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  1. Mar 2021
  2. Aug 2020
  3. Mar 2020
    1. Combien de temps cette fermeture du collège va durer? Qu’est-ce qui est prévu en termes pédagogiques? Mon enfant pourra-t-il continuer à apprendre si cela dure plusieurs semaines?La fermeture du collège esteffective jusqu’à nouvel ordre.La situation étant évolutive, vous êtes invités à consulter régulièrement l’ENT, la messagerie et/ou le site de l’établissement. Vous pouvez aussi vous connecter au site de l’académie ou de l’inspection académique pour recevoir les consignes.Les ressources pédagogiques à disposition des professeurs et des élèves sont nombreuses et permettent de répondre aux besoins sur une longue période. Ma classe à la maison comporte à ce stade 4 semaines complètes de travaux. Ces ressources seront complétées si nécessaire.
  4. Dec 2019
    1. Having to have open class discussions is one of the most effective tools of learning as it forces you to engage and ask questions about the theme or question presented. In addition, it opens you up to listening to other people’s opinions and thinking from different perspectives.
  5. Sep 2019
    1. In“OftheStandardofTaste”DavidHumecriticizedworksinwhich“viciousmannersaredescribed,withoutbeingmarkedwiththepropercharactersofblameanddisapprobation”(ST246).Wecannot,Humecontinues,“enterintosuchsentiments;andhowever[we]...may excusethepoet,onaccountofthemannersofhisage,[we]...nevercanrelishthecomposition”(ST246)

      This is a different perspective than the one she has, but it also has a point.

    2. Thenewsoverthepastseveralmonthshasbeenfullofrevelationsofsexualharassmentandassaultby meninvolvedinartsandentertainmentandotherfields

      a claim can be made

    3. Firstthereisapracticalquestionregardingthedecisiontocontinueconsumingtheartist’sorproducer’swork.Thisisaquestionaboutinclinationstoboycotttheworkofpeopleofwhomonedisapproves.Inmany oftheprecedingcasesofperformermisconduct,programshavebeencancelledby networksinakindofpreemptivestrike,priortoany organizedprotest

      it raises really broad and big questions about supporting artists by liking their art work and what does liking an art work imply

  6. Feb 2017
    1. Tosome,suchdataminingendangerslong-cherishedprivacyrights,butsocialmediasupporterssayitisasmallpricetopayforthebenefitsofonlinesocializing.

      Identify: divergent viewpoints.

  7. Sep 2016
    1. EA principles can work in areas outside of global poverty. He was growing the movement the way it ought to be grown, in a way that can attract activists with different core principles rather than alienating them.
    2. Effective altruism is not a replacement for movements through which marginalized peoples seek their own liberationAnd you have to do meta-charity well — and the more EA grows obsessed with AI, the harder it is to do that. The movement has a very real demographic problem, which contributes to very real intellectual blinders of the kind that give rise to the AI obsession. And it's hard to imagine that yoking EA to one of the whitest and most male fields (tech) and academic subjects (computer science) will do much to bring more people from diverse backgrounds into the fold.
  8. Feb 2016
    1. In Silicon Valley, this divide is often explicit: As Kate Losse has noted, coders get high salary, prestige, and stock options. The people who do community management—on which the success of many tech companies is based—get none of those. It’s unsurprising that coding has been folded into "making." Consider the instant gratification of seeing "hello, world" on the screen; it’s nearly the easiest possible way to "make" things, and certainly one where failure has a very low cost. Code is "making" because we've figured out how to package it up into discrete units and sell it, and because it is widely perceived to be done by men.