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  1. May 2020
    1. Despite our best efforts to deal with all of those issues, over the course of time we fall behind. When you look at an issue it's sometimes unclear whether or not we intent to provide the functionality you propose, whether or not we fix the bug, whether or not the issue is a duplicate of another one. In order to restore a reasonable level of clarity we annually perform a House Keeping Iteration in which we go through all open issues. We categorize, label, fix, and close issues. This results in a wave of notification which is hard to deal with (our apologies) but in the end there is better understanding of what will happen to your ideas.
    1. (This can include any verifiable consenting action including sending an email or clicking a check-box).

      By "sending an email" are you referring to a user signing up by sending an email to a certain address? I might have been less surprised by that notion if it was <2000, but is this even done anymore? I haven't seen it done for a while. Almost everyone signs up for things via web forms, it seems.

    1. Records must be kept in writing. Most organisations will benefit from maintaining their records electronically.

      Isn't "kept in writing" different from "maintaining their records electronically"? How can digital data be kept in writing? Is that meant figuratively then? Why would they use figurative language here? What do they mean by "kept in writing"??

  2. Mar 2020
    1. You'll just need to access the port 9000 of the Docker engine where portainer is running using your browser.
  3. Dec 2019
    1. To make our local testnet, we’re going to need to give our sbot a place store it, and this is where that name field comes in. Create a new folder in your home directory called .ssb-test (or .anythingyourwantreally). Inside .ssb-test we’re going to make a file called config. Open up a node REPL and generate new shs and sign keys with crypto.randomBytes(32).toString('base64'). We want a new shs key so that our testnet messages won’t be gossiped to the main network and we want a new sign key so that our testnet messages can’t be gossiped onto the main network. Copy this into the config file you made, filling in your keys where specified. { "caps": { "shs": "your shs key here", "sign": "your sign key here" }, "port": 8007, "ws": { "port": 8988 }, "ssb_appname": "ssb-test" } We specify ports 8007 and 8988 so that our testnet can run in parallel with another sbot on the main network and we specify ssb_appname to be the name you gave your network. You will notice that most of the config settings aren’t mentioned here and that’s because for the rest the defaults are used, we only need to specify settings we want changed. Once you save your config you’re almost ready to go, you just need to tell sbot which network you want to run on. To do that, you need to set the environment variable ssb_appname, this is what sbot looks for. So run export ssb_appname="ssb-test" and we’re good to go. (Note: you may want to also add this command to your .bash_profile if you don’t want to run it in every bash session you want to access your testnet in.)

      This part doesn't work as expected or I don't fully understand the procedure.

      If I do the export ssb_appname="ssb-test", and launch ssb-server, there is a new .sbb-test/secret file which contains my new identity. When I put the new shs and sign keys, generated from the node REPL, as indicated, and I try to run any sbot command I get the message about not being able to connect ssb-server, despite of already started it.

  4. Nov 2019
    1. Very anxious at meeting, expectations are unclear and often change unexpectedly.

      unclear expectations. This is a common thread.

  5. Jan 2019
    1. Stem Cell Treatment Could Be a Game-Changer for People With MS <div class="inner-container"> <img src="https://via.hypothes.is/im_/https://timedotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/time-health-stock-tubes-3.jpg" alt="" title=""> </div>

      Overall scientific credibility: 'neutral' to 'high', according to scientists who analyzed this article.

      evaluation card

      Find more details in Health Feedback's analysis

  6. Dec 2018
  7. Nov 2018
    1. In past decades, neural nets used smoother non-linearities, such as tanh(z) or 1/(1+exp(−z)), but the ReLU typically learns much faster in networks with many layers, allowing training of a deep supervised network without unsupervised pre-training28

      Não entendi bem essa parte: "... allowing training of a deep supervised network without unsupervised pre-training".

  8. Oct 2018
    1. Scientists say halting deforestation 'just as urgent' as reducing emissions

      Overall scientific credibility: 'neutral' to 'high', according to scientists who analyzed this article.

      evaluation card

      Find more details in the annotations below and in Climate Feedback's analysis

  9. Feb 2018
    1. or

      "I have, in the following little volume, collected a few of these, the Love-Songs of a single province merely, which I either took down in each county of Connacht from the lips of the Irish-speaking peasantry - a class which is disappearing with most alarming rapidity - or extracted from MSS, in my own possession, or from some lent to me, made by different scribes during this century, or which I came upon while examining the piles of modern manuscript Gaelic literature that have found their last resting-place on the shelves of the Royal Irish Academy." (iv)

      The way Hyde makes reference to sources is casual and non-specific. It would be difficult for a reader to access his sources. Because we have such little insight, it is important to be alert to potential biases in the collecting and editing process.

      If we can identify consistencies among the anthologized songs in terms of their depiction of love and lovers, and/or among songs which are excluded from the anthology, we will have reason to regard the very partial disclosure of sources with suspicion.

      As I have already noted, part of Hyde’s project is to bring the reader into contact with language which has an ‘unbounded’ power to excite the Irish Muse. Perhaps part of the way he contrives this encounter is to control the kind of subject matter that will appear to the reader as that which occurs most naturally in the Irish language.

  10. Dec 2017
    1. Clearly, a between-subjects design would be necessary here.

      It is not very clear to me as to why a between-subject design is automatically necessary here

  11. Jul 2017
  12. Mar 2017
    1. innovative SMEs

      Abkürzung einführen!


      Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, oder?

    2. nts; fortunately, it’s still the case with those movements that transition to leadership positions in their cities

      Dieser Satz ist mir unverständlich und scheint mir grammatikalisch durcheinander.

    3. ttach  to  being  to  urban  problem

      Entweder ist mein Englisch zu beschränkt oder hier ist irgendwas nicht ganz korrekt

    4. Of  course,  such  AI-­‐powered  services  can  be  used  to  then  further  optimize  how  the  city  runs  and   operates;   the   problem   that   is   the   city

      Diesen Satz, insbesondere den zweiten Teil, verstehe ich nicht.

    5. the gig

      "gig" im Sinne von "Auftritt"?

    6.  firms  like  China,  Russia,  Japan,  the  US,  Germany,  and  

      Firmen wie China, Russland, ...Deutschland und... Ist das Ernst gemeint??

    7. Jane Jacobs


    8. Big F


  13. Nov 2016
  14. Sep 2015
    1. Cholinergic neurons provide the primary source of acetylcholine to the cerebral cortex,

      I think what is meant is "cholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain", or "the cerebral cortex receives projections from cholinergic neurons", as we presume that acetylcholine is coming from cholinergic neurons.