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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Disk space is an issue. Resource usage is an issue. Those new packages nowadays need huge amount of storage to finally do the exact same thing as their older and lighter deb counterpart. Whatever the price of storage, it’s the opposite of a progress, it’s not optimal at all.
  2. Sep 2020
  3. Aug 2020
  4. Jul 2016
    1. following equation

      $$ y={argmax} _{c_{j}\in C}\sum _{h_{i}\in H}{P(c_{j}|h_{i})P(T|h_{i})P(h_{i})} $$

      $$ ={argmax} _{c_{j}\in C}\sum _{h_{i}\in H}{P(c_{j}|h_{i})P(T,h_{i})} $$

      $$= {argmax}_{c_{j}\in C}\sum _{h_{i}\in H}{P(c_{j}|h_{i})P(h_{i}|T)}$$

      \propto doesn't work well.