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  1. Oct 2017
    1. Thesefindings provide empirical evidence of distinct clustering of addictive behavior among youngadults and suggest the promise of social network-based interventions for this cohort.

      SNA is an excellent tool for intervention planning. By providing a map of the interactions, interventions can target specific locations in the network for change.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. network norms shape people’s attitudes and behaviors in ways that can support and/or oppose violence and abuse.  In networks where social norms are tolerant of abuse, individuals who speak out against it pay a price in social capital.

      Is there data on this? What research has been done looking at networks and bystander intervention behaviors and/or beliefs? This would be a very interesting project.

    1. Even if government may (and perhaps must) monitor and regulate the way that drugs or TMS devices affect our health and safety, there may be aspects of the way we use such cognitive enhancement tools that should be reserved by the Constitution (or perhaps through other means) solely for free and unrestricted individual choice.

      Except mind altering drugs often affect more than the individual themselves. Autonomy out to give way, in instances like these, to the greater public good/safety. Our choices always affect more than just ourselves.