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    1. he was using maps to create a paracosm, one based in data and real locations rather than fantasy space.

      This is actually not a paracosm, because there is nothing fictional about this world except him not have actually physically been to the places he's mapping out.

  2. Jan 2022
    1. In those days, people didn't really need a zero.

      When the climate crisis indeed is the end of our civilization, whatever life or survivor human culture could conclude that we certainly didn't need the number 0 without the conscious development that requires such insights to be wielded by quality of intent, as well as intellect.

    2. earliest grubby epoch of organized human activity

      Grubby? Societies that build megastructures of which our 'non-grubby' scientific materialist worldview cannot figure out how.

    3. In fact, zero -- as a number or a concept -- is a shockingly new idea in western civilization. For nearly everyone in Europe, such a thing was unthinkable until the 14th century at the earliest.

      The number 0 was 'unthinkable', from which sources from the pre-14th century is this inferred?

    1. The goal is not to humanize society but to divinize humanity

      Yes! Divinize humanity!

    2. feel-good theologies and philosophies

      what is that? why would we be mortal in th sense of death is the end??

    3. betrayed its ideological underpinnings

      betrayed by agreeing with the existing order

    4. secular movements of emancipation

      at the source is spirituality and the religion of the future

    5. profane voice of the secular projects of liberation.

      secular religion?

    6. placing all emphasis on our reciprocal responsibility t

      you scratch mine, i scratch yours

    7. One achieves serenity by becoming invulnerable to suffering and change

      why then benevolence towards others?

    1. The first fallacy is the error of treating an abstraction as though it were concretely real.

      anti-realist : abstractions are not reality

    1. Absurd as it may sound, many self-tracking tools only offer summaries of data, or only offer data in a ridiculously inconvenient format

      data may not be accessible!

    2. Interference


    3. Mood

      mood scale

    4. pencil and paper will do

      with google lens or photo-pdf

    5. After some thinking, he decided not to track his headaches, but to note each time he took his pain medicine.

      tracking medication

    6. deliberate observations

      i don't know, just record everything

    7. It might just be a way to organize and deepen your thinking.

      i like the deepen here a lot

    8. Creative expression using your own data


    9. Developing a skill, such as data visualization,

      my self data project is an internet methodion (a methodic ritual almost religion) that consists of self-improvement through engaging in constructive neocultural practices that are focused on novel, alternative and provocative ideas to create a critical citizin in a society.

    1. I have devised a lifestreaming system that encourages users to gain more control over personal advancement and deliberate decision-making.

      Precisely what i was thinking about: having AI tell us if we are reasonable, advise us in relationships, digital emotional stewardship

  3. Dec 2021
    1. Home Virtual Guitar Online

      music #digitalinstrument

  4. Nov 2021
    1. a theoretical and a practical system

      science and sanity as the prototypical form of surfing waves.

    1. The attainment of inner unity and harmony.


    2. Conscious automatism.

      Taoist way, effortless action.

    3. Victory of consciousness.

      awakening experiences.

    4. The beginnings of the transition to a new type, and a new sensation of space.

      visualization and VR experience of 4D spatiality.

    5. Unfoldment of the "world of the wondrous."

      Unfolding of the implicate order. Syncronicity, visions, etc

    1. cosmic nature

      compare: Lovecraftian cosmology immense, infinite, death

    2. experiencing passions painful or delicious, terrible or pleasurable, depending on a person’s proximity to real danger.

      sublime emotions as positive when not close to danger

    3. They all emphasize that nature is a principal source for people to “experience a sense of spirituality”

      Nature is principal source of experiencing transcendce

    4. “an individual’s inner experience and/or belief system, that gives meaning to existence, and subsequently allows one to transcend beyond the present context,”

      definition spirituality

    5. the meaning of nature

      indicates spiritualtiy

    1. least effective means for reducing poverty in developing countries.

      Least effecive, but still effective. Also buying fairtrade invalidates the economic idea of a selfish actor.

    1. aim to elicit a reader’s response and to promote taking the perspective of the text in a variety of ways (Douglas 2000; Tomasek 2009),

      Contrasted with the topic of argumentative reading and writing, critical reading and writing is defined so

    1. the disorder we know as ADHD is the extreme of a dimensional trait in the population.

      This is explained by comparing ADHD to cholesterol levels.

      Everybody has a cholesterol level, it's just when this level gets too high or extreme you have a cholesterol problem.

      Everybody has an ADHD "level", , it's just when this level gets too high or extreme you have a cholesterol problem.

    1. the continuity of ADHD’s brain differences from childhood to adulthood.

      continuity of brain differences from childhood to adulthood

    2. neuroanatomicalchanges in the brains of children with ADHD that are also observed for adult ADHD

      neuroanatomical changes

    1. We are like someone who knows that a fever, a cough, and loss of smell are all symptoms of something, but has no idea about the virus that causes them.

      Metaphor to illustrate that we don't know the cause of depression.