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  1. Sep 2023
    1. if at all possible, you should send MIME attachments instead, unless you specifically strive to be able to communicate with the late 1980s.
    2. Back in the day, the de facto standard for sending binaries across electronic mail was uuencode. It still exists, but has numerous usability problems; if at all possible, you should send MIME attachments instead, unless you specifically strive to be able to communicate with the late 1980s.
  2. Aug 2023
    1. However, one crucial question remains that has not yet been settled, and it is not a technical, but a social or political question: with everybody locked-in, who is to act in which way to ensure the redirection of funds from the legacy system to the replacement solution, i.e. an open scholarly infrastructure?
  3. Jul 2023
    1. The way to do this with Capybara is documented on StackOverflow but, unfortunately, the answer there is buried in a little too much noise. I decided to create my own tiny noise-free blog post that contains the answer. Here it is:
  4. Jun 2023
    1. “So superior mechanically to other crowdsourced games, it was banned on Kickstarter and Gamefound!”
  5. Apr 2023
    1. “Trying to squeeze a few more drops of freedom from the rotting carcass of the industrial era is not going to help us abolish human nature.” (Sometimes, reading this book, one wishes for a conversation between Harrington and Ted Kaczynski.)

      I actually LOLed at this

    1. --ignore-unmerged When restoring files on the working tree from the index, do not abort the operation if there are unmerged entries and neither --ours, --theirs, --merge or --conflict is specified. Unmerged paths on the working tree are left alone. Holy smokes! I guess the git-ish fix for the user interface problem here will be to rename the option from --ignore-unmerged to --ignore-unmerged-except-in-cases-where-we-do-not-want-to-allow-that--consult-documentation-then-source-code-then-team-of-gurus-when-you-cannot-figure-it-out---and-wait-while-half-of-them-argue-about-why-it-is-right-as-is-while-the-other-half-advocate-adding-four-more-options-as-the-fix.
    1. When was the last time you got a 5x productivity boost from anything that didn’t involve some sort of chemicals?


  6. Mar 2023
  7. Feb 2023
    1. It used to be a lot more common for people to have work and personal phones before the internet made it possible for work to take over every aspect of your day to day life.
    1. At some point, somebody has to say “You know, maybe freeing Cthulhu from his watery prison is a bad idea. Maybe we should not do that.”

      Cabin in The Woods Movie Anyone? Who were the Gnostics that got that thing made?

    2. As always when dealing with high-level transhumanists, “all available hardware” should be taken to include “the atoms that used to be part of your body”.

      Ah good old computronium

    3. how do you profit from an enslaved philosopher?

      Funny QUestion

    4. Any human with above room temperature IQ can design a utopia.


    5. Every two-bit author and philosopher has to write their own utopia. Most of them are legitimately pretty nice. In fact, it’s a pretty good bet that two utopias that are polar opposites both sound better than our own world.

      Two opposite Utopias sound better than reality. That's quite a funny observation.

    1. It includes some nice HTML sanitizers, which are based on HTML5lib's safelist, so it most likely won't make your codes less secure. (These statements have not been evaluated by Netexperts.)
  8. Jan 2023
    1. Chérizier has denied that his nickname “Babekyou” (or “Barbecue”) came from accusations of his setting people on fire. Instead, he says it was from his mother's having been a fried chicken street vendor.

      This is one of those people that we need to make a movie about

    2. The job of a historian is to figure out what really happened, not to beat his political enemies over the head with tendentious, emotional, juvenile propaganda. Again, though—in 2023, it’s easy to see why someone might get that impression.


    1. In an episode of Seinfeld, Elaine’s favorite contraceptive stops being sold, and now for every potential lover she has to weigh in whether he is ‘spongeworthy’. An economics professor at Princeton wrote a paper on this, and it was actually published in Economic Inquiry (Dixit, 2012).

      Does that mean what I think it means?

      I read the paper, yes it does mean what I thought it meant.

    1. Every Bay Area person who has jogged past this plaque with their golden retriever, read it, and thought some happy thought about the Jalquin/Irgin (dollars to donuts that the Jalquin massacreed the Irgin at least more than once, presumably after much wrangling over whose brand sounded more like a birth-control pill), has figured out how to believe in blood-and-soil nationalism.


  9. Dec 2022
    1. I'm glad this isn't a lego set because it would cost you an arm, a leg, a nose, a kidney, your children, your siblings, your siblings-in-law, a boat, a lot of money, the London Borough of Haringey, the Eiffel Tower, your 1st cousins, a pool, Poole, a guy named Paul, Long Island, your life savings, nuclear launch codes, another lego set, thirteen domestic cats (Scottish Fold), most of your house, Birmingham, AL, your daily income, everyone who died in the Napoleonic Wars, $30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and £30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Angola, Namibia, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Canada, Cuba, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Georgia (country), Georgia (US state), every single person from Bosnia and Herzegovina and your time. Luckily, it doesn't.
    1. I have yet to see a Snapd or Flatpak build of Audacity that I'm happy with. Those builds are beyond our control as they are made by 3rd parties. I do find it mildly annoying that Flatpak direct users that have problems with their builds to us.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: the runaround?

    1. Indeed, but the proliferation of general purpose keyboards with OS/2 logo keys has never come to pass... I think most of the keys are either windoze or half-eaten apples...
  10. Nov 2022
    1. Well, actually, some ligatures do have legacy codes, but solely for backwards compatibility with outdated encodings from the long-gone, dark ages of eight-bit computing. E.g. f_f can have the U+FB00 LATIN SMALL LIGATURE FF code point. If ‘eight-bit’ does not tell you anything, please erase everything you read within these parentheses from your memory immediately, keep calm and continue reading.
    1. I know this is older but I'm surprised by the "Is redrawing 110K glyphs (with metrics and kerning and combining attributes and hinting) too hard?" I used to do typography. A plain, unoriginal typeface with 255 straightforward latin-# oriented letters is at least a couple days of work; probably a couple weeks; couple months for truly good work. 110K is the equivalent of 400+ faces with much harder metrics and such. 15,000 hours of work or drastically more; so at least 7 or so years. So, kinda hard.
  11. Oct 2022
    1. As a kid, I had cobbled together a version of “me” using parts from different sets, but it never looked exactly right (though I did have two lightsabers and a hoverboard, which is definitely just like the real me).
    1. I'm afraid you missed the joke ;-) While you believe spaces are required on both sides of an em dash, there is no consensus on this point. For example, most (but not all) American authorities say /no/ spaces should be used. That's the joke. In writing a line about "only one way to do it", I used a device (em dash) for which at least two ways to do it (with spaces, without spaces) are commonly used, neither of which is obvious -- and deliberately picked a third way just to rub it in. This will never change ;-)
  12. Sep 2022
    1. This latter pathway — cancelling someone — is the feminine version of the Male School Shooter


    1. OK, I am really, truly, for real working on this next week. Stay tuned... and feel free to mock me if I don't get anything done
    1. When we read EA literature we are struck by the same sense of wonder that the young Freud felt, when he thought he had discovered the cure for depression. It was actually just… cocaine.

      These are not political formulas but they are something

    2. Dude: please at least ask if your ideology of good is making you into, like, an asshole.

      Dam Vegans bro

    3. Third: as we’ll see, altruism is like meth. No one is questioning two facts: that you should clean your room, and that meth helps you clean your room. No one ever did their first hit of meth, or even their nth hit, with the goal of becoming a methhead. Nor does everyone who does meth become a methhead. Many people can chip meth!

      [Insert Jordan Peterson Meme Here]

    4. is it better to save a child in Laos, or wash your underwear—assuming that these have the same cost?


    1. In my former position as a university extension specialist, I would tell people the best time to seed is this fall. The second-best time to seed? Next fall…
    1.   high school kids vs. high-school kids (school kids on pot, or kids in high school)   one armed bandit vs. one-armed bandit (an armed bandit alone, or a bandit with one arm)   criminal law professors vs. criminal-law professors   small animal veterinarian vs. small-animal veterinarian   old boat dealer vs. old-boat dealer   bad weather report vs. bad-weather report   big business owner vs. big-business owner
  13. Aug 2022
    1. I feel very happy about them indeed because they take me to the destinations they promise (they're all nouns). Login doesn't take me to my login, which makes me sad. It does take me to a place where I can log in, however.
    1. oh I'm fine with defective verbs. I'm not fine with inconsistency, though. Make it "Signup and login", and make it that on every SE page everywhere ever, and you can countin me.
    1. "you can verb any noun". :) Though, comparing "ssh into a workstation" to "login to host.com", where "log in" exists, it's a bit like saying "entrance the building" when "enter the building" already works
  14. Jul 2022
  15. May 2022
    1. If “slow reading” is so liberating, why has every lit major with a Twitter feed written a thread about how they once loved big Russian novels such as Anna Karenina but now struggle to make it through lifestyle articles in the newspaper?


    1. If you had solved this any faster, it would have been in the past. Maybe going forward you can start helping us before we ask? vim-oracle plugin?
  16. Apr 2022
  17. Mar 2022
    1. One of a number of modern era movies where bank robbers wear funny faced masks. These films include 'Money Movers' (1980), 'BMX Bandits' (1983), 'Point Break' (1991) and 'Restless Natives' (1985).
  18. Feb 2022
    1. The only thing we observe is that my organism was subjected to acute stress.

      Yet ignored are side effects that escaped observation. Sleep-related memory loss may have contributed to this emphatic conclusion.

    1. Since factory_bot_rails automatically loads factory definitions as your application loads, writing a definition like this would cause another Daniel to get added to your database every time you start the server or open a console. I like Daniels and all, but there is a limit.
  19. Jan 2022
    1. The finding is supported by a related spike in face-lifts when elective surgeries opened last summer.

      Booming time to start a plastic surgeon affiliate marketing business targeted at frequent Zoom callers!

  20. Dec 2021
  21. www.kickstarter.com www.kickstarter.com
    1. A co-operative card game about assembling flat-pack furniture with your partner, and definitely not about your collapsing relationship.
  22. Nov 2021
  23. Sep 2021
    1. Question: Why a cable for a wireless keyboard? Answer: .noScriptDisplayLongText { display : none; } <style> .noScriptNotDisplayExpander { display : none; } .noScriptDisplayLongText { display : block; } </style> because it is not a wireless keyboard...
    1. The classic SPA example is a to-do list. But, you know what? I don't like to-do lists. They make me think about all the things I have to do, many of which I don't want to do.So why don't we make a To-Don't List app? That way we can list all the things we're not going to do. Ever.
    1. This sucks!I agree. Go complain on the Webpack issue tracker. They caused this.
  24. Aug 2021
    1. If width: 100% is your friend, then width: 100vw is the kid who only pretends to be your friend, so that he can swim in your pool. (I’ve never had a pool, but I know this kid exists from friends of mine who grew up with pools. Also, I am this kid)
    1. I really hope they keep breaking it. Being the lead on a library for several years, most of the forced refactors were pretty straight forward and in almost every case made our code either more sound or easier to be consumed. Now I work on a runtime that embeds TypeScript and 3.5.1 has broken some code, thought it took me all of about 15 minutes to make the changes to adopt it, and in every case, it broke because we were being a bit loose with the types. While it didn't find any bugs, it made the code more "safe".

      I really hope they keep breaking it.

    1. I'm often asked to give talks at conferences, from which I've inferred that I'm a pretty good speaker - which is ironic since I really hate giving talks.
  25. Jul 2021
    1. Have your wife stand on the handles of a bakers rolling pin, while you push and pull her around!


  26. Jun 2021
  27. May 2021
    1. In real life I ride a Ninja, the last in a line of many bikes over more than forty-five years. However, within this game I've apparently never ridden a sport bike. Or any motorcycle. Or a bicycle. Or watched people ride. Or walked upright. I'm playing with a Thrustmaster joystick, but frankly I might as well be controlling the bike with a Ouija board. If I can not hit a wall, it's a personal victory. Personal victories do not occur often. Instead of the feeling that I'm controlling an exquisitely balanced, steep fork angle sport bike, or even a full dress Harley with an enormously fat passenger and two flat tires, I feel like I'm controlling a rocket-powered lawnmower with several missing tires. Perhaps towing a couple trailers connected with springs. Dying fish don't flop around like me. In forty minutes I've not come close to anything resembling control, much less fun, and I've hit my limit on time I'm willing to throw at it. Wasted money for me; time to acknowledge my mistake, uninstall and get on with my life.
    1. Using unfinished software to build an app that will be seen by millions of people is a risk, and in general I don't recommend it. But it has enabled us to develop the app much faster, and has made the framework itself much stronger than it otherwise would be.
    1. Without links, the World Wide Web would be more appropriately called the World Wide Set Of Unrelated Pages, or, incidentally, WWSOUP.
    1. I used to pull stunts like this all the time as soon as tables came. Really ugly, and may seriously embarrass any validator you run it trough: overlapping table cells. Works in most browsers though and even without css.
    1. Anyway it's difficult to write too much about the game because it crashes on launch. Broken games don't get thumbs up. I have a dream that one day I'll play an indie game where they bothered testing it. Either way, don't buy broken games. Impossible to recommend.
  28. Apr 2021
    1. This game gives me anger issues when i can't complete a level. And doing that over and over again is not good for your health. If you like having anger issues get the game.
    1. Sustainable DistributionGavin uses an electric scooter to transport the games to the drop off points. He would use his electric bike but he is nervous of someone nicking it when He is in the post office. Gavin has a plant based diet. The diet reduces his carbon footprint and his emissions, which his wife is very happy about.
    2. Environmentally friendly factoriesGavin uses the Cubiko Games workshop ‘factory’. Yes, it is a bit cold in the winter but, hey, I built it myself. Transporting goods from the ‘factory’ is very economical, it is about 20 metres from the factory to Gavins house via the garden. The worker in the ‘factory’ (Gavin) is committed to looking after the environment and tries his best to use every piece of wood to the best of his ability. The working conditions are great. (Flexi-time, unlimited food and drink breaks). No child labour. (Samuel sometimes ventures into the factory but we don’t put him to work).
    1. Bugs The man page is longer than the program.

      I assume "the program" is referring to this file:


      , which compared to the source for man page, is in fact much smaller (about 1/2 the length).

    1. Dry humor is a delivery technique. As such, it shouldn't be confused with specific types of humor or with sarcasm. Sarcasm is delivered without humor because it's generally not funny but intended to mock or convey contempt. Dry humor pertains to something funny.
    1. Certainly, if for some reason Python doesn't suit you either you can install, let us say, PHP language. Well, I think you realize that the searching of suitable solution can go on for a long time and may be only MS Visual Basic will be lacking in the list of results. So, I believe the time has already approached to put it all aside and come to to the Point.
    1. If you'll sell it in the U.S. for less than 3948098 dollars, I'll pre-order. I've been wanting this game for quite a long time.I've got a copy of Fjords, I guess I should list it on the marketplace for 3948097 dollars.Only if you want to get rid of it for such a ridiculously low price!
    1. If you want to know how your Parents/Grandparents raced before you are born or if you just want to make a travel back to good old Times before you got Children then this is absolutly for you.
    1. Use a Bobcat to smooth a lawn that mirrors a minefield Though a bit pricey to hire, a Bobcat is perhaps the best weapon to deploy on a large, groove-ridden yard (the type resembling a battlefield).
    1. Playing the game reminds me of when Han Solo has to maneuver in an asteroid field and C3PO says "Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1!"
    1. I'll tell you my intention right away, because the language difference between us may offend you. For those things I don't understand, I apologize in advance (if you don't need my apology and feel that my apology is offensive to you, I firmly withdraw my apology).
  29. Mar 2021
    1. To the consternation of some users, 3.x employed Unicode variable names such as λ, φ, τ and π for a concise representation of mathematical operations. A downside of this approach was that a SyntaxError would occur if you loaded the non-minified D3 using ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8. 3.x also used Unicode string literals, such as the SI-prefix µ for 1e-6. 4.0 uses only ASCII variable names and ASCII string literals (see rollup-plugin-ascii), avoiding encoding problems.
    1. Spending an hour digging through bins in a record store is one of my favorite ways to clear my head. And then spend too much money.
    2. Designing and writing code get me money so I can have food so they get a lot of my attention.
    3. I get asked a lot which I want to do more; design or write code? I answer, “yes.”
    1. Why Kickstarter? Where else am I going to get the money to manufacture my game? No seriously, if you have a better place I can get this kind of money, please send me a message and I will do that immediately.
    2. Here is a pic of me "hard at work" (aka pretending to work while getting photographed)
    1. This is my absolute favorite feature ever and the official reason for (re-)writing Trailblazer 2.1. It makes me happy every time I use it.
    1. Using this interface empowers you to fully take control of the flow™.
    2. Do not fear those syntactical finesses unfamiliar to you, young padawan.
    1. If you get this game for some reason, it's worth mucking around in for 20 minutes or so, but you probably shouldn't buy this on purpose.
  30. Feb 2021
    1. Apologies: it's hyperbole. The parent site has a bunch of "spend x to get one of y Steam games" deals, which is what I was referring to. it was not meant literally. Just an attempt to build common ground with the poster who was talking about gambling and fomo.I thought they were referencing the larger site, so I wanted to acknowledge that so I didn't come off as dismissive of their concerns.Which turned out to be entirely separate concerns! Obviating the reason for the comment in the first place.Anyway, sorry for the short novel. But that's the danger of pithy one-liners: assumed context for the poster can be entirely lost in translation.Thanks for coming to my public apology press release?
    1. step :charge_creditcard, Output(:failure) => End(:success) end This reconnects both outputs to the same end, always ending in a - desirable, yet unrealistic - successful state.
    1. So, whenever you hear the medieval argument “Trailblazer is just a nasty DSL!”, forgive your opponent, you now know better. The entire framework is based on small, clean Ruby structures that can be executed programmatically.
    2. To tell you the truth, the new tracing feature was the original reason why I decided to write 2.1 and make you sit and wait in agony for years. Nevertheless, tracing is simply blowing my mind. I can’t count how many hours and angering rushs of adrenaline I’ve saved since the introduction of the wtf? method and its helpful higher-level stack trace.
    3. To make it short: we returned to the Rails Way™, lowering our heads in shame, and adhere to the Rails file and class naming structure for operations.
    1. If you ask my former students, they will tell you that as a teacher, my goal is to do nothing. I dream of the day when I can sit at my desk, feet propped up, reading a book, while the classroom bursts with activity and learning around me.
    1. The golden standard I suppose is set by the rhyme: There is a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. Of course, fixing it requires the use of the bucket at some stage, and so the loop closes.
    1. Some people believed I argued that object orientation is bad simply because extends has problems, as if the two concepts are equivalent. That's certainly not what I thought I said, so let me clarify some meta-issues.

      first sighting: meta-issue 

    1. {'good': ['API objects', 'structured data', 'data sources', 'filtering and operations'],'improvement areas for v2': ['AWS deployment images too small', 'not setting up the data sources in aws that it talked up','not enough numpy','no deep learning yo','drop or shorten up the kitchen analogy, we get what distributed computing is'],'realization: "out of the box functionality won't be much help for real life... have to get weird w delayed objects"}