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  1. Aug 2020
    1. Feldmann, A., Gasser, O., Lichtblau, F., Pujol, E., Poese, I., Dietzel, C., Wagner, D., Wichtlhuber, M., Tapiador, J., Vallina-Rodriguez, N., Hohlfeld, O., & Smaragdakis, G. (2020). The Lockdown Effect: Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Internet Traffic. ArXiv:2008.10959 [Cs]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2008.10959

  2. Jul 2020
  3. Jun 2020
  4. May 2020
    1. kerja remote itu nggak ada templatenya

      Harus mencoba mencari cara yang cocok untuk diri sendiri, bereksperimen dan tingkatkan. Iterasi.

  5. Mar 2020
  6. Oct 2017
    1. We are in a moment when telecommuting seems to be falling out of favor. The conventional wisdom about remote work is shifting.  Once held up as the future of work, telecommuting is now viewed as antithetical to the needs of today’s agile organizations.

      Not sure this is a wide-ranging trend.

  7. Jul 2017
    1. Employees under 35 prefer office life to remote working

      According to a recent survey, the younger generation prefer working from the office to remote working, unlike baby boomers, who would rather work from home.