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  1. Jan 2024
    1. Mit South Force Wind hat die erste große Offfshore-Windfarm der USA mit der Stromproduktion begonnen. Eine von 12 Turbinen wurde in Betrieb genommen. Vorangegangen waren mehr als 20 Jahre Auseinandersetzungen über das Projekt. Interactive der New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2024/01/11/nyregion/ny-wind-farm-south-fork.html

    1. (I grant that many of us contribute code to Gitlab, and would also like to participate as members of the development team in guiding the implementations, but clearly the core team has to have the final say in what direction that takes... unless someone wants to create and maintain their own fork of Gitlab ;) )
  2. Dec 2023
  3. Nov 2023
    1. Postbox is Thunderbird for Mac.6ShareReportSavelevel 2TheRealKenJeong · 2 yr. agoThis is a good app. It started off as a reskinned Thunderbird client but has branched off somewhat. It's different enough at this point that it no longer supports plug-ins, but over t ime, it's assumed most functionality of the more popular plug-ins anyway.

      If it really is based on Thunderbird code, then how are they able to sell it on https://www.postbox-inc.com/store/pricing and not make the source code available for free?

  4. Nov 2022
    1. To become an international superhero, fork this gist, make a shell-runable node.js application font-to-regexp.js that just takes your font file(s?) on the command line, invokes ttx for you on it(them), loads the result with jsdom, runs fontRange on it and prints the regexp to stdout, instead of doing the above steps manually. Oh, and brag about it in the comments here, of course, so other people find it too!
  5. Sep 2021
    1. I first learned to love the functionality of Dave Thomas' annotate_models plugin (you can find a repo for it here). Later, when it became un-maintained and broke, I switched over to ctran/annoate. Then, when work on it waned and broke as well, I decided to write my own as an exercise.
  6. Jun 2021
  7. Apr 2021
    1. By default, fork(2) places a newly created child process in the same process group as its parent, so that e.g. a ^C from the keyboard will affect both parent and child.
  8. Feb 2021
  9. Jan 2021
    1. This is open-source. You can always fork and maintain that fork yourself if you feel that's warranted. That's how this project started in the first place, so I know the feeling.
    1. I’m not a dev either, so no Ubuntu fork, but I will perhaps be forced to look at Debian testing, without some advantages of Ubuntu - but now that Unity is gone (and I deeply regret it), gap would not be so huge anymore…
    2. If folks want to get together and create a snap-free remix, you are welcome to do so. Ubuntu thrives on such contribution and leadership by community members. Do be aware that you will be retreading territory that Ubuntu developers trod in 2010-14, and that you will encounter some of the same issues that led them to embrace snap-based solutions. Perhaps your solutions will be different. .debs are not perfect, snaps are not perfect. Each have advantages and disadvantages. Ubuntu tries to use the strengths of both.
  10. Dec 2020
    1. No more waiting around for pull requests to be merged and published. No more forking repos just to fix that one tiny thing preventing your app from working.

      This could be both good and bad.

      potential downside: If people only fix things locally, then they may be less inclined/likely to actually/also submit a merge request, and therefore it may be less likely that this actually (ever) gets fixed upstream. Which is kind of ironic, considering the stated goal "No more waiting around for pull requests to be merged and published." But if this obviates the need to create a pull request (does it), then this could backfire / work against that goal.

      Requiring someone to fork a repo and push up a fix commit -- although a little extra work compared to just fixing locally -- is actually a good thing overall, for the community/ecosystem.

      Ah, good, I see they touched on some of these points in the sections:

      • Benefits of patching over forking
      • When to fork instead
  11. Nov 2020
  12. Oct 2020
    1. 2011-06-23 at OSBridge2011 having lunch with Ward, Tantek exclaimed: The Read Write Web is no longer sufficient. I want the Read Fork Write Merge Web. #osb11 lunch table. #diso #indieweb

      This is what I want too!

  13. Sep 2020
    1. Svelte will not offer a generic way to support style customizing via contextual class overrides (as we'd do it in plain HTML). Instead we'll invent something new that is entirely different. If a child component is provided and does not anticipate some contextual usage scenario (style wise) you'd need to copy it or hack around that via :global hacks.
    1. So to experience another change-detector I made a little “sister” of Svelte is Malina.js, which instead of checking if a variable was changed, it checks if a binding was changed (bind-checking). Below are a few examples how it’s better.
  14. Jul 2020
  15. Jun 2020
  16. May 2020
    1. If the add-on is a fork of another add-on, the name must clearly distinguish it from the original and provide a significant difference in functionality and/or code.
  17. Apr 2020
    1. In particular, I, quite accidentally, became a maintainer of ActsAsTaggableOn, a Rails tagging engine, after bumping a long-stale, minor, pull-request I had written.
  18. Mar 2020
    1. Piwik PRO uses a fork of Piwik open-source software (similarly to RedHat using the Linux kernel and multiple open source tools), however we currently seamlessly integrate a part of open source Piwik in our proprietary platform via APIs. Moreover, Piwik PRO controls all the changes to the code used in its Analytics Suite and since 2016 has been maintaining and developing its own fork of “Piwik” alongside the proprietary modules of Analytics Suite.
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