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  1. Dec 2020
  2. Sep 2020
    1. des chercheurs ont conçu dans ce sens des applications pour tablette. Un test est mené depuis septembre 2016 auprès de 1 200 élèves de CP de l’académie de Poitiers.

      43.28 app de lecture avec tablette elan et graphogame https://youtu.be/_pBbKrCz7WM?t=2608

  3. Aug 2020
  4. Nov 2017
    1. instances of broad, culture-shifting experimentation along these lines in higher education can be counted on one hand

      Let’s count them! And there’s something interesting about this contrast between experimentation and disruption. The latter may be about shifting profit centres. The former may be about learning.

  5. Jul 2016
    1. The study reveals—“boredom,” “experimentation,” and “insight”—are reasons for use related to increased and decreased risk of use of other drugs.

      This study shows that teens use drugs for three reasons: BOREDOM: meaning people use drugs because they are bored. EXPERIMENTATION: people use drugs to experiment about it. INSIGHT: it makes teens understand more.

      I think this is important because when teens are bored some teens use drugs. I agree and this connects to me because marijuana does make me want to experiment more and actually make me understand or have a argument in things i do. although when boredom strikes it helps motivates more.