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    1. "We should try to find a replacement for omgwtfssl, which is currently used to generate self-signed certificates. The name is inappropriate and unprofessional."
  2. Oct 2020
    1. I see this all around me. People are fixated on careers, hobbies (FOMO), spread thin by family obligations and errands. The truth is, happiness does not derive from these things. This "busyness" is an invention. Life is simple, and happiness actually derives from having cats.

      Why life can't be simpler? :D

    1. Pony pureness, really? While polyfills are naughty, ponyfills are pure, just like ponies.
    1. For years, I’ve shared with friends and clients what I call the bunny theory of code. The theory is that code multiplies when you’re not looking, not unlike bunnies that tend to multiply when you’re not looking.
  3. Sep 2020
    1. Spending more time looking for a solution rather than thinking about it.

      Stack Overflow Antipattern:

      1. Encounter a problem you can’t immediately solve
      2. Google the problem
      3. Find a seemingly-satisfying solution (usually on Stack Overflow)
      4. Copy-paste the solution and test it out
      5. If it works, move on; otherwise, go back to step 2.
    1. I mean, it's not that bad and it's certainly not much of a runtime cost (especially since it'd only affect components which actually use it -- thanks disappearing framework!).

      "disappearing framework"

    2. I haven't actually tested this yet, but I feel like there's a good 60% chance it might work
    1. We all got excited and impatient as the time drew near for the appearance of this renowned and capable character.

      I love how, on only Mr. Franklin's word, Betteredge goes straight into hyperbole.

    2. When my spirits are bad–Robinson Crusoe. When I want advice–Robinson Crusoe. In past times when my wife plagued me; in present times when I have had a drop too much–Robinson Crusoe. I have worn out six stout Robinson Crusoes with hard work in my service. On my lady’s last birthday she gave me a seventh. I took a drop too much on the strength of it; and Robinson Crusoe put me right again. Price four shillings and sixpence, bound in blue, with a picture into the bargain.

      This is funny! I wonder how this mans obsession will pay off, and whether or not you would have had to read Robinson Crusoe, or been an English citizen in the 19th century to 'get the joke.'

    1. And because it's real CSS, rather than some camelCased quotes-everywhere impostor, we can take advantage of the 'tweak in devtools, paste back into our source code' workflow, which I personally couldn't live without.
    2. It gets worse when you're working on a team. No-one dares touch styles authored by someone else, because it's often unclear what they're doing, what markup they apply to, and what disasters will unfold if you remove them. The consequence of all this is the append-only stylesheet. There's no way of knowing which code can safely be removed, so it's common to undo some existing style with another, more specific style — even on relatively small projects.
    1. If you copy an entire article from this site and republish it on your own site like you wrote it, that’s a little uncool. I won’t be mad at you for stealing, I just think you’re better than that and want to see you do better. I’m not going to come after you though. I’d rather play ball with my dog. The only time I’ll be mad at you is if you go out of your way to try and hurt me somehow. And again I probably won’t even be mad, just sad. Unless I’m having a bad day too, in which case I apologize in advance for my snarky replies.
    1. I’ve seen some version of this conversation happen more times than I can remember. And someone will always say ‘it’s because you’re too used to thinking in the old way, you just need to start thinking in hooks’.

      But after seeing a lot of really bad hooks code, I’m starting to think it’s not that simple — that there’s something deeper going on.

    1. Draw the rest of the owl

      Alluding to connect-the-dot or similar "learning drawing" pictures for kids...

    1. Severity Umm going to be honest, I like this bug, because it actually makes my live search function work a bit better, but hey, I'm an honest guy.
    1. It turns out that during a meeting, he asked them how long it would take to remove staff cars from the lot and start digging the first hole for the Boring Company tunnel. The answer: two weeks. Musk asked why, and when he gathered the necessary information, he concluded, “Let’s get started today and see what’s the biggest hole we can dig between now and Sunday afternoon, running 24 hours a day.” Within three hours, the cars were gone and there was a hole in the ground.

      The way Elon Musks motivates his employees

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    1. if British Army gunners are doing a countdown before making something go bang, they actually leave out Five in case anyone mishears it as “Fire”.
  6. Jun 2020
    1. Once you possess the power to circumvent limitations, to control things most people consider immutable, you're liberated from the tyranny of events. You're no longer an observer; you're in command. You've become a hacker.

      gotta laugh at the way this is phrased

  7. May 2020
    1. The AWS interface looks like it was designed by a lonesome alien living in an asteroid who once saw a documentary about humans clicking with a mouse. It is confusing, counterintuitive, messy and extremely overcrowded.


    1. But good copywriting starts with listening to your clients and stealing their words.Yes, that’s it. Stealing.
    1. Frequently Asked Questions What's this? It's a free game from your friends at Humble Bundle! Are you sure it isn't a mistake? It's not a mistake. Some companies spend money on Super Bowl ads or billboards. We'd rather spend it supporting game developers and getting you an awesome game for free. But there has to be a catch, right? No catch! The game is yours to keep and play forever. Just be sure to redeem your free game before the expiration time. What about the developers? Are they getting paid? Of course! We work closely with developers to bring you free games. They 100% approve, and are happy for you to play their game! Sounds good! Is there anything I can do to repay such kindness? Sure! You can keep scrolling down this page to check out some of the other deals we're offering. Interesting, do you have any specific recommendations? Glad you asked. We're excited about all the deals we offer, but Humble Choice is a favorite. For only $19.99/month, you get over $200 in total value. Does all of this actually work? If we squint at a spreadsheet, fudge some numbers, and add some hope, it sort of makes sense. But it really helps if you buy something eventually, so we can keep justifying throwing away all this money on getting you free games.
  8. Apr 2020
    1. Take a moment to consider the alternative. No, not the IT department's fantasy world, that never-gonna-happen scenario where you create a strong, unique password for every account, memorize each one, and refresh them every few months. We both know it's not like that. The reality is that in your attempts to handle all those passwords yourself, you will commit the cardinal sin of reusing some. That is actually far more risky than using a password manager. If a single site that uses this password falls, every account that uses it is compromised.
    1. Being a software development team now involves all team members performing a mysterious ritual of standing up together for 15 minutes in the morning and drawing occult symbols with post-its.

      In comparison to 20 years ago ;)

    1. Q. I would like a copy of my data from a breach, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I have a breach I would like to give you in exchange for “your” breach, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I’m a security researcher who wants to do some analysis on the breach, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I’m making a searchable database of breaches; can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot Q. I have another reason for wanting the data not already covered above, can you please send it to me? A. No, I cannot
    1. This is probably up there with the top most bad-ass flags on Earth. Sporting their national symbol, Druk the Thunder Dragon, and the colors of Tibetan Buddhism, this is a flag no collection should be without! Bhutan is also the world’s happiest nation! And it’s obvious why…their national symbol is a Thunder Dragon named Druk!
    1. “What other framework has integrated support for 786 TRY IT NOW ?”

      I couldn't find documentation of what this is referring to. Is it a custom HTTP status code?

      https://falcon.readthedocs.io/en/stable/api/status.html mentions

      HTTP status line, e.g. ‘748 Confounded by Ponies’. but not 786.

    1. It might be contrary to traditional thinking, but writing unique passwords down in a book and keeping them inside your physically locked house is a damn sight better than reusing the same one all over the web. Just think about it - you go from your "threat actors" (people wanting to get their hands on your accounts) being anyone with an internet connection and the ability to download a broadly circulating list Collection #1, to people who can break into your house - and they want your TV, not your notebook!
  9. Mar 2020
    1. It is extremely broad, requesting answerers to implement an entire system ("I want to build a Facebook, but for dogs") or write a textbook ("Can someone explain functional programming, and concurrency, and asymptotic notation and also three other questions on my test before tomorrow?") or both ("I'm new to programming, and want to write my own operating system on x64 - where should I start?").
    1. Q. Why does Rubinius report the Ruby version as 10.0? A. Rubinius is a time machine. When you use it, you travel into the future. Even this README is in the future.
    1. Because it's easier for Indiana Jones to recover the Sankara Stones than for someone with an idea for an App to find a decent App developer.  And because we wanted to finally have a place to send friends and clients who constantly ask for our help in finding developers. Yeah, we know there are more than 140,000 iPhone applications out there already, so not everyone is struggling to find a developer. But believe us, the demand outweights the supply. Hence, this site.
    1. This site was built using only non-GMO, farm-to-table HTML.
    1. People are more willing to accept information from people they do not know and not accept I formation from people that they know. I often here this in the consulting world under the definition of who is an expert, “am expert is someone from at least 50 miles away.” It is just a crazy dynamic.




    1. Leg.

      Just kidding. This is an AWESOME video! Very funny and wonderfully simple animation :)

    1. Our languages are filled with slang and idioms that make no literal sense. If you were to try to tell a non-native English speaker to hold their horses, there’s a good chance they’ll look at you like your head is on backwards.Similarly, you’d probably be confused if a French person told you that they had the cockroach. But that just means that they were feeling depressed.
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    1. In my opinion the reason most people fail to do great research is that they are not willing to pay the price in self-development. Say some new field opens up that combines field XXX and field YYY. Researchers from each of these fields flock to the new field. My experience is that virtually none of the researchers in either field will systematically learn the other field in any sort of depth. The few who do put in this effort often achieve spectacular results.

      I think we all know that...

    1. People don’t walk around with anti-résumés telling you what they have not studied or experienced (it’s the job of their competitors to do that), but it would be nice if they did.
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    1. When a user encounters a bug they look like this: 🤬Bugs grind work to a halt.Bugs cause financial harm.Every single time a bug is encountered, user trust erodes.Bugs are bad.
  14. Oct 2019
    1. “the object of any of our senses, and no image can properly be made of it, yet because it has a relation to quantity, and we can say a greater or less space of time, it admits of a natural and easy representation in our minds by the idea of a measurable space, and particularly that of a LINE.”1

      I never really thought about the creation of the timeline

  15. Apr 2019
    1. “But beyond the pleasure of Dreyer’s prose and authorial tone, I think there is something else at play with the popularity of his book,” he explained. “To put it as simply as possible, the man cares, and we need people who care right now.”

      I believe that the main reason why Benjamin Dreyer's Dreyer's English: an Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style is so well-read, is that he's funny.

      The humor is dry as a paper board, for example:

      The NSA may be reading your emails and texts, but I’m not. If you prefer “Hi John” to “Hi, John,” you go right ahead.


      For the sake of clarity, we use hyphens to helpfully link up a pair or passel of words preceding and modifying a noun, as in: first-rate movie fifth-floor apartment middle-class morality nasty-looking restaurant all-you-can-eat buffet However, convention (a.k.a. tradition, a.k.a. consensus, a.k.a. it’s simply how it’s done, so don’t argue with it) allows for exceptions in some cases in which a misreading is unlikely, as in, say: real estate agent high school students And though you may, now that you’re staring at these constructions, wonder worryingly about the reality of that estate agent or the sobriety of those school students, I’d urge you to stop staring and move on. (Staring at words is always a bad idea. Stare at the word “the” for more than ten seconds and reality begins to recede.)

      Another thing, Dreyer is both funny and witty. Here's a bonus example of this:

      As a lexicographer friend once confided over sushi, the dictionary takes its cues from use: If writers don’t change things, the dictionary doesn’t change things. If you want your best-seller to be a bestseller, you have to help make that happen. If you want to play videogames rather than video games, go for it. I hope that makes you feel powerful. It should.

  16. Mar 2019
  17. Dec 2018
    1. a disgraced Google engineer filed a lawsuit claiming white conservative men are the true victims of Silicon Valley.

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa funny joke.

  18. Oct 2017
    1. know, someday these scientists are gonna invent something that will outsmart a rabbit —Bugs Bunny Hewwo! Acme Pest Contwol? Weww I have a pest I want contwolled. —Elmer Fudd

      I like how the chapeter begins with something witty like this because then it grabs the readers attention and allows them to want to continue to keep reading.

  19. Jan 2017
  20. Oct 2016
    1. Narodha means control; there is no other English word for it. Control doesn't mean suppression, but channeling or regulating."

      First he explicitly states that there is only one word to translate 'Narodha', and in the very next sentence he contradicts himself.

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    1. In desperation people reach for the sledgehammer; if their kids won't listen to them, maybe they'll listen to God.
  23. Sep 2015
    1. The New Yorker Store

      Who wants to go shopping?! :D

    2. Trump and Obama: A Night to Remember

      Oh man, what could've possibly happened?!

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