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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Back at Wood’s home, his granddaughter hopes to own a house someday, likely a year after her baby is born. Wood says he and his wife would help her look for places and pitch in on the down payment if needed. Such family support might be the only way out of doubling up for many in Utah

      Many are not able to afford a house without family support, that is if family support is an option.

  2. Apr 2019
    1. All of us, but especially children, need … confidence that others will know, affirm, and cherish us. Without that we can’t develop a sense of agency that will enable us to assert: “This is what I believe in; this is what I stand for; this is what I will devote myself to.” As long as we feel safely held in the hearts and minds of the people who love us, we will climb mountains and cross deserts and stay up all night to finish projects. Children and adults will do anything for people they trust and whose opinion they value. But if we feel abandoned, worthless, or invisible, nothing seems to matter. Fear destroys curiosity and playfulness. In order to have a healthy society we must raise children who can safely play and learn. There can be no growth without curiosity and no adaptability without being able to explore, through trial and error, who you are and what matters to you.
    2. Securely attached kids learn the difference between situations they can control and situations where they need help. They learn that they can play an active role when faced with difficult situations. In contrast, children with histories of abuse and neglect learn that their terror, pleading, and crying do not register with their caregiver. Nothing they can do or say stops the beating or brings attention and help. In effect they’re being conditioned to give up when they face challenges later in life.
    3. Social support is not the same as merely being in the presence of others. The critical issue is reciprocity: being truly heard and seen by the people around us, feeling that we are held in someone else’s mind and heart. For our physiology to calm down, heal, and grow we need a visceral feeling of safety. No doctor can write a prescription for friendship and love: These are complex and hard-earned capacities. You don’t need a history of trauma to feel self-conscious and even panicked at a party with strangers — but trauma can turn the whole world into a gathering of aliens.
  3. Mar 2019
    1. I want to do what...

      Really cool way to filter posts by using a common language sentence. I want to. . . teach. . . in blended mode. . .etc

    1. It is rather unclear what the purpose of the paper is as the author continues to discuss or mention other sources' viewpoints about the problem and not his own. There is basically no argument whatsoever in the article.

    1. We’ve chosen to keep highlights private to avoid pages being cluttered by highlights that have no surrounding discussion.
    1. This plain page incorporates an overview of job aids by Allison Rossett, who is the foremost authority on the topic. Not all information is given away for free as she wants to sell her books, which are also promoted on the page. This page can be a good way of tracking her current work. Rating 3/5

  4. Jan 2019
  5. Dec 2018
    1. Fidoace is a liver support supplement for dogs. It not only helpful for dog’s liver but also develop a resistance to fight against wide range of dog diseases. It is helpful in improving digestion and liver function in dog and cat.

  6. Nov 2018
    1. Individuals are most creative when provided space to follow their interests without sanction, when support and guidance are readily available, and when social community is fostered.

      "Support and guidance" is tricky. They're not binaries that are or are not available; they're large matrices of forms and degrees.

  7. Jul 2018
    1. We’ve run into roadblocks, and people really appreciate hearing about them because for the most part they’re running into the same issues
    1. My confidence also has come from the people I’ve surrounded myself with. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of honors programs in schools and worked in engineering and coding programs. I’ve also been a part of so many communities that are all full of determined, articulate, well-educated people who want to support each other and learn from each other. Because of that, I have grown to absorb some of those qualities myself.
    2. It creates more of a community because you get closer to someone once you’ve spent a solid 24 hours working with them. It’s definitely experience to be had.
  8. May 2018
    1. C. Gopinath and themembers of Cividep, who have been working with garment workers,and Sister Celia, who was instrumental in forming the first tradeunion of domestic workers in the country

      Garment workers and work being done with them for Min. Wages

    1. When the patient is unwilling or unable to make medical decisions, the health care proxy is activated and he or she is obligated to make all health choices on behalf of the patient. These may be related to withdrawing or withholding life support, instituting artificial liquid feeding, attempting resuscitation and even whether or not to participate in autopsy and organ donation.

      Any decisions regarding the care and body of the patient are headed over to their health proxy, who assumes any medical decision making responsibilities from there.

  9. Apr 2018
    1. The school additionally offered multiple programs that both supported students in the college application process and helped educate parents about the process.

      There was no mention of such programs at Capital. Did they not exist, I wonder? Or just not exist for the kids in the study?

  10. Sep 2017
    1. weak ties in our digital connections or networks,

      Are weak ties now more important than strong ties for seeking and finding social support? I am thinking of discussion boards/forums.

    1. A support for the second model (Fig. 6C) comes from theobservation that the abnormal ovules of the inner-no-outer(ino)mutants are defective in the final stages of pollen tube guidance(Baker et al., 1997).
  11. Jun 2017
  12. Apr 2017
    1. Have organizations that I have been a part of supported Common Core? Of course. But that’s not my position.

      The possible origin of why some sites report she supports Common Core.

    1. Based on Department of Homeland Security estimates, Trump’s proposed wall will cost nearly $22 billion, span 1,250 miles, and take more than three years to build.
    1. This is backed up by NewScientist.com:

      adding quotation for further strengthening of claim and support

    2. President Obama, Governor Chris Christie, and other public officials

      authority of source

  13. Mar 2017
    1. la condition des conditions du medium

      on retrouve le protocole de Galloway, pensé comme «l'architecture de l'architecture des objets»

  14. Oct 2016
  15. May 2016
    1. Then, as the Sun of Know-ing begins to rise on the horizon of your consciousness;Then, will you feel the swell of a wondrous strange Breath filling you to the extreme of all yourmortal members, causing your senses almost to burst with the ecstasy of it; then, will there comesurge after surge of a mighty, resistless Power rising within you, lifting you almost off the Earth;then, will you feel within the Glory, the Holiness, the Majesty of My Presence;And then, then you will KNOW, I AM, God.You, -- when you have felt Me thus in such moments within, when you have tasted of MyPower, hearkened to My Wisdom, and know the ecstasy of My all-embracing Love, -- no diseasecan touch, no circumstance can weaken, no enemy can conquer you. For now you KNOW I AMwithin, and you always hereafter will turn to Me in your need, putting all your trust in Me, andallowing Me to manifest My Will.You, when you turn thus to Me, will always find Me an unfailing and ever present help in timeof need; for I will so fill you with a Realization of My Presence and of My Power, that you needonly Be Still and allow Me to do whatever you want done -- heal your ills and those of others,illumine your mind so you can see with My eyes the Truth you seek, or perform perfectly thetasks which before seemed almost impossible of accomplishmen

      To come to truly Know that God is within me, to Know it as a felt Reality............ And in all and every circumstances turn within to Me... turn to God and trust that support will unfailing...

  16. Apr 2016
    1. And yet, in the past five years, the 15 acres of open space have seen plenty of activity. In that time, more than half a dozen farmers have put their hands to a plow in an ill-fated attempt at organic farming. Only one of them is still standing. The same fate of those failed farmers has been repeated all across the county under an agricultural program meant to encourage and support organic farming by providing nearly $1 million in capital expenditures, temporary lease rate reductions, organic certification assistance, weed maintenance and farmer education courses.
    2. According to surveys from the United States Department of Agriculture, organic acreage declined nationally by 10.8 percent from 2008 (4.1 million acres) to 2014 (3.7 million acres). Colorado saw larger declines of 34 percent during that same time, from 153,981 acres in 2008 to 115,116 acres in 2014. A number of reasons have been cited by different experts and farmers, including the recession and a change in USDA methodology that counts fewer growers as organic since many small operations do not pursue certification. The most commonly cited reason is cost: The resource-intense nature of production eats away at profit margins and makes organic less attractive during a time of high conventional profits. "The incentive to grow organically wasn't enough as conventional grown commodities were priced at very profitable levels" during that time, said Bill Meyer, director of the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service mountain region.
  17. Feb 2016
    1. With prompting and support,

      The idea of prompting and supporting students is crucial to teaching. For prompting, a teacher might ask the whole class, calling on students raising their hands in the group or walking around to individual students to assess their knowledge.

      For support, a teacher might provide a graphic organizer for a story and events, word banks, helpful hints, fill in the blanks, highlighting key words or verbal support with encouraging language. The obvious support would be reading the story aloud or to an individual student.

    1. by adding a line of JavaScript

      Which I did on a Jekyll site, hosted on github-pages.

      Everything works fine except when consulting the annotation on hypothes.is/a/xxxxxx, then the back-link to the annotated page is corrupted, with something like : ''domain.com/http://domain.com/post''

      Any help please ?

  18. Jan 2016
    1. Bring me with you wherever you go. Remain actively in touch with me at all times, whether you are relaying what I am saying or just silently speaking with me. Use me to reflect back to you the Reality that you are in the middle of, and Which it is your Birthright to be experiencing truly without my help. I do not mind if you say, “Are you there?” I will say, “Yes.” And, if over the course of a half an hour you ask me that thirty times, it is all right, because if you are asking me if I am there and I say, “Yes,” you are having the conscious experience of being there also, even though the fullness of it may not be registering with you.

      This feel encouraging and supportive, Raj is encouraging Paul to check in, to ask...

  19. Dec 2015
  20. Oct 2015
    1. 6 But friendship can also form a kind of moral community, whose power should not be underestimated in its reach- ing across.

      If you have a strong enough support system pushing for the same goals (and influenced and tied together by similar morals), you can do anything

    1. RAJ: I am helping, Paul. In fact, you are getting a wonderful amount of help. You might simply be aware that you are surrounded by Love. It is supporting you in letting go, and in not being concerned or afraid.

      We have a lot of support on the Journey

  21. Apr 2015
  22. Dec 2014
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