/edit?ts=5745a68c

  37. Dec 2016
    1. Let me count the ways

      A reference to the Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) poem How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43). "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height // My soul can reach"

    1. Written by rchase, feel free to edit. It's an experiment.

      Since I took the notes using hypothesis, the password to edit is hypothesis.

  38. Nov 2016
    1. In this Event Capsule, Jeff Allred and Philip Ewell discuss their use of Skim and hypothes.is to annotate digital documents. Their presentations during the October 25th Lunchtime Seminar encouraged participants to think about how fundamental aspects of note-taking and lecturing are evolving alongside changes in new media.

      Hypothesis review starts at youtu.be/nffPZ1kLDHM?t=95


  39. Oct 2016
    1. and to correct solitary people

      Solitude is brought up SO many times throughout this whole book. Throughout the book however the family is always together yet they are all individually so alone. Especially in Rebecca's case, she is left alone for so many years and the family just forgot she even existed. Solitude to them is of course being alone, but also being without love or purpose. In Colonel Aureliano Buendia's case, he needs to be in solitude because his purpose was to fight in a war for power, and then he turned back to making fishes but is still in solitude because he is home without a lover. That is also why I believe they all sleep with each other, because they are afraid of being alone. Yet with every "reincarnation" of the children named after their father, brother, uncle, sister, it seems like the curse of solitude is put onto them. I see this especially with Rebecca (even though she isn't really in the family), and Remedios the Beauty. Remidios is the beauty of the town yet she can't even conceive the idea of men really at all. In her mind she isn't cursed, but she is solitary her whole life then is just taken away. This video really helped me grasp what was actually happening in this book (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWNcCs__vQg)

    2. as he faced the firing squad

      This is brought up so often, and is the first line of the book! It's crazy to start off a book with this random connection to the future. Because it tells us at the beginning that he is going to be a colonel, and that he is going to die. Severe foreshadowing! As well as him discovering ice . . .then talking about the origin of his family and village. But when I first read this i just went right over it! Then it brings it up again after is is already Colonel Aureliano Buendia. Aslo really connects to your husbands presentation about fighting for the left or right in Columbia and he just goes after it and is the face for the left. Then he has to be killed for it along with all of his children (with several wives it seems like). The jist I have gotten from this novel is doing things just based on instinct. This family doesn't really seem to have control of themselves and just does things on a whim. It's especially prevalent with Rebecca because she eats dirt! Then if I am remembering correctly dumbs her husband for hr brother!

  40. Sep 2016
  41. l-adam-mekler.com l-adam-mekler.com
    1. He knew that Umuofia would not go to war. He knew because they had let the other messengers escape.

      This is when Okonkwo knew that even though he had worked so hard his whole life to prove himself he still managed to do the wrong thing, and is in the wrong in the eyes of the clan.

    2. return early enough to cook the afternoon meal.
    3. Okonkwo was provoked to justifiable anger by his youngest wife, who went to plait her hair at her friend's house and did not return early enough to cook the afternoon meal. Okonkwo did not know at first that she was not at home. After waiting in vain for her dish he went to her hut to see what she was doing. There was nobody in the hut and the fireplace was cold.

      I feel like in the Igbo culture that women have some sort of power over men in a way since they are the ones that are expected to cook meals for the men every time they come home. Meals feed men and give them their strength so I think that since Ojiugo didn't make him his afternoon meal, in a sense she deprived him of his strength which is also a type of power for men, thus Okonkwo beat Ojiugo because of it.

    4. Umuofia was feared by all its neighbours. It was powerful in war and in magic, and its priests and medicine men were feared in all the surrounding country. Its most potent war-medicine was as old as the clan itself. Nobody knew how old. But on one point there was general agreement--the active principle in that medicine had been an old woman with one leg. In fact, the medicine itself was called agadi-nwayi, or old woman. It had its shrine in the centre of Umuofia, in a cleared spot. And if anybody was so foolhardy as to pass by the shrine after dusk he was sure to see the old woman hopping about. And so the neighbouring clans who naturally knew of these things feared Umuofia, and would not go to war against it without first trying a peaceful settlement.

      In the Igbo culture, if the priests and medicine men were powerful in war and powerful in magic, then the clan itself was very powerful. Since Umuofia were powerful in both, they were powerful overall, so much so that other clans feared it and knew that if they went to war against Umuofiaa that they would lose. This kind of power in the Igbo culture is a physical power that is known by other clans.

    5. Ogbuefi Ezeugo was a powerful orator and was always chosen to speak on such occasions. He moved his hand over his white head and stroked his white beard. He then adjusted his cloth, which was passed under his right arm-pit and tied above his left shoulder.

      It seems to me that if one can speak very well, then one is chosen for important tasks on certain occasions, which gives that speaker a certain level of power in the Igbo culture.

    6. Okoye said the next half a dozen sentences in proverbs. Among the Ibo the art of conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten. Okoye was a great talker and he spoke for a long time, skirting round the subject and then hitting it finally.

      Using only proverbs in a conversation indicates some kind of level of power since it is considered an art.

    7. Nneka had had four previous pregnancies and child-births. But each time she had borne twins, and they had been immediately thrown away. Her husband and his family were already becoming highly critical of such a woman and were not unduly perturbed when they found she had fled to join the Christians

      This poor woman is probably so sad because she's thrown away eight children already, and she knows she is going to have to throw away two more. Which is so sad to think about because they're her babies and in this culture they think having twins is evil, and she's looked down because of it. At this point she probably just wants answers to why she keeps having them, and why she has to keep throwing them away. Same goes with Nwoye, he is running to the Christians because his whole life he's grown up in a household where he was looked down on because he isn't man enough. In his mind Okonkwo is unfair and abusive, so he believes these new men can save him . So sad but also happy for Nwoye's story.

    8. Then kill yourself," said Obierika.

      I have already read this book, but I didn't see this before! Certainly foreshadowing

    9. She has been very well for some time now. Perhaps she has come to stay

      Didn't really notice this before! Foreshadowing? Also along with further in the chapter when Ezinma becomes sick again and she is Okonkwo's favorite daughter . . . and he actually shows emotion by caring for this daughter which kinda goes against his "Manly man" portrayal

    10. In his day he was lazy and improvident and was quite incapable of thinking about tomorrow.

      Hey before I start annotating, I'm just a little confused if I have to do #7 right now too? Confused, sorry. Anyways! This part of the book really character development to Okonkwo, not his father Unoka, but Okonkwo. This really describes why Okonkwo is the way he is. Okonkwo throughout the whole book does things out of fear because he does not want to be viewed like his father. Even though Okonkwo could still relax and be easy going and people would still view him as a powerful man, but he feels he has to be a man to the extreme of this community. Never let the wives ever mess up, don't let the son stop working, and so on.

    1. Without the tax-related reduction, Mylan’s profits on the EpiPen two-pack were about 60% higher than the figure given to Congress, or $166, it said in a new regulatory filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission Monday.

      I chose this article to provide evidence that Mylan is raising the price way too much for the epipen. My inquiry question is how can a company justify raising the price of an item people need to survive an allergic reaction?

    1. “well then who the fuck did it?”

      Exactly. That rather crude statement can sum up the entirety of the podcast. If not Adnan, then who? The use of curse words strategically placed like this can create a feeling of pathos in the audience. If they don't curse than this statement will get their attention pretty quickly. If they do curse they will understand the bluntness of Laura's statement. This statement frames this episode where Koenig takes a closer look at the timeline and the audience finds out things do not add up.



    1. Well, I really don't see why getting out of Giovanni's room means ' . I getting out of Paris."

      James Baldwin writes Hella in as a stupid woman in my opinion. I would like to think I would know something is up. Or maybe he writes her as smart, but not letting on that she knows. Because they both clearly slept with other people and they told eac hother, but to me it seems kind of obvious. Even if she doesn't know the whole truth I feel like she knows a little and is playing dumb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8ADfS8WQmw

    2. iguess people wait in order to make sure of what they feel."

      Wouldn't let me annotate the whole passage starting with "what is this thing about time?" David is making everyone wait. He isn't sure about what he is doing with his life of who he really is so he makes everyone else wait for him: Giovanni and Hella.

    3. Nobody can stay in the garden of Eden," Jacques said. And then: "I wonder why.''

      Getting at the idea that nobody is perfect in a way I believe. Or that even if someones life is perfect, and everyone views their life to be perfect and fulfilled, they're always going to want more. Also connects to later in the book when David is at "home" with Giovanni and that room is his Eden for while, but then his Eden becomes more of a cage where he has no freedom. Changing tones a little to David feeling trapped - this is how I view a lot of people in relationships. Weather or not he's gay/bisexual, I feel like a lot of people who aren't questioning their sexual identity can feel trapped. So maybe he is just bisexual and doesn't want the relationship because it's not working. But he ends up viewing it as his hell in the end. The opposite of Eden. As well as his trap in the "gay world."

    4. And at last I step out into the morning and I lock the door be-hind me. I cross the road and drop the keys into the old lady's mailbox. And I look up the road, where a few people stand, men and women, waiting for the morning bus. They are very vivid be-neath the awakening sky, and the horizon beyond them is begin-ning to flame. The morning weighs on my shoulders with the dreadful weight of hope an4 I take the blue envelope which Jacques has sent me and tear it sl6wly into many pieces, watching them . .. . I dance in the wind, watchiμg the wind carry them away. Yet, as I turn and begin walking tovyard the waiting people, the wind blows some of them back on me. ]

      With his time in front of the mirror done, he leaves to the cold outside world, where he finds the details for Giovanni's executio n in his mailbox. Having left behind his thoughts on Giovanni and himself, he tears it into pieces and throws it into the wind. Ho wever, just like how his problems still remain, pieces of the letter blow back onto him.

      I've attached a picture that I believe illustrates the imagined scene of Giovanni's execution well.


    5. Then the door is before him. There is darkness all around him, there