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    1. For those (like me) wondering why is the space needed, man bash has this to say about it: > Note that a negative offset must be separated from the colon by at least one space to avoid being confused with the :- expansion.
    1. This problem can also come up when you use npm link or an equivalent. In that case, your bundler might “see” two Reacts — one in application folder and one in your library folder. Assuming myapp and mylib are sibling folders, one possible fix is to run npm link ../myapp/node_modules/react from mylib. This should make the library use the application’s React copy.
    1. Sadly, generating .d.ts files isn't supported by the webpack integration (not sure if this is planned), and due to microsoft/TypeScript#29490 it requires a separate tsconfig.json file to make it all work:
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    1. Using with is not recommended, and is forbidden in ECMAScript 5 strict mode. The recommended alternative is to assign the object whose properties you want to access to a temporary variable.
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    1. Among the potential benefits are receiving a helpful treatment

      Not sure how to fix it, but it doesn't seem right.

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    1. Another issue to that should be addressed in order to raise wages and the standard of living is examining the status of the Canadian dollar.

      Awkward. Perhaps: "Another issue of raising wages and living standards is the status of the Canadian dollar."