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    1. Scientific research on psychedelics begannearly 70 years ago, with over 1,000 clinicalarticles being written between 1950 and 1972showing promising results

      It is pretty intriguing that there was no stigmatisation between these years about psychedelics while today there is even a huge stigmatisation of psychedelics in the scientific field. There are some scientists who want to rediscover these positive effcts of psychedelics. There are few studies showing that psychedelics such as LSD, DMT and especially Psilocybin have an incredible antidepressive effect. The psychedelic Renaissance will come soon (hopefully)

      Also I do have the assumption that the goverment inhibited psychedelic drugs for an evil/profitable reason. Some people say that psychedelics are the antidote of propaganda :)

    2. Moreover, psychedelics are particularlypromising for enhancing cognitive functions, asthey appear to be nontoxic and medically safe,even when consumed at standard hallucino-genic dosages (Bogenschutz & Johnson, 2016),producing no dependence or addiction in ani-mals or humans (Nichols, 2004;Nichols, 2016;Nichols & Grob, 2018)

      As we can see, there was no good reason to inhibit psychedelic drugs. It rather helps you to overcome your Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD and even Alzheimer as a prevention.

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    1. My own happiness has been trampled under foot; my own love has been torn from me. Shall I live to see a happiness of others, which is of my making–a love renewed, which is of my bringing back? Oh merciful Death, let me see it before your arms enfold me, before your voice whispers to me, “Rest at last!”

      Although this is a very sweet sentiment made by Ezra, it hints to a sadder truth that Ezra just wants to do good but suffers under the judgement of people due to his addiction. Drugs have been just as much (perhaps more) of a curse to Ezra as the Diamond has been for the characters in this story.

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    1. “Most Japanese people see cannabis as a subculture of Japan but they’re wrong. For thousands of years, cannabis has been at the very heart of Japanese culture,” Japan’s leading expert on cannabis, Takayasu Junichi, told the Asia Pacific Journal in an interview.

      This is quite something.

    2. Japan today has some of the harshest drug laws of any advanced democracy. If you are found in possession of cannabis in Japan for personal use you could receive a maximum prison sentence of five years, and if you are caught growing it, you can be sent to prison for up to seven years. Each year, the laws are enforced against 2000 people, who are brutally publicly shamed before, during and after their prison sentence.[2] For example, when the actress Saya Takagi was caught with cannabis, all reruns of the dramas she appeared on – like the popular detective series Aibo - were scrubbed from the TV schedules.[3] She had written the theme song for another TV show: it was immediately ditched. Or to give another example, when a rugby player for Japan’s national team was caught with the drug, he was banned from ever playing again, and the electronics giant Toshiba suspended all sponsorship of his regional team.[4] To be associated with cannabis in Japan is to be destroyed.

      Whoa! To be associated with cannabis in Japan does seem equal to public shaming. This is probably the least helpful way to try and make people not use drugs. Also, addiction is a disease.

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    1. However, courts might go further and address the concern that, even where government regulation of cognitive enhancement drugs is rooted in legitimate safety concerns, this should not—by itself—give the government authority to restrict individuals’ mental freedom or “cognitive liberty” far more than is necessary to address those safety concerns. Perhaps, for example, government has imposed a complete ban where something less restrictive will satisfy the safety concerns it is worried about. For example, the state might instead institute a “gatekeeper” system in which a doctor must assess and discuss risks for a particular individual before drugs are prescribed or require a mandatory course on side effects before use of cognitive enhancement drugs.

      I believe that this solution to the paragraph directly above it, directly contradicts itself. If the Government bans the use of a drug not because it can make someone happier/better, but because it can have potentially negative or harmful side affects, then this solution is impossible. If the government deems some as potentially harmful then in more cases than not it most probably is. In this way no government could rationally come to this solution rather than the one above it. It would be obscure for a Government to allow a person who is educated about the dangers of a product to choose to use it. In the Government's and the medical professional's eyes this person would not be in their 'right mind'.. How then, could they ever allow someone who they do not deem 'in their right mind' to use a potentially hazardous drug?

    1. No. It’s not you. You were different before. – I’m still the same person, Lin. – I wasn’t, when I was on it. I did things I would never do. – Those things saved your life. – But they weren’t me. – Yes, they were. No, the way it works… – I know how it works. I get it. I totally get it. You feel invincible.

      The rhetoric of this passage raises a very important question. Are the people who are taking this drug really themselves still? If this was just a thought enhancing drug then perhaps this would be the case, however it does more than just make the user hyper-intelligent. The fact that this drug changes people's attitudes and their personalities proves that these people aren't themselves. On the other hand a hyper-intelligence may not directly change the person, but may enable them because a higher intelligence could reasonably lead to a higher confidence and a higher rationale of thinking.

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    1. The ability of story (prose and poetry) to trans-form the storyteller and the listener into some-thing or someone else is shamanistic

      Easy connection with Rickert and the notions of shamanistic transcendence of the body.

  11. Jul 2016
    1. alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs, most people who use marijuana can stop taking it when they want, while experiencing only minor withdrawal symptoms.

      But the best thing about taking marijuana is that you are able to stop not like the people that drink alcohol or other type of things. This matters to do that all they do is smoke because they could stop if they want to. One time me and my sister stop a man to ask him if he drink ans he told us the does and he had tried to stop bus he couldn't because his body was to use to it.

    2. Some hashish users like the feeling of these visions and thoughts, while others may find them scary. However, people rarely get hallucinations after smoking or eating cannabis.

      Most of the people smoke because they like it not because they have to do it or they going to things at home. This really matters to the teens that are smoking life because they don't want there kids to be on those types of things. My friend told me one time that her mom us to get mad when she us to go home high.

    3. This means that if a person starts taking heroin, meth, or cocaine, that person's body will physically need to keep taking the drug. If they try to stop using the drug, they may become very sick.

      That is the most bad thing about drugs that people will get addicted to it and will not stop using it. This matter to a lot of families because they don't want their kids to get addicted to drugs at a young age. something that i remember is when my brother started to smoke we all was mad at him in the family because we didn't want him to be addicted to the drugs.

    4. According to a 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine, marijuana (especially THC) can decrease pain; control nausea and vomiting; and improve appetite.

      That is probably by people ate smoking because if make the pain go away. This will matter to people that is sick because the only way they could not feel the pain is by smoking. This connect to my life because I have family members that are sick

    5. As of 1995, scientists had not shown that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer, even in people who smoke a lot of marijuana for a long time.

      there had been people saying that marijuana may save people from having cancer. This matter to so many people in this word because there is people dying of cancer. This connects to my life because my grandmother was sick of cancer.

    6. Uruguay was the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell, and use cannabis.

      people will go to the place just to get some drugs and then try to get it in there country. This will matter to the people that don't take drugs because they may not like the way it smell when they pass by people that don't smoke. Something i hurt about drugs was that it may kill people.

    7. A person who is intoxicated ("high" or "stoned") from marijuana could get hurt or killed in an accident if they drive a car.

      most of the time they will get killed because when you drunk you cant move as fast like in the regula there is so many people thas is dieing because of drugs. This matters to me because i have friends that have died because of drugs. Something that i know about drugs is that it may save you or kill you

    8. As of 2016, many different countries and some states in the United States have made it legal for people with certain medical problems to use marijuana as a medicine.

      so if people think that marijuana is good for people that have certain medical problems why they not laten people smoke if is so call good for people body. This matters to me because some of my family is sick. something that i huart that people that got cancer.

    9. Marijuana is an illegal drug in many countries

      but in some countries is not illegal that is why there is so many kids in the word that be taking drugs because they be getting it from another state most of the time people from a another state be the one bring in the drugs. this matter to me because there in a lot of kids from honduras that take drugs. something that i hurt was that you don't have to be 21 to get drugs

    1. they was a lot of people that was tell to try drugs by friends family,girlfriend, boyfriend ,but most of the time they will do it yest to be cool.it matters because most of the people is losing there family for using drugs.it connect to me becuse when my family fist fond out that i was smoking they got mad at me.

    2. Drugs effects your memory even if u have been taking them for a long amount of time or taking them for a short amount of time.

    3. Depends on the amount of drugs u take. less drugs u take might just speed u up and make u feel really active. Stronger amount will just make it slow sluggish and tired and even more amount of drugs can kill you.

    1. “Even if their friends do not smoke marijuana, but do not disapprove of its use, teens are more likely to give it a try.”

      They don't have to see it with family or friends they got facebook and facebook is all about drugs and sex. This matters because they may go and have sex to because they wanna try the things they see. This connect to my life because my little sister got facebook and if she see something about weed she may go try it.

    2. He says that because teens see friends or see family smoking weed they are going to do it. Or because they live in a neighborhood where they have too much activity going on around the neighborhood, they might smoke weed.

      most of the time that is the reason by most of the teens be smoking weed because they see it with there family or friends. It matters to me because if people get to know that they smoking because they see it in there house they may have a ACS case. something i heard about weed is that it may kill you.

    1. can benefit from knowing that marijuana users who use because they are bored are more likely to use certain other drugs,

      Most of the people use marijuana because they are all the time having problems in their family or they are going through something.This is important because be get to know why is people taking drugs it connect to me because one of my family members was going to the type of drugs problemes.

  12. Jun 2016
    1. “Last Friday, I took acid and mushrooms/I did not transcend, I felt like a walking piece of shit/in a stupid-looking jacket.”
  13. May 2016
    1. that doesn't mean the drugs can't be immensely profitable. Treanda is an orphan drug but also Teva's second-best seller, racking up $740 million in sales last year, according to Teva's annual report.

      Isn't the whole point of an orphan drug classification that of limited commercial viability? So if they're not commercially viable how are they profitable?

  14. Apr 2016
    1. First of all, people aren’t uniformly good at splitting pills. Dose deviation is common among pill-splitters and that’s an issue for drugs that need to be maintained in a narrow range. Worse, many pills are in extended release formulations that break down when split. Splitting a time-released pill in half can cause an overdose. The list goes on: cutting all your pills in half before you need them could cause them to become ineffective, people often forget to cut them and take a double dose, etc.
    1. Some have called for more lenient sentencing for drug offenders

      It would be interesting to see if this might change in light of recent revelations uncovered from members of Nixon administration that the war on drugs was motivated to render the black community and hippie voices diminished.

  15. Dec 2015
    1. The idea was to pinpoint the doctors prescribing the most pain medication and target them for the company’s marketing onslaught. That the databases couldn’t distinguish between doctors who were prescribing more pain meds because they were seeing more patients with chronic pain or were simply looser with their signatures didn’t matter to Purdue.
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    1. For as the medicines which men apply to the bodies of their fellow-men are of no avail except God gives them virtue (who can heal without their aid, though they cannot without His), and yet they are applied; and if it be done from a sense of duty, it is esteemed a work of mercy or benevolence; so the aids of teaching, applied through the instrumentality of man, are of advantage to the soul only when God works to make them of advantage, who could give the gospel to man even without the help or agency of men

      All things, even rhetoric and medicine, have effect only through the divine