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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Certains élèves ne fontpasle travail qui est demandé, dois-je les sanctionner?Le dialogue avec les parents et la régularité des contacts doivent être favorisés pour assurer un suivi de proximité avec les élèves. Des points d’étapes (travail à rendre) sont organisés.Il ne s’agit pas de sanctionner l’élève, mais de lui permettre depoursuivre ses apprentissages.La bienveillance doit guider chacune des décisions.
  2. Nov 2019
  3. Oct 2018
    1. in 2016, nearly 42% of peer-reviewed articles published by Dutch research universities were open-access publications

      I'd be interested to see the data behind this. Wondering what disciplines are represented and how they compare to common OA in disciplines in the US.

  4. Aug 2018
    1. Numerous studies have suggested an association  between exclusionary discipline  practices and an array of serious educational, economic and social problems, including school avoidance and diminished educational engagement; decreased academic achievement; increased behavior problems; increased likelihood of dropping out; substance abuse; and involvement with juvenile justice systems. All of these problems are costly to the victims and to our society. They drive up the public costs associated with the aftermath of violence, substance abuse counseling, unemployment or underemployment, policing and the justice system, and much, much more.
  5. Jul 2017
    1. Dysfunctional relationships at work are as damaging to goal achievement as challenging children in the classroom.

      Social-emotiobal learning is more important than any other subejct taught in class

  6. Oct 2016
  7. Sep 2016
    1. I want to suggest that what we need instead of a discipline called “education technology” is an undisciplining
  8. Jul 2015
    1. Maybe that saved me. Maybe it didn’t.

      And what about the other side of this? What if a school, like the Lyons Community School in Brooklyn practices Restorative Justice. Does that prepare those youths to deal with cops who treat them with disrespect and violence in the streets? See Act Three. The Talking Cure. of This American Life 538: "Is this Working?" October 17, 2014.

      the feeling that your funky little system is cool when we're in school and all, but don't try and take it and apply it to our world. You're in over your head.

      Actually listen to the whole thing to see that they also end up, like Coates, with "maybe, yes, maybe, no."

  9. Feb 2015
    1. discipline, built, as Foucault tells us: by groups of objects, methods, their corpus of propositions considered to be true, the interplay of rules and definitions, of techniques and tools: all these constitut[ing] a sort of anonymous system, freely available to whoever wishes, or whoever is able to make use of them, without there being any question of their meaning or their validity being derived from whoever happened to invent them.
  10. Nov 2014
    1. that the moments when students generate “education data” is, historically, moments when they come into contact with the school and more broadly the school and the state as a disciplinary system