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  1. May 2021
  2. Aug 2019
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      2/3 of Red River Settlement is under Episcopal influence, and David Aitkins believes the Hudson Bay Dept would favor and help to establish a mission

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      Red River Settlement as two Episcopal Missionaries: M Jones (who is a wolohuan (Man of Talents) and chaplain for the Hudson Bay Company) and M Cochran

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      Red River Settlement is at least 60 miles expanding across the River

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      the Red River Settlement according to Mesers Aitkins: 3-4,000 residents, including 1 bishop and 2 priests

  3. Jul 2019
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      Barred from public crowdfunding by the settlement in Star Trek’s copyright lawsuit against Axanar, Peters is depending on Ares Digital to raise the quarter-million dollars he estimates Axanar will cost.