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    1. Balancing out difficulties with human communication, Grandin has recently popular- ized the notion that ASDs can produce a special understanding of animal consciousness and contribute to enhanced interspecies communication.

      Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders can logically break down human interaction, but are woefully unable to replicate it in the moment. This can also be applied to interspecies interactions.

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    1. Gehirnforscher haben herausgefunden, dass Menschen mit Schädigungen der für das Gefühl zuständigen Hirnregionen durchaus in der Lage sind, große intellektuelle Leistungen zu vollbringen. Sie scheitern allerdings an den einfachsten Entscheidungen im Alltag. Sie kriegen es nicht hin, einfach schnell einen Haken an eine Sache zu machen. Sie denken zu viel, und dadurch kommen sie nie ans Ziel. Die reine Vernunft braucht das Gefühl, und das ist kein Kitsch.
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    1. nuclear flash from the heat of the fireball would radiate in both visible light and the infrared
    1. The discussion remains mired at a relatively abstract level about the ethics of procedures like cloning or stem cell research, and divided into one camp that would like to permit everything and another camp that would like to ban wide areas of research and practice.

      Very little should be seen as this black or white. Almost everything lies in the grey in between. To have such a one sided perspective could be reason for lack of progress.

    1. Full Spectrum Influence Operations: Clint Watts is an expert in state-sponsored social media influence operations, and his testimony to the Senate Armed Services committee is riveting. We're vulnerable to state-sponsored attacks, he says, because we are too narrowly technological in our solutions. The Russians put together distributed and agile cross-functional networks of technologists, writers, trolls, and analysts. Americans tend to conceptualize the problem as technical, and don't understand the synergies between multiple legitimate and illegitimate entities. The Russians buy talent. Americans buy AI.  The Russians also take an ecosystem approach to the problem. "Full Spectrum Influence Operations" coordinate the actions of illegitimate actors (hackers who steal documents) with borderline actors (controllers of bot networks and paid trolls) with legitimate actors (news agencies). They identify and an infiltrate networks of "useful idiots" who are hungry for the disinformation and stolen documents they can supply, which serves their immediate ends. This full spectrum approach launders foreign disinformation into seemingly legitimate U.S. based news almost immediately. It's not the bots and the Gmail hacks that are the impressive piece -- it's the way in which the entire system is expertly leveraged to create legitimacy.