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  1. Sep 2021
    1. the website i used had over forty examples of grammatical errors. here are the ones i chose.

      1. "first come, first serve." this sentence sounds right when i say it, but the website says that the word is actually supposed to be "served" and not "serve." the lack of the d making it past tense makes the sentence "lose its meaning." this is obviously just verbs losing their endings, which is a sign of language change.

      2. using "me" to start a sentence. grammatically, the website says, we are supposed to list ourselves second and the other noun first. the author of this website obviously has very strict views on subject pronouns and object pronouns (blech). i think this is language becoming less formal. i think (in my world at least) language is much less written and much more frequently spoken. starting a sentence with me just makes sense to me verbally.

      3. overuse of apostrophes. the website states that the only times we are to use apostrophes are when there are missing letters or we are showing possession. in this case, "the johnson's" would be wrong, because it is neither showing possession nor is it making up for missing letters. however, again, i believe it just makes sense to a lot of us to add an apostrophe.

      my website didnt talk about this, but it felt wrong to not include the idea of subject-verb agreement a great many people i know feel much more comfortable being referred to as "they," but they should not lose their personage just because they do not want to use he/she pronouns. gendered pronouns are truly a thing of the past and "they" is just as singular as he or she.

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    1. How is a pseudoconsole different from a pseudoterminal ?

      I'm guessing that's just a Microsoftism to make it easier to search/find things that are specifically about Microsoft's flavor of pseudoterminal.

      I see they don't use the word "pseudoterminal" at all, but they do mention

      ConPTY, or the Windows PTY

      where PTY is another synonym/name for pseudoterminal. So I think we're safe in saying that this is talking about a pseudoterminal.

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    1. If you would like a process management tool with a lot of features, including tmux support, restarting and killing individual processes and advanced configuration, you should take a look at Hivemind's big brother — Overmind!
    1. If a lot of those features seem like overkill for you, especially the tmux integration, you should take a look at Overmind's little sister — Hivemind!
  10. Oct 2020
    1. // `lodash/padStart` accepts an optional `chars` param. _.padStart('a', 3, '-') // ➜ '--a' // `lodash/fp/padStart` does not. fp.padStart(3)('a'); // ➜ ' a'
    2. The lodash/fp module promotes a more functional programming (FP) friendly style by exporting an instance of lodash with its methods wrapped to produce immutable auto-curried iteratee-first data-last methods.
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    1. Phase variation is often mediated by the presence of highly mutagenic simple tandem DNA repeats, and genes containing such sequences can be easily identified
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    1. April of ‘84

      Rigby's Romance evolved from the fifth chapter of the 1898 typescript version of Such is Life. In that text, the date of Tom Collins' arrival in Echuca is 9 January 1884. Although missing from TS, the date of the record is confirmed by internal evidence, such as Tom Collins’ two arrivals at Deniliquin in the closing pages; ‘2.45, p.m., on a cold winter day, nearly five months after the date of the events just recorded – or, to be precise, on the 3rd of June’ (TS 521); or ‘three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, six or eight weeks after the date of the events just recorded’ (RR 249).