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  1. Jul 2023
    1. “We hope to gain a better understanding of the geological processes that have shaped icy moons over time and to what extent their surfaces may still be active today,” said Dr. Robert Pappalardo, who is a Europa Clipper project scientist at JPL, and a co-author on the recent study. What new discoveries will scientists make about moonquakes in the coming years and decades? Only time will tell, and this is why we science! As always, keep doing science & keep looking up!

      The original article is not misleading, but the article is copied by Inverse website.

      This is research that is going to take place 2030. It does not seem to haev anything in comon with the recurring monthly moonquakes.

      But Inverse calls it:

    1. Bruce Bills, a geophysicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., and co-author of the new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. “Moonquakes reoccur again and again in the same locations at the same time of the month, which seems to link them to the monthly tidal cycles” he says, “but so far, nobody has been able to construct a physical model or clear pattern to explain the relationship.”

      2012: Nasa Bruce Bills: Moonquakes were explained by the gravitational pull on the earth but moonquakes occur again and again in the same locations at the same time every month. So far, [nobody] has been able to construct a model or clear pattern to explain the relationship.

  2. Jun 2023
    1. Classic research on the self in psychology empirically tested James’ theorized “self as known” through self-schemata (Markus, 1977) and self-complexity (Linville, 1985), and his “self as knower” through self-regulation (Carver & Scheier, 1981; Mishel, Shoda, & Rodriguez, 1989) and self-affirmation (Steele, 1988).

      WIliam James - Trasnsformative theory of biculturality (1st reserch)

    1. Academy Software Foundation (ASWF)

      umbrellla organization for open source vfx and animation

    1. kons-9 is that it combines the power of a software development IDE with the visual tools of 3D graphics authoring system. It does this by being implemented in Common Lisp, an object-oriented dynamic language which provides powerful facilities for exploratory development and rapid prototyping within a live interactive software environment

      IDE + 3D + Lisp = Unique features:: * software development IDE with visual toold of 3d graphics authoring system * unlimited extensibility (no distinction between developers and end users)


    2. REPL-based

      Read-Eval-Print Loop and is a software programming environment that allows developers to interactively execute their code

    1. The use of innovative Web-based technologies, including open source software, data-sharing archives, open collaboration methods, and the liberation of thousands of relevant research articles from proprietary sources show us that the fundamental components of a fully open system are readily available, technologically efficient and cost-effective.

      The technology is here, now the governance of the UN to make all science open. Until that time, add +'sci-hub.se'. (Or any other link that works (sci-hub.ru, sci-hub.li)

    1. Growing literature has shown that powerful NLP systems may encode social biases; however, the political bias of summarization models remains relatively unknown.

      NLP systems, language (use) itself, encodes/holds bias.

      Summarization apparently also.is not bias free.

      Goals: Our systematic characterization provides a framework for future studies of bias in summarization.

    2. We strongly advocate conducting future studies to evaluate the performance of LLMs in annotating other linguistic phenomena
    1. It is not intended primarily as a learning tool or as “training wheels”. It is primarily designed for doing research on philosophy or a similarly theoretical discipline at an advanced or professional level, so it is equally suitable for grad students and professors (and anyone “in between”—like me) to use. It can be used for teaching, writing papers, writing a dissertation, writing a book, taking notes from seminars or talks, organizing your thoughts, etc. It might also be used by advanced college undergrads, for example taking an upper-division philosophy class, to take notes and study for exams (or of course writing papers). It becomes more useful, and can accommodate an ever-growing body of knowledge and understanding, the longer you use it. The more information you have added to the database, the greater the benefits it will provide in helping you organize it and understand how things are related at various levels. It is a tool for your total knowledge organization, not just for managing individual projects. My intention in designing it was to be able to retain all my notes and ideas in a well-organized fashion during and long after my dissertation, while I am getting tenure and trying to “publish, not perish”.

      Not mainly a learning tool or "training wheels". Its primary purpose is to conduct advanced or professional research in philosophy or related theoretical disciplines. Appropriate for graduate students, professors and anyone in between. Suitable for various purposes such as teaching, writing papers, dissertations or books, seminar notes, thought organization, etc. Beneficial for college upperclassmen, who can use it for note-taking or study purposes. Through frequent usage, it can accommodate an ever-growing knowledge database, aiding in its organization and understanding. It's an ideal tool for comprehensively organizing knowledge, not just individual projects. Created to organize all notes and ideas in an orderly manner during and beyond the dissertation phase, while acquiring tenure and "publishing, not perishing.

      The benefits of using it are directly proportional to the amount of information added to the database. The more extensive the database, the more it can help in organizing and understanding the relationships between topics at different levels. In short, it's a tool designed to organize your total knowledge.

    1. European Law Identifier (ELI) and the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI), which provide technical specifications for Web identifiers and suggestions for vocabularies to be used to describe metadata pertaining to legal documents in a machine readable format. Notably, these ECLI and ELI metadata standards adhere to the RDF data format which forms the basis of Linked Data, and therefore have the potential to form a basis for a pan-European legal Knowledge Graph.

      ELI (european law identifier) ECLI (European case law identifier) technical specification for web identifiers suggested vocabularies for metadata goal : legal documents in machine readable format.

      But some counties don't have this implemted and that stands in the way of a pan-European legal Knowledge Graph.

    2. Finally, free to use systems that do provide such features are either too complex to use for general legal scholars, or are not rich enough in their analytics tools.

      free systems are too complex for legal scholars the software is not capable (too simple)

      but free systems do exist.

    1. This analysis will result in the form of a new knowledge-based multilingual terminological resource which is designed in order to meet the FAIR principles for Open Science and will serve, in the future, as a prototype for the development of a new software for the simplified rewriting of international legal texts relating to human rights.

      software to rewrite international legal texts relating to human rights, a well written prompt and a few examples, including the FAIR principles will let openAI's chatGPT do it effectively.

    2. The common aim of lawmakers is to achieve effective legislative texts, namely tests that with the synergy of the other actors in the legislative pro‐ cess can produce the desired regulatory results. However, the process for achieving this common goal is not identical. Broadly speaking, civil and common law countries differ in their approaches.

      Plain Language Movement: Common law and civil law differ in their approaches.

  3. May 2023
    1. Due to the gap between the pre-training task (masked language modeling) and the fine-tuning for the downstream task (classification), it is challenging to develop the potential of the pre-trained language models (PLMs) deeply (Liu, Yuan, et al., 2021), so the performance of such methods is often sub-optimal.

      When concerning novel concepts, there will be for that reason or another a lack of labelled data to pre-train the LLM (masked language modeling) and the fine-tuning for the downstream task (classification).

    2. To solve the above problems, some researchers propose methods such as domain adaptation to learn transferable features and apply them in new domains

      With an absence of labelled data in LLM's a possible solution is to transfer aspects of one domain to another.

    1. ontology researchers have developed their own approaches to levels, which they call granularity levels, and to different types of hierarchies based on levels, which they call granular perspectives. Due to the need of computer-parsability, ontology researchers necessarily had to provide explicit criteria for identifying and demarcating different levels and hierarchies. These criteria specify what is called a granularity framework

      There is no consensus on the idea of levevls of science, hwo many numbers of levels and what constitutes the lowest levels etc. But big data, data exploreation and eScience demanded computer oarsability. That requires organizing knowledge and types of entities in unambigious hierarchies (of levels!) for comnputer based reasoning.

      levels -> becamse granularity levels different hierarchies based on levels -> granular perspectives criteria of identifying and demarcating levels -> granularity framework

    2. unity of science

      process:explaining higher-level scientific phenomena science in theories through the entities and theories from the more fundamental science.

      This lower the level the more material and less constructed the science. (Which makes physics actually one level, according to Bechter and Hamilton (2007))

      also: theory of reduction

  4. Mar 2023
    1. These successes inspired the hope that similar laws would be found for social and historical phenomena and that the same scientific methods could be applied to every subject, including politics, economics, and even literature.

      expectation of simple prcedurall rules for all sciences after newton.

    1. #Crossgaming means: you only have to earn an asset once and then can enjoy its benefits in various games. Leaving a game, you have to leave your assets behind. #Ardor allows you to take your blockchain-based assets with you. You also can trade or sell them as you wish!

      what is nft crossgaming?

    1. We mainly focus on games that allow resource accumulation for players between game sessions. For this, we summarize the existing literature, list categories of games ignored by the scientific community, review publicly available datasets, present the taxonomy of detection methods and provide future directions on this topic. The main goal of this paper is to summarize the existing literature and indicate gaps in the body of knowledge.

      games with bots are treated as topics of science and studied as such and it is shown that such an approach of a science or game leads to gaps in the body of knowledge

    1. incorrect programs based on thejoint representation of the natural language description, theprogram surface form and its execution result.

      LEVER Learning to verify train to * incorrect programs based on the natural language description

    1. the view that mechanization and automated reasoning, along with human and AI agents that leverage them, are the ideas that will define the next era of software development.

      AI agents and automated reasoning - chatGPT...

    1. To summarize, in addition to superiority in spring applications, wootz steel or Damascus steel would have provided better results than the home-made Roman steels in any application where tensile or cantilever loading was required. It was not until the late medieval period that significant progress in steel manufacturing took place in Europe, and this mainly due to the improved blast techniques. These were primarily due to the use of coal as fuel and allowed increased temperatures to be attained. As a result cast iron became a common product. However, it was not until 1781 that the relationship between iron and steel was explained. This was accomplished by Torben Bergman in his scientific paper "Disseratatio Chemica de Analysi Ferri"[33]. Steel, as with many other items and principles, was not understood by the ancients. However, lack of understanding is rarely a barrier to engineering applications. Fortunately our engineering forefathers applied a common modern engineering axiom to the handy material we call steel; " If it works use it."

      science and technology, in the sense of understanding (science) and the practical skill or knowledge (technnology) is not near necessery as we thnk it is.

      ('they' didn't understand A or B so they couldn't have had Y.)

    1. Bosque is a new high-level programming language based on a new paradigm called regularized programming, which proposes eliminating accidental complexity sources.

      new paradigm works wel with AI!

    2. "The Bosque language demonstrates the feasibility of eliminating sources of accidental complexity while retaining the expressivity and performance needs for a practical language, as well as hinting at the opportunity for improved developer productivity and software quality."

      the feasability of accidental complexity

    1. reported that lack of physical contact did not result in less communication or interaction in networked educatioin settings

      concluding: moocs are as good as the reak thing.

    1. This discussion explores how visualizations can promote the creation of scientific theories, especially in conjunction with the Collaboratory Notebook, an embedded environment for creating and critiquing scientific theories and visualizations.

      Collaboratory Notebook

    2. we start with a constructivist belief in the importance of an active learner interacting with a variety of resources, developing his or her own understanding through a mixture of experimentation, experience, and expert guidance

      constructivist belief

    1. the science of meaning (semantics) is necessarily much more complex than semantic primitives.

      semantics is not only semantic primitive, it is how it got the meaning it has as a current symantic primitve.

    1. Nvidia has released a new driver update enabling support for Video Super Resolution, which uses AI to improve the quality of most online videos.

      realize another idea, that is an open door really. Cinematographers are already so busy, we;ll make your film look better. resolution is just a start...

    1. Alongside the bot’s launch on mobile, Microsoft is also integrating it into Skype. There, users will be able to speak to Bing directly or add the bot to other conversations.

      fact checking or arguments, with Skype it became a little more difficult to bullshit your way out. Just @Bing.... and factcheck a claim. My idea of using vioce transcription and correct factual claims automatically, not yet, but then again, a little scripting and this can be done.

    1. they involve the flow state. For this it is necessary to make use of adaptability that in the educational scope allows the personalization of the experience to extend the immersion and fun.

      Use of games involve the flow state. flow state is perhaps the most valuable state a student or anyone trying to learn something could be in. Flow combined with the acquisition of knowledge is a rare occassion that cannot be compared when taking education and insight as valuable with any other state (the normal state). (One could argue Thomas Campbell's trancedental medititative state, but he was a natural 'Talent', and it involves a practice of TM (Transcedental Meditation) that is beyond the scope of the ability of many educational settings to provide or consider).

  5. Jan 2023
    1. But left unmanaged or unmaintained, transitive dependencies can become weak links in your codebase or even serve as backdoors for malicious activity.

      npm packages that are not being updated, through dependencies becoming weak links, can become insecure.

    1. Dat keeps a secure version log of changes to a dataset over time which allows Dat to act as a version control tool.

      Dat (academic papers) keeps a log and thus acts as a versionn control tool. IPFS is a CDN/Filesystem and has no such synchronization mechanism

  6. Dec 2022
    1. And the recent discovery of structural changes in the genome (copy number variations) associated with psychopathology already suggest the power of modern genomics for psychiatry, but the phenotypes associated with genomic variation do not align with current classifications of autism or schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

      the genes that are responsible for aspects of schizophrenia, bipolar and autism don't align with these classifications.

    2. pathophysiology

      BMS 310 - Basic Pathophysiology

      Pathophysiology emphasizes the disruption of normal steady state relationships and considers the minor, acute, and chronic aspects of disease. This provides a link between the basic medical sciences and their clinical application.

    3. Diagnostic categories based on clinical consensus fail to align with findings emerging from clinical neuroscience and genetics.

      -clinical consensus: science is something you vote for.

    1. That is, people who reported tendencies toward more excitement and motivation to engage in pleasurable experiences experienced greater AMPH-related increases in Positive Mood

      ...people who like excitement get more pleasure out of amphetamine (speed).

  7. Oct 2022
    1. The first episode portrayed the 16th century scientist Giordano Bruno being burned at the stake by Catholic priests for teaching that the Earth orbits the Sun. The problem? Bruno wasn’t a scientist and he wasn’t persecuted for his heliocentric views. Of course Bruno’s persecution was tragic, but the church killed him for promoting the occult worship of Egyptian deities and other quirky theological beliefs.

      Historical Falsification.

    1. researchers always tried to make systems that worked the way the researchers thought their own minds worked---they tried to put that knowledge in their systems---but it proved ultimately counterproductive, and a colossal waste of researcher's time, when, through Moore's law, massive computation became available and a means was found to put it to good use.

      researchers always tried to make systems that worked the way the researchers thought their own minds worked---they tried to put that knowledge in their systems

      does this also account for seeing AI models als neurons, as mimicking the working of the human brain?

    2. . Deep learning methods rely even less on human knowledge, and use even more computation, together with learning on huge training sets, to produce dramatically better speech recognition systems.

      deep learning thus is a development in the process of the diminishing of human knowledge in emphasis in developing AI

    3. This led to a major change in all of natural language processing, gradually over decades, where statistics and computation came to dominate the field.

      decades.... :/

    4. These researchers wanted methods based on human input to win and were disappointed when they did not.

      Did these researchers admit to there disappointment. our culture or even civilization suffers from a level of emotional maturity that is causing serious problems in all areas of science. whether it's ego or being disingenuine etc.

    5. human-knowledge approach tends to complicate methods

      alphazero : 'helping' the model with examples of human knowledge actually makes the model measurably less effective.

    6. psychological commitments to investment in one approach or the other.

      "Most AI research has been conducted as if the computation available to the agent were constant" the psychological commitment is to leveraging human knowledge, and that has to do with our fear of becoming obsolete.

    7. if the computation available to the agent were constant

      AI research projects are not anticipating that the computing power they are going to use in the project will have consequentially increased during the research period.

      Where are we exactly on the curve of accelleration to singularity.

    8. general methods that leverage computation are ultimately the most effective, and by a large margin.

      what are general methods?

    1. However, most of the sites featured on Omeka's Showcase and Blog only feature a small number of publications for the purpose of a more focused exhibition, rather than large bibliographies.

      focused exhibition through small ... i don't get it....

    1. of, indien de bevoegde autoriteiten zulks in speciale gevallen toestaan, om te voorkomen dat huisdieren die daar wel komen verontreiniging van de levensmiddelen veroorzaken).

      een vijand van de ratten die de ratten op afstand moet houden =. te houden in het voorgebied van het dc,

    2. tegen roest chemicalien

    3. passende voedseltemperaturen


    4. Indien nodig


    1. to develop the technology of formal reasoning and computer programming based on Type Theory.

      as far as i can see this has resulted in nothing concrete....

  8. Sep 2022
    1. these people are not drug addicts but they have become hooked

      that would make them drug addicts. the elitism is offiensive, just because they got them from doctors does them not make any more or less than Sherlock Holames, Queen Victoria, and Pope Leo XIII (never would leave without a bottle of cocaine laced wine.)

    1. Broadly speaking, the European ecosystem for engaging in text and data mining remains highly problematic, with researchers hesitant to perform valuable analysis that may or may not be legal.

      uncertainty over legalities prohibits scientists in Europe from mining papers... would that be the same scientists that 'stretch' the truth when anonymously interviewed about their reserch grants...?

    2. Anecdotally, we hear stories of university and research bureaux deliberately adding researchers in North America or Asia to consortia because those researchers will be able to do basic text and data mining so much more easily than in the EU.

      contentmining (github.com/contentmining) is restricted in the EU so universiteies outsource this to asian countries...

  9. Aug 2022
    1. The result is a history game design model and level design for History Multimedia Interactive Educational Game (HMIEG). The model consists of four main elements: interaction, knowledge, engine and level. The history educational game design model integrates the pedagogical elements and game design features to ensure HMIEG can be used as a history learning tool effectively.

      History Educational Game four main elements interaction, knowledge, engine, level.

    1. #2 Crowdsourced data collection will become more sophisticatedNASA runs projects in which citizen scientists create data to help train models or identify existing features amongst the stars from imagery it provides. This type of crowdsourcing is a brilliant approach to gathering data that could be costly to collect otherwise.NASA offers citizens several ways to help them gather spatial data. Photo: NASA GLOBE Observer.ADA lot of our personal data is being crowdsourced today, too. Think about how your purchasing decisions on Amazon or Netflix result in targeted ads. Crowdsourcing geospatial data, however, is not limited to that gathered via Waze or Google Maps while we drive. As the costs lower, and data collections devices decrease in size, crowdsourcing of geospatial data will become more commonplace. For example, utilities spend millions of dollars inspecting poles and infrastructure located on customers’ property. But what if your utility asked you to use lidar on your new iPhone to gather data for the pole in your yard in exchange for a 20% discount on that month’s bill? I certainly would. Crowdsourcing collection of this type of data not only would save the customer money, it also would help the utility save on the labor costs they incur doing lidar scans themselves. Another scenario could involve getting a tax credit by mounting a lidar or thermal camera on your bumper, which scans for potholes as you drive and reports back to the highway department. The data then could help the department prioritize where repairs are needed. Or consider, you receive a free fishing license if you share sonar data from your fish finder, connected via 5G, with the Fish and Wildlife Department. That data would help maintain healthy fish habitats. AD#3 The metaverse is coming, and geospatial will matterWith Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta, there is a new focus being put on the metaverse – an immersive online world encompassing digital societies and economies. These virtual worlds have been mostly the realm of gamers, but now they’re expanding to the boardroom as managers are even holding meetings in the metaverse.Real estate is the next metaverse frontier. Recently Tokens.com paid $1.7 million for 50% of the Metaverse Group, one of the first real estate companies focused on the metaverse. They are focusing investment in Decentraland, where 90,000 plots of land 50’ x 50’ are for sale. Similar metaverses exist, including Sandbox and Enjin.  ADWhile those platforms look more like the blocky images associated with games like Fortnite, other applications, such as SuperWorld are creating a virtual replication of the world. There you can buy plots of land that are replications of real-world places, like Mount Rushmore, Machu Picchu or even your childhood homes. In this metaverse images must be believable – something only possible with remote sensing and geospatial technologies. As these types of metaverses grow in popularity, demand will grow for scans on a variety of locations. The realism will be part of the value of these virtual properties, particularly for those who want to incentivize virtual tourism to create advertising revenue or entrance fees. And the old adage of real estate – location, location, location – pertains to land in the metaverse as well.  We’re seeing early adoption of the metaverse by the art and fashion worlds, which use these virtual locations to display and sell their work.  As these virtual locations attract visitors, art and shopping districts are being developed where advertising space has value and the virtual properties are able to charge higher rent.  ADEven as the pandemic subsides, we will likely still remain geographically dispersed, both in our personal and professional lives. The future is bright for remote sensing. It will play an important role in connecting us – whether it is with the devices we rely on, our interactions with others, and even as we plant a stake in the unexplored metaverse.

      Crowdsourced data & Metaverse (superworld is a copy of this earth where you can buy land)

    1. Instead, acoordinated international effort was called for in which a small number of experiments would becarried out each of which would be followed in great detail by an international advisory boardmade up of those who already had experience of such work

      so that is what is needed to determine g precisely???

    2. Among the dozen orso experiments carried out over the past 30 years, all except two or three have been made withtorsion balances.

      invented in 1798!

    3. This is about four orders of magnitude away from the precision we reallyneed in our mass standards.

      so if you would base the kilo on the precision of known gravity constant, then we would not be able to measure micrograms reliably...

    4. its presence was implied as if it had a value equal to 1

      1 is an arbitrary measure, it you make it one it has all kinds of consequences.

    5. In fact, a growing view isthat G is not truly universal and may depend on matter density on astrophysical scales, forexample.

      a variable constant, under circumstances

    6. It is not surprising that reports in the media of significant discrepanciesbetween experimental determinations of the value of Newton’s constant of gravity can catch thepublic imagination,

      Newton wrong, bad press!!!

    7. In determinations of G, we actually have to measure all relevant quantities inphysical units and attack the metrology head on.

      another example of how math does not describe nature beautifully...

    1. A data lake is different, because it stores relational data from line of business applications, and non-relational data from mobile apps, IoT devices, and social media.

      A data lake vs a Data Warehouse (

    2. The data structure, and schema are defined in advance to optimize for fast SQL queries, where the results are typically used for operational reporting and analysis. Data is cleaned, enriched, and transformed so it can act as the “single source of truth”

      Data warehouse

    1. informal governance systems, which use a combination of offline coordination and online code modifications to effect changes, on-chain governance systems work only online.

      this is bitcoin.

    1. network participants purchase tokens outside of the chain through an exchange.

      on the exchange they buy the tokens from those that have 'mined' them, gotten them for their work as a node keeping the network operating. the price is not fixed. \

    2. tokens to represent the value of assets in an account

      an account can be part of a 'wallet'.

    3. require users to pay for the network resources they use in the form of transaction fees.

      this is done with tokens

    4. blockchain's consensus model

      blockchain uses method to batch transactions into block. Establishing which node can submit a block to the chain is the blockchain consensus model or consensus algorithm.

    5. use a more elaborate method to select transactions and choose between conflicting state transition.

      state transitions in a blockchain.

    1. A community-led person is different. They stick around. They are interested in loyalty. They are there for the experience and to have fun. They are with people who believe they are different and don’t aim to have mass market appeal. Go small and weird

      i get it and although i love my weird and select community of people, i would never ask them to get in on buying X or Y together. if the commnity is about small/weird,, (something VICE, or almost reddit/NSF-V (or the 20000% facebook group, but they are too broke as a community)... i dunno i think the future is still just pcmag, reddit groups, try to find the problems with it etc. and then buy...

    2. The guru of community-led products is Greg Isenberg. I follow his content religiously. Why? The future of business won’t be customer-led. Nope. It’ll be community-led. Customers are transactional. They care about price. They shop around for the best deal.

      Is the future of business something that is someting you've seen or read elsewhere (except out of the mouth of the undoubtedly rhetorically gifted Greg. But i have not actually looked for othe best deal for something in a community - or does that also mean checking reddit /r/tabletbrand to see what is wrong with it? what is the involvement for it to be a community...

    3. All you need is 50 people at $20,000 and you’ve got a million-dollar business that can operate from your bedroom.Obviously there’s some nuance to it. But it’s definitely possible if you’re willing to lean into your expertise, or develop deep expertise in one area by consuming loads of free Youtube and Twitter content.

      obviously there is some nuance to it? what is the nuance of these zoom or facebook groups? what is it you can do there?????? :/

    1. This is an Appium plugin designed to manage and create driver session on connected android devices and iOS Simulators. Why Appium Device Farm? Automatically detects connected Android, iOS Simulators and Real devices before session creation and maintains it in device pool. Dynamically allocates a free device from device pool while creating driver session. Updates the device pool with a new device during test execution. Allocates random ports for parallel execution.

      I believe this is software for a lot of mobile phones that recycle IP addresses (as they are unque alledgedly) and are more reliablu than proxies. Then all kinds of nefarious activities is emplyed on these mobile phones. this happens in countries like india/bangladesh ithink. perhaps there could be a better use for this infrastructure... appium device farm

    1. In the classical Indian languages, there are no words which corresponded to the concept "to become."

      The notion of time. In old indian langauges everything is expressed as being not becoming, where we might say everything flows, they say 'existence is impermanent'. very interesting linguistically relativistic suggestions.

  10. Jul 2022
    1. Photonics

      eventually real time holography, holodeck..?

    2. next 10-20 years

      2030-2040 for holography to be mainstream

    3. clinical team could collaboratively analyze a hologram of a patient’s heart and develop a comprehensive surgical plan or visualize blood flow.”

      FoVI 3D’s We-R (We-Reality) holographic light-field display (LFD) tables

    4. The molecules then ionize into pulsing plasma dots to form the hologram.

      creating light molecules in mid air - True 3d Display by japanese Aerial Burton. wow.

    5. a plug-and-play Holo Display that uploads an image from a smartphone and instantly projects it in 3D.

      Kino-mo portable holographics

    6. ProtoSpace enables engineers to design space equipment using full-scale holographic visualizations rather than computer-aided designs. With Sidekick, astronauts on the International Space Station are able to access a “holographic instruction manual” and work in tandem with experts on Earth when completing complex tasks. A third project, OnSight, enables Earth-based scientists to virtually walk around and explore Mars using images and datataken by the Curiosity Mars Rover.

      HoloLens appplications: NASA ProtoSpace: design in full-scale holographic (vr) visualizations. Sidekick: astronaut training, Onsight: walking around on mars in vr.

    1. we created a single, fully integrated 3D model. It has all the information from various trades, which is then disseminated to the different teams. That process is more prevalent in the manufacturing world for a car or a plane, but we were trying to apply this to construction on a design-bid-build procurement project. From a risk perspective, and from a structural engineering perspective, the science was pretty strong. We knew it was possible, but we weren’t sure if it’s been done with wood construction.

      construction from a complete 3d model to building in one go...

    1. 3D universes create a collaborative space with which we can analyze different objects or concepts simultaneously, providing more detail in our teaching approach because teaching in virtual reality increases the depth of knowledge,”

      virtual reality increases the depth of our knowledge

    2. They learned how to take 3D CAD and use design and engineering principles to build an autonomous drone. Throughout the process they learned principles of aerodynamics, computer science and basic electronics and literally built these machines from the ground up.

      using 3d create a drone - they learn about aerodynamics. computer science and basic electronics...

    3. During the design phase, they can conceptualize their idea in 3D, then put it into a format where they can 3D print it and use our laser technology to bring the concept to life.

      learning 3d modeling and printing

    4. “3D is effective because it really allows them to work in collaboration with others and to actually follow through on something that we teach, which is to build, measure and learn,” he said. “When you have the opportunity to work in a virtual environment, you have the ability to tinker. Low-resource students don’t usually have that opportunity. If they break something, they won’t have another try at it.

      3d in education, traning, practice.

      everything should be 3d, we should visualize 4d in 3d, learn to work with it. we should use our dreams to practice as well.

    1. I know this because it has been vividly, yet painfully, documented in a series of anonymous interviews with British and Australian scientists about their experience writing grant proposals.

      anonymous scientisits about their grant proposals....

    2. Instead, their task is to uphold an illusion of progress by wrapping incremental advances in false promise.

      task of scientists

    3. They believe they are too intelligent to have to think about what they are doing.

      the personality of the physicist

    4. Such self-reflection would require knowledge of the philosophy and sociology of science, and those are subjects physicists merely make dismissive jokes about.

      they are educated to make dismissive jokes about the sociology and the history of science...

      nerdfactor #asperger?

    5. to choose carefully which hypothesis to put to the test.

      what are you going to test? which hypothesis? but physicists like the idea that they are just approaching physical reality as it is...

    6. It’s a vicious cycle: Costly experiments result in lack of progress. Lack of progress increases the costs of further experiment. This cycle must eventually lead into a dead end when experiments become simply too expensive to remain affordable. A $40 billion particle collider is such a dead end.

      no technological progress and higher and higher cost.

    7. This is why, in physics today we have collaborations of thousands of people operating machines that cost billions of dollars.

      collaborations of 1000 of people operating machines that cost billions of dollars...

    8. ut physicists have not changed their methods.

      physics → changred, physicists →same methods

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Your email has been sent by Franklin Okeke in Developer on July 7, 2022, 7:48 AM PDT The 12 best IDEs for programming IDEs are essential tools for software development. Here is a list of the top IDEs for programming in 2022. Image: Chaosamran_Studio/Adobe Stock Software developers have battled with text editors and command-line tools that offered little or nothing in the automation, debugging and speedy execution of codes. However, the software development landscape is rapidly changing, and this includes programming tools. To accommodate the evolution in software development, software engineers came up with more sophisticated tools known as integrated development environments. To keep up with the fast pace of emerging technologies, there has been an increasing demand for the best IDEs among software development companies. We will explore the 12 best IDEs that offer valuable solutions to programmers in 2022. Jump to: What is an IDE? The importance of IDEs in software programming Standard features of an IDE Classifications of IDEs Best IDEs for programmers Factors to consider when picking an IDE What is an IDE? IDEs are software development tools developers use to simplify their programming and design experience. IDEs come with an integrated user interface that combines everything a developer needs to write codes conveniently. The best IDEs are built with features that allow developers to write and edit code with a code editor, debug code with a debugger, compile code with a code compiler and automate some software development tasks. SEE: Hiring kit: Back-end Developer (TechRepublic Premium) The best IDEs come with class browsers to examine and reference properties, object browsers to investigate objects and class hierarchy diagrams to see object-oriented programming code. IDEs are designed to increase software developer productivity by incorporating close-knit components that create a perfect playground where they can write, test and do whatever they want with their code. Why are IDEs important in software programming? IDEs provide a lot of support to software developers, which was not available in the old text editors. The best IDEs around do not need to be manually configured and integrated as part of the setup process. Instead, they enable developers to begin developing new apps on the go. Must-read developer coverage The 12 best IDEs for programming Best DevOps Tools & Solutions 2022 CI/CD platforms: How to choose the right system for your business Hiring kit: Python developer Additionally, since every feature a programmer needs is available in the same development environment, developers don’t have to spend hours learning how to use each separately. This can be extremely helpful when bringing on new developers, who may rely on an IDE to familiarize themselves with a team’s standard tools and procedures. In reality, most IDE capabilities, such as intelligent code completion and automatic code creation, are designed to save time by eliminating the need to write out entire character sequences. Other standard IDE features are designed to facilitate workflow organization and problem-solving for developers. IDEs parse code as it is written, allowing for real-time detection of human-related errors. As such, developers can carry out operations without switching between programs because the needed utilities are represented by a single graphical user interface. Most IDEs also have a syntax highlighting feature, which uses visual clues to distinguish between grammar in the text editor. Class and object browsers, as well as class hierarchy diagrams for certain languages, are additional features that some IDEs offer. All these features help the modern programmer to turn out software development projects fast. For a programming project requiring software-specific features, it’s possible to manually integrate these features or utilities with Vim or Emacs. The benefit here is that software developers can easily have their custom-made IDEs. However, for enterprise uses, the above process might take time and impact standardization negatively. Most enterprises encourage their development teams to go for pre-configured IDEs that suit their job demands. Other benefits of IDEs An IDE serves as a centralized environment for the needs of most software developers, such as version control systems, Platform-as-a-Service and debugging tools. An IDE improves workflow due to its fast code completion capabilities. An IDE automates error-checking on the fly to ensure top-quality code. An IDE has refactoring capabilities that allow programmers to make comprehensive and renaming changes. An IDE ensure a seamless development cycle. An IDE facilitates developer efficiency and satisfaction. Standard features of an IDE Text editor Almost all IDEs will offer a text editor made specifically for writing and modifying source code. While some tools may allow users to drag and drop front-end elements visually, the majority offers a straightforward user interface that emphasizes language-specific syntax. Debugger Debugging tools help developers identify and correct source code mistakes. Before the application is published, programmers and software engineers can test the various code parts and find issues. Compiler The compiler feature in IDE assists programmers in translating programming languages into machine-readable languages such as binary code. The compiler also helps to ensure the accuracy of these machine languages by analyzing and optimizing them. Code completion This feature helps developers to intelligently and automatically complete common code components. This process helps developers to save time and reduces bugs that come from typos. Programming language support Although some IDEs are pre-configured to support one programming language, others offer multi-programming language support. Most times, in choosing an IDE, users have to figure out which programming languages they will be coding in and pick an IDE accordingly. Integrations and plugins Integration capability is one feature that makes an IDE stand out. IDEs support the integration of other development tools through plugins to enhance productivity. Classifications of IDEs IDEs come in different types and according to the programming languages they support. While some support one language, others can support more than one. Multi-language IDE Multi-language IDEs are IDE types that support multiple programming languages. This IDE type is best suited for beginner programmers still at the exploration stage. An example of this type of IDE is the Visual Studio IDE. It’s popular for its incredible supporting features. For example, users can easily code in a new programming language by adding the language plugin. Mobile development IDE As the market for mobile app development grows, numerous programming tools are becoming available to help software developers build efficient mobile apps. Mobile development IDEs for the Android and iOS platforms include Android Studio and Xcode. Web/cloud-based IDE If an enterprise supports a cloud-based development environment, it may need to adopt a cloud-based IDE. One of the advantages of using this type of IDE is that it can run heavy projects without occupying any computational resources in a local system. Again, this type of IDE is always platform-independent, making it easy to connect to many cloud development providers. Specific-language IDE This IDE type is a typical opposite of the multiple-language IDE. They are specifically built to support developers who work on only one programming language. Some of these IDEs include Jcreator for Java, Idle for Python and CodeLite for C++. Best IDEs for programmers in 2022 Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studios The Visual Studio IDE is a Microsoft-powered integrated development interface developed to help software developers with web developments. The IDE uses artificial intelligence features to learn from the edit programmer’s make to their codes, making it easy for it to complete lines of code automatically. One of the top features many developers have come to like about Visual Studio is that it aids collaborative development between teams in live development. This feature is very crucial, especially during the debugging process. The IDE also allows users to share servers, comments and terminals. Visual Studio has the capability to support mobile app, web and game development. It also supports Python language, Node.js, ASP.NET and Azure. With Visual Studio, developers can easily create a development environment in the cloud. SEE: Hiring kit: Python developer (TechRepublic Premium) With its multi-language support, Visual Studio has features that integrate flawlessly with Django and Flask frameworks. It can be used as an IDE for Python on the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ Idea has been around for years and has served as one of the best IDEs for Java programming. The IntelliJ Idea UI is designed in a sleek way that makes coding appealing to many Java developers. With this IDE, code can get indexed, providing relevant suggestions to help complete code lines. It also takes this suggestive coding further by automating several tasks that may be repetitive. Apart from supporting web, enterprise, and mobile Java programming, it is also a good option for JavaScript, SQL and JPQL programming Xcode Xcode Xcode might be the best IDE tool for Apple product developers. The tool supports iOS app development with its numerous iOS tools. The IDE supports programming languages such as Swift, C++ and Object-C. With XCode, developers can easily manage their software development workflow with quality code suggestions from the interface. Android Studio Android Studio The Android Studio is one of the best IDEs for Android app development. This IDE supports Kotlin and Java programming languages. Some important features users can get from the Android Studio are push alerts, camera integrations and other mobile technology features. Developers can also create variants and different APKs with the help of this flexible IDE, which also offers extended template support for Google Services. AWS Cloud9 IDE AWS Cloud9 The AWS Cloud9 IDE is packed with a terminal, a debugger and a code editor, and it supports popular programming languages such as Python and PHP. With Cloud9 IDE, software developers can work on their projects from almost anywhere in the globe as long as they have a computer that is connected to the internet, because it is cloud-based. Developers may create serverless applications using Cloud9 and easily collaborate with different teams in different development environments. Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs. It’s a cross-platform tool with a powerful user interface that supports drag and drop. The IDE is also packed with some important features such as static analysis tools, debugging and profiling capabilities. Eclipse is enterprise development-friendly and it allows developers to work on scalable and open-source software development easily. Although Eclipse is best associated with Java, it also supports multiple programming languages. In addition, users can add their preferred plugins to the IDE to support software development projects. Zend Studio Zend Studio Zend Studio is a leading PHP IDE designed to support PHP developers in both web and mobile development. The tool features advanced debugging capabilities and a code editor with a large community to support its users. There is every possibility that PHP developers will cling to the Zend IDE for a long time as it has consistently proven to be a reliable option for server-side programming. Furthermore, programmers can take advantage of Zend Studio’s plugin integrations to maximize PHP applications’ deployment on any server. PhpStorm PhpStorm PhpStorm is another choice to consider if users use PHP for web development. Although it focuses on the PHP programming language, front-end languages like HTML 5, CSS, Sass, JavaScript and others are also supported. It also supports popular website-building tools, including WordPress, Drupal and Laravek. It offers simple navigation, code completion, testing, debugging and refactoring capabilities. PhpStorm comes with built-in developer tools that help users perform routine tasks directly from the IDE. Some of these built-in tools serve as a version control system, remote deployment, composer and Docker. Arduino IDE Arduino Arduino is another top open source, cross-platform IDE that helps developers to write clean code with an option to share with other developers. This IDE offers both online and local code editing environments. Developers who want to carry out sophisticated tasks without putting a strain on computer resources love it for how simple it is to utilize. The Arduino IDE includes current support for the newest Arduino boards. Additionally, it offers a more contemporary editor and a dynamic UI with autocompletion, code navigation and even live debugger features. NetBeans NetBeans You can’t have a list of the best IDE for web development without including NetBeans. It’s among one of the most popular options for the best IDE because it’s a no-nonsense software for Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5, CSS and more. It also helps users create bug-free codes by highlighting code syntactically and semantically. It also has a lot of powerful refactoring tools while being open source. RubyMine RubyMine Although RubyMine primarily supports the Ruby, it also works well with JavaScript, CSS, Less, Sass and other programming languages. The IDE has some crucial automation features such as code completion, syntax and error-highlighting, an advanced search option for any class and symbol. WebStorm WebStorm The WebStorm IDE is excellent for programming in JavaScript. The IDE features live error detection, code autocompletion, a debugger and unit testing. It also comes with some great integrations to aid web development. Some of these integrations are GitHub, Git and Mercurial. Factors to consider when picking an IDE Programming language support An IDE should be able to support the programming language used in users’ software development projects. Customizable text editors Some IDEs offer the ability to edit the graphical user interface. Check if the preferred IDE has this feature, because it can increase productivity. Unit testing Check if the IDE can add mock objects to some sections of the code. This feature helps test code straight away without completing all the sections. Source code library Users may also wish to consider if the IDE has resources such as scripts and source code. Error diagnostics and reports For new programmers, sometimes it’s good to have an IDE that can automatically detect errors in code. Have this factor in mind if users will need this feature. Code completion Some IDEs are designed to intelligently complete lines of code, especially when it comes to tag closing. If developers want to save some coding time from tag closing, check for IDEs that offer this option. Integrations and plugins Do not forget to check the integration features before making a choice. Code search Some IDEs offer the code search option to help search for elements quickly in code. Look for IDEs that support this productivity feature. Hierarchy diagrams If users often work on larger projects with numerous files and scripts that all interact in a certain way, look for IDEs that can organize and present these scripts in a hierarchy. This feature can help programmers observe the order of file execution and the relationships between different files and scripts by displaying a hierarchy diagram. Model-driven development Some IDEs help turn models into code. If users love creating models for the IDE, consider this factor before choosing an IDE. Programming language courses No matter what language you write or want to learn, TechRepublic Academy has a number of different programming courses to help you level-up your skills. Start with these: Python JavaScript Ruby on Rails All programming languages courses Developer Essentials Newsletter From the hottest programming languages to the jobs with the highest salaries, get the developer news and tips you need to know. 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Brenna Miles Published:  July 19, 2022, 7:48 AM PDT Modified:  July 21, 2022, 7:48 AM PDT Read More See more Developer Image: Nuthawut/Adobe Stock Software Best project management software and tools 2022 With so many project management software options to choose from, it can seem daunting to find the right one for your projects or company. We’ve narrowed them down to these nine. Sam Ingalls Published:  July 19, 2022, 12:25 PM PDT Modified:  July 29, 2022, 1:58 PM PDT Read More See more Software Apple announced iOS 16 on June 6, 2022 during the WWDC keynote. Image: Apple Mobility iOS 16 cheat sheet: Complete guide for 2022 Learn about the new features available with iOS 16, and how to download and install the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Cory Bohon Published:  July 14, 2022, 7:00 AM PDT Modified:  July 29, 2022, 7:37 AM PDT Read More See more Mobility Image: Chaosamran_Studio/Adobe Stock Developer The 12 best IDEs for programming IDEs are essential tools for software development. Here is a list of the top IDEs for programming in 2022. Franklin Okeke Published:  July 7, 2022, 7:48 AM PDT Modified:  July 29, 2022, 10:40 PM PDT Read More See more Developer window.googletag = window.googletag || { cmd: [] }; window.googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display("leader-bottom"); }); TechRepublic Premium TechRepublic Premium Industrial Internet of Things: Software comparison tool IIoT software assists manufacturers and other industrial operations with configuring, managing and monitoring connected devices. A good IoT solution requires capabilities ranging from designing and delivering connected products to collecting and analyzing system data once in the field. Each IIoT use case has its own diverse set of requirements, but there are key capabilities and ... Downloads Published:  May 26, 2022, 5:00 PM PDT Modified:  May 28, 2022, 8:00 AM PDT Read More See more TechRepublic Premium TechRepublic Premium How to recruit and hire an Operations Research Analyst Recruiting an Operations Research Analyst with the right combination of technical expertise and experience will require a comprehensive screening process. This Hiring Kit provides an adjustable framework your business can use to find, recruit and ultimately hire the right person for the job.This hiring kit from TechRepublic Premium includes a job description, sample interview questions ... Downloads Published:  May 19, 2022, 5:00 PM PDT Modified:  May 21, 2022, 12:00 PM PDT Read More See more TechRepublic Premium TechRepublic Premium Quick glossary: Industrial Internet of Things The digital transformation required by implementing the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a radical change from business as usual. This quick glossary of 30 terms and concepts relating to IIoT will help you get a handle on what IIoT is and what it can do for your business.. From the glossary’s introduction: While the ... Downloads Published:  May 19, 2022, 5:00 PM PDT Modified:  May 21, 2022, 12:00 PM PDT Read More See more TechRepublic Premium TechRepublic Premium Software Procurement Policy Procuring software packages for an organization is a complicated process that involves more than just technological knowledge. There are financial and support aspects to consider, proof of concepts to evaluate and vendor negotiations to handle. Navigating through the details of an RFP alone can be challenging, so use TechRepublic Premium’s Software Procurement Policy to establish ... Published:  April 14, 2022, 5:00 PM PDT Modified:  April 16, 2022, 1:00 PM PDT Read More See more TechRepublic Premium Services About Us Newsletters RSS Feeds Site Map Site Help & Feedback FAQ Advertise Do Not Sell My Information Explore Downloads TechRepublic Forums Meet the Team TechRepublic Academy TechRepublic Premium Resource Library Photos Videos TechRepublic TechRepublic on Twitter TechRepublic on Facebook TechRepublic on LinkedIn TechRepublic on Flipboard © 2022 TechnologyAdvice. All rights reserved. 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      and seriously you don't mention visual code???

    1. We suggest that this failure reflects a complex mixture of influences: including the power of the dominant scientific paradigm and the associated notion of ‘cognitive dissonance’, a set of interlocking professional and economic interests, and a preference for superficially comforting accounts of the origins and nature of personal malaise.

      makkelijk, scientific sociology, money\

    1. If your room is 500 square feet, for instance, you’ll want an air conditioner with 10,000 BTUs

      100000 btus → 500 square feet

    1. The main things that make Termoloator different are: our particular chunking method for selecting potentential terms (other systems use single words, n-grams or standard noun groups); and our reranking (or filtering methods). Thus Termolator combines the advantages of knowledge-based and statistical techniques to produce superior results.

      why it is better.

  11. www.coinsweb.nl www.coinsweb.nl
    1. but packaged up in a way that makes explicit links between multiple representations of the same object.

      its all about conneting different ways of describing objects and connecting them...

    2. This approach is commonly referred to as BIM (building information modelling, reflecting its initial application in the architectural domain), while the same acronym is used to refer to the product of the process, the information model itself, or BIM (Building Information Model).

      The multiple meanings of BIM. BIM (building information modelling, reflecting its initial application in the architectural domain) → BIM also refers to the process and also to the model itsel the Building Information Model.

    3. reducing, and often eliminating, the need for the many types of paper documentation currently in use.

      minder papierwinkel door digitale standaarden

    1. because it only needs to engage a portion of the model to complete a task, as opposed to other architectures that have to activate an entire AI model to run every request.

      i don't really understand this: in z-code thre are tasks that other competitive softwares would need to restart all over again while z-code can do it without restarting...

    2. Z-code models to improve common language understanding tasks such as name entity recognition, text summarization, custom text classification and key phrase extraction across its Azure AI services. But this is the first time a company has publicly demonstrated that it can use this new class of Mixture of Experts models to power machine translation products.

      this model is what actually z-code is and what makes it special

    3. have developed called Z-code, which offer the kind of performance and quality benefits that other large-scale language models have but can be run much more efficiently.

      can do the same but much faster

    1. Moments, which takes the form of a new central tab on Android, iOS, and the web, is the result of more than 10 months of reimagining the way average people might want to use Twitter.

      how Moments came to pass...

    1. A bold prediction of Web 4.0 could be described as the “symbiotic web”, a symbiotic interaction between man and machine.

      web 4.0

    1. D2M allows for the direct streaming of multimedia content to phones. The technology’s theory is that it can be used to directly broadcast information geared toward citizens, as well as to combat fake news, send out emergency warnings, and aid in disaster management, among other things. In addition, live sports, news, and other content can be broadcast on mobile devices. Furthermore, there should be zero internet data usage while the material streams without any buffering at all. Furthermore, there should be zero internet data usage while the material streams without any buffering at all.

      Definition DIrect 2 Mobile

    1. scientific knowledge graphs (SKG). These are large networks describing the actors (e.g., authors, organizations), the documents (e.g., publications, patents), and other research outputs (e.g., research data, software) and knowledge (e.g., research topics, concepts, tasks, technologies) in this space as well as their reciprocal relationships. These resources provide substantial benefits to researchers, companies, and policymakers by powering several data-driven services for navigating, analyzing, and making sense of research dynamics.


    1. It is remarkable that the MAKG contains more authors than publications. The high number of authors (243 million) appears to be too high given that there were eight million scientists in the world in 2013 according to UNESCO (Baskaran, 2017).

      Strange numbers from the Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph.

    1. Perhaps the most widely recognized failing of peer review is its inability to ensure the identification of high-quality work.


    1. It draws together data scientists, experimental and statistical methodologists, and open science activists into a project with both intellectual and policy dimensions.

      open science activists

    2. detail the scientific ideology that is apparent in its articles, strategy statements, and research projects,

      ideology in science

    1. Smart Dust , www.computer.howstuffworks.com/mote1.htm Smart Dust, www.robotics.eecs.berkley.edu/~pister/SmartDust Smart Dust, http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/S/mart Dustr.html Smart Dust, http://networkworld.com/topics/smartdusthtml Smart Dust, http://www.wisgeek.com/TERM/S/Smartdust.html

      Links on smartdust

    2. The term “smart dust” originally referred to miniature wireless semiconductor devices made using fabrication techniques derived from the microelectronics industry. These devices incorporate sensing, computing and communications in a centimetre-sized package.

      definition and background source of the term of smartdust

    3. to large numbers of mobile network nodes co-located within a small volume. This has enabled very compact, autonomous and mobile nodes, each containing one or more sensors, computation and communication capabilities, and a power supply. Large-scale networks of wireless sensors are becoming increasingly tractable. Advances in hardware technology and engineering design have led to dramatic reductions in size, power consumption, and cost for digital circuitry, wireless communications and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).

      the current situation.

      (these small devices are smartdust)

    1. could be successfully implemented since his programme embraced the premises of the Nordstrom’s research programme,

      Einstein's unfication design could be successfully implemented since his programme embraced the premises of the Nordstrom’s research programme,

    2. By and large Einstein’s victory over his rivals became possible because the core of his research strategy was formed by the equivalence principle comprehended in the light of Kantian epistemology. It is stated that the theories of Nordstrom and Abraham contrived before November 25, 1915, were not merely the scaffolds of GR basic model construction. They were and still are the necessary parts of the whole GR theoretical structure indispensable for its common use. Notwithstanding Einstein’s stupendous impact , the contributions of Nordstrom, Abraham, Grossmann, Hilbert, Lorentz, Poincare, Besso, Fokker and others should be taken into account.


    1. study outliers and case reports indicate the possibility of greater cardiovascular risk than observed, especially in vulnerable populations.

      So here there is something happening: study outliers and indiviudual reports indicate a greater risk, but WHO is INDICATING!

    2. longer-term safety and cumulative effect of stimulants is unknown.

      long term effects unknown (due to short research terms)

    3. otential for QT prolongation and risk of torsades de pointes (TdP) should be considered. Trials have found no statistically or clinically significant changes in QT intervals over short and long-term treatment with methylphenidate and amphetamine drugs.

      Again QT Prolongation and TdP is not related to stims.

    4. Individuals with cardiovascular disease were included and potential confounding variables were adjusted for in the analysis.

      on top of everything this included a group with cardiovascular problems, and still this accordiing to their design did not cause a higher incidence of heart problems.

    5. Even so, the findings are of concern and should not be disregarded.

      sarcasm? as long as they get more ritalin, they are less likely to die. it's design is nonrandom, it's followup too short...

    6. Methylphenidate dosage was inversely associated with risk, suggesting that the association may not be directly causal.

      In this study: the more Methylphenidate was given the lesser likelihood of sudden death?!?

    7. Studies have indicated small, but statistically significant increases in BP (1-6 mmHg) and HR (2-5 bpm) with short-term stimulant use, as well as similar findings with once-daily methylphenidate up to one year of use.8-11

      even after a year of ritalin use, the inrease in heart rate is 2-5 bpm and the increase in BP is 1-6 mmHg)

    8. Debate remains on the safety of stimulants in the cardiovascular population. Specifically, the use of stimulants in patients with history of or susceptible to arrhythmias has not been studied. In an effort to elucidate risk, interpretation of current evidence surrounding stimulant and stimulant-like drugs is offered.

      Safety of stims on people with heart problems is not actually studied.

  12. Jun 2022
    1. The possibility to refer to semantics of functions through well-defined identifiers.

      curious what this is supposed to men?

    2. share and work on models collaboratively.

      this suggests a journal type of interface

    3. inference to increase the coverage of Wikidata data considerably

      so wikidate can create knowledge by 'thinking' inferring in software.

    4. allow for interactive features

      yes! finally animations in wikipedia !

    5. new form of knowledge asset

      there is going to be a new form of 'object' in software instead of what is there niw?

    6. Improving communication and knowledge accessibility well beyond the Wikipedia projects.

      Interesting to see what the ideas for imporved comms and knowledge accesibility beyond the project will be.

  13. May 2022
    1. 'folie a deux' as contagious inferences.

      Shimizu, M., Kubota, Y., Toichi, M. & Baba, H. Folie a deux and shared psychotic disorder.

    2. positiveschizofrenia

      what we belief happens under our control can be dampened

    1. receives supplemental, contextual information through an on-screen, pop-up window, toolbar or sidebar.

      examples of augmented learning

    1. he 'process' in process art refers to the process of the formation of art: the gathering, sorting, collating, associating, and patterning. Process art is concerned with the actual doing; art as a rite, ritual, and performance

      surfing waves #frisoart

    1. Our conviction was that games can serve as an interactive education tool and we wanted to help students understand the properties of a complex adaptive systems.

      board games as cybernetic complex systems #frisogames

  14. Apr 2022
    1. rival theory explains it.

      the battle is between theories, so an anomaly or paradox weaponized in a new theory is more of a threat to a current theory than the facts refuting the theory on their own. scientists are generally not in the business of tearing down theories without replacing them ..

    2. introduce hypotheses which are not testable in order to save the theory.


    3. refuse to change

      of bad will

    4. unresolved

      ignore it

    5. reflects adversely on their skills

      scientific rigidity

    1. Limerence. The state of euphoric love. It lasts 18 months. After that we have trained ourself and become “comfortable”with our companion.

      not necesserily 18 months

    2. In previous unsuccessful relationships I have found that dating someone else is the best and almost only way to get over heartbreak. It shows you new possibilities and at least temporarily lightens your mood, so you can think clearly about why the previous relationship failed. It also gives you something to do, so you don’t have large blocks of time to stew.

      solution #heartbreak #love

    1. Mary K FieldsMarylandApril 16If your parents faces never lit up when they looked at you, it is hard to know what it feels liked to be loved and cherished. If you come from a home filled with secrecy and fear, it is almost impossible to express what you have endured. Growing up ignored and unwanted, it a major challenge to develop a sense of agency and self-worth. People who felt unwanted as children, not feeling safe (physically or psychologically or both) do not fully benefit form conventional therapy perhaps because they can't activate old traces of feeling cared for. Despite hard work in therapy and personal and professional accomplishments they cannot erase the devastating imprints of a mother who was too depressed to notice them or a dad who treated them like he wished they had never been born.

      my history

      love #limerence #roma