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    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘@taylorgrayson @skepticscience @ClimateOfGavin @kostas_exarhia I guess this depends on what kind of misinformation/’conspiracy" you are faced with. In the context of climate denial, there is evidence that understanding of expert consensus can impact belief @STWOrg" / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 19 February 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1361608256486047748

    1. Adam Kucharski. (2021, February 6). It’s flattering being asked for your opinion by the media (especially if you have lots of them) but I do think it’s important to defer to others if you’re being asked on as a ‘scientific expert’ and the subject of the interview falls outside your area of research/expertise. [Tweet]. @AdamJKucharski. https://twitter.com/AdamJKucharski/status/1358050473098571776

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    1. I can’t promise I’m explaining this 100% accurately, but the way I understand it, the minimum width of a grid column is auto.
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    1. Bu Experts {@BU Experts} (2020) How can we navigate daily life during the pandemic? #Publichealth expert & epidemiologist @EpiEllie will be on @reddit_AMA this Thursday (8/27) at 12pm ET to answer all of your #COVID19-related questions. She'll discuss how to safely see friends and family, travel & more. @BUSPH. Twitter. Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/BUexperts/status/1297932614909792258

    1. The nation's coronavirus shaman, Dr. Anthony Fauci,

      The permanent government made up of technocratic, low experience diversity has now become intolerably dangerous.

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    1. Despite their awarded diplomas in the art of writing, you'd be surprised at how many editors and journalists in the United States make English mistakes. For instance, "an" is still often coupled with words that begin with an "H" sound, even though this is improper. I'd advise against treating material from news sources as if it were error-free or even a higher authority on grammar.
    1. Then the programmer(s) will go over the scenarios, refining the steps for clarification and increased testability. The result is then reviewed by the domain expert to ensure the intent has not been compromised by the programmers’ reworking.
    1. Enable Frictionless Collaboration CucumberStudio empowers the whole team to read and refine executable specifications without needing technical tools. Business and technology teams can collaborate on acceptance criteria and bridge their gap.
  13. Mar 2019
    1. Teaching problem solving This page is included because some of our theories indicate that problem solving should be taught specifically. This page is a bit unusual; I did not find many others like it. It is rather easy to read and also addresses the differences between novice and expert learners. rating 3/5

    1. E-commerce has special requirements when it comes to showing products for sale online. A uniform look and feel to the products, showing the product rather than background, product alignment, image margins and special requirements per product category characterize e-commerce.

      We have top class designers who is expert on graphics design. We provide clipping path. background remove, image retouching service. We are also expert on eCommerce photo editing.

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    1. have the knowledge and skills to help navigate the hospital system, explain your diagnosis in detail, and explain potential outcomes.  We are also here to help decipher the information from doctor visits, set up meetings with care teams, and organize home care, and medications

      Using specialist in a field saves time, and ultimately saves lives.

  15. Aug 2018
    1. the difference between an expert learner and a novice learner
      1. they have more quantity of knowledge
      2. their knowledge is better organized and integrated
      3. they possess better strategies and methods
      4. they are better motivated and more self-regulated.
    1. 6 key principles of experts' knowledge

      1. experts notice features and manful patterns of info
      2. experts have abilities to make sense of the content based on prior knowledge that is organized in some ways
      3. experts' knowledge is not isolated and it related to context.
      4. experts have abilities to flexibly retrieve important aspects of their knowledge.
      5. experts may not have abilities to teach others
      6. experts have flexibilities in their approach to apply to new situations.
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    1. This leads to the second point I once made: that students no longer need to actually read the material to get impressive grades, which contributes to both student and administrator scorn for the affected disciplines. This point caused some push-back, since professors and fellow students noted that if I wasn’t reading the material, it was my own fault for not getting the full benefit of the course. I agreed, but countered that if the difference between my reading very little of the material instead of it all was a 10 to 15 percent bump in my final grade, what did that imply about the value of said material to the course? Srigley argues that less than 20 percent of his students even access the weekly readings for his courses, largely because they know they don’t have to ­– “they can get an 80 without ever opening a book.”

      Again, this implies that the professor should care. One of the principles behind my grading system is that I don't. People are welcome to do whatever they want and they get the same grade, unless they do exceptional work.

      This also implies that grades are somehow the currency of learning and that if you are getting good grades without learning, then you are somehow "winning."

      This is a misunderstanding of grades. They are really the bits of an expert system that converts qualitative evaluation of individual performances into a final score that helps people categories graduates. So they are secondary to the actual learning and performance.

  18. Jan 2016
    1. learning as a process

      learning as a process that develops the __.

      You fill in the blank with your own expertise NOT HERS or any others. If this all about power and control then the ends and means must be about that as well, even to the point of arguing individually for the idea that content is king.

  19. Nov 2013
    1. I do not make evil use of the testimonies of men who can lie, but I establish my argument by the truth-fulness of unwavering, natural usage, the usage, I repeat, which I have been following for so many years with the greatest effort through daily practice and by experience in the subject.

      He is the authority on this subject because of the duration he has spent studying it.