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    1. At least five structures were damaged in the attack on the base in Anbar province, which apparently was precise enough to hit individual building

      Hi Steve

    1. Amerikalılarla istediğinde görüşen istemediğinde görünmeyen Kasım Süleymani 2015 Temmuz'unda Putin'i ayartmaya Moskova'ya kadar gitmiş ve kendi başlarına kurtaramadıkları Esat'ı kurtarmaya Suriye'ye davet etmiştir. Bu davetin ne karşılığı kabul edildiğini henüz bilmiyoruz.

      İran ne verdi de Rusya Suriye'ye girdi?

    1. He’d already made a risky—and potentially world-altering—decision to allow the U.S. military to kill Qassem Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s elite paramilitary forces.


  7. Dec 2019
    1. Religious conflict in any form is often far more impervious to pragmatic solutions, and can prove more dangerous than national conflicts.

      This is debatable. National identity and religion are often both entwined in complex historical factors quite like Judaism and the land of Judea. Whereas national identity is more moldable and dynamic when combined with democratic developments like the Arab spring, religious identity would change slower and might be more important to guard for the conservatives (I'm not sure on this, but it's a gut feeling)

      In such a case, conflicts are easier to understand when cast in terms of religious or sub-religious basis but I definitely think a purely religious conflict (an ideal construct) is more likely to find a pragmatic solution, although I doubt if any thing of that sort exists!

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