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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Die Daten des europäischen Klimaservice Copernicus ergeben, dass die Temperaturen erstmals über 12 Monate mehr als 1,5° über dem vorindustriellen Durchschnitt lagen. Jeder Monat seit dem vergangenen Juni war im globalen Durchschnitt der wärmste Monat seit Beginn der Aufzeichnungen. Johan Rockström, der Direktor des Potsdam Instituts für Klimafolgen-Forschung, sprach von einer Warnung für die Menschheit, dass wir uns schneller als erwartet auf die 1,5° Grenze zubewegen. https://taz.de/EU-Klimadienst-Copernicus/!5991185/

      Copernicus-Meldung: https://climate.copernicus.eu/surface-air-temperature-january-2024

  2. Jan 2024
    1. Die obersten 2000 m der Ozeane haben 2023 15 Zettajoule Wärme mehr absorbiert als 2022. Die Erwärmung dieser Schichten verringert den Austausch mit den kälteren unteren Schichten und belastet die marinen Ökosysteme dadurch zusätzlich. Bisher sind keine Zeichen für eine Beschleunigung der Zunahme des Wärmehinhalts im Verhältnis zu den Vorjahren zu erkennen. Die Oberflächentemperatur der Ozeane lag im ersten Halbjahr 0,1°, im zweiten Halbjahr aber für die Wissenschaft überraschende 0,3 Grad über der des Jahres 2022. Schwere Zyklone, darunter der längste bisher beobachtete überhaupt, trafen vor allem besonders vulnerable Gebiete.


      Study: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00376-024-3378-5

      Report: https://www.globalwater.online/#content

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    1. ot very many happy thingshappened in the lives of the three Baudelaire youngsters.

      Not strictly true. Plenty of happy things happen throughout the lives of the Baudelaire orphans. This series shows us that it's the little things that count. the grim nature of the series is part of the charm of it.

  9. Aug 2022
    1. it has been observed that certain phonological rules operate in acycle, in a manner determined by the surface structure.


    2. We might represent the deep structure in this sample case by formula 1, and thesurface structure by formula 2, where paired brackets are labeled to show thecategory of phrase that they bound.

      surface structure vs. deep structure



  10. Apr 2022
    1. Wine experts, meanwhile, know about surface-level characteristics like grapesand regions—but they think about wine in terms of function: wines that areluscious and fruity, good for pairing with spicy food; wines that are big and boldand can stand up to a hearty meal; wines that are fizzy and festive, fit for acelebration. “Luscious,” “Big,” and “Fizzy” are, in fact, three of the eightcategories Wesson devised for his stores (the others are “Soft,” “Fresh,” “Juicy,”“Smooth,” and “Sweet”).

      As an example of deep functional classification by experts, sommelier Joshua Wesson uses the functional categories luscious, big, fizzy, soft, fresh, juicy, smooth, and sweet to describe wines for customers rather than using the more straightforward and surface level grape varietal descriptors that are otherwise used to categorize wines in stores. These higher level functional classifications also assist in choosing a wine for pairing far more subtly than the extraneous grape types and regions which may carry little informational value to wine novices.

      Link to https://hypothes.is/a/uw_vPsHyEey1vX9dfqaNvA

  11. Dec 2021
    1. Im using sway in Surface too and it work pretty well after some tweaks. This is what I have:Squeekboard, for onscreen keyboardWaybar with some custom buttons: (close window, layout mode, resize window, open squeekboard)I have the surface window key opening nwggrid (app launcher)The power key opens wlogout (nice power menu)For gesture control, you can use lisgd, it works reasonably well.I have some other scripts and apps but these are the main ones.
  12. Oct 2021
    1. SNAP-Capture Magnetic Beads are used to selectively immobilize and magnetically separate a SNAP-tag fusion protein from solution using magnetic agarose beads
    1. transmembrane β-strands are highly conserved and that the surface-exposed regions display the highest variability, not only in sequence but also in length.

      Promise for Broad host membrane surface display?

  13. Jul 2021
    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘@Professologue @sciam well it also gives references to documented cases. Why do you think uncertainty means we should not clean? And how is this different from debate (until very recently) about “airborne” nature, in your view?’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 15 July 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1415357732446633984

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  16. Nov 2020
    1. Normally Ubuntu swaps files to disk frequently. Since the disk is a microSD card that's a bit slow and has limited write cycles, it's best to reduce swapping to only when needed.
  17. Oct 2020
    1. This is a very dangerous practice as each optimization means making assumptions. If you are compressing an image you make an assumption that some payload can be cut out without seriously affecting the quality, if you are adding a cache to your backend you assume that the API will return same results. A correct assumption allows you to spare resources. A false assumption introduces a bug in your app. That’s why optimizations should be done consciously.
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    1. In natural languages, some apparent tautologies may have non-tautological meanings in practice. In English, "it is what it is" is used to mean 'there is no way of changing it'.[1] In Tamil, vantaalum varuvaan literally means 'if he comes, he will come', but really means 'he just may come'.[2]
  21. Feb 2020
  22. Dec 2019
    1. My professors are still learning too.

      Openness on surfacing and including roles.

    2. Open education comes down to one word: accountability.

      Openness on surfacing and reflecting on roles and design.

  23. Apr 2019
    1. Yup, three years later, I have the exact same problem still with my otherwise great Surface Book 1. This has made me distrust Microsoft hardware, and yes, windows machines as a whole. Especially as my previous Dell laptop was also unreliable in this regard. Such a shame, because otherwise it's a fantastic piece of kit.

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    1. Frictionial sliding refers to the movement on a preexisting surface when shear surface exceeds sliding resistance.

      Frictional force is function of normal force. Frictional force is independent of the area of contact and independent of material used- weight of the block is dependent. whys is that?

      There is roughness to every surface which anchor the surface in the asperities. ifthe block is heavier ore areas will touch and increase how anchored the object is to the surface.

      A scaled up pool ball has higher topographical area than our own planet does if pool ball was size of earth.

      Table with legs on carpet= contact points sliding along a surface

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