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    1. It didn’t matter if people called him selfish; Leonard looked out for himself, because ultimately, the fans never do.

      connection: we shouldn't seek external approval because that approval is unreliable.

      a corollary is that by doing so, we get more external approval. We are more grounded.

    1. An Introduction to Variational Autoencoders



  2. Apr 2019
    1. Recent Advances in Open Set Recognition: A Survey


  3. Mar 2019
    1. Evaluation of technology enhanced learning programs for health care professionals: systematic review This article is included because it is a systematic review. It is presented in academic language. The intention is to evaluate the quality of the articles themselves, not to guide e-learning development. Criteria for evaluating articles was established in advance. The utility of the article for my purposes may be a new search term, continuous professional development. rating 2/5

    1. New Media Consortium Horizon Report This page provides a link to the annual Horizon Report. The report becomes available late in the year. The report identifies emerging technologies that are likely to be influential and describes the timeline and prospective impact for each. Unlike the link to top learning tools that anyone can use, the technologies listed here may be beyond the ability of the average trainer to implement. While it is informative and perhaps a good idea to stay abreast of these listings, it is not necessarily something that the average instructional designer can apply. Rating: 3/5

    1. A Sensitivity Analysis of (and Practitioners’ Guide to) Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification

    1. Abstrac

      In his commentary, Alex Holcombe makes the argument that only ‘one or two exemplars of a color category’ are typically examined in color studies, and this is problematic because a color such as ‘red’ is a category, not a single hue.

      Although in some fields it is very important to examine a range of stimuli, and in general examining the generalizability of findings has an important place in research lines, I do not think that currently this issue is a pressing concern in color psychology. Small variations in hue and brightness naturally occur in online studies, and these are assumed not to matter for the underlying mechanism. Schietecat, Lakens, IJsselsteijn, and De Kort (2018) write: “In addition, we conducted Experiments 1 and 3 in a laboratory environment, but Experiments 2, 4, and 5 were conducted in participants’ homes with an internet-based method. Therefore, we could not be completely sure that the presentation of the stimuli on their personal computers was identical for every participant in those experiments. However, we expected that the impact of these variations on our results is not substantial. The labels of the IAT (i.e., red vs blue) increased the salience of the relevant hue dimension, and we do not expect our results to hold for very specific hues, but for colors that are broadly categorized as red, blue, and green. The similar associative patterns across Experiments 2 and 3 seem to support this expectation.”

      We wrote this because there is nothing specific about the hue that is expected to drive the effects in association based accounts of psychological effects of colors. If the color ‘red’ is associated with specific concepts (and the work by Schietecat at all supports the idea that red can activate associations related to either activity and evaluation, such as aggression or enthusiasm, depending on the context). This means that the crucial role of the stimulus is to activate the association with ‘red’, no the perceptual stimulation of the eye in any specific way. The critical manipulation check would thus be is people categorize a stimulus as ‘red’. As long as this is satisfied, we can assume the concept ‘red’ is activated, which can then activate related associations, depending on the context.

      Obviously, the author is correct that there are benefits in testing multiple variations of the color ‘red’ to demonstrate the generalizability of observed effects. However, the authors is writing too much as a perception researcher I fear. If there is a strong theoretical reason to assume slightly different hues and chromas will not matter (because as long as a color is recognized as ‘red’ it will activate specific associations) the research priority of varying colors is much lower than in other fields (e.g., research on human faces) where it is more plausible that the specifics of the stimuli matter. A similar argument holds for the question whether “any link is specifically to red, rather than extending to green, yellow, purple, and brown”. This is too a-theoretical, and even though not all color research has been replicable, and many studies suffered from problems identified during the replication crisis, the theoretical models are still plausible, and specific to predictions about certain hues. We know quite a lot about color associations for prototypical colors in terms of their associations with valence and activity (e.g., Russell & Mehrabian, 1977) and this can be used to make more specific predictions than to a-theoretically test the entire color spectrum.

      Indeed, across the literature many slightly different variations of red are used, or in online studies (Schietecat et al., 2018) studies have been performed online, where different computer screens will naturally lead to some variation in the exact colors presented. This doesn’t mean that more dedicated exploration of the boundaries of these effects can be worthwhile in the future. But currently, the literature is more focused on examining whether these effects are reliable to begin with, and explaining basic questions about their context dependency, than that they are concerned about testing the range of hues for which effects can be observed. So, although in principle it is often true that the generalizability of effects is understudies and deserved more attention, it is not color psychology’s most pressing concern, because we have theoretical predictions about specific colors, and because theoretically as long as a color activates the concept (e.g., ‘red’), the associated concepts that influence subsequent psychological responses are assumed to be activated, irrespective of minor differences in for example hue or brightness.

      Daniel Lakens


      Russell, J. A., & Mehrabian, A. (1977). Evidence for a three-factor theory of emotions. Journal of Research in Personality, 11(3), 273–294. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/0092-6566(77)90037-X Schietecat, A. C., Lakens, D., IJsselsteijn, W. A., & Kort, Y. A. W. de. (2018). Predicting Context-dependent Cross-modal Associations with Dimension-specific Polarity Attributions. Part 2: Red and Valence. Collabra: Psychology, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.1525/COLLABRA.126

    1. Neural Approaches to Conversational AI

      Question Answering, Task-Oriented Dialogues and Social Chatbots

      The present paper surveys neural approaches to conversational AI that have beendeveloped in the last few years. We group conversational systems into three cat-egories: (1) question answering agents, (2) task-oriented dialogue agents, and(3) chatbots. For each category, we present a review of state-of-the-art neuralapproaches, draw the connection between them and traditional approaches, anddiscuss the progress that has been made and challenges still being faced, usingspecific systems and models as case studies

  4. Feb 2019
    1. Dialog System & Technology Challenge 6 Overview of Track 1 - End-to-End Goal-Oriented Dialog learning

      End-to-end dialog learning is an important research subject inthe domain of conversational systems. The primary task consistsin learning a dialog policy from transactional dialogs of a givendomain. In this context, usable datasets are needed to evaluatelearning approaches, yet remain scarce. For this challenge, atransaction dialog dataset has been produced using a dialogsimulation framework developed and released by Facebook AIResearch. Overall, nine teams participated in the challenge. Inthis report, we describe the task and the dataset. Then, we specifythe evaluation metrics for the challenge. Finally, the results ofthe submitted runs of the participants are detailed.

    1. we define conversation-turns per session (CPS) as the success metric for social chatbots. The larger the CPS is, the better engaged the social chatbot is.

    1. Deep Learning for Image Super-resolution: A Survey

      【导读】图像超分(SR, Super-Resolution)图像处理及数据非常重要的应用方向,主要目标在于增强原始图像与视频的分辨率精度。最近这些年,非常多的图像超分问题研究均采用了深度学习的架构,本篇综述希望通过全面回顾基于深度学习的图像超分方法,帮助大家快速了解这一领域的最新动态。






      1. 给出了一个综合的基于深度学习的图像超分技术综述,包括问题设置、数据集、性能度量、一组基于深度学习的图像超分方法集合,特定领域的图像超分方法应用等等。

      2. 为最近基于深度学习的图像超分算法提供了系统性、结构化的视角,并总结了高效图像超分解决方案中的优势于劣势。

      3. 我们讨论了这个领域的挑战与开放问题,并总结了最近的新趋势与未来的发展方向。

    2. Revisiting Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning


    3. An Introduction to Image Synthesis with Generative Adversarial Nets

      GAN 自 2014 年诞生至今也有 4 个多年头了,大量围绕 GAN 展开的文章被发表在各大期刊和会议,以改进和分析 GAN 的数学研究、提高 GAN 的生成质量研究、GAN 在图像生成上的应用(指定图像合成、文本到图像,图像到图像、视频)以及 GAN 在 NLP 和其它领域的应用。图像生成是研究最多的,并且该领域的研究已经证明了在图像合成中使用 GAN 的巨大潜力。本文对 GAN 在图像生成应用做个综述。

    1. Julie Beck argues that unless we do something with what we have read within 24-hours then we often forget it.

      For a while I've been doing PESOS from reading.am to my website privately. Then a day or so later I come back to the piece to think about it again and post any additional thoughts, add tags, etc. I often find that things I missed the first time around manage to resurface. Unless I've got a good reason not to I usually then publish it.

    1. incorporating community feedback and expert judgment

      Biomed Central and ResearchSquare have partnered on a project called InReview, which enables community feedback in parallel with traditional peer review. More on that project here.

    1. Interactions of tomato and Botrytis genetic diversity: Parsing the contributions of host differentiation, domestication and pathogen variation

      This article has a Peer Review Report

  5. Jan 2019
    1. A Survey of the Recent Architectures of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

      深度卷积神经网络(CNN)是一种特殊类型的神经网络,在各种竞赛基准上表现出了当前最优结果。深度 CNN 架构在挑战性基准任务比赛中实现的高性能表明,创新的架构理念以及参数优化可以提高 CNN 在各种视觉相关任务上的性能。本综述将最近的 CNN 架构创新分为七个不同的类别,分别基于空间利用、深度、多路径、宽度、特征图利用、通道提升和注意力。

    2. Optimization Models for Machine Learning: A Survey

      感觉此文于我而言真正有价值的恐怕只有文末附录的 Dataset tables 汇总整理了。。。。。

    1. Web annotation, for example, is catching on as a new mode of collaboration, peer review, and other research functions.

      And the combination of community feedback on preprints with traditional and post-publication peer review through collaborative annotation is catching on with a variety of publishers. See InReview by BMC and ResearchSquare. Also COS preprint servers such as SocArXiv and Psyarxiv.

    1. Banyak kelemahan yang ditemukan Dian ketika menelaah proposal penelitian yang masuk. Ide yang ditawarkan banyak yang kurang kreatif dan aktual. Ada juga yang hanya merupakan duplikasi atau daur ulang dari penelitian sebelumnya.

      Apakah hasil peninjauan ini terbuka untuk umum dan diberikan juga kepada peneliti? Maaf kalau saya keliru, saya setiap tahun mengirimkan proposal ke Kemristekdikti, tapi hasil peninjauan secara lengkap belum pernah saya terima.

    1. The Receptor-like Pseudokinase GHR1 Is Required for Stomatal Closure

      Please find a Peer Review Report here.

      The report shows the major requests for revision and author responses. Minor comments for revision and miscellaneous correspondence are not included. The original format may not be reflected in this compilation, but the reviewer comments and author responses are not edited, except to correct minor typographical or spelling errors that could be a source of ambiguity.

  6. Dec 2018
    1. How convolutional neural network see the world - A survey of convolutional neural network visualization methods

      果断收藏并且要细读下。。。Paper Summary 准备!

      这可是对 CNN 可视化方法的 review 啊!

      一篇很棒的综述,专门说 CNN 的可视化的!要好好读读了!

      Paper Summary 准备!

  7. Nov 2018
    1. Adversarial Attacks and Defences: A Survey


    2. The GAN Landscape: Losses, Architectures, Regularization, and Normalization

      看到 Goodfellow 亲自转推了此文~~

      很重要的 review,准备个 Paper Summary

    3. Generalization Error in Deep Learning

      一篇谈深度学习模型泛化能力的 review paper~ 不错。。。就是很理论。。很泛泛。。。

    4. Deep learning for time series classification: a review


      准备好好写一个 Paper Summary 为好~

    5. Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview
      • 这是一篇很牛的 review。
      • 被引用数已经3000+。
      • 总共有88页,但正文仅35页。(88 pages, 888 references)
      • 详述了深度学习在神经网络历史与发展,很值得参考!
    6. Learning From Positive and Unlabeled Data: A Survey

      一篇关于无标签正样本学习(PU Learning)的综述。自己应该好好读读,在现实情况下,这种类别很多很重要。。。

    7. Deep Learning with the Random Neural Network and its Applications

      此文综述了最近 Random Neural Network (RNN) 模型的应用,文末的 summary 和 future work,可以看到 RNN 已经在很多方面有着不错的表现,但是还有更多的问题需要进一步探讨和研究。

    8. The Frontiers of Fairness in Machine Learning

      这个 review 在一定程度上指出了当前前沿 ML 研究的趋势和局限性,重要的是它为未来应当着力发展和探究的课题给出了几个方向。

    9. Applications of Deep Reinforcement Learning in Communications and Networking: A Survey


      review 一篇。。。。

    10. Generative adversarial networks and adversarial methods in biomedical image analysis

      这是一篇很有 review 气质的 paper,对GAN 和对抗方法等做了介绍(在生物医药领域中),也谈论了这些技术应用的优势和劣势。

      对我来说,这是一篇很适合快速入门GAN应用的 paper。

    11. Model Selection Techniques -- An Overview



    12. A Survey on Deep Transfer Learning


    13. Analyzing biological and artificial neural networks: challenges with opportunities for synergy?

      Deepmind 的这篇文有点水,只能归为 review 了。涉及了很多数据分析的方法和 DNN 的概念,当然也未跑题的谈论了生物/人工神经网络之间的爱恨纠葛。

      Synergy 这个词特别有趣,译为:协同增效作用。

    1. The better way I found to do review is to replace ALL review lecturing with problems that the students  solve in class that cover the material I want to review. 

      I can relate this to my earlier experiences. Active involvement and students' engagement is guaranteed if they are tasked with solving actual physics problems related to the materials being taught before.

  8. Oct 2018
    1. A Tale of Three Probabilistic Families: Discriminative, Descriptive and Generative Models



    2. A Survey on Deep Learning: Algorithms, Techniques, and Applications



    1. Writing the Review

      1) read the paper thoroughly 2) summarize your main points 3) relevant past work 4) significance of contribution and benefit 5) coverage of all the criteria 6) review "as is" 7) polite, temperate language

    1. a good meta-review also discusses what comments you weighted more heavily from the reviewers, and why, in reaching your evaluation of the paper.

      good meta-review -> weight more heavily from reviews, and why

    2. Writing a good meta-review is a lot like writing a good review, only it takes into account the points raised by all of the reviewers, rather than just reflecting your own opinion.

      good meta-review: -> consider all of the reviewers' opinions

    3. make great suggestions for how the authors could improve the articulation or organization of their work

      good review: 1) make great suggestions for how the authors could improve the articulation or organization of their work

    4. The Good Review will raise smart and tough questions which the authors can then address in their revisions, or it might raise fresh considerations or new aspects of a design space that the authors hadn't fully fleshed out.

      good review: 1) raise smart and tough questions which the authors can address in their revisions 2) raise fresh considerations or new aspects of a design space that the authors hadn't fully fleshed out

    5. how the author’s arguments, results, and demonstrations fit into closely related work as well as the field as a whole.

      argument + results + demonstration + related word + the field, all of them should tight together!

    6. raise whole new perspectives and angles of contribution that might be suggested by the work, or propose connections to areas of the literature that the author might not have thought of or even been aware of.

      good review: 1) raise whole new perspectives and angles of contributions 2) propose connections to literature that the author might not have been aware of

    7. The Good Review reflects on the contributions or possible contributions of the work, and discusses the weaknesses and limitations in a positive manner, but most particularly clearly calls out the strengths and utility of the work as well.

      Good Review 1) reflect on the contributions of the work 2) discuss the weaknesses and limitations in a positive manner 3) clearly call out the strengths and utility of the work

    1. The Eden Club - Exclusive Golf Club Membership | International Private Members Club

      The Eden Club is an international private members' club providing three very special dimensions: the most luxurious private members club in St Andrews, Scotland – the home of golf; an outstanding schedule of annual events and a unique Secretariat service.

    1. Recent reviews on DFT may be found in Jones and Gunnarsson (1989) and Dreizler andGross (1990)

      This is before the PAW method came along (Blochl '94), so probably nothing method-specific.

  9. Sep 2018
    1. Unlike simple k-mer searching, these methods were designed to predict individual RBP binding sites. They go beyond the motif content alone, for instance by taking into account site accessibility (Li et al. 2010; Zhang et al. 2013) or clustering (Akerman et al. 2009; Zhang et al. 2013).

      Suggests that RBPmap is a good choice, provided one uses the weighted rank score accounting for clustering and the conservation filter. mCarts by Zhang et al. applied to the ENCODE CLIP data would complement RBPmap, but what would be even better is if ENCODE had already applied it to their data and can provide the binding site predictions.

    2. Estimating the prevalence of functional exonic splice regulatory information
    1. The epub:type attribute [ContentDocs32] is REQUIRED

      Discerning the available values of epub:type is a tangle... The referenced epub:type related section in the ContentDocs32 document references the Vocabulary Association paragraph which in turn references the Vocabulary Association Mechanisms section within this current document. From that section the default vocabulary can/may be found, but there is no reference there (or in any of these other sections) to the available epub:type values nor to their "meaning"/value to the author or implementer.

      However, just below this in the example (and above in relation to pagebreak there is a link directly to the defining defaults in the EPUB-SSV.

      It would be helpful for authors and implementers to know first about the SSV list, and then about the ability to extend the vocabulary.

    2. The page-list nav element SHOULD contain only a single ol descendant (i.e., no nested sublists).

      If this SHOULD is not heeded...what happens? How is the page list calculated if there is a hierarchy present?

    3. The toc nav element

      This makes it sound like there is an HTML element with a tag name of <toc nav> rather than <nav epub:type="toc"> (which seems to be what's intended).

      The landmarks example farther down is clearer--though the wording there of "the landmark nav element" is equally confusing.

      There remains only a nav element, but of varying types.

    4. In the context of this specification, the default display style of list items within nav elements MUST be equivalent to the list-style: none property [CSSSnapshot].

      This line is confusing because the actor (author or reading system) is unclear. The following two lines are much clearer on what actor is being restricted by this specification.

      This line feels specific to the Reading System requirements. Consequently, perhaps it's best to integrate it into the sentence just following.

    5. it MUST resolve

      Link resolve to any defined algorithms for resolving resources within an EPUB.

    6. If an a or span element contains instances of HTML embedded content that do not provide intrinsic text alternatives, the element MUST also include a title attribute with an alternate text rendering of the link label.

      This requirement is clearer than the one just previous and also seems to obviate the earlier one.

      However, this one is confusing limiting the textual expression to just the title attribute, and also being vague of which element is associated to the MUST--is it this surrounding a or span? or the contained "embedded content" element?

    7. after concatenation of all child content and application of white space normalization rules.

      Implied requirement? When is this necessary and what does the concatenation and normalization?

    8. visual display of components

      Where is this "visual display" taking place? Is this when the document is viewed as a spine element? or is this when the content is extracted and presented by the Reading System?

    9. while a span element

      Rephrase "while a child span element" and perhaps move to it's own sentence parallel to the "A child a element"

    10. Each list item

      Reference the li element here for consistency.

    11. current reading position

      Link to this, if defined.

    12. when rendered in a non-browser context.

      Is "non-browser context" defined? or its inverse?

      It's not clear if "browser" here is equivalent to "Reading System" or to a Web browser or something else.

    13. If such formatting and functionality is used

      Used by? It's not clear who the actor is here, the author/developer of the EPUB or the Reading System.

    14. a custom control, such as the table of contents

      Is the "table of contents" a specific type of custom control? If so, a link would help here.

    15. which has no effect outside of spine rendering

      But it does have effect on "spine rendering"? Perhaps add a link for spine rendering.

    16. represents a data island

      Is "data island" a specific, defined thing from a previous EPUB spec or another adjacent spec?

    17. custom control

      Link to a definition of "custom control" if one exists.

    18. Unlike typical XML data islands

      Not sure what a "typical XML data island" is either...so some links or even rewording (or removing?) might help others unfamiliar with the phrase.

  10. Aug 2018
    1. efficiency has come to mean accomplishing a task with the least possible human intervention—a goal that often turns out to be self-defeating, particularly when efficiency becomes almost an end in itself. Recall Thomas Edison’s famous line that genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration and contrast it with our contemporary enthusiasm for machine-like efficiency

      Interesting connection here between the efficiency mandate and the "talent means no effort required" attitude we see in many school settings.

  11. Jul 2018
  12. Jun 2018
    1. or at least they pretend

      I don't think we're pretending. I know I'm not!

    2. Senior colleagues indicate that I should not have to balance out publishing in “traditional, peer-reviewed publications” as well as open, online spaces.

      Do your colleagues who read your work, annotate it, and comment on it not count as peer-review?

      Am I wasting my time by annotating all of this? :) (I don't think so...)

  13. sites.google.com sites.google.com
    1. May 31: Lecture 6 / Screencast Video Link

      Literature Review

    1. Share: Group. Only group members will be able to view this annotation. Only me. No one else will be able to view this annotation.

      I have reviewed many papers and I summarized those papers in my paper in the form of a table which is already an existing theory . So how can I defend that my paper is different from other papers?

  14. May 2018
    1. “OER are not typically counted toward research requirements, because they are seen as lacking the vetting process that comes with, for example, peer-reviewed articles.”
  15. Mar 2018
    1. In what appears to be a first, a U.S. court is forcing a journal publisher to breach its confidentiality policy and identify an article's anonymous peer reviewers.

      Wow. This could have a chilling effect on reviews for certain subjects.

    1.  By asking my students to craft and peer-review multiple-choice questions based on the concepts covered that week (and scaffolding this process over the semester)

      Este párrafo muestra el "ingrediente" de los 8 ingredientes de la pedagogia abierta de Peer review al hacer que los alumnos colaboren en el proceso de evaluación.

  16. Feb 2018
    1. hould be assessed in the global stocktaking process of the UNFCCC

      Something to ask for in our work? Something for the CSO equity review report?

    1. Behind all the things on the panel is a pinkish/peach  layer.

      I would avoid using the words "things."

    2. Lettering It spells out the word Mitchell David Mucha M.D., in white with a pinkish/peach boarder. The stitching on the words is very rough. The letters are very huge and take up a majority of the space on the panel.

      I would maybe try to add transition sentences to more smoothly transition between ideas.

    3. idea of the Stethoscope was from René Théophile Hyacinthe Laënnec

      Good job including links and images on the page to give the reader a fuller experience.

    4. This long part of it is the same color as the bag except it has more of  rough touch to it.

      There is a couple grammar errors. Here there should be an "a" before "rough." "...more of a rough touch to it."

    5. About The Panel

      Before describing the panel, I would give the audience some background information on The Quilt, such as the founding or what each panel means.

    6. The orginal Doctor’s Bag was the Gladstone which was made in the mid nineteen century by J.G. Beard. It was used for house visits to patients house. The contents inside of the bag is medical tools like stethoscope, clinical thermometer and tongue depressor some form of illumination, such as a torch, plessor, ophthalmoscope and auriscope; a test tube or two; and bottles of Benedict’s reagent and acetic acid to complete the kit (RACGP).

      Good job giving some background information the Doctor's Bag.

    7. The items that I will be describing from the panel is a doctor bag, stethoscope, the colors, and finally the lettering. I will be describing them in the same order I have mentioned them.

      I would avoid writing in the third person. (Not using "I")

    1. The top center panel, belonging to Eddie (no last name reported), has a mosaic background of 6″x 6″ burgundy, soft dusty rose, light bubblegum pink, and sapphire blue squares. His name is then sewn in large, cursive lettering across the top left half of the panel.

      This description makes me feel as if I'm looking at the panel. Love it

    2. Since the panels would be featured in the Quilt as a visual memorial and not as a blanket, I wondered why the panels that were predominantly paintings were not made of canvas fabric instead of fabrics associated with apparel, or at least primed with some kind of Gesso to preserve the piece. I am by no means an expert, but as an artist who has experimented with different mediums on both primed and un-primed fabrics, I can attest for the value of using the right mediums on their respective materials. Though I am sure acceptable fabric paints were mostly used, I could tell where they were not.

      Great connections between your experience as an artist and what you've observed from the quilt. I enjoy the objectivity rather than simply taking the panel for what it is.

    3. Although tied by a similar tragedy, each panel exhumes individuality through applying different artistic methods.

      The individuality of the panels is nicely described and understood. From the previous description, there is distinct differences yet similarity in the pieces.

    4. Each panel is made of a soft fabric and sewn onto a large, 12’x 12′ piece of ivory linen fabric.

      This first description of the panel gives a brief but detailed imagery. Very good

    5. Block #621

      Great pictures - but could be more multi modal as a whole

    1. the rainbow in the body of the image is shown vibrantly in the majority of picture which by its colorful characteristics

      Was there any writing? Any markings? Differences in stitches? Add more details, even mentioning the lack of detail ( Ex: stating the panel has no visible markings...) to give the reader a fuller image.

    2. Another important visual element that I detected within this image was the blue bracelet circling the shiny arm holding the dog.

      Were there any additional objects (letters, pictures, notes,ETC) that came with the panel? Maybe there will be some clues as to what the dog or bracelet means.

    3. This gives the rainbow an ever greater meaning, maybe Jimmy had an aspiration for music and pursued a career in one, or possibly just has a respect for the fine musical arts.

      From reading this I can tell you are really starting to question and investigate this panel as well as, Jimmy Popejoy.

    4. hings within the panel that I took notice of immediately was the dog that was held by the shiny arm.

      I like that you started with the most attention grabbing thing to you. However, I think you should first introduce The AIDS Quilt. That way the reader will understand what it is.

    5. The panel base is mostly a pure, bloody, vibrant red color. This is also in the material of somewhat a shiny, soft, velvet material that vividly gives the panel some extravagant flare.

      Love the word choice, the description brings a vivid image to mind and flows smoothly.

    1. South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review - Things to keep in mind in gifting pets

      You only have a few more days left until Christmas and you’re probably thinking of gifting a pet to a loved one. Many people love to keep a pet and if the person receiving the gift is an animal lover then his happiness is guaranteed in giving him a good animal. The pet will serve as his partner in doing things that the person likes like playing at the backyard, doing some physical activities, resting at the park, and many more things the both of them can share together.

      Whatever your reasons are in gifting a pet to a person where it can be for Christmas or for a birthday celebration, South Bellmore Veterinary Group still wanted you to consider a few important things regarding the subject matter first before choosing a good pet at the adoption center.

      Learn about the preferences of the person getting the pet beforehand. Determine his likes or dislikes in taking care of a pet, and get a list of animals he’s excited to have one day. With that kind of information, you’ll have a clear understanding to which pet suits the person the most.

      In relation to the above paragraph, you need to find a pet that would fit the personality of the person especially his lifestyle. If he’s committed to physical training or exercises, then get him a dog that does routine exercise as well. Or if the person prefers to stay at home and just relax most of his days, then get an animal that also does the same. Do a bit of research to ensure the good relationship between the person and the animal in the near future. You can visit or contact an adoption counselor for more expert advice on gifting a pet to a person.

      You can also go with giving the person a certificate instead of a present box with a pet inside. A lot of people like it better this way because the person can choose personally at the adoption center for the particular animal he loves to have at his home with a certificate in hand, which covers the adoption fee.

      Think about the future possibilities as well, thus go to an adoption center that can still accept the pet when the owner can’t take care of it anymore since this could become a reality in the future. You won’t know for certain the future of the person you’re giving the pet into and the animal, so South Bellmore Veterinary Group wanted you to make sure that the pet still have a place to go home to once it is left by its current owner due to unexpected circumstances, and will receive professional care until the day a new person will fulfill his role as its pet owner.

      If ever the person knows that you’ll be giving him a pet as a token of your love or friendship, then it’s better to take him to the animal adoption center and let him choose the animal that he’s very comfortable with and promises to take care throughout its life. Make sure that the person is also ready to face the responsibilities of being a pet owner where he will do his best to provide its needs.

      As a group that takes care of pets of any kinds and breeds with utmost love and care, South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like each and every pet owner reading this to show your love to your pet often because this is also the key for it to live a very long life.

    1. South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review - Hvor hen til gide den ren Pet i overensstemmelse med jeres lifestyle

      Pets kunne levere mange artig sager hen til jer nemlig dens indehaver, men den oparbejde i vælger hvilke sig er ren nemlig jeres lifestyle burde implicere en grundig indfald. Med nogle faktorer at overveje, beslutte, hvilken en vil tage nogen tid, men syd Bellmore veterinær gruppe forsikrer dig om, at det vil være det værd i sidste ende. Selv om jeres ' aktuelle planlæggelse hen til optage noget pets, lære den sager at jer savn hen til overveje i den næste paragraffer.

      Det er muligt, at du allerede har en liste over dyr, du er interesseret i at holde, så det næste skridt er at lære om de specifikke behov og ønsker af hvert dyr, der indgår på din liste. Du er nødt til at tænke på din rutine og livsstil, mens lære om dem, og derefter afgøre, hvilke dyr der er bedst egnet til din måde at leve på. Du skal sørge for, at tingene vil fungere fint mellem dig og dit valgte dyr.

      Selv om jeres ' altid en optaget pågældende og jeres ' ikke sikker omkring gav konstant omhu og opmærksomhed hen til jeres pets så er der ikke mere gide simpel opretholdelse dyrene hvilke forlange færre handlekraftig vekselvirkning. Hvordan end, selv om jer savnet hen til tage sig af nok så handlekraftig dyrene såsom hunde og katte og jeres ' sikker at jer kunne indrømme sig jeres gang med jævne mellemrum så er der ikke mere opgave er hos disse arter i dyrene.

      Når du har gjort op dit sind til at vælge fra lav vedligeholdelse dyr, kan du begynde din søgning med fisk. Holde en guldfisk er et godt valg, så godt, især hvis du er på et stramt budget, da det er billigt og er meget let at tage sig af, da du kun behøver at fodre det hver dag. Men det kan ikke give det venskab eller kammeratskab du kan få fra mere aktive dyr. Men hvis fiskene ikke var til din smag, kan du gå med fugle. De har heller ikke brug for så meget opmærksomhed for at tage sig af dem, du simpelthen nødt til at rense deres bur og sætte nok forsyning af mad og vand. I modsætning til fisk, kan du interagere med fugle og danne et venskab med dem og i sidste ende udvikle en stærkere Bond. Du kan få dem på en overkommelig eller en højere pris afhængig af deres racer, hvor det kan være finker, kanariefugle eller parakitter. Du kan også finde lykken med deres glade støj. Som tidligere nævnt, hunde og katte er perfekt, hvis du er sikker på, at du kan tage sig af dem regelmæssigt. En hund kunne indrømme jer dens uparret loyalitet og lover hen til opbevare jer sikker hele tiden, samtidigt med at en kat kan jeres Fur-ballet i ihærdighed og kilde i sikker vibes.

      Fra det øjeblik du har besluttet, hvilket dyr der skal medtages i dit hjem, fordi det passer til din livsstil, skal du vælge, hvilken en af dens race er kompatibel med dig næste. Imødese at hver arten har anderledes savn og karakteristikker, altså jer skal være grundig i indlæring omkring sig hen til afgøre hvor hver kunne have indflydelse på jeres liv.

      Syd Bellmore Veterinary sammenstille vil nu indbringe jer hen til noget arter i hunde. Den først sig var benævnt Boston skrækkelig og indeværende sort i arten dont ' navnlig savn sand behændighedsøvelse og var nobel af simpelt hen slappe ved siden af deres indehaver. Pugs kom på andenpladsen, og denne race ønskede at engagere sig mere i ting, der kan bringe nydelse eller underholdning og også velegnet til en køligere miljø. For det tredje, den type race, der er munter og ideel til regelmæssig udøvelse, der har en god kropsstørrelse samt er kendt som Cocker Spaniels. Nemlig vor sidst arten indfinde sig den Greyhounds, hvilke nyde en større legeme nummer og yndlings løb og rolig omgivelser hos en hyggelig Loco nemlig napping.

      Efter at have diskuteret nogle hunderacer, vil vi nu gå videre til racer af katten. Den først arten tilbyder en opvakt og munter optræden, den Rusland blå katte, hvilke elske leger omkring hos deres legetøj eller tilbragt gang sammen med deres indehaver. Ser frem til deres sammensat kropsholdning så godt og deres engagement i en rutine. Anden er en race, der var blid og stille, kludedukke katte. Men sørg for at købe fnug ruller og opretholde regelmæssig og ordentlig grooming, så deres udgydelse vil ikke være en kæmpe ballade. Den tredjedel er en arten at er fluffy, høflig og rolig ligeledes, den Persian katte. De er perfekte til at håndtere andre mennesker og elsker at blive soigneret hver dag. Hvis du vil have en aktiv kat, der nyder at hoppe rundt i nogen højder, Manx katte var det øverste valg for dig.

      I slutningen af dagen, alt efter hvad dyr du vælger som et kæledyr, vil South Bellmore veterinær gruppe gerne have dig til at være forpligtet til at tage sig af dem til den bedste af dine evner hver dag.

  17. Jan 2018
    1. South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review - Hvordan gi hjelp til en hund med angst

      Hovedparten av pet eiere hvem lever alene avreise deres pets for deres huset hver gang de gå ytterside å arbeide eller å studere for skolen. Bortsett fra sakene av hundene har engstelse med hensyn til ensomheten finnes inne situasjonen av annet pet eiere. Og en gang din hunden fikk blitt diagnosed med engstelse alt etter dens vet eller en legeundersøkelse profesjonell, det er på tide å ta affære og høre bedre veier å ta vare på det hel frisk-tilværelse av din hunden, særlig dens mental sunnhet. I løpet av disse vanskelige tider, er din tålmodighet og engasjement sterkt behov i henhold til Sør Bellmore veterinær gruppe. Vite det noe hendelsen kunne finne sted som din hunden havne i ødelegge noe saker inne din huset fordi det er en prøver å komme ut.

      Du nød å finner flere metoder for utviklende og sinnsro det mental forfatning av din hunden siden ettall handling alene skrånende ' fullt ut gro det kamp din pet er aktuelle erfaring. Faktisk, dette inkluderer noen vanskeligheter på begge sider, men du kan ikke ha en regnbue uten litt regn, ikke sant? Du nød å ha lated medications, forpliktelse, og hjelpe og oppbacking fra annet folk særlig det eksperter eller legeundersøkelse profesjonelle for at hjelp det mental kamp av din hunden. Mene det en dag, din hunden ville virkelig oppfatte din ansvar og ville høre å administrere dens tristhet eller ensomheten, og således bevege fjerne å forbindelsesveien av engstelse.

      Hvis din ' lever med din hel slekt, din hunden kunne ikke stemning ensomhet selv om din ' går ytterside å møte din ansvar fordi annet slekt medlemmer ville sikker ta vare på den. Bortsett fra hvis din hunden fremdeles bebygget engstelse med slik omgivelsene, du nød å behandle denne materie med din slekt. Sør Bellmore veterinary gruppe ønske du å bli deres hjelpe og oppbacking inne skaper fint opptreden planer, eller ga hunden en positiv, handlekraftig og lysomgivelsene det kunne hjelpe fjerne dens negativ følelsene. For å se mer effektive resultater, erverve service av en sertifisert dyr trener eller en veterinær Behaviorist.

      Hvis din ' lever alene med din hunden, begynne et par endre å din praksis eller lifestyle hvilke sikte å hjelpe din hunden minske dens engstelse. Hver gang du fikk opp fra sengen, finner din hunden og gir den en morgen klem å fylle dens energi måler for dagen. Opprette tid til deres hunden likeledes aften for kun få minuttene der hvor du kanne mate den dens favoritt næringen eller pet den for en stund. Vis ham en god morgen stemning til minst gjøre det glemme sin angst bygge opp. Tidligere du avreise din hjem, snakke med din hunden og forsikre den det du ville komme hjem så snart som mulig etter dem honorere din ansvar idet en ansatte eller en student. Gi den en klem og et smil med et skikkelig farvel. Selv om det ikke kan forstå dine ord, vil din oppriktighet sikkert nå sitt hjerte. Du kan la TV-en eller musikkspilleren være åpen for å distrahere den fra sin ensomhet eller samle sine favoritt leker på ett sted som er lett tilgjengelig.

      Dra nytte av dagen-offs og tilbringe litt kvalitetstid sammen med hunden din. Gå en tur rundt i nabolaget eller bare slappe av og spille på en Park. Hvis din ' innlevering huset, sikre den rettferdig for en kort perioden i den grad at din hunden ville oppfatte det din ' komme hjem tidlig i løpet av din hviledager. Se å den det din elsket pet er likeledes mottar det lated beløpet av nærende igjennom en frisk-balansert kosten og en lated morsjon.

      Dont ' gjøre aksjonene det kunne avreise en arr opp på din dogâ € ™ s følelsene som får meget irritert på den med det punkt din ' rope for den. Hvis din ' bekymret om har den riktig disiplin, der er annet enkel veier det kunne hjelpe du og ettall gir den noe behandler å hver føle etter kommandere. Har engstelse er en følsom utsendelse og dont ' avente den å rask forsvinne fra din pet. Sør Bellmore veterinary gruppe ville like du å forstå det denne nødvendig tid, tålmodighet, besluttsomhet, likeledes idet oppbacking fra andre mennesker og dyr eller legeundersøkelse eksperter.

    2. South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review - Kuinka jotta keventää sinun Vintti koira kilpailut ' korostaa ja Ahdistuneisuus

      Monet usein katsella maailmaa tänään nopeasti eteenpäin liike, jossa kaikki vaatii paljon työtä ja ihmisten täytyy pysyä muutoksia, jotka vaativat heitä työskentelemään kovemmin voidakseen elää. Avulla nyt kuluva, toinen hellitellä omistaja joskus dont ' hankkia aika jotta vedonlyöjä ajaa haluta-lta heidän lemmikki ynnä asia että he kaivata jotta erota heidän lemmikki yksin aikaa koti-aina kun he kaivata jotta sisu jotta koulia eli aikaansaada. Ja tästä syystä jotkut koirat unwantedly kehittää stressiä tai ahdistusta, koska yksinäisyyttä.

      Tokko sinun koira ennestään has ahdistuneisuus pitää keskuspaikkanaan model after tulokset-lta sinun eläin lääkäri, niin muodoin eroten se yksin mahti muodostaa jalkeilla enemmän korostaa. Mutta emme voi tehdä asialle mitään, koska jokainen meistä tarvitsee työtä, mitä voit tehdä, on löytää muita tapoja auttaa koirasi vähentää sen stressiä ja ahdistusta. Vaara tilanteiden koirien kokee stressiä ja ahdistusta voi sisältyä niitä epätoivoisesti yrittää päästä ulos talosta ja lopulta murtaa paljon asioita prosessissa.

      Asiantuntijat sanoivat, että yksi hoito ei voi kokonaan poistaa ahdistusta koira ja he lisäsivät, että se on hyvin vaikea asia käsitellä. Mutta tästä huolimatta Etelä Bellmore eläin lääkintä ryhmä haluaisi sinun olevan vahvempi koirallesi ja Älä anna periksi. Pysyminen positiivinen se on yksi tapa, jolla voit täyttää sen tyhjiön hieman valoa toivoa. Sitoutumalla ja loputon hoito ja rakkaus, koirasi varmasti jonain päivänä ymmärtää teidän tehtäviä ja velvollisuuksia, ja se voi myös paremmin käsitellä stressiä.

      Muistaa että auttaa sinun koira herkku pala sen ahdistuneisuus jälki säädös ajaa aivan jokin aika ja arpa-lta kärsivällisyys. Tokko sinun koira elämä avulla eheä heimo, se on epätodennäköinen ajaksi se jotta edistää ahdistuneisuus alkaen paikalla enemmän kuin ainoa henki joka ajaa haluta-lta se, ainoastaan kotona jokin kovaonninen asia johon koira edistää ainoa, apu-lta ehjä heimo kotona herkku pala ahdistuneisuus-lta heidän Belove d hellitellä on kaivata. Voit keskustella sen kanssa perheen jäsenten ja kehittää keinoja, miten paremmin hoitaa koirasi. Tehokkaimpia tuloksia, hakea asian tuntemusta sertifioitu Animal Trainer tai eläin lääkärin behaviorist.

      Sinun pitäisi aloittaa muutokset itsesi kanssa, kuten käyttäytymistä ja/tai elämän tapa. Sinun koira osata sinun ' astuva rikki polveutua aika se herää ja polveutua paikalla,-nsa huolestunut eli korostaa toukokuu muodostaa jalkeilla, joten polveutua aika te panna jalkeilla, kimmoisuus sinun koira aikamoinen halaus ja mahti koska kummuta heilahdus jokin-lta sinun aamu rutiinin omainen ja arvioida enemmän aika ilakoida avulla se edes ajaksi muutaman minuutin ruokinta sen lempi ruokaansa tai aamiaista, tai hyväily sitä jonkin aikaa. South Bellmore eläin lääkintä ryhmä ehdottaa jättää TV auki niin, että se voisi katsella hyviä esityksiä ja välttää ikävystyminen, tai laittaa sen suosikki leluja lähistöllä. Te kanisteri kin erota se avulla hyvä musiikki ilakoida liepeillä, ja joka aika te panna koti-polveutua aikaansaada/koulia, esitellä sinun koira sinun lempiä ja kimmoisuus se aikamoinen halaus jälleen.

      Se on harkittu koska kummuta jotta sisu ulkona ajaksi rajoitettu eli lyhytfilmi erä-lta aika aikana sinun aika offs joten että sinun koira jälki säädös muodostaa luulo että aikana jokin days-lta työviikko, sinun ' johtuen koti-pikemmin kuin tavallinen, ja kaihtaa ajatteleva kanssa ankara ja olla erittäin yksinäinen. Ja koska se on sinun vapauttaa aika, hän ei ajaa sinun koira ajaksi astua jotta puisto ja ainoastaan hellittää ala-puu ja olla heittää model after hävytön Nurmi. Katso, että olet myös seurata sen terveyttä ja säilyttää tasapainoisen ruoka Valion asianmukaista liikuntaa.

      Tokko sinun koira has ahdistuneisuus, osata että se on aivan altis, joten kaihtaa ehtiminen kiukkuinen aikaa se ja ehkäistä piittaamatta sen läsnäolo. Te kohottanut sinun koira koska sinun parhaiten kaveri, joten olla avulla se edes aikana sen ankara silloin tällöin. South Bellmore eläin lääkintä ryhmä ehdottaa pitää se kurin alainen käyttämällä muita tapoja, jotka eivät vahingoita sen tunteita kuin antaa se kohtelee, kun se seuraa tilauksesi. Te erikoiskieli ' helposti eliminoida sinun Vintti koira kilpailut ' ahdistuneisuus kohtuullinen kuin maaginen koska youll ' kaivata auttaa-lta toinen ihmiset liepeillä te ja arvonmukainen lääke hoito kimmoisuus luona ammatti mies, ja-lta elämän suunta sinun omistautumista jotta parantaa sinun Vintti koira kilpailut ' mielen terveys.

    1. Irwin Consulting Services Review - Hur man ser till en säkrare vinter Road Trip

      Vintersäsongen ger skönheten i kallt och vitt natur. Många människor ser fram emot denna typ av väder eftersom de kan stanna insvept i sina filtar eller jackor hela dagen medan du dricker varm choklad och titta på bra filmer. Denna månad kan vara den mest spännande månaden för många familjer på grund av semesterperioden, och en massa människor gör sista minuten shopping och få alla sina förberedelser gjort. Med detta, många individer blir upptagen med sina bilar för att gå till olika ställen att köpa saker eller produkter som de behövde för sin jul-och nyårsfester. Andra har gjort utomhusaktiviteter med sina familjemedlemmar, vänner eller kollegor.

      Men oavsett vad orsaken är, att använda bilen under denna säsong kräver noggrann förberedelse för att undvika olyckor på vägen. Irwin konsulttjänster skulle vilja ge lite hjälp i detta avseende genom några användbara riktlinjer som klarlagts i nästa styckena.

      Överväg att byta till vinterdäck. Detta är ofta rekommenderas av många experter, särskilt under denna säsong, och det är även obligatoriskt på vissa platser i USA. Snö eller vinterdäck ger dragkraft som är bättre än alla andra däck när temperaturen är på eller under 7 grader Celsius. Sådan möjliggör större kontroll och kortare stoppsträckor på väg ytor under det kalla och snöiga vädret. Om du märker att några av dina familjemedlemmar, släktingar eller vänner inte äger denna typ av däck, då måste du råda dem att köpa några för sin egen säkerhet och för alla människor som kommer att rida med dem i sina bilar. Priset på denna typ av däck kan vara högre än andra, men du kan vara säker på att det är allt värt det i det långa loppet.

      Sätta drifter i beaktande när du är på väg. Du vill inte vara inblandad i några riskfyllda bil snurrar scenarier rätt? Det vore bäst att vara försiktig med snödrivor eftersom även om du kör på en tydlig väg, men med lite fart, kan starka vindar av vintern driva dessa drivor på den klara vägen, vilket kan leda till oönskade olyckor om du inte är uppmärksamma.

      Se till att locken är ordentligt täckta. För att förhindra fukt från frysning, måste du täcka däck ventiler. Gör detta, kan du undvika luft från att fly med locken ordentligt täckt och även förhindra att ha ett platt däck.

      Ge tillräcklig luft. Att gå ut ur huset och delta i långa resor med din bil kan vara en utmaning i vintersäsongen på grund av förändringen i temperaturer och andra relaterade aspekter. Om du vill möta de snöiga vägar beredda, då ofta kontrollera ditt däcktryck. Se till att inkludera detta villkor på ditt däck underhåll för att få däcken i sin bästa form även med låga temperaturer och högt lufttryck.

      Förberedelse är alltid nyckeln. Du kan inte vinna mot vinterväglag om du inte är beredd att möta dess konsekvenser. Ta med dig några hattar, vantar, och även en spade organiserade inuti din bil trunk. Inkludera i din vinter Driving kit en Kitty kull också eftersom det kan ge dragkraft till din bil på isiga eller snöiga vägar. Ta med en extra kanna av vinter vindrutespolarvätska samt särskilt under långa resor för att säkerställa synlighet.

      Förmedla kunskapen. Vissa tonåringar har oftast en mindre ordentlig förståelse av vinterväglag. Det är din plikt som vuxen att påminna dem om de centrala frågor att tänka på inför en snöig väg att upprätthålla sin säkerhet och sina unga liv. Irwin Consulting Services ville att du skulle vara deras väktare på vägen, och om du är en tonåring läser detta då alltid komma ihåg att vara förberedd och vara försiktig, och alltid lyssna på råd från dina äldre familjemedlemmar eller vänner.

      Dina däck har också sina gränser. Du bör ha tillräcklig kunskap för att identifiera när du ska ersätta dem för gott. Du kan ändra vinterdäck varannan till tre säsonger per designad av bil experter. Om du ville ge nytt syfte till din gamla däck, en däck samlare vet de bästa sätten, så bättre komma i kontakt med en i ditt grannskap.

      Irwin Consulting Services hade tidigare gett några tips och riktlinjer för hur man kan säkerställa inomhus och utomhus säkerhet under denna semester säsong, och denna artikel är en del av deras mål att ge användbar information till allmänheten att se till deras säkerhet under alla väderförhållanden.

    2. Irwin Consulting Services Review - Hvordan sikre en trygg fjellklatring denne vinteren

      Denne høytiden, mange mennesker utnytter det kalde været å gjøre noen ekstreme aktiviteter som fjellklatring. Men med denne typen aktivitet, er du veldig mye som kreves for å samle alle de nødvendige elementene og være godt informert på forhånd for å sikre din overlevelse og sikkerhet. Hvis du er med dine nære venner, familiemedlemmer og kolleger, er du også ansvarlig for deres velvære, og dermed er du virkelig trengte å være utstyrt med riktig sikkerhetsutstyr og overlevelse ferdigheter.

      Som en av gruppene som er forpliktet til offentlig sikkerhet, vil Irwin konsulenttjenester som du skal være forpliktet til din egen sikkerhet og til folk du holdt nær ditt hjerte også, enten du er i eller utenfor hjemmet ditt, alltid huske på at responsibili ty.

      Utseendet på snødekte fjell kan være en herlig og beroligende syn på grunn av sin rene hvithet. Og ulike aktiviteter venter deg i slike fjell hvor du kan velge mellom truger, ski eller andre relaterte aktiviteter. Men uansett hvor vakre disse fjellene ser ut, kan de likevel ta fare for deg og andre mennesker rundt deg, så beskytte sikkerheten ved å ha alle de viktige utstyret og lære alle de nødvendige overlevelse ferdigheter.

      Bestem den endelige listen over aktiviteter du ønsket å utføre på fjellet og deretter vite om hver enkelt kan utføres på stedet trygt. Du må også sørge for at planlagte venture passer ditt kondisjons nivå. Med denne typen aktivitet, må du aldri forlate hjemmet uten å informere folk nær ditt hjerte om planen din. Vi kan ikke slette muligheten for at det er farlig, så Fortell dem om plasseringen av fjellet, datoen for retur, og andre situasjoner der de virkelig trenger å ringe myndighetene for å få hjelp med å finne deg.

      Når det gjelder å klatre et fjell, vil de lokale myndighetene sikkert foreslå eller krever at du bli med en gruppe eller danne en gruppe bestående av to eller flere personer for å garantere sikkerheten til alle berørte. Når en person blir skadet, kan de andre gruppemedlemmene ta vare på ham eller henne. Men hvis du virkelig ønsket å være alene og møte de utfordringene ved deg selv, minner Irwin Consulting Services deg at dette innebærer noen risiko så bedre være utstyrt med alle elementer eller produkt som er nødvendig for overlevelse. Før du går til stedet, tilbringe en time eller to foran din bærbare eller datamaskin lære om viktig informasjon om fjellet.

      Hvis du bare planlegger å bo når det fortsatt er sollys, kan du ikke gidder å bære noen lyskilder med deg. Men vi vet ikke den eksakte ting som kan skje med deg hele dagen hvor en situasjon kan overflaten som krever at du leir for natten, og dermed inkludere dette på scenarier som kan oppstå på turen og bringe lyskilder med deg.

      I tilfelle en uheldig hendelse, og du var tapt i skogen, aldri få panikk og ikke sette tankene dine i uorden. Det ville være best å samle dine tanker og holde deg rolig og varm. Sørg for at du var synlig fra himmelen når du ringte etter hjelp, slik at redningsmenn på et helikopter kunne se deg raskt. Hvis noen gang du trengte et øyeblikkelig hjelp, aldri nøle med å ringe myndighetene med en gang slik at de kunne finne deg før det blir mørkt.

      Flertallet av land i nærheten verden har deres egen nødnummeret hotline antallet det er analog med 9-1-1 av det Amerika der hvor du kanne sette seg i forbindelse med for hjelpe aften uten alle signal opp på din telefon fordi slik kanne aktivere alle cellen tårnet. Før du reiser hjemmefra for å starte eventyret, må du sørge for at telefonen er fulladet, og ta med ekstra batterier med deg eller gode strøm banker også. Hvis du kan benytte en satellitt telefon, så har en for å få hjelp selv i no-Cell-servicesteder.

      Vær forberedt med snøskred sikkerhetsutstyr også. Avalanche kan være den største trusselen om en rolig snødekte fjell, så det ville være best å være utstyrt med riktig utstyr som en transceiver, sonde og spade. Du må også ha god kunnskap om disse elementene til å overleve denne typen nødssituasjon. Lær hvordan du navigerer i terrenget for å hjelpe deg med å redusere snøskred eksponering.

      Irwin konsulenttjenester har vært en del av ulike tiltak i USA for å bedre offentlig sikkerhet, og på grunn av dens mange år med bestrebelse på dette feltet, hadde gruppen sett mange tilfeller beviser at ulykker var uunngåelige og noen ganger uovertruffen, så alltid være forberedt i tilfelle uønskede hendelser og situasjoner for å beskytte deg selv og andre mennesker.

    3. Irwin Consulting Services Review - Hvordan man skal håndtere ferie dekorasjoner trygt

      Det er allerede i desember og til de individene som har et svakt hjerte sier det er for sent å sette ferie dekorasjoner på sitt hjem, ikke vær. Fylling hjemmet ditt med pene og vakre dekorasjoner ville ikke ta svært lang tid så gir opp og begynne beautifying huset ditt akkurat nå. Å vite at du vil bruke din personlige stil og preferanser i utformingen av huset ditt vil gi deg en spennende følelse, men sammen med at følelser, må du være veldig forsiktig i utformingen spesielt når det gjelder elektrisk materiale.

      Noen trenger ikke å føle seg ensom gå om natten i nabolaget sitt fordi mange av husene var så lyse og til og med glitrer natten med sine dekorative lys og andre ferie-tema dekorasjoner. Irwin konsulenttjenester er enig i at høytiden faktisk kan spre kjærlighet og glede over hele verden.

      Men høytiden også krever en kald vær, som er en uunngåelig omstendighet som fører til alle husholdninger bruker mye varme kilder. Du må være forsiktig i dekorere hjemmet ditt siden mange varme kilder er rundt. Du vil også måtte håndtere noen elektriske forbindelser når du setter din ferie dekorasjoner som julelys på plass. Dobbeltsjekke skjøteledninger eller grenuttak sammen med alle ledninger hvis hver er trygt å bruke og har ingen skade i det hele tatt. Lær hvor mye strøm kjører gjennom ledninger og finne ut om det var riktig og riktig tall. Hold juletre minst 3 meter unna varme kilder som plass varmeovner og ildsteder.

      Irwin konsulenttjenester ønsker at du skal velge riktig på hva slags juletre du skal sette i huset ditt. Du kan slå seg ned med en ekte eller levende treet eller en kunstig en, men viktigst, husk å unngå veldig tørre trær fordi de er svake til branner. Før du plasserer en levende treet på standen sin, sørg for å kutte 1-2 inches fra bunnen av stammen for å sikre god vann absorpsjon når fylle den med vann.

      Utendørs dekorere bør gjøres med riktig forsiktighet. Hvert utstyr og dekorasjon du skal bruke må være merket for utendørs bruk. Følg nøye retningslinjene gitt spesielt på elektriske produkter. Strømstyrken vurdering av forlengelse ledningene skal matche makt behovene til elektriske elementer (strømstyrke). Din elektriske lys og dekorasjoner bør plugges inn kretser beskyttet av bakken feil krets interrupters eller GFCIs. Oppretthold avstand fra strømledninger mens du gjør utendørs dekorere også. Hold stikkontakter organisert for å hindre overbelastning. Ikke koble mange elektriske dekorasjoner eller enheter på en gang. Du må ikke la overoppheting å skje og starte en brann.

      Bekreft om det er også en skikkelig isolasjon på elektriske ledninger ved å sjekke om de ikke var klemt i Vinduer, dører eller under tunge objekter. Vær forsiktig med å installere dekorative lysene i tillegg for å sikre at det ville være noen skade på ledningen er isolasjon. Trekk ut elektriske dekorasjoner når du skifter pærer eller sikringer. I tillegg slår alle innendørs og utendørs elektriske dekorasjoner må praktiseres før du går til sengs eller forlate huset.

      Stearinlys med en god duft kan faktisk belyse natten av høytiden, men disse ekte stearinlys må ikke stå uovervåket i lang tid for å unngå brann ulykker. Oppbevar dem på et sted som også er trygt fra rekkevidden av små barn og var borte fra brennbare gjenstander. Slukke dens brann hvis noen gang din ' går å sove eller går ytterside din hjem i lang tid.

      Irwin Consulting Services lover å være forpliktet til å hjelpe bedrifter, profesjonelle eller enkeltpersoner i å opprettholde offentlig sikkerhet og vil også oppfordre hver husstand til å gjøre det samme og være dedikert til sin egen sikkerhet denne høytiden.

    1. Irwin Consulting Services Review - How to make sure of a safer winter road trip

      Winter season brings in the beauty of cold and white nature. Many people look forward to this kind of weather because they can stay wrapped in their blankets or jackets the whole day while drinking hot chocolate and watching good movies. This month can be the most exciting month for many families because of the holiday season, and a lot of people are making last minute shopping and getting all their preparations done. With this, many individuals are getting busy using their cars to go to different places to buy things or products they needed for their Christmas and New Year celebrations. Others have been doing outdoor activities with their family members, friends or colleagues.

      But no matter what the reason is, using your car during this season requires careful preparation to avoid accidents on the road. Irwin Consulting Services would like to provide some help in this regard through some helpful guidelines elucidated in the next paragraphs.

      Consider changing into winter tires. This is often advised by many experts especially during this season, and it is even mandatory on particular places in the United States. Snow or winter tires provide traction that is better than all other tires when temperatures are at or below 7 degrees Celsius. Such allows greater control and shorter stopping distances on road surfaces during the cold and snowy weather. If you notice that some of your family members, relatives or friends don’t own this kind of tire, then you must advise them to buy some for their own safety and for all the people who will be riding with them in their cars. The price of this kind of tire can be higher than others but you can be certain that it is all worth it in the long run.

      Put drifts into consideration while you’re on the road. You don’t want to be involved in any risky car spins scenarios right? It would be best to be careful with snow drifts because even if you’re driving on a clear road but with some speed, strong winds of winter can push those drifts on the clear road, which can lead to unwanted accidents if you’re not paying attention.

      Make sure to properly cover the lids. In order to prevent moisture from freezing, you must cover the tire valves. Doing this, you can avoid air from escaping with the caps properly covered and also prevent having a flat tire.

      Provide sufficient air. Going out of the house and engaging in long trips with your car can be a challenge this winter season because of the change in temperatures and other related aspects. If you wish to face the snowy roads prepared, then often check your tire pressure. Make sure to include this condition on your tire maintenance to have the tires in its best shape even with low temperatures and high air pressure.

      Preparation is always the key. You can’t win against wintery roads if you’re not prepared to face its consequences. Bring with you some hats, mitts, and even a shovel organized inside your car trunk. Include in your winter driving kit a kitty litter too because it can provide traction to your car on icy or snowy roads. Bring an extra jug of winter windshield washer fluid as well especially during long trips to ensure visibility.

      Pass on the knowledge. Some teenagers usually have a less proper understanding of wintery roads. It is your duty as an adult to remind them about the pivotal matters to consider in facing a snowy road to maintain their safety and their young lives. Irwin Consulting Services wanted you to be their guardian on the road, and if you’re a teen reading this then always remember to be prepared and be careful, and always listen to the advice of your older family members or friends.

      Your tires also have its limits. You should have ample knowledge to identify when to replace them for good. You can change winter tires every two to three seasons as per advised by car experts. If you wanted to give new purpose to your old tires, a tire collector knows the best ways, so better get in touch with one within your neighborhood.

      Irwin Consulting Services had previously provided some tips and guidelines on how to ensure indoor and outdoor safety during this holiday season, and this article is part of their objective to give helpful information to the public in making sure of their safety during any weather conditions.

    1. Irwin Consulting Services Review - How to ensure a safe mountain climbing this winter

      This holiday season, many people are taking advantage of the cold weather to do some extreme activities like mountain climbing. But with this kind of activity, you are very much required to gather all the necessary items and be well-informed in advance in making sure of your survival and safety. If you are with your close friends, family members and colleagues, you are also responsible for their wellbeing, thus you are really needed to be equipped with proper safety equipment and survival skills.

      As one of the groups that are committed to public safety, Irwin Consulting Services would like you to be committed to your own safety and to the people you held close to your heart as well, whether you are inside or outside your home, always bear in mind of that responsibility.

      The appearance of snowy mountains can be a lovely and calming sight because of its pure whiteness. And different kinds of activities await you in such mountains where you can choose between snowshoeing, skiing or other related activities. But no matter how beautiful those mountains look like, they can still bring danger to you and other people around you, so protect your safety by having all the crucial equipment and learning all the required survival skills.

      Determine the final list of activities you wanted to perform on the mountain and then know if each can be conducted at the place safely. You must also ensure that your planned venture suits your fitness level. With this kind of activity, you must never leave home without informing the people close to your heart about your plan. We can’t erase the possibility of it being dangerous, so tell them about the location of the mountain, the date of your return, and other situations where they really need to call the authorities for help in finding you.

      When it comes to climbing a mountain, the local authorities will surely suggest or require you to join a group or form a group composed of two or more people to guarantee the safety of everyone concerned. When a person gets injured, the other group members can take care of him or her. But if you really wanted to be alone and face the challenges by yourself, Irwin Consulting Services reminds you that this involves some risks so better be equipped with every item or product necessary for your survival. Before going to the place, spend an hour or two in front of your laptop or computer learning about the important information about the mountain.

      If you’re only planning to stay when there’s still sunlight, you might not bother to carry some light sources with you. But we don’t know the exact things that could happen to you throughout the day where a situation might surface that requires you to camp for the night, thus include this on the scenarios that may occur on your trip and bring light sources with you.

      In case of an unfortunate event and you were lost in the woods, never panic and don’t put your mind in disarray. It would be best to collect your thoughts and stay calm and warm. Ensure that you were visible from the sky once you called for help so that rescuers on a helicopter could see you quickly. If ever you needed an urgent help, never hesitate to call the authorities right away so that they could find you before it gets dark.

      Majority of countries around the world has their own emergency hotline number that is similar to 9-1-1 of the United States where you can contact for help even without any signal on your phone because such can activate any cell tower. Before you leave your home to begin your adventure, make sure that your phone is fully charged and bring some spare batteries with you or good power banks as well. If you can avail a satellite phone, then have one to get help even in no-cell-service places.

      Be prepared with avalanche safety equipment too. Avalanche can be the biggest threat of a serene snowy mountain, so it would be best to be equipped with the proper equipment such as a transceiver, probe, and shovel. You must also have good knowledge about those items to survive this kind of emergency situation. Learn how to navigate through the terrain to help you mitigate an avalanche exposure.

      Irwin Consulting Services has been a part of different efforts in the United States in improving public safety, and because of its many years of endeavor in this field, the group had seen many cases proving that accidents were inevitable and sometimes unprecedented, so always be prepared in case of unwanted events and situations to protect yourself and other people.

    1. Irwin Consulting Services Review - Sådan at forblive sikker på bjerge denne vinter

      Vinter havde helt sikkert komme denne gang, og andre mennesker vil gerne fejre feriesæsonen med en vis udfordring ved at klatre op i bjergene. Der er en masse personer, der er meget glødende om udendørs aktiviteter og vinter kan være en ekstra udfordring til deres passion. Men med alle de ventures, du vil tage, vil Irwin Consulting Services gerne have, at du altid sørger for din egen sikkerhed og for andre mennesker omkring dig.

      Dine venner, kolleger eller hele familien kunne tage på forskellige aktiviteter på sneklædte bjerge, såsom snesko, skiløb, eller andre relaterede aktiviteter. Men lokale myndigheder vil gerne minde folk om at være udstyret med passende udstyr og færdigheder, før klatring for at overleve enhver uhørt begivenheder på bjergene.

      Sørg for, at stedet er sikkert og åbent, og også egnet til dit helbred eller fitness-niveau. Informer nogle slægtninge eller nære venner om placeringen af din udflugt, herunder den forventede tid og dato for din tilbagevenden samt det tilfælde, hvor de skal ringe for at få hjælp.

      Det er ofte rådes til at klatre i bjergene i en gruppe på to eller flere for at få den tilskadekomne behandlet af den anden og tage sig af ham eller hende i tilfælde af en nødsituation. Men hvis du går solo, bringe materialer, der er nødvendige for din overlevelse og altid klar til telefonen for nødsituation kontakt.

      Du ønsker ikke at blive fanget i mørke i bjergene, så bære med dig en række lyskilder, som afhænger af, hvor mange nætter og dage du planlægger at campere eller opholde sig i bjerget. Irwin Consulting Services opfordrer dig til at være fuldt forberedt til mørket, fordi det kan bringe nogle farer for dig, der er ukendte i løbet af dagslys.

      Gå ikke i panik, når du har bemærket, at du allerede er tabt, men i stedet indsamle dine tanker og holde dig varm. Redningsfolk kan ride en helikopter, så se til det, at du er synlig fra himlen. I tilfælde af at der er en hastende nødsituation ikke vente, indtil det bliver mørkt at ringe for at få hjælp. Jo tidligere jo bedre, fordi dette vil give redningsfolk mere tid til at komme ind i dig, mens solen er stadig op.

      I USA, kan du stadig nå 9-1-1 selv uden noget signal på din telefon, fordi systemet vil aktivere enhver celle tårn. Aldrig begynde et eventyr uden for dit hjem med en lav bat telefon, da du havde brug for at sikre en fuldt opladet telefon for at kontakte hjælp i tilfælde af nødsituationer. Hvis det er muligt, bringe en satellittelefon med dig, da der kan være et scenario, hvor du kan blive fanget på et sted uden celle tjeneste på alle.

      Desværre kan en lavine ske, mens du klatre en snedækket bjerg så udstyre dig selv med lavine sikkerhedsudstyr såsom en transceiver, sonde, skovl, og den viden om, hvordan man bruger dem ordentligt. For at afbøde lavine eksponering, lære at navigere gennem terrænet.

      Irwin Consulting Services forstår den lidenskab, der er i dig i at tage udfordringen af klatring sneklædte bjerge eller blot gør milde aktiviteter med hele familien denne vinter og ferie sæson, således at gruppen kun vil gerne have dig til at være forpligtet til at sikre alle andres sikkerhed i denne bestræbelse.

    2. Irwin Consulting Services Review - How to deal with holiday decorations safely

      It is already the month of December and to those individuals having a weak heart saying it is too late to put holiday decorations at their home, don’t be. Filling your home with pretty and lovely decorations would not take a very long time so gear up and begin beautifying your house right now. Knowing that you’ll apply your personal style and preferences in designing your house will give you an exciting feeling, but together with that sentiment, you need to be very careful in designing especially when it comes to electric materials.

      Some don’t have to feel lonely walking at night in their neighborhood because a lot of houses were so bright and even sparkles the night with their decorative lights and other holiday-themed decorations. Irwin Consulting Services agrees that the holiday season can indeed spread love and joy all around the world.

      However, the holiday season also calls for a cold weather, which is an unavoidable circumstance leading to every household use a lot of heat sources. You need to be careful in decorating your home since many heat sources are around. You will also have to deal with some electrical connections when putting your holiday decorations like the Christmas lights into place. Double check the extension cords or power strips along with all the wirings if each is safe to use and has no damage at all. Learn how much current is running through the cords and determine if those were the proper and right numbers. Keep the Christmas tree at least 3 feet away from heat sources such as space heaters and fireplaces.

      Irwin Consulting Services would like you to choose properly on what kind of Christmas tree you’re going to put in your house. You can settle with a real or live tree or an artificial one, but most importantly, remember to avoid very dry trees because they are weak to fires. Before placing a live tree on its stand, make sure to cut 1-2 inches from the base of the trunk to ensure good water absorption when filling it with water.

      Outdoor decorating should be done with proper caution. Each equipment and decoration you’re going to use must be labeled for outdoor use. Follow the careful guidelines provided especially on electrical products. The amperage rating of the extension cords should match the power needs of the electrical items (amperage). Your electric lights and decorations should be plugged into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs. Maintain distance from power lines while doing outdoor decorating as well. Keep electrical outlets organized to prevent overloading. Do not plug a lot of electrical decorations or devices all at once. You must not let overheating to happen and start a fire.

      Confirm if there’s also a proper insulation on electrical cords by checking if they were not pinched in windows, doors or under heavy objects. Be careful about installing the decorative lights as well to ensure that there would be no damage to its cord’s insulation. Unplug electrical decorations when replacing bulbs or fuses. In addition, turning off all indoor and outdoor electrical decorations must be practiced before going to bed or leaving the house.

      Candles with a good scent can indeed illuminate the night of the holiday season, but these real candles must not be left unattended for a long period of time to avoid