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  1. Dec 2015
    1. Guide to freelancing from Due, an online invoicing and time-tracking company. They also have guides for programmers, designers, consultants, photographers, and payroll.

    1. Huge follower counts on YouTube and social media DO NOT easily translate to income. And those followers expect you to be "real" -- so they are hostile to advertising and sponsored content.

      Do you own a business? It might pay to offer a salary to the producers of a YouTube channel that reaches your target audience -- in exchange for low-profile "brought to you by" links and mentions that won't offend that audience.

      https://twitter.com/JBUshow<br> https://twitter.com/gabydunn

    1. (With the possible exception of legitimate charity nonprofit organizations) Never work "for exposure", and never work cheap. If you're going to work free, then work for yourself, doing what you want to do, how you want to do it.