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  1. Sep 2023
    1. people also have to understand that you know between what scientists are are saying and and the the ability and the agility of government to respond 00:20:02 quickly there is an unfortunate delay
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        • unfortunate delay is an understatement, it's more honest to say catastrophic delay.
  2. Aug 2023
    1. constitute a grossly negligent and staggeringly ignorant response to the existential crises of the day.
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        • our preoccupation with
          • one-upping the Tweedledums, and with
            • social justice’ platitudes,
            • incrementalism,
            • technotopian thinking,
            • niceties of speech, and
            • mistaking
              • virtue signalling,
              • policy platforms, and
              • wishful out-loud thinking
            • for actual progress toward real goals,
            • constitute a
              • grossly negligent and
              • staggeringly ignorant response
            • to the existential crises of the day.
    1. CCS likely has an important role in stopping emissions from some industrial process, particularly cement and possibly steel. But that is very different from using it to support an oil and gas industry that needs to be phased out within 10 to 15 years at the latest, if we are to meet our Paris commitments.
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    2. The proposed capture of CO2 is dwarfed by the CO2 emissions from the proposed new oil and gas fields.
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    3. This is not to say the technology cannot be made to work at scale, but it is incorrect and risks being misleading to give the impression the technology is tried and tested at scale, let alone economic compared with the alternatives.
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        • one could interpret CCS as an oil industry attempt to greenwash and create the appearance of doing something when it is really just tinkering at the margins
        • it is an excuse that gives the appearance of being concerned which allows for BAU to continue
        • dangling the carrot of "future breakthrough" of CCS is much like all the rest of negative emissions technologies (NET)
  3. Jul 2023
      • Title
        • Corporations can't be greened
      • Author Erin Remblance

      • Description

        • The author argues that corporations cannot be greened.
        • In other words, by definition, they cannot put nature ahead of profit and this inherent flaw means they will never do enough, and will never transcend greenwashing
        • The real question then is this
          • Can we transition to a green capitalist economy within planetary boundaries in time to avoid planetary tipping points?
  4. Jun 2023
    1. e 28 avril, TotalEnergies assignait en justice Greenpeace France en raison de la publication d’un rapport qui interroge les calculs effectués par la multinationale sur ses émissions de CO2. La procédure, qui présente la particularité de reposer sur des dispositions du code monétaire et financier, vise notamment à faire interrompre toute diffusion actuelle ou à venir du rapport

      TotalEnergies versucht juristisch die weitere Publikation eines Greenpeace-Berichts zu verhindern, in dem aufgezeigt wird, dass die Angaben des Konzerns zu den eigenen CO2 Emissionen Greenwashing sind. Dieses Verfahren ist ein Beispiel für das mundtot machen von Journalisten mit Journal mit juristischen Mitteln gegen das sich jetzt eine Initiative zur Wehr setzt.


  5. May 2023
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  7. Aug 2022
    1. She'll und BP geben allein im UK Hunderttausende für Greenwashing-Kampagnen aus. Zur Zeit sollten sie ihnen vor allem die Licence to Operate vor dem Hintergrund von Milliardengewinnen sichern, die sie den durch den Ukraine-Krieg gestiegenen Ölpreisen verdanken.

  8. Oct 2021
    1. ”My expectation is that we will hear many, many nice speeches, we will hear many pledges that - if you really look into the details - are more or less meaningless but they just say them in order to have something to say, in order for media to have something to report about," she said."And then I expect things to continue to remain the same. ... The COPs as they are now will not lead to anything unless there is big, massive pressure from the outside."

      Greta Thunberg on COP26

      In which Greta calls bullshit on the capitalist entropy machine’s attempts to spin the culture of learned helplessness, trained incapacities, and bureaucratic intransigence that is designed to maintain the status quo while pretending to be the world’s saviours through philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and greenwashing.

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  9. Jul 2021
    1. For consumers seeking the best price per ounce, the most value is normally in our larger boxes of cereal," says Kelsey Roemhildt, a General Mills spokesperson. "This change also allows more efficient truck loading leading to fewer trucks on the road and fewer gallons of fuel used, which is important in both reducing global emissions as well as offsetting increased costs associated with inflation." General Mills' reframing of its shrinkflation seems to be pretty typical of Corporate America. Companies often sell downsizing as a way to help the environment, offer consumers more choice, or improve the quality of their products. When a spokesperson for Charmin, for example, was confronted by reporters at WBUR about shrinking the size of their toilet sheet squares, she suggested it was the result of "innovations" that allow consumers to, basically, wipe their butts more efficiently.

      So in addition to sketchy economic and psy-ops practices, they're also engaging in greenwashing as well.