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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Also, what’s a good book to start with if I want to read more James Tate? Thank you for your music and its endless place in my life. 21 u/dcberman David Berman Jul 15 '19 Thank you. With Tate just go get "Selected Poems". It changed my thinking as sure as the Butthole Surfers did* I recomend reading the last three chapters of Otto Rank's Art and Artist, especially "the artist's fight with art".
    1. Kawakatsu, Mari, Philip S. Chodrow, Nicole Eikmeier, and Daniel B. Larremore. “Emergence of Hierarchy in Networked Endorsement Dynamics.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118, no. 16 (April 20, 2021): e2015188118. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2015188118.

      Reading with respect to suggestion of:<br /> DeDeo, Simon, and Elizabeth A. Hobson. “From Equality to Hierarchy.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118, no. 21 (May 25, 2021): e2106186118. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2106186118.

      See: related notes at https://hypothes.is/a/doCbOKJYEe27O1tS21jybA

    1. https://docdrop.org/pdf/From-equality-to-hierarchy---DeDeo-Simon-l891k.pdf/

      Broadly seen, this paper seems to be more a summary and brief commentary on that of Kawakatsu et al.

      Where do the references converge/diverge? What's really added?

      I want to see the related paper: From hierarchy to equality.

    2. in the Newcomb Fraternity data, prestige isgoverned by the holistic“SpringRank”function: To be cool, it isnot enough for people to think you are cool—you must bethought to be cool by the right people.
    3. What signals are available to participants,and how are they compiled into estimates of rank? Their modelassumes that knowledge of rank is noisy, but not (statistically) biased.While we can build more-sophisticated models of the biases in ourjudgments, however, Kawakatsu et al.’s (1) success highlights thevirtues of simplicity. It is possible, for example, that, even if the sig-nals are not accurate at first, we might act to make them so.

      In the fraternity and other social spaces, how does one correct for a "bad first date", a botched meeting, or a lone bad day? Does statistical thermodynamics as a model provide clues? How would rank be determined here in an unbiased way? What about individual chemical affinities and how chemical interactions change and/or bias the samples?

    4. they must be visible enough to provide commonexpectations.

      Useful ranks versus unuseful ranks... list them. What factors separate them and why?

      For ranks to provide useful outcomes, they must be visible and their underlying factors should be transparent.

    5. rank is not an assessment of who has thebest intrinsic properties, but rather a useful consensus view thatprovides rules for how to behave toward others.

      Rank (social or otherwise) can be a signal for predictability from the perspective of consensus views for how to behave towards others with respect to the abilities or values being measured.

      Ranking people for some sort of technical ability may be a better objective measure rather than ranking people on social status which is far less objective from a humanist perspective. In employment situations, individuals are more likely to rely on social and cultural biases and racist tendencies rather than on objective measures with respect to the job at hand. How can we better objectify the actual underlying values over and above the more subjective ones.

    6. First, rank can be an efficient way to summarize the accurate,but noisy, perceptions of individuals.

      rank as signal processing

    7. How Rank Works
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  4. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. she had a value for rank and consequence

      This is really hard for a modern reader to understand. Austen has just said how sensible Lady Russell is but she too panders to Sir Walter. This may be part of the reason she rejects Wentworth for Anne; true, he didn't have money but he also wasn't important enough - were he a penniless titled person I bet she would have supported the match. Austen excels at writing well rounded complex characters, she often pokes fun at their inconsistencies.

  5. Feb 2022
    1. this term was first used in a report of the Administrative Reforms Commission headed by Morarji Desai as far back as in 1966

      Lokayukta was 1st introduced in

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    1. my superior sense

      This is the second time in not-so-long that Betteredge is mentioning or implying his superiority. It might be that the interaction with Sergeant Cuff appears to him as derogatory in nature (since he's often wrong or impulsive and Cuff is often right and calm), and his standing in the house, as well as perception of intelligence and good judgment, is compromised. And now, he is trying to boost his confidence back by being blatantly sexist and pejorative.

    2. Add one thing more to this, and I have done.

      It strikes me now just how much rank is deeply interwoven with Betteredge's relationship with women. He's rambling here three lengthy paragraphs about Miss Rachel, his lady's daughter, describing anything but the color of her back teeth, while designating about two dry sentences to describing his previous wife, Selina, and same for his own daughter!

      It can also be seen in the way he unfailingly refers to Rachel as Miss Rachel, whereas to his female servants (even Rosanna, who's 25!) as "girl."

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    1. Sidenote: Visually comparing estimated survival curves in order to assess whether there is a difference in survival between groups is usually not recommended, because it is highly subjective. Statistical tests such as the log-rank test are usually more appropriate.
  12. Dec 2016
    1. the proof: an entire page of results

      Is the author assuming that most people regard Google Searches as anything more than a result? Gospel? How many people have even a rudimentary understanding of page rank? Whose duty is it make sure they do?

  13. Aug 2016
    1. Turdus poliocephalus

      Higher taxon match, is actually Turdus poliocephalus löseri

      Original description in "Preliminary Report on the Birds of the George Vanderbilt Sumatran Expedition of 1939: Notulae Naturae of The Academy of Natural Sciences of Phila., No. 18" https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=d-nCni44OcoC