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    1. Aleta, A., Martín-Corral, D., Pastore y Piontti, A., Ajelli, M., Litvinova, M., Chinazzi, M., Dean, N. E., Halloran, M. E., Longini Jr, I. M., Merler, S., Pentland, A., Vespignani, A., Moro, E., & Moreno, Y. (2020). Modelling the impact of testing, contact tracing and household quarantine on second waves of COVID-19. Nature Human Behaviour, 1–8. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41562-020-0931-9

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    1. Maryanne Garry 🐑🇳🇿. (2020, December 12). A person with the virus who, say, has lunch with friends is a witness to an event in which the virus was possibly transmitted, and a suspect who might have transmitted it to others. Our new paper in PoPS @lorraine_hope @rachelz @drayeshaverrall and Jamie Robertson https://t.co/FoOlx78HB2 [Tweet]. @drlambchop. https://twitter.com/drlambchop/status/1337676716936896512

    1. contact comfort is a variable of overwhelming importance in the development of affectional response, whereas lactation is a variable of negligible importance.

      Again finding that contact is more important than mother's milk. Using contact along with lactation improved the monkey's development.

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    1. Identify your user agents When deploying software that makes requests to other sites, you should set a custom User-Agent header to identify the software and provide a means to contact its maintainers. Many of the automated requests we receive have generic user-agent headers such as Java/1.6.0 or Python-urllib/2.1 which provide no information on the actual software responsible for making the requests.
    1. Contact informationcontact_phone(512) 974-4800mailcourt@austintexas.gov

      The team made the decision to restrict the contact component to a single point of contact. Though this might not always necessarily be the case, a single point of contact provides an easier resident experience.

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    1. eye contact

      Eye contact in the Zoom era is difficult because so many of us aren't on video. Even if webcams are on, we are often looking off at an angle...

    1. L’enfant est cas contact d’un cas confirmé COVID-19, l’enfant reste à la maisonSi l’enfant a été identifié cas contact en dehors du champ scolaire, l’enfant doit impérativement rester à la maison conformément à la demande des autorités de santé. L’enfant ne retournera en classe qu’après avis médical. Il est impératif dans ce cas de prévenir l’école ou l’établissement scolaire.
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