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    1. She states that furry participants might identify as less than 100% human for reasons that she felt included, “not the least having a hangover from furry drinks the night before.” While it may be an attempt at humor, we find this comment to be egregiously offensive, derogatory, and insulting to the furry fandom and our participants. Ironically, this remark illustrates her subscription to the very stereotypes we were empirically testing and con-firms the necessity of our research.

      This comment, framed as "egregiously offensive, derogatory, and insulting to the furry fandom and our participants", undermines the prevailing sense of identity in the furry fandom. I understand the transformative powers of alcohol, but in my uneducated opinion, it's a stretch that the furry identity for many people is activated by alcohol, and is not something that exists in all states of being (e.g.: sobriety).

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    1. cantruthfullyassertthattheIndiansareaphlegmatic,good-natured,unusuallypatientanddocilerace,whoarecapableofgoodimpulsesandwhointheiroriginalwildcon-dition,whentheyareawayfromtheevilworld,donotliveinawickedanddissolutemanner;theylistentoavisitingpriestwithadesireforknowledge;theygladlyacceptre-ligionandallowthemselvestobeeducatedasgoodandtrueChristians.Ontheotherhand,whereverthepoorIndianshavebeencontaminatedbygrossvicesof.whiteChristians,orhavebeenruinedthroughdrinkandmisledintofalseconcep-tionsofourholyreligionbyitsenemies,theybecomemuchmorestubborntoconversionandciviliz

      Pierz notes that the Ojibwe are shocker actually people,and get corrupted by white vices, like alcohol

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      This article discusses the effects of fetal alcohol exposure in adult learning by studying the effects of exercises that stimulates the hippo-campus in the adult rats that were effected by fetal alcohol exposure. The study is entirely based on the scientific research of the neurology of the participants, but provides a course of action that could be applied to human participants as well. The encouraging results indicated that partial restoration of neurological functions in the adult rats was achieved. This inspires hope of introducing exercise to human participants and warrants further exploration of the application to humans since this is not an invasive therapy with low risk to participants. This may also provide some educational changes in special education to include exercise as part of the classroom experience.

      RATING: 5/10

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    1. fend off perceived threats from urban Catholic immigrants

      Also, the Germans

    2. Woman's Christian Temperance Union (W

      Behind the WCTU's temperance reform was "protection of the home." The slogan "For God and Home and Native Land" (later changed to "Every Land") expressed the WCTU's priorities. Through education and example the WCTU hoped to obtain pledges of total abstinence from alcohol, and later also tobacco and other drugs. The white ribbon bow was selected to symbolize purity, and the WCTU's watchwords were "Agitate - Educate - Legislate."

    3. Alcohol became big business.

    1. Temperance

      I made an earlier note on this, but it really can't be understated how important the Temperance Movement was in the triad of women's movements in 19th Century America. I feel it's overlooked because, unlike slavery and women voting, it's an issue that failed, and we generally support its failure today, but it still had an important role in organizing women in the 19th and early 20th century. Plus, Carrie Nation is one hell of a historical woman that is unfortunately too often overlooked.

    2. as well as advocating for the rights of free African Americans and of Native Americans, for temperance, and for women's rights, including suffrage

      What's interesting to me is the general intersection of the lot. The National Parks Service has a chart that shows a general outline of three movements and how leadership worked across them. It's worth taking a moment to look at, especially with the first line in this paragraph and the contemporary reality that many liberal and leftist groups today tend to trip up with intersectionality.

    3. the pleasures of sobriety

      Surely, Gorgias or one of the other Sophists has metaphorically identified Rhetoric and alcohol.

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    1. My wife and I recently witnessed a cockroach’s ability to find and consume food. We sat down to dinner at a well-known restaurant. Right next to our table was a fairly large painting. We decided to have a glass of wine before dinner. Within minutes of arrival of the wine, a German cockroach appeared from beneath the painting and walked out to the middle of our table. Of course, our reaction was not that of normal human beings and we decided to give it some wine. I placed a small drop of wine several inches from the roach which immediately recognized the presence of food through its antennae (smell). It walked over to the drop and tasted it with its maxillary palps. The roach proceeded to suck up the entire drop (which wasn’t much smaller than the roach). It then crawled back to the picture and disappeared. Much to our surprise, within a few minutes the roach reappeared and came back on the table. Of course I gave it another drop and it repeated the entire process of smelling, tasting and consuming the drop. Once finished this time it cleaned its antennae (as shown below) and returned to the picture. A few minutes later the roach dropped from the picture and began to spin on its back. Inebriated? I would think so.