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  1. Jun 2022
    1. et's say i identify as a republican and i'm like because i believe in free markets and free people and i'm like well i actually don't mind people should love who they want to love but now i 00:33:02 feel like if i say that i might be ostracized from the thing for which i identify right and so you're going to lead a lot of people to stay silent or lie about what they believe what timber kern calls preference falsification um 00:33:14 just in the name of belonging so i'm always very leery of groups that aggregate that difference right like like why do i need a party that is here's our 20 things that you have to swallow wholesale or you're not a 00:33:26 republican or you're not a democrat to me that's always a sign that someone's trying to manipulate you

      Preference falsification forces individual to accept values they don't privately believe in because of the compulsion to be accepted in the in group.

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