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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Résumé de la vidéo [00:00:00][^1^][1] - [00:13:00][^2^][2]:

      Cette vidéo présente l'association Colosse aux pieds d'argile, qui intervient dans les milieux sportifs, éducatifs et culturels pour sensibiliser et prévenir les violences sexuelles, le harcèlement et le bizutage. Elle suit une intervention de l'association dans un collège, où les élèves écoutent le témoignage de Sébastien Boueilh, ancien rugbyman professionnel et fondateur de l'association, qui a été victime de violences sexuelles pendant son adolescence. La vidéo explique aussi le rôle et les missions de l'association, ainsi que les moyens de protéger et d'accompagner les victimes.

      Points forts: + [00:00:10][^3^][3] Présentation de l'intervenant et de l'association * L'intervenant s'appelle Y et fait partie de Colosse aux pieds d'argile * Il était rugbyman professionnel et a rencontré Sébastien Boueilh * L'association a été créée en 2013 par Sébastien Boueilh à partir de son histoire personnelle + [00:02:06][^4^][4] Définition des violences sexuelles, du harcèlement et du bizutage * Les violences sexuelles sont des actes de nature sexuelle commis sans le consentement de la victime * Le harcèlement est un ensemble d'agissements répétés qui visent à dégrader les conditions de vie ou de travail d'une personne * Le bizutage est une sorte d'intégration qui consiste à faire subir à une personne des épreuves humiliantes ou dégradantes + [00:06:17][^5^][5] Témoignage de Sébastien Boueilh sur son vécu et son parcours * Sébastien Boueilh raconte comment il a été victime de violences sexuelles pendant quatre ans au centre de formation de l'Olympique de Marseille * Il explique comment il a gardé le silence pendant 18 ans par honte et peur * Il décrit comment il a réussi à se reconstruire grâce au rugby, à la justice et à l'association + [00:09:34][^6^][6] Conseils et ressources pour les victimes et les témoins * Il faut parler à un adulte de confiance, à un numéro d'écoute ou à l'association Colosse aux pieds d'argile * Il faut signaler les faits aux autorités compétentes ou faire une information préoccupante * Il faut se faire accompagner par des professionnels, comme des juristes ou des psychologues

  2. Dec 2023
    1. In the neoliberal era, individuals are forced to assume sole responsibility for navigating “every hardship and every difficulty—from poverty to student debt to home eviction to drug addiction.” When the pandemic exacerbated these hardships, it was an uphill battle to build solidarity and convince people to support collective solutions. After a lifetime of being told they were on their own, “a subset of the population” doubled down on individualism. It does not, now, seem surprising to Klein that they essentially said, “Fuck you: we won’t mask or jab
      • for: key insight - anti-vaxxers, key insight - conspiracy theories, key insight - maga, key insight - neoliberalism and failure at collective action

      • key insight: neoliberalism and failure of collective action

        • neoliberalism's continuous assault on society has striped use off any support system, leaving us to fend for ourselves
        • when polycrisis events occur, it provokes a distrust of any attempt at government intervention
        • this is a sign of things to come when climate chaos will accelerate social breakdown
  3. Nov 2023
    1. seventy to eighty percent of indian tourists will arrive in andamans in their package like it's always there like you know just to have a look like how these genres are like and that became actually a commercial business 00:08:48 for all these travel agents in port berlin and people are taking new photographs and they are selling their cds like you know naked ladies dancing it's i feel like it's it's actually sort 00:09:01 of an exploitation like these innocent abortion or primitive tribes
      • for: SRG intervention - Jawara - tourist education

      • SRG intervention - Jawara - tourist education

        • Is it possible to transform this myopic, ignorant tourism approach into one that could create more cross-cultural harmony?
  4. Oct 2023
    1. du coup on va attribuer un stigmate à la personne on va lui dire tu es une personne violée alors qu'elle ne se construisait pas comme ça jusque-là donc il faut faire très attention aux mots qui sont employés par les adolescentes et les 00:39:58 adolescents quand vous avez pas les ressources et les moyens vous en tant que professionnel c'est pas votre rôle c'est pas votre but vous n'êtes pas nipsy ni enquêteur enquêtrice de d'attribuer les qualificatifs autour d'un rapport sexuel
  5. Jul 2023
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  6. Apr 2023
    1. When necessary, argue to the court that by not pro-viding a reunified child with appropriate services, the agency is not making mandated reasonable efforts to achieve permanency
    2. parties need not wait until the next scheduled hearing for a child to return home if safety risks have been addressed. Indicate whether a motion for an accelerated hearing is needed for reunification to occur
    3. Ensure reunification services begin promptly
    1. D&N cases should proceed. They emphasize a concept that you will hearoften during the day – that word is “frontloading.” What it means is thatfrom the moment a family enters the court system the court should ensure thatevery available resource and court practice is used to view the case throughthe eyes of the child, to understand that the child cannot wait, to understandthat the time between court hearings can be an eternity to a child, to knowthat children are not resilient
  7. www.courts.state.co.us www.courts.state.co.us
    1. Timing. The Adjudicatory hearing will be held within 30 days of the filing of theD&N. If the matter is contested, every effort will be made to set the Adjudicatory trialwithin 45 days of the filing of the D&N petition in a removal case and 60 days in anon-emergent case. The court encourages parties to participate in a Family GroupDecision Making or mediation session prior to this hearing or trial and all futurehearings or trials, whenever appropriate.

      !!!! 45 DAYS, 60 DAYS MAX NON-EMERGENT; statute gives a MAXIMUM of 90 DAYS (i.e. 3/5/23)

      As quoted, mediation should happen before and does not extend this timeframe

  8. Mar 2023
    1. Children may have become accustomed to avoiding problemsrather than dealing with them and may never have developed the active coping skills that are so criti-cal to developmen
    2. . Avoidance is a powerful, if extremelyunhealthy coping strategy and in court-involved families there may be an even greater impetus toresist change
    3. hildren who resist contact with a parent may be more likely to come to the attention of the court,as the excluded parent may seek orders to enforce the parenting plan, provide counseling, a child custo-dy evaluation, or an order for some of the more specialized milieu programs that address disrupted rela-tionships. Many of these families are also poorly served, as they may initially be referred to therapythat is not adequately structured or specialized for this situation. Outmoded and often demonstrablyineffective treatment approaches, such as counseling that is limited to the rejected parent and child, areoften among the first to be attempted. (This is a common structure when courts order “reunificationtherapy,” but a one-sided approach is rarely successful and may exacerbate the problem.
    4. responsive to treatment or fail to elicit the sympathy of authority figures. This underscores

      Older children may be less responsive to treatment or fail to elicit the sympathy of authority figures. This underscores an additional risk of failing to intervene when children are in distress.

    5. others.Critical among these abilities is that the childactivelyengages with others, in an appropriate way,to get his/her needs met.
    6. (Dunn, Davies, O’Connor, & Sturgess,2001; Pedro-Carroll, 2005; Pedro-Carroll, Sandler, & Wolchik, 2005; Sandler, Tein, Mehta,Wolchik, & Ayers, 2000). These include both coping abilities and coping efficacy, as well as accessto the normal peer and developmental activities that other children enjoy (Pedro-Carroll, 2005). Cop-ing abilities include, but are not limited to, the ability to differentiate one’s own feelings from some-one else’s, appropriately express independent needs and feelings, regulate emotions, managedistress, recognize danger, know the difference between anxiety or discomfort and danger, ask forhelp, and form healthy relationships with others
    7. studies underscore commonelements in successful outcome
    8. symptoms.Trained professionals can identify problem behaviors and intervene early, before problems become entrenched
    9. investigation and litigationmay precede any meaningful attempt at intervention, based on the questionable belief that all elements of causality (or blame)must be established before any effective treatment can occur. Children’s functioning may continue to deteriorate during thistime, undermining their future adjustment and reducing the chance of successful intervention later.

      FAMILY COURT REVIEW, Vol. 00 No. 00, Month 2016 00-00 © 2016 Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

  9. Aug 2022
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, November 26). Parts of Germany seem to have potentially introduced requirements that cannot practically be met as testing capacity is proving insufficient—A dangerous moment for rule compliance Nadelöhr Corona-Tests: “Es ist Wahnsinn” via @sz https://t.co/meLS79RTCw [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1464287412289511432

  10. Jun 2022
    1. Milkoreit et al. (23) propose a common definition of social tipping points (STPs) as points “within an SES at which a small quantitative change inevitably triggers a non-linear change in the social component of the SES, driven by self-reinforcing positive-feedback mechanisms, that inevitably and often irreversibly lead to a qualitatively different state of the social system.” There are historical examples of dynamic social spreading effects leading to a large self-amplification of small interventions: For example, the writings of one man, Martin Luther, injected through newly available printing technology into a public ready for such change, triggered the worldwide establishment of Protestant churches (24). An example in the field of climate policy is the introduction of tariffs, subsidies, and mandates to incentivize the growth of renewable energy production. This has led to a substantial system response in the form of mutually reinforcing market growth and exponential technology cost improvement (25, 26).In this paper, we examine a number of potential “social tipping elements” (STEs) for decarbonization (27, 28) that represent specific subdomains of the planetary social-economic system. Tipping of these subsystems could be triggered by “social tipping interventions” (STIs) that could contribute to rapid transition of the world system into a state of net zero anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.


      STP - social tipping point STE - social tipping element STI - social tipping intervention

  11. May 2022
    1. The hyper-response aims to deflate or attack the hyperthreat by operating at the microlevel through “mesh-interventions” as well as at the macrolevel through realignment of great nation states and tribes.

      In IPCC AR6 WGIII Parlence, middle actors can mediate a community scale change, which becomes a force multiplier for individual change. Supercharging individual change is what can lead to significant scale of impact through many and many types of mesh interventions. The scale of such mesh interventions will have a "trickle up" effect to affect and accelerate the actions of top down actors.

      This would be truly empowering as the current agency of the individual at the grassroots level is ineffectual.

      Stop Reset Go (SRG) s a simple but powerful meme that is designed to be used by anyone to effect transition. When we recognize that something is harmful and needs to change, SRG can be invoked as a simple rule for transition. The colors of the traffic light are used as a mnemonic aid. If there is a problem with a human process, then STOP. think of an alternative way of achieving the same goal that does not bring about the harm (RESET). When the alternative has been trialed, tested and proven to work without causing more progress traps, then find a way to scale and implement the solution (GO).

      SRG therefore becomes a simple mesh intervention that can be applied at all scales and dimensions. Its iterative and recursive use can be tracked in the Indyweb and interventions can be modeled by AI assistants that can analyze for potential unintended consequences through connections outside the focus area of the designer, and not normally explored by the designers. This augers a truly circular design methodology of the lowest potential impact.

  12. Apr 2022
    1. Mathew, D., Giles, J. R., Baxter, A. E., Oldridge, D. A., Greenplate, A. R., Wu, J. E., Alanio, C., Kuri-Cervantes, L., Pampena, M. B., D’Andrea, K., Manne, S., Chen, Z., Huang, Y. J., Reilly, J. P., Weisman, A. R., Ittner, C. A. G., Kuthuru, O., Dougherty, J., Nzingha, K., … Wherry, E. J. (2020). Deep immune profiling of COVID-19 patients reveals distinct immunotypes with therapeutic implications. Science, 369(6508), eabc8511. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.abc8511

    1. The implication for instructors is that it is important to to know when intervention is needed in online CSCL and to what degree.

      Question of hosting - how much/little facilitation is vital here. The paper recommends regular monitoring of online activities and intervening when clearly required. I wonder if the use of sync Stand-ups to address issues IRT would also help given the issues with attempting to collaborate async?

      The instructor should play an active role in the collaborative process. He or she should be proactive in monitoring and intervening in collaborative activities (Chapman & van Auken, 2001; Hansen, 2006) and should ensure that the group works effectively (Tideswell, 2004; Brindley, Walti, & Blaschke, 2009) through mechanisms for assistance, feedback, and evaluation.

    1. The Lancet. (2021, April 16). Quantity > quality? The magnitude of #COVID19 research of questionable methodological quality reveals an urgent need to optimise clinical trial research—But how? A new @LancetGH Series discusses challenges and solutions. Read https://t.co/z4SluR3yuh 1/5 https://t.co/94RRVT0qhF [Tweet]. @TheLancet. https://twitter.com/TheLancet/status/1383027527233515520

  13. Mar 2022
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2022, March 12). @rwjdingwall @mugecevik @RobFreudenthal it makes little sense to numerically compare this pandemic with all of the intervention that occurred directly with past ones where medicine and epidemiology where of a completely different standard to conclude that this one ‘wasn’t bad’. 1/2 [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1502681086819721223

  14. Feb 2022
    1. Auger, K. A., Shah, S. S., Richardson, T., Hartley, D., Hall, M., Warniment, A., Timmons, K., Bosse, D., Ferris, S. A., Brady, P. W., Schondelmeyer, A. C., & Thomson, J. E. (2020). Association Between Statewide School Closure and COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality in the US. JAMA, 324(9), 859–870. https://doi.org/10.1001/jama.2020.14348

    1. Agarwal, A., Rochwerg, B., Lamontagne, F., Siemieniuk, R. A., Agoritsas, T., Askie, L., Lytvyn, L., Leo, Y.-S., Macdonald, H., Zeng, L., Amin, W., Barragan, F. A., Bausch, F. J., Burhan, E., Calfee, C. S., Cecconi, M., Chanda, D., Dat, V. Q., Sutter, A. D., … Vandvik, P. O. (2020). A living WHO guideline on drugs for covid-19. BMJ, 370, m3379. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m3379

  15. Jan 2022
    1. Routen, A., O’Mahoney, L., Ayoubkhani, D., Banerjee, A., Brightling, C., Calvert, M., Chaturvedi, N., Diamond, I., Eggo, R., Elliott, P., Evans, R. A., Haroon, S., Herret, E., O’Hara, M. E., Shafran, R., Stanborough, J., Stephenson, T., Sterne, J., Ward, H., & Khunti, K. (2022). Understanding and tracking the impact of long COVID in the United Kingdom. Nature Medicine, 28(1), 11–15. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-021-01591-4

    1. Liu, Y., Ebinger, J. E., Mostafa, R., Budde, P., Gajewski, J., Walker, B., Joung, S., Wu, M., Bräutigam, M., Hesping, F., Rupieper, E., Schubert, A.-S., Zucht, H.-D., Braun, J., Melmed, G. Y., Sobhani, K., Arditi, M., Van Eyk, J. E., Cheng, S., & Fert-Bober, J. (2021). Paradoxical sex-specific patterns of autoantibody response to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Journal of Translational Medicine, 19(1), 524. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12967-021-03184-8

    1. Will Stancil. (2022, January 11). The US reported 1.4 million COVID cases yesterday and hospitalizations are the highest ever. We’re sailing into this hurricane with virtually no effort to change course because fancy people believe they have a god-given right to their normal lives, no matter how bad things get. [Tweet]. @whstancil. https://twitter.com/whstancil/status/1480914594243792904

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    1. Side note: When I flagged yours as a dupe during review, the review system slapped me in the face and seriously accused me of not paying attention, a ridiculous claim by itself since locating a (potential) dupe requires quite a lot of attention.
  20. Aug 2021
    1. (2) Dr Nicole E Basta on Twitter: “There is SO MUCH misunderstanding about what a #vaccine #mandate IS & what a vaccine mandate DOES. No one is calling for anyone to be banned. No one is calling for anyone to be forcibly vaccinated. Please, gather 'round and listen up, so you know what we’re talking about... 1/n” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved August 23, 2021, from https://twitter.com/IDEpiPhD/status/1428410251884302336?s=20

  21. Jul 2021