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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Le second objectif consisterait à faire partager le diagnostic par tous les acteurs, les personnels d'encadrement, les personnels enseignants et ATOSS, les parents d'élèves et les collectivités territoriales. Les instances telles que les comités techniques paritaires académique et départementaux (CTPA, CTPD) et les conseils académique et départementaux
  2. May 2020
  3. Apr 2020
    1. During diagnostic evaluation, type O RBCs (O-negative for women of childbearing age) and thawed AB plasma should be administered at a ratio of 2:1. Type-specific RBCs should be administered as soon as available.
  4. Mar 2020
    1. . However, the data did not support a meresimilarity effect: Our results were robust to controlling for partic-ipants’ own moral judgments, such that participants who made adeontological judgment (the majority) strongly preferred a deon-tological agent, whereas participants who made a consequentialistjudgment (the minority) showed no preference between the two

      But this is a lack of a result in the context of a critical underlying assumption. Yes, the results were 'robust', but could we really be statistically confident that this was not driving the outcome? How tight are the error bounds?