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  1. Aug 2019
    1. Señalización del receptor de membrana. MAPK, proteína cinasa activada por mitógeno; PKA, C, proteína cinasa A, C; TGF, factor de crecimiento transformador. Para otras abreviaturas, véase el texto.
    1. si possono considerare al sicuro anche le persone non vaccinate

      Insomma secondo questo fake-author i non vaccinati si possono considerare "al sicuro". Magari organizzaranno un morbillo-party con cui proteggeranno i non vaccinati con uno o più dei 6 morbilli-virus mutanti ritrovati nei vaccini per uso pediatrico..Tutte le cose, prima di essere scritte, devono essere verificate e questo "autore" non presenta alcuno studio scientifico a supporto. Gli consiglieremo la visione del fil-documento "Vaxxed"..

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    1. Heightened international concern about Zika was driven not by its relatively mild effect on infected adults, who typically recover in about a week, but by its devastating effect on babies in utero. In Brazil, cases of microcephaly, in which the brain does not develop fully before birth, surged from an average 150 per year to almost 4000 cases in 2015.

      Dr Shah warned that although there has been no local transmission of Zika as yet in the continental US, areas along the Gulf Coast have populations of the two species of Aedes mosquitoes that serve as vectors for Zika virus. He said that a patient with sufficiently high Zika viral load could, in theory, pass Zika to one of these mosquitoes.