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    1. Nine alternatives to lecturing This page briefly describes nine ways to teach other than lecture. Some of these are common, such as case study; others, such as a pro and con grid, are explained less often. This page, like the others I have bookmarked, is oriented toward teaching college students and adults.

  2. Jan 2019
    1. Artificial Neural Networks

      三大板块:Hopfield 网络+ 监督学习+非监督学习

  3. Nov 2018
    1. Technology Integration and Higher Education

      Dr. Jones explains that instructors are reluctant to use technology and choose to use a traditional lecture as a teaching method. He continues to explore how to eliminate the barriers to technology integration. Rating: 5/5

  4. Dec 2017
    1. The most powerful tool the med school has to win faculty mem-bers over is that they are “scien-tists at heart” and “understand the evidence” suggesting students in flipped classrooms perform better than students in lecture courses, Jeffries said. At Touro, for example, the pass rate on an important licens-ing exam has climbed to above 95 percent -- higher than the national average -- since the college flipped its curriculum

      faculty respond to data. impressive pass rate.



  5. Mar 2017
    1. il sera impossible de revenir en arrière

      there is no alternative...? une lecture profonde est toujours possible, et doit même s'articuler avec la distant reading.

    2. La lecture aujourd’hui est une recherche à partir de mots clés, s’effectue à partir de résumés et de pages balayées après avoir été photographiées.
  6. Feb 2016
    1. Même si le code est réutilisable, cette initiative ne vise pas à « faire modèle » mais incitera les chercheurs, nous l'espérons, à travailler à leur tour la matière numérique.

      Il faut le rendre disponible en CC non ? La thèse est une démonstration de faisabilité en soi. Pourquoi ne pas lui donner une chance de survivre?

  7. Oct 2015
    1. vogue

      I wouldnt't call it a "craze" or a "vogue" when people have been arguing for it for over 100 years and there are now thousands of empirical research articles demonstrating that it is superior to traditional lecture. Rejecting active learning in favor of traditional lecture is akin to the 19th doctors who rejected the idea that they needed to wash their hands: https://edtechdev.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/healthcare/

    2. 2014 study showed that test scores in science and math courses improved after professors replaced lecture time with “active learning” methods like group work

      It's not just math and science. There are studies showing active learning is better than lecture for history teaching and other areas, too. Here's just one: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1023/B:IHIE.0000047415.48495.05#page-1

  8. Sep 2015