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    1. Les produits gratuits le sont-ils vraiment ?86 621 vues86 k vues•19 nov. 2018 2,9 k J'aime ce contenu 53 Je n'aime pas ce contenu Partager Partager Enregistrer 2 948 / 53 Le Monde Le Monde Validé 864 k abonnés S'abonner Pour fidéliser leurs clients ou en attirer de nouveaux, les entreprises distribuent parfois gratuitement leurs produits. Par exemple Facebook, Wikipédia ou encore les journaux gratuits semblent ne rien coûter. Et pourtant, ils ne sont pas tout à fait gratuits. A y regarder de plus près, il y a forcément quelqu’un qui paie pour le bien ou le service. Le client ? La publicité ? Les subventions ? D’autres acheteurs ? Dessine-moi l’éco fait le point sur les modèles qui donnent parfois l’illusion qu’un produit peut être gratuit.
  2. Jun 2020
    1. How to Make a Video Chat App like Houseparty?

      Basically the app allows you to connect and video chat with 8 people at a time. It’s not like a Zoom and other conferencing apps where many people could join the conference and have a business conversation. Zoom is the best app for a conference video call but Houseparty is a more of a social and fun app.

    1. Oh, and of course, there’s the fact that “sit on the ground” is mapped to the same control as “strangle the nearest person”, which can apparently lead to some pretty robust brainstorming sessions.

      I love this!

    1. The net result is that in gaming, clever new interface ideas can be distinguishing features which become a game’s primary advantage in the marketplace.

      Innovation in the video game industry helps it solve the public goods problem. Tweaking the economics helps the high upfront development cost be recouped.

  3. May 2020
    1. LCP LE MAG Ma cité confinée Diffusée le 02/05/2020 Ahmed Tazir, journaliste à LCP-AN, habite dans la cité Pablo Picasso, à Nanterre ; un quartier reconnaissable de loin à ses tours "nuages", construites dans les années 70 aux portes de Paris. Comment cette cité, dont le taux de pauvreté est l'un des plus élevés de France, vit-elle le confinement ?

      Devant la caméra d'Ahmed Tazir , se croisent des familles monoparentales, un épicier, des associatifs et un sans-papier. Ils racontent l'école difficile à la maison, la nourriture trop chère…

      Ici plus qu'ailleurs, le confinement est une épreuve, même si la solidarité cimente l'esprit de quartier.

    1. Online Video Streaming Application

      Netflix app is one of the most downloaded & popular videos streaming apps across the globe. Looking at its success we have kept it our App of the Week space.

    1. Consider the final output while filming If you are planning to create a YouTube video, shoot the video in landscape mode.
  4. Apr 2020
    1. YouTube Video Builder: İşletmeler İçin Hızlı, Kolay ve Ücretsiz Video Oluşturma Aracı Google gibi büyük şirketlerin koronavirüs salgını devam ederken değişen dijital ortama uyum sağlamaları ve yeni yollar oluşturmaları için işletmelere sağladığı imkanlar devam ediyor. İşletmelerin hızlı ve sorunsuz bir şekilde video oluşturmalarını sağlayan Youtube Video Builder beta sürümüyle artık daha çok işletme için kullanılabilir durumda.
    1. Başarılı Bir Tanıtım Videosunun 5 Özelliği Video reklamların kullanımı, satın almayı %97 ve reklam-marka ilişkisini %139 artırıyor. Daha az teknik terimler kullanarak hazırlayacağınız tanıtım videolarıyla, kitlenizin sizi hatırlamasını ve sattığınız ürünü satın almasını sağlayabilirsiniz. Kimi hedefliyor olursanız olun, başarılı tanıtım videolarının paylaştığı 5 evrensel özellik vardır. Bu blog yazımızda, bu özelliklerin her birini daha ayrıntılı olarak inceledik.
    1. Evden Çalışma İçin Video Konferans Uygulamaları Covid-19 sürecinde ekibinizle etkili bir çalışma organize edebilmeniz için gerekli video konferans uygulamalarını ve araçlarını sizin için derledik.
    1. How to change video width and height in Premiere Pro

      change video height and width,

    1. Thousands of enterprises around the world have done exhaustive security reviews of our user, network, and data center layers and confidently selected Zoom for complete deployment. 

      This doesn't really account for the fact that Zoom have committed some atrociously heinous acts, such as (and not limited to):

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    1. 8HowVideoUsageStylesAffectStudentEngagement?..

      Interpretation: 40% of people watch the full video without skipping 32% watch some parts of the video. 20% fast forward through the entire thing 8% only specific parts.

      32+8+20 is more than 40% who do so without skipping. So it would be highly encouraged to a table of content in the video description or in youtube videos that allow learners to skip and engage how they deem it necessary.

    2. Overhalfoftheusers(60%)werewatchingthefullvideolecture,whiletheremainders(40%)werewatchingspecificpartsofthevideo

      give students the ability to skip to specific areas. Carefully planning of the video is encouraged.

    3. amplingThemethodologycomprisedaquestionnaireconductedattheendofafullsemestervideoexperience

      sampling process - students at the end of the full semester video experience.

    4. Althoughvideosforlearning/traininghavebeenemployedintheindustryandeducationformanyyears,severalfactorsregardinglearners’engagementwithanduseofvideoshavechanged.Forexample,learnerscaninteractwiththecontentinvariousways,videorepositorieshaveadvanced(e.g.,iTunes,YouTube),andotherinteractiveandsmartvideo-basedsystemshaveappeared(MOOCs,InteractiveTV).

      for the activity, ask learners to pick a source of educational videos that they like, compare and contrast with another source. Or gage the effectiveness of that video based on what they learned.

    5. suchasbroadcastinglecturesindistanceeducation[1],deliveringrecordingsofin-classlectureswithface-to-facemeetingsforreviewpurposes[2],anddeliveringlecturerecordingsbeforeclasstoconserveclasstimeandflippingthedayforhands-onactivities[3].Inaddition,thenumberoffor-profitorganizationswhousetrainingoradvertisingvideosisincreasingrapidly.

      Each version of a recording would probably look different depending on the type of delivery. If it's a distance education course, you probably want to be very thorough. If it's a flipping the classroom, only talk about some key concepts for what they'll do or see in class

      (Giannakos, Jaccheri, & Krogstie, 2016)

    6. Chapter18HowVideoUsageStylesAffectStudentEngagement?ImplicationsforVideo-BasedLearningEnvironmentsMichailN.Giannakos,LetiziaJaccheriandJohnKrogstie

      (Giannakos, Jaccheri, & Krogstie, 2016)

    1. I was able to use the "Gift to a Friend" link on HB on a game I already owned and was able to generate an email to a friend. They were able to successfully get the game.Seeing that my Steam account is linked to HB, I was more worried about clicking the "Reveal Your Steam Key" and getting hosed that way.
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    1. There is a class of algorithms for something called “Inpainting”, which is about reconstructing pictures or videos in spite of missing pieces. This is widely used for film restoration, and commonly found in Adobe Photoshop as the “Content-Aware Fill” feature.

      This reminds me of a tool called asciinema that allows highlighting text within a video.

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    1. Creating live video content for social media requires effort and time, which can get unrewarding in return later. Marketing online is challenging because content once published, lose their reach and popularity with time.It reduces the engagement rates on videos due to which they become futile. Hence, as marketers, it is wise to repurpose video content to bring back impressions using the same

      Ways to Repurpose Video Content on Social Media Platforms

  • Sep 2019
    1. The following video provides a general overview of the Fair Work Commission’s anti-bullying jurisdiction including key definitions, how the Commission may deal with an application and what an order to stop bullying is.
  • Aug 2019
    1. HTM and SDR's - part of how the brain implements intelligence.

      "In this first introductory episode of HTM School, Matt Taylor, Numenta's Open Source Flag-Bearer, walks you through the high-level theory of Hierarchical Temporal Memory in less than 15 minutes."

    1. Digital video advertising trends that spilled magic in 2018 have become outdated now. Therefore, marketers must keep themselves updated with the latest video advertising trends of 2019. Most marketers are using video ads to entertain, educate, inform, and share messages. However, a rise in consumption and advanced software have supported the augmentation of video advertising trends. Video ads help brands reach an extensive market with correct targeting in lesser time. We have compiled some efficient video advertising trends that will help brands enhance the quality of their digital marketing skills.

      Digital video advertising trends that spilled magic in 2018 have become outdated now. Therefore, marketers must keep themselves updated with the latest video advertising trends of 2019.

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    1. Other types of annotation added to movies and television include subtitles that provide translation from one language to another.

      There was also the broader annotation example in television of the 1990's show Pop Up Video innovated by VH1.

    1. Learning

      Notes: -bringing play into education "messing around"/"geeking out"-interest driven orientation. developing sophisticated tech/media literacy

      • learning opportunities in both friend space and geek space
    1. "when school day is over"-curious learning is done Participatory Culture -communities producing media to share among themselves -people produce media to share with each other, not for money -passing of skills -social mode of production -drive to share for sharing's sake -Harry POtter Alliance -participatory culture and changing the world -bringing PC into educational culture -Wikipedia example

    1. Open ListenOnRepeat.

      ListenOnRepeat web site allows one to loop only a section of a video.

    2. Right-click the video area, or long-press if you're using a touch screen. Select Loop from the menu.

      Loop a YouTube video.

    1. ohn Seely Brown on Motivating Learners (Big Thinkers Series) 41,780 views41K views •

      Notes: -important for kids to embrace change

      • curiosity -using gaming as an example (embracing change, leveling up, etc.) -competition and collaboration and analyzation to improve (surfing example) -kids who are "turned on" by their passion drives learning -joining a community of common interests
    1. Will Richardson highlights importance of learning and engagement based on pure passion of learning; without "waiting for a curriculum". Today's schools need to be re-envisioned in a way that fosters collaboration and real world/ problem-solving skills, and that steers away from test prep and replaces that with life-prep.

    1. LinkedIn launched the Native video feature on its mobile app in 2017, following which Marketers unlocked opportunities untouched in the market. Previously video marketing involved uploading content on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo whose links are shared on required social media sites.  Engagements on native videos are comparatively higher than YouTube link sharing. There are more benefits in posting a LinkedIn native video when compared & studied from all perspectives.

      LinkedIn launched the Native video feature on its mobile app in 2017, following which Marketers unlocked opportunities untouched in the market.

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    1. Procedural Rhetoric. Bogost, I. In Persuasive games: the expressive power of videogames, pages 1–64. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2007.

      "...the rhetoric of failure. Tragedy in games tends to find its procedural representation in this trope." (85)

      "Political video games in the sense I have articulated above are characterized by procedural rhetorics that expose the logic of a political order, thereby opening a possibility for its support, interrogation, or disruption. Procedural rhetorics articulate the way political structures organize their daily practice; they describe the way a system “thinks” before it thinks about anything in particular." (90)

      In thinking through This War of Mine, I'm interested in the notion that the game is designed to thwart winning, and indeed every choice the player makes bring them closer to survival or to morally bankrupt behavior or both. In many moments of the game's narrative, there are no good choices. In some play-throughs I have felt better allowing my characters to die than I have with exercising the power at my disposal, e.g. killing and robbing the old couple. And in a strange way, my characters seem to feel more comfortable with that choice, too. TWoM seems to fall somewhere in between Kabul Kaboom and traditional winnable games.

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