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    1. Your having said "Friends of the Library" makes me think that your set likely isn't actually ex-Library (reference or otherwise), but likely was privately owned and donated directly to the library or their friends, who then sold them to raise money for the library itself. This is a common pattern in libraries across America and explains how you've gotten such a pristine copy.

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    1. A grantmaking process that would solicit and receive proposals to expand the existing universe of open source software that implements or works with the Open Annotation specification

      Is The Fund still funded? How about a new module for educators...a new button on the Hypothes.is UI, that taps into emerging shared knowledge repositories.

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    1. Why Kickstarter? Where else am I going to get the money to manufacture my game? No seriously, if you have a better place I can get this kind of money, please send me a message and I will do that immediately.
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    1. Hi, reader in the U.S, it seems you use Wikipedia a lot; that's great! This is the 4th appeal we've shown you.
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    1. Donor Dashboard

      Funding Axanar<br> Ares Digital 3.0 is critical for Alec Peters' effort to raise at least $200,000 to produce the long-promised Axanar short films.

      Barred from public crowdfunding by the settlement in Star Trek’s copyright lawsuit against Axanar, Peters is depending on Ares Digital to raise the quarter-million dollars he estimates Axanar will cost.

    2. complete next year

      Unsubstantiated Promise Peters has been promising the Axanar short films each year since 2017. As of 2 July 2019 he did not have the money to produce the movie.

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    1. In most universities, alumni relations is a function that is kept distinct from academics and has fund-raising as its primary focus. For alumni/lifelong learners to become an integral part of a university community, we need to better integrate them with all parts of the university.

      This is an immense challenge. Not an unsolvable one. There's a very tricky balance to be struck between encouraging in-kind donations without accidentally decreasing in-cash donations. (The sky is not the limit; there's some maximum amount of combined time and money that donors will donate. But in fairness, most donors are not at that level yet...)

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