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    1. According to The Center for Educational Policy Research at Harvard University (2015), “[The] structural separation, in which teachers develop their skills primarily through individual trial and error rather than through observation and collaboration with others, has been a major barrier to improving instruction.” Video-based coaching serves as a structure to foster personal reflection and growth by allowing teachers the opportunity to see their practice, and share it with others, in a safe, supported way.

      Video Based Coaching is a high-leverage learning practice used by instructors to engage conversation. Observation and collaboration is a structure to scaffold personal reflection into personal growth and shared understanding. Used as a component of a professional development plan, VBC enhances participant exchange during coaching and feedback sessions. Rating 8/10

    1. 1. The Omniscience Flaw:Reflection in practice requires teachers to effectively address whatever provokes them in the moment, yet sometimes the challenges that require action are not the ones teachers see or hear. For example, while working with a small group or helping an individual student, teachers may miss off-task students in other corners of the classroom. To maximize reflection in practice, teachers need extraordinary, all-knowing powers. While many teachers have superhero-like qualities, omniscience is not one of them.2. The Symptom-Treatment Flaw:Another inadequacy of situational thinking is that it does not provide time for the consideration of root causes. Because teachers must react in the moment, the critical pause required to conduct an “act of search or investigation” is not possible (Dewey, 1910).3. The Recollection Flaw:Reflection on practice relies on the accuracy of memory. Educators must recall the details of prior lessons to maximize their diagnosis, but those details often fade in memory. Reflection is best when specific, yet memory can only deliver an adumbrated version of what happened in any given hour.

      Structured self-reflection play an important role in self reflection. The three common flaws in self-reflection allow instructors to analyze specific challenges. Using this method of analysis offers teachers the opportunity for self-reflection and correction. Rating: 8/10

    1. The flipped meeting — pioneered by innovative companies like Amazon and LinkedIn, and built on the model of the flipped classroom that has been rolled out in universities across the country and around the world.  Flipping your meetings can help you win back time wasted in meetings, ensure that every meeting you attend is productive, and empower your teams to collaboratively make smarter, timelier decisions. See how, in our complete guide to flipping your meetings.
    1. But there is an alternative. The “flipped meeting” approach is revolutionary in its simplicity: Share the informational presentation before the meeting so participants are fully informed up front Focus the meeting on making decisions, opening discussion, and getting work done in the meeting, not afterwards This handbook includes a guide to developing a flipped meeting culture in your organization, including: Pre-meeting communication and information sharing needs In-meeting group management and best practices Ideas for using video to make flipped meetings more efficient Flipping your meetings can help you win back time wasted in meetings, ensure that every meeting you attend is productive, and empower your teams to collaboratively make smarter, timelier decisions.

      Flipped meeting solves for the unengaging long lecture.

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    1. Si depuis sa conception même, des visions divergentes de la laïcité s’affrontent, nous devons nous en tenir ici à la laïcité telle qu’elle est définie par les textes juridiques et telle qu’elle est reprise par notre Constitution. Une laïcité qui n’a pas besoin d’être «adjectivée»

      Témoignage de Laïcité JL Bianco - Observatoire de la laïcité MOOC CNFPT

    1. Centre national de la fonction publique territoriale1MOOC «Les clés de la laïcité –Le rôle des collectivités territoriales

      L'espace administratif -Les bâtiments et emplacements publics vidéo

    1. MOOC «Les clés de la laïcité –Le rôle des collectivités territoriales

      Définition des différents espaces de vie et application du principe de laïcité vidéo

      • L'espace privé
      • L'espace administratif
      • L'espace social
      • L'espace partagé
    1. YouTube doesn’t give an exact recipe for virality. But in the race to one billion hours, a formula emerged: Outrage equals attention.

      Talk radio has had this formula for years and they've almost had to use it to drive any listenership as people left radio for television and other media.

      I can still remember the different "loudness" level of talk between Bill O'Reilly's primetime show on Fox News and the louder level on his radio show.

    1. The net result is that in gaming, clever new interface ideas can be distinguishing features which become a game’s primary advantage in the marketplace.

      Innovation in the video game industry helps it solve the public goods problem. Tweaking the economics helps the high upfront development cost be recouped.

    1. Génération écrans, génération malade ? | ARTE

      Omniprésents dans le quotidien, les écrans représentent un défi inédit pour le cerveau, surtout chez les enfants et les adolescents. Faut-il en avoir peur ? Tour d’horizon des dernières découvertes scientifiques en la matière, avec le témoignages de spécialistes en neurosciences et addictologie, de médecins psychiatres comme Serge Tisseron, mais aussi de jeunes ados "gamers".

      Avant d’avoir l’âge d’entrer à l’école, en Chine comme en Occident, un enfant passerait jusqu'à six heures par jour devant un écran. En consultation, les pédiatres remarquent chez les tout-petits exposés à la télévision, au smartphone ou encore à la tablette des troubles du comportement et de l’apprentissage tels une intolérance à la frustration et un rejet des limites, mais aussi un retard de langage. À l’adolescence, période clé pour le développement du cerveau, les pratiques numériques se multiplient avec l’utilisation massive des réseaux sociaux et des jeux vidéo. Outre la mécanique des applis qui stimulent notre circuit de la récompense pour nous rendre dépendants, les médecins dénoncent aussi l’augmentation de l’addiction aux jeux vidéo, une maladie reconnue depuis 2018 par l’Organisation mondiale de la santé. En Chine, un des pays les plus touchés par le phénomène, les parents sont nombreux à envoyer leurs enfants dans des centres de désintoxication spécialisés qui "soignent" à coups d’entraînements militaires et de séances de méditation cette "pathologie" assimilée à une déviance.

      Génération écrans, génération malade ? Documentaire de Raphaël Hitier (France, 2020, 53mn)

      ARTE #Cerveau #Dopamine

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    1. Why Finland has the best education system in the world

      A segment on the approach to education in Finland taken from "Where To Invade Next" by Michael Moore.

    1. you could imagine my extreme disappointment after i came back after a year and a half to find that the entire exploration map was about 80% smaller, every different island was within clear view of your starting island completely decimating any sense of adventure or exploration you could have had.Almost all materials could be collected and all items built within four and a half hours. Islands are literally numbered one to five to display they're level of danger.not only that but you were practically spoon fed each advancement in the game, it feels like it was taken from a greatly ambitious open world, exploration survival game that would take months to finish and achieve everything in. To now being an arcade style iphone app game catered to ten year olds that would foolishly enter their parents card details in order to buy 10,000 roblox coins.
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      The closed captioning is in an Asian language. Can that be changed to English or is this something customizable by the learner?

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