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    1. The results indicate strong support for the first two hypotheses and qualified support for the third one

      confirmed the first two hypotheses

    2. Hypothesis 1: When the vote share of an ethno-liberal party in an election held at time t − 1 increases, then the radical right party’s vote share in elec-tions at t should also increase.Hypothesis 2: The inclusion of an ethno-liberal party in a governing coalition at time t − 1 increases the radical right party’s vote share in elec-tions at t.Hypothesis 3: The inclusion of an ideologically extreme ethno-liberal party in a coalition in election t − 1 increases the radical right party’s vote share in elections at t



    1. TL;DR: I've added a hypothes.is embed to public facing exegesis posts, so people can leave annotations and comments for themselves or others.

      Hello world! Very excited about the future of open annotation.

  4. Apr 2021
    1. Exercise can tackle symptoms of schizophrenia

      Not only am I unsurprised by this, but I'd be surprised if it were otherwise. The logic is that schizophrenia is a sleep disorder, and exercise enhances sleep. Additionally, lack of movement is one of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Therefore, this poverty of movement may play a role in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia symptoms.

      I need to start a google search document with predictions prior to actually searching. It will slow down my research speed, but it is necessary in order to provide unbiased data on my intuitive understanding of diseases. It seems like the majority of my strong intuitions are true. Edit: I'll just record the search phrase in my hypothes.is notes. This one was "exercise schizophrenia"

  5. Mar 2021
    1. Studies of great ape behavior show that they are good at cooperating in situations where there is no potential of deception, but behave egotistically in situations where there are motives for deception, suggesting that their "lack of cooperativeness" is not a lack of a cognitive ability at all, but rather a necessary adaptation to a society full of deception.[citation needed] This suggests that human cooperativeness began when proto-humans began to successfully avoid competition, which is also supported by the fact that the oldest evidence of care for the long-term sick and disabled are from shortly after the first emigration of hominins out of Africa about 1.8 million years ago

      successfully avoiding competition was key to humans doing super well vs the egotistical, competitive, & deceiving ways of apes

      being able to cooperate and get around deception/defection was key to humans doing so well

      .. and you can see how we evolved white sclera so others can better follow our gaze, hence work with us

      wow! (ape sclera is dark)

  6. Feb 2021
    1. El profesor Ulises Hernandez Pino, ha estado creando unas excelentes versiones en video explicando varias de las herramientas contenidas en la Documentatón (Markdown, CodiMD, Hypothesis).

      En el marco dela DataRoda56 hago estos comentarios sobre hypothesis y el ejercicio de lecturas comentadas en general. Más info en la libreta personal

      • Quise comentar via hipothesis sobre la página de documentatón y no me lo permitió:

      • https://youtu.be/cKf3lptMy7k?t=59 Sería mejor arrancar con Duckduckgo para no promover del todo al gigante.

      • https://youtu.be/DUjjJ5Nhc4k?t=673 Para el uso con niños, niñas y jóvenes puede ser largo 12 minutos. Se podría condensar en mensaje en cápsulas. Tal vez reformularlo como "Comentarios con hypothesis en tres pasos"
      • https://youtu.be/DUjjJ5Nhc4k?t=269 : En relación con la experiencia de Ulises, quien comparte estos contenidos en la red de educadores y software libre, sería bueno saber qué recepción tiene el uso de hypothesis entre los docentes. ¿Hay docentes compartiendo estas herramientas con sus estudiantes?¿Cuáles se trabajan colectivamente?
        • Por ejemplo:
          • Usé la herramienta para promover una discusión pública en redes acerca de un Foro sobre #PensionesAlTablero organizado por Colfondos Colombia con periodistas e influencers: Ver anotaciones en contexto / (Me doy cuenta que no tuvo acogida, ni yo mismo anoté. Dije muchas cosas en twitter en ese momento que acá no quedaron)
          • Otro ejercicio que sí use aunque no tuvo eco tampoco. Proyecto de Ley modificatoria de la Ley de Víctimas y restitución de tierras en Colombia presentado por el partido de derecha Centro democrático. Finalmente no fue aprobado. La Ley, afortunadamente, tuvo prórroga por 10 años más sin modificaciones en 2020. Ver anotaciones en contexto
  7. Jan 2021
    1. One hypothesis was centered around the decompression of the squashfs snap taking some time, so we set up tests to run and compare the performance and timing of various supported compression algorithms for squashfs, including: no compression, GZIP, LZO, ZSTD, and of course XZ.
  8. Dec 2020
    1. RSS feeds are inherently unauthenticated, and access to private group annotations requires authentication, so you can’t use https://hypothes.is/stream.rss or https://hypothes.is/stream.atom to receive feeds of private group annotation activity.

      This kind of stinks. Would be nice to have HTTP basic auth so private feeds could be pulled.

    1. The following ANOVA table illustrates the relationship between the sums of squares for each component and the resulting F-statistic for testing the three null and alternative hypotheses for a two-way ANOVA.

      The following ANOVA table illustrates the relationship between the sums of squares for each component and the resulting F-statistic for testing the three null and alternative hypotheses for a two-way ANOVA.

    1. longerword-finalschwadurationsforlatebilingualsbecausetheyareexpectedtodisplaysmallerratiosforthedurationofstressedandunstressedvowelscomparedtoearlybilingualsandmonolinguals.EarlybilingualswerepredictedtoproducelongervoweldurationsthanmonolingualEnglishspeakers,butshorterthanlatebilinguals,becauseinterac-tionswithintheirL1/L2systemmayresultincompromisevaluesforallcentralizedvowelsthatarelongerthan[ə],butshorterthan[a]

      hypothesis 3. the hypothesis captures every aspect of the question, from the linguistic features to the contributing factors

    2. latebilingualswouldvarytheirword-finalschwavowelqualitiesmorethanmonolingualsandearlybilingualsduetoorthographicinterferenceeffectsduringourreadingtask.

      hypothesis 1

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    1. (If I were Virginia Eubanks I might want to capture the pull quote myself, and display it on my book page for visitors who aren’t seeing it through the Hypothesis lens.)

      Of course, how would she know that the annotation exists? Here's another example of where adding webmentions to Hypothesis for notifications could be useful, particularly when they're more widely supported. I've outlined some of the details here in the past: http://boffosocko.com/2016/04/07/webmentions-for-improving-annotation-and-preventing-bullying-on-the-web/

  11. www.core-econ.org www.core-econ.org
    1. Economy, Society, and Public Policy

      David Brancaccio and the kind folks at Marketplace are doing a public virtual bookclub with this book as their text for twelve weeks through the Spring of 2020.

      Given the complexity of the subject and the public nature, I might suggest that they consider using the opensource and free Hypothes.is platform as an academic discussion tool for allowing everyone to highlight, annotate, and respond to the text and conversations.

      I suspect the Hypothesis team would be happy to do a quick run through of their platform as well as potentially creating a private group if they preferred.

  12. Sep 2020
    1. hypothes.is

      Hello this is a test !

      Hypothesis is a new effort to implement an old idea: A conversation layer over the entire web that works everywhere, without needing implementation by any underlying site

      Thank you Chris https://twitter.com/choldgraf !

  13. Aug 2020
    1. but there are no comments or tags

      Is this not a comment on a highlight? And did I not just add tags? Is this article out of date?

    1. Larry Kudlow expects large economic recovery numbers in 3rd and 4th quarter

      What is the value of predictions from someone wrong every single time? Since April 2018, Larry Kudlow was wrong on all his predictions regarding economics and other issues that he somehow thought was necessary to comment on. If he would be reciting chicken pie recipes in Esperanto would be a better contribution to the viewers and his career. That would be very bad for him if he would be the Director of the National Economic Council. Thank God he is not.

    1. DeSantis is the state version of Donald Trump. It's only a state wide range of stupidity celebration. He is not on Mount Rushmore level of moron-ism like the orange president.

      He is more like on Robert Lee small town square statue level...but, never than less, he now, holds then decision of living and dying. To much power to anyone, imagine for an anencephalic?

      DeSantis, do you know what a body count is?

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    1. Within each neuron, 719 we calculated the expected firing rate for each task condition, marginalizing over 720 distractors, and for each distractor, marginalizing over tasks.

      Distractor = specific stimulus / location (e.g. '1' or 'left')?

      Task = conflict condition (e.g. Simon or Ericksen)?

    1. The creator of a Hypothesis group

      According to this issue in Github, in an LMS environment the creator of the group would be the first instructor-user in a course who creates and launches a Hypothesis-enabled reading. Could someone confirm this? Is this specified somewhere else?

    1. The vision is to provide ‘a conversation layer over the entire web that works everywhere, without needing implementation by any underlying site’.
  16. May 2020
    1. Hypothesis/Brave login now works seamlessly there, and will on any other sites I unblock.

      I'm ngl I'm not a huge fan of either of the proposed solutions for this. Just because I'm happy to allow third party cookies provided by hypothesis.is on example.com, doesn't mean I'm happy to allow all the other third party cookies on example.com, which is what the more conservative of the two solutions suggests.

      Maybe there's some form of whitelisting we can do so that Brave automatically unblocks all hypothesis.is third party cookies, regardless of URL?

  17. Apr 2020
    1. The team behind Hypothesis, an open-source software tool that allows people to annotate web pages, announced in March that its users had collectively posted more than 5 million comments across the scholarly web since the tool was launched in 2011. That’s up from about 220,000 total comments in 2015 (see ‘Comment counts’). The company has grown from 26,000 registered users to 215,000 over the same period.
    1. These variations were related to inflammation in the host

      In which direction? This statement makes me wonder if inflammation caused the changes in the microbiome.

      It seems possible that the sweetness itself is the ultimate cause. To test this, a study using oral gavage. It's easily plausible that the flavor alerts dietary patterns (I believe humans eat more calories in response to sweeteners, will need to check on source). Alternatively, direct effects on the brain, and downstream effects on the body, is also not out of the question.

      The reason I suspect taste-mediated effects is that it seems unlikely that so many completely unrelated sweeteners would have such similar effects. However, one might might expect more similar results than those found if it were the case (or the dose is so high that the taste changes for some, e.g. saccharin).

    1. The side effects of MK-801, which are probably a result of its high affinity for and long dwell time on the receptor, preclude its clinical application

      MK-801 has side effect, and may related to its high affinity and long off rate.



    1. 100 nM MLN-4760did not interfere with immunoprecipitation of ACE2 by S1-Ig,nor did this inhibitor interfere with S-protein-mediated infec-tion (Figure 4B and C)

      hACE2 inhibitorm MLN-4760, does not interfere with immunoprecipitation of ACE2 by S1-Ig, nor did this inhibitor interfere with S-protein-mediated infection. So ACE2 inhibtor should not be a good way to interfere SARS infection



    1. both the body of the annotations and their anchors need to be revised before the annotations are suitable for use in a public discussion.

      Is a good practice for hypothesis to make personal annotations first, when reading, without carefully thinking of them too much, and then, once reading is over, go back to the annotations and see which are relevant to make public and polish them a bit?

    1. Isthere any way of using these annotations (cryptic jottings,emphasis symbols, underlining and highlighting) in theDocuverse?

      For example, I think one could sum the highlight in each specific section. If many people highlighted a passage, then the highlight color is higher. That way one would be able to discover passages that many people found important/interesting. Although, it may also bias others to do the same. As usual.

    1. Getting Started

      If you would like to start by integrating Hypothesis into your learning management system (LMS) instead, reach out to us at Hypothesis.

    2. It is free

      Hypothesis offers and will continue to offer free annotation capabilities for people to use across the web.

      To sustain our project, Hypothesis arranges paid partnerships with institutions looking to use annotation at scale and with integration into their learning management systems for single sign-on, automatic private groups, dedicated support, service -level agreements, dashboards on usage at the class and institutional levels, participation in the AnnotatED community, and more.

      In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, Hypothesis has waived all institutional costs for at least 2020.

  18. Mar 2020
    1. . However, the data did not support a meresimilarity effect: Our results were robust to controlling for partic-ipants’ own moral judgments, such that participants who made adeontological judgment (the majority) strongly preferred a deon-tological agent, whereas participants who made a consequentialistjudgment (the minority) showed no preference between the two

      But this is a lack of a result in the context of a critical underlying assumption. Yes, the results were 'robust', but could we really be statistically confident that this was not driving the outcome? How tight are the error bounds?

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    1. Epictetus wrote nothing; and all that we have under his name was written by an affectionate pupil, Arrian, afterwards the historian of Alexander the Great, who, as he tells us, took down in writing the philosopher’s discourses

      As it happens, this annotation works through its proper URL) but, Hypothesis butchered the link. You need to turn the page once to see the highlight though.

    1. little focus on asking students to engage in the kind of repeated practice that can be computer generated and computer graded

      Not so. Tools like Hypothesis help streamline discussions of texts in both in-person and online courses, in my experience.

  23. Sep 2019
    1. Transparent Review in Preprints will allow journals and peer review services to show peer reviews next to the version of the manuscript that was submitted and reviewed.

      A subtle but important point here is that when the manuscript is a preprint then there are two public-facing documents that are being tied together-- the "published" article and the preprint. The review-as-annotation becomes the cross-member in that document association.

  24. Aug 2019
    1. A timestamp is a sequence of characters or encoded information identifying when a certain event occurred

      Now Hypothesis annotations not only show when they were created, but also a second timestamp if they were edited.

  25. Jul 2019
    1. Some users have deployed independent Hypothesis servers, and at least one uses an API-compatible reimplementation of the Hypothesis server.

      I'm curious about these. Would someone point me in their direction?

      The prospect of hosting your own server seems intimidating, if not tempting.

  26. Jun 2019
    1. Convention

      Here is a gratuitous annotation, as an example.

      Have a look at the Page Notes section above to see another feature provided by Hypothesis.

    1. URIs are split on characters `#+/:=?.-` into their keywords.

      split chars used for uri.parts parameter

  27. May 2019
    1. config_file: Path to the config file name

      Since Hypothesis uses a server side config I'm not sure what to do here as there is no config file to provide. 🤔

      If it turns out this isn't feasible (although I'm sure there's a solution for this config_file issue) the alternative approach would be to use the post method.

    1. This would be a good space to let folks really kick the tires with Hypothes.is. I am wondering why they seem reluctant to let the crowd loose on the "actual" program? If someone finds the notes and such distracting, one can turn them off. This is a great feature of Hypothes.is. I sometimes like to read a document all the way through before I read any comments or notes.

    1. he builds a trail of his interest through the maze of materials available

      Recording the trail we wander through this info seems to be a key feature of the Hypothesis annotation view we return to whenever we open the page.

  28. Apr 2019
    1. Favorable changes occurred in z-scores for weight (one-tailed p < 0.04) for age and gender among children in the combined center- and home-based intervention compared to comparison children at posttest.

      Here is an example of a study that used an one-tailed test as opposed to a two-tailed test.

      Challenge for readers: Dig into the Methods section and find out why the researchers used an one-tailed test.

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    1. incorporating community feedback and expert judgment

      Biomed Central and ResearchSquare have partnered on a project called InReview, which enables community feedback in parallel with traditional peer review. More on that project here.

    2. peer review reports are published, either anonymously or with attribution;

      American Society for Plant Biologists is using Hypothesis annotation to draw the reader's attention to Peer Review Reports, publications that were previously hidden in supplementary materials. An example can be found here. And a list of all articles where such annotations have been added can be found here.

  31. Jan 2019
  32. pdfs.semanticscholar.org pdfs.semanticscholar.org
    1. “parallel linked systems” where the discussion forum and artifact are presented side-by-side on the screen, and then linked visually via hyperlink. In these parallel linked systems, the distance between discussion and text is less than in traditional threaded discussion forums,
    1. Academics will be able to give feedback at the same time the research is actively taking place; and it will be as though scholars are directly connected to each other in the same lab or institution.

      Annotation is a great way for folks at a range of institutions to provide public or private collaborative feedback. Get your free account here: https://web.hypothes.is/start/

    1. Appendix A. The survey instrument
    2. they did notparticularly value the comments of their peers. Moreover, students'perceptions of learning in this class depended upon their sense ofcommunity: when the sense of community was higher, studentsreported higher levels of learning and vice versa. Sense of communityemerged as a significant predictor of perceived learning, with higherlevels of community being related to higher levels of perceivedlearning.

      key finding

    3. social constructionof knowledge, which happens by means of sharing knowledge,asserting different perspectives and interpretations, and critiquingviewpoints (Leslie & Murphy



    1. Create a note by selecting some text and clicking the button

      This is a test of Hypothesis, a note created using the tool in public view. It's somewhat like Google Docs. Here's a link to SAE Expression College. Below is a list of things to read in this test article:

      • HIghlight some text, then click the highlighting tool.
      • Highlight text, then use the comment tool. (Hmm..had to click the list button in this line again????

      This is bold text. * Here's italicized.* Definitely not WYSIWYG as in a word processor. Could be improved.

      In preview mode, my bold and italicized text don't show up correctly????

  33. Dec 2018
    1. In my work, I have strayed far from a background that includes a MA in English Literature and teaching K-12 students written composition. I’ve focused on teaching or analyzing written communication or networked online discourse in the higher education, especially at the graduate level, for the past 16 years or so. But this work, annotating in the open not just for an individual, the teacher who grades the assignment, hits close to my heart in teaching K-CEO learners to write for an audience.
  34. Oct 2018
    1. einen Kommentar

      Um alles zu vereinfachen, haben wir die Kommentare 'öffentlich' gemacht. D.h. alle können lesen, was du schreibst.

    1. Our a priori hypothesis was that the length of mesophyll tissue that must be traversed as the transpiration stream passes from a vein ending to site of evaporation will reflect both the hydraulic and coupled photosynthetic performance of any leaf.
  35. Sep 2018
    1. Doing the same in digital is incredibly hard without programming skills (see the low success rate above) or expensive tools, even when the closed silos allow it.

      Annotation with a standards-based open tool provides great utility in this regard, without the need for programming skills.

    1. Between publishers' higher costs of textbooks and students' struggle with large amounts of reading materials, getting students to both access and engage more deeply with texts is a challenge.

      Two challenges that #OER and #annotation together can provide infrastructure to help solve: the high cost of learning materials and engaging teachers and learners in social reading, discussion and analysis.

      Issues to solve: both OER and annotation don't require digital reading, but are both made more powerful through it. Yet technology access and reading preferences don't always support to digital reading.

      Solution: Explore online and offline, digital and print experiments in OER and annotation/social reading.