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    1. Evaluation of Low-Cost Sensors for Ambient PM2.5 Monitoring

      This article discusses different low cost sensors, their effectiveness and different uses. There is also a table that lists different low cost sensors for particulate matter

  5. Aug 2019
    1. Rattanarat et al.73 created a three-dimensional μPAD (Fig. 1A) that combined colorimetric and electrochemical detection on separate layers for quantifying Ni, Cu, Fe, Pb, Cr(VI), and Cd
    1. diagnosis of antibiotic interference in the major biosynthetic pathways of bacteria: the biosynthesis of DNA by the yorB promoter, of RNA by the yvgS promoter, of proteins by the yheI promoter, of the cell wall by the ypuA promoter, and of fatty acids by the fabHB promoter.
    1. chief advantage of this approach is that the entire sensor, including all signal-processing and communication functions, can be produced as a single-chip, low-power, rugged, inexpensive device