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  1. Oct 2019
    1. The basic structure of a speech is not linear but circular. Speeches should not take you on a straight line from A to Z. Speeches should take you in a circle from A to Z.

      In previous semesters, students tend to end their speeches abruptly without tying up the loose ends. Typical: "That's it." Students need to boil down their speech's one main idea, per Chris Anderson of TED. The last few words make speeches memorable or forgotten.

    1. The problem- solution style is especially useful when the speaker wants to convince the audience that they should take action in solving some problem

      Used more frequently in persuasive than informative speeches.

  2. Aug 2019
  3. Feb 2019
    1. If one's content is logical, it will be easy to remember.

      In this sense, can "logic" be at all subjective? By subjective I mean can the definition of logical different between individuals when organizing information? For example, I think it would be logical to organize my information chronologically, while someone else may think it is most logical to utilize a topical organizational pattern.

    1. He that has complex ideas, without particular names for them, would be in no better case than a bookseller, who had in his warehouse volumes that lay there unbound, and without titles, which he could therefore make known to others only by showing the loose sheets, and communicate them only by tale.

      Part of demonstrating knowledge has to do with the organization of thoughts. What good does it do if one's thoughts remain undeveloped and in disarray? The goal should be to not only generate knowledge, but to translate this knowledge in an organized and accessible form.

  4. Jan 2019
    1. 塔塔首席數字官C.R. Srinivasan表示:「《發展周期》像是對企業發出的警告,提出了由於革新的出現組織中不同層面開始浮現的『理想與現實』間的差距,他還表示:「這種差距表明,企業決策者和各個部門主管應該主動向企業 CEO提出其面對物聯網和人工智能技術時遇到的困難。」

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>Tata 释出的这份调查报告《发展周期(The Cycle of Progress)》枚举了企业在区块链应用上面临的主要障碍,但这并非警告——我们有必要正视不同层面的差距。事实上无论是在公司内部还是在更广的社会层面,这种异步感早已存在,甚至可以说,恰恰是这种异步感造成了人们认知上的差别,庞大的生态体系因此得以建立、维系。<br/><br/>如今,这些巨型组织的内部孵化出了一股新生力量——他们面对新技术的诱惑蠢蠢欲动,又无法轻松甩掉旧资产的包袱,还要和那些持不同意见的高管和股东们做对抗。但这样的拉扯并不一定是零和游戏,在这争斗中不同派别也能射出良性互动的微光,亦向现状抛出问题——既然我们做好了迎接新技术到来的外部战略准备,为何不改变自下而上的内部交互方式?

    1. No, every human needs Vitamin D. While a big library can be very satisfying, do not get bullied into it. That’s as bad as being bullied into getting rid of it.

      This is life changing.

    2. No, every human needs Vitamin D. While a big library can be very satisfying, do not get bullied into it. That’s as bad as being bullied into getting rid of it.

      This is life changing.

  5. www.correspoondence.com www.correspoondence.com
    1. A Division of Prevailing Trends, Inc.

      This also feels like a subtitle, but contributes to a greater problem of a confusing website narrative. Does correspoondence rank restaurants for consumers? Do they help restaurants improve through secret shoppers? Is it a promotional outlet for PTI?


      Nice catch phrase, but maybe subtitle "Correspoondence" rather than being placed three lines down?

    1. Describing the from-scratch conditions of virtual organizing, Finholt et al. write that the “absence of prior structure means group members must develop new structures for sharing information, for example, norms or rules for reporting progress and division of labor” [8p. 292]

      Practices of virtual organizations (and digital humanitarian groups specifically). Evokes Benkler et al., Kittur et al descriptions of peer production group practices.

    2. relief. Virtual organizations are “geographically distributed [organizations] whose members are bound by a ... common interest or goal, and who communicate and coordinate their work through information technology”[1]

      Definition of virtual organizations.

  6. Oct 2018
    1. B, Dm from the end of the vein xylem to the gas-exchange epidermis plotted against 1/Kleaf. Means for both parameters are shown for single-vein (white circles) and multivein (red triangles) leaves plotted together, excluding the species with lignified sclereids in the mesophyll.
      • white circles = single vein leaves
      • red triangles = multi-vein leaves
    2. A, Kleaf versus Amax in leaves of bryophytes (black), lycopods (white), ferns (green), conifers (red), angiosperms (blue), and gymnosperms with lignified sclereids in the mesophyll (brown).
      • Black = bryophytes
      • White = lycopods
      • Green - ferns
      • Red = conifers
      • Blue = angiosperm
  7. Apr 2018
    1. Cabe destacar que esta metodología viene de varios años de investigación, tiene mediciones tanto cualitativas como cuantitativas y está validada científicamente.

  8. Feb 2018
    1. Dentro de esta propuesta, bien llamada ‘investigación desde la acción colectiva’ (IAC), “las comunidades hacen parte de la producción del conocimiento como investigadoras y los investigadores e investigadoras hacen parte de las acciones colectivas [de transformación social]”

      [...] plantear la desjerarquización y deselitización del conocimiento, es decir, a la descolonización epistémica como elemento integral de estas visiones.

      La hackatón en ese sentido tendría que diversificarse, para admitir más saberes. Aún nos falta, pero estamos abriéndonos a saberes bibliotecarios, editoriales y periodísticos, desde las prácticas y convocatorias que realiza el Data Week. Los diplomados podrían extender esto.

    2. El concepto de territorio, como es utilizado por los movimientos que describí antes, es una abreviatura para el sistema de relaciones cuya recreación continua re/crea a su vez la ‘comunidad’ en cuestión.
    3. os movimientos sociales, que pueden sufrir cambios estructurales y adoptar diversas estructuras en respuesta a las interacciones con el entorno pero tienen que mantener una organización básica con el fin de permanecer como las unidades que son. La interacción histórica entre unidades autopoiéticas (mundos, uno podría decir) a menudo adquiere un carácter recurrente, estableciendo un patrón de cambios estructurales mutuamente congruentes que permite a las unidades respectivas mantener su organización (interacciones pluriversales).
  9. Jan 2018
    1. El punto de partida es, de nuevo, aparentemente sencillo: que cada comunidad practica el diseño de sí misma. Este fue, puede argumentarse, el caso en las comunidades tradicionales (que producían las normas con las que vivían sus vidas, en gran medida de forma endógena) y lo es, todavía en muchas comunidades, tanto en el Sur Global como en el Norte Global, que abordan el diseño de sí mismas frente a las manifestaciones de las crisis, cada vez más profundas, y la inescapable mediación tecno-económica de sus mundos.

      Esto se ha visto, específicamente, en el caso de Grafoscopio, el Data Week y HackBo y de nuevo habla del diálogo entre estructura y agencia.

  10. Nov 2017
    1. The draft Plan of Implementation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development,recognizes poverty eradication as the greatest global challenge facing the world today andan indispensable requirement for sustainable development.

      Human rights and poverty reduction

  11. Oct 2017
    1. It is this practice of judicious, critical, ingenuous reading that we mustadopt in order to understand the ways in which Austen uses the texts of otherwriters to create her own fiction*in order, that is, to rethink the meaningof‘‘influence’’as it pertains to this central figure in the history of women’swriting.

      In this sentence, the author makes a transition between Austen's expectations for her readership's literary knowledge and reading practices and the notion of literary influence. Here, she argues that Austen's requirement for "judicious, critical, ingenuous reading" is necessary for the reader to understand how influence operates in Austen. I am not quite sure if I agree with this assessment. In the later paragraphs, I do not feel that the author's argument explicitly shows that informed readership is necessary to understand influence in Emma. Rather, the audience gives more of a plot summary and information about the reading practices within the novel, not those required for its audience.

    1. Education generates habits of application, order and the love of virtue; and controuls, by the force of habit, any innate obliquities in our moral organization.

      This is an interesting quote as it made me question how education generates habits of application? Is this implying that students of the University of Virginia will provide structure for future generations? “Habits of application” connotes that students will become ambitious, rather than waiting around for change, they will implement it themself. This task can often seem impossibly challenging in today’s times, however it is interesting to see how UVA’s mission was to generate powerful students since it’s creation. The “order and love of virtue” mentioned in this quote shows that education must be driven by passion. Jefferson’s entire perspective of his University was for it to be a center for lifelong learners as education should not have a limit. To lack passion is to be ignorant as there is no point to be informed without any desire or intent supporting it. Another question I had was whether the “moral organization” of society is pointing to the idea/conclusion that everyone should think in the same way? It is important to have a wide range of varying opinions; changes within societal culture and norms do not change without this element. How can there be “habits of application” if everyone is under one “moral organization”? This statement seems to contradict itself as they are developing students who will potentially change and challenge the moral organization of our society. Perhaps this was the point all along. My Doing Fieldwork engagement has taught me to look at each person as their own system, so it is interesting to see how each of our individual systems are supposed to conform to a single ideal and organization within our American society (not even considering all of the standards from the rest of the world).

  12. Sep 2017
    1. Hacker and maker spaces arise from grassroots networks through a shared interest in maintaining a semi-permanent space for solo and collaborative work. They generally employ democratic and meritocratic conventions rather than ''top-down" organizational practices. These conventions evolve over time as they are reflexively modified by members through communication (McPhee & Zaug, 2009) and practices (Cox, 2005; Wenger, 1998) in and around physical space. This loose organizational structure and plurality of participant identities results in a tremendous variety of spaces that are best thought of as having a family resemblance (Wittgenstein, 1953) of organizational conventions and shared histories rather than consistency in interests or ideology. Some are firmly entrenched in information security (infosec) while others maintain a focus on artistic endeavors involving welding and woodwork. Several have arisen with an overtly feminist orientation and push back against the often male-dominant nature of these spaces.
    2. Hacker and maker spaces (HMSs) are open-access workshops devoted to creative and technical work. Their growing numbers (over 500 worldwide) make them a significant grassroots movement supporting informal learning. Scholars have found pedagogical benefits of tinkering and hacking, but the cultural contexts from which these practices arise remain under-studied.

      Nótese que también se habla de espacios creativos y no sólo técnicos.



    1. Recent research has focused on hackerspaces as grassroots organizations for producing ad hoc, self-made tools (Toombs etal., 2014) and as homes for emerging technical entrepreneur-ship (Lindtner etal., 2014).Founder Sho Sho Smith built HackerMoms to identify with this ethos, what she called “true creativity”: making without a purpose or necessity, without people trying to elevate themselves or their career.2 Although she has admitted that she first associated hacking with criminal activity, she soon found it essential to the kind of life she desired

      Interesante la idea de hacer sin propósito o necesidad. No sé hasta que punto sea compatible con la idea de artesanía, en la medida en que esta es en sí misma un propósito y una necesidad, pero puede tener que ver precisamente con el caracter expresivo de la creación y no con el económico del mismo.

  13. Aug 2017
    1. There are

      Sentences stand alone and don't work as a team. Unlike the one in the gif below.

  14. Sep 2016
    1. 84 deputies

      a person whose immediate superior is a senior figure within an organization and who is empowered to act as a substitute for this superior.

  15. Aug 2016
    1. PrisonRape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA)

      Note governmental agencies that compile data on the issue. Look for new data or current questions the data seeks to answer.

    2. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Department of Justice

      Look for government agencies that compile data on the issue. Visit the website to locate new data or current questions the data seeks to answer.

    3. The Sen-tencing Projec

      Possible organization: The Sentencing Project

    4. Vera Institute of Justice

      Possible organization Vera Institute of Justice

  16. Feb 2016
  17. jackymumford.wordpress.com jackymumford.wordpress.com
    1. Family, friends, coworkers, parents, & anyone else

      big audience! may shape the tags you use to categorize posts as they accumulate. maybe some are more for some folks than others?

  18. Sep 2015
    1. Warner's view is related to what might be termed a hermeneutical approach to searching (cf. Boell & Cecez-Kecmanovic, 2010) as opposed to a positivist approach. The positivist view implies that searching can be done in a formal way (algorithmic) that retrieves relevant knowledge without bias in the search (and this is the assumption behind evidence-based practice). The hermeneutic approach is based on the assumption that there is a constant reinterpretation of the relevant literature, implying the need for great flexibility in search criteria and a great level of iteration in search processes—and, most important, an understanding of what is going on during the search.

      hermeneutical approach versus positivist approach

    2. A fourth level of KO in Boolean systems is generated by the searcher
    3. A third level of KO in classical databases consists of the information retrieval thesaurus,19 ontologies, and other kinds of controlled vocabulary constructed by information specialists.
    4. Another level of KO is the bibliographical record and its organization into fields (and the corresponding organization of data in linear and inverted files). Such records vary from database to database and from host to host.
    5. The selection of material to the bibliography constitutes the first and most basic level of KO. Because the meaning of terms is implicitly understood in this disciplinary context and to the extent that classification and indexing is based on the principle of “literary warrant,” this selection influences the developments of thesauri and ontologies, which may thus be understood as a higher level of KO.
    6. Given the Boolean model, the goal for KO can be understood as improving bibliographical records in ways which improve searchers' selection power.

      drawing the connection between information retrieval and the bibliographic universe and to bibliographic control

    7. In the Boolean model, a great range of strategies are available to increase “recall” and “precision” (sometimes termed “recall devices” and “precision devices”). To utilize such devices in optimal ways, the user has to know about the databases, search facilities, documents, genres, languages, paradigms, and so on, in which he or she is searching. This should be part of what is often termed information literacy.

      drawing the connection to information literacy

    8. The problem is not that best-match systems are being developed, but that an ideological tendency to make things “user friendly” (and the market bigger) tends to hurt the development of systems aimed at increasing the selection power of users and search experts.
    9. But much of the popularity of contemporary search engines may also be attributed to the easy pickings afforded by the first generation of Internet full-text based systems (owing to the cheap cost of digital storage capacity after 1990): no doubt it is good to have all text on the web indexed and made searchable—and often with free access. However, when the easy pickings have been utilized, more complex strategies (and more humanistic approaches) may be needed to make further progress.

      relate 'easy pickings' to the 'path of least resistance' and the need for 'more complex search strategies' to the need to counter 'easy pickings' behavior as a professional

    10. Again, though, if maximum recall is required, it is impossible in ranked retrieval to know what is omitted by new queries, whereas Boolean queries allow the user to control and modify the search until a satisfactory result has been achieved and they therefore also seem better suited to iterative searches.
    11. For a researcher conducting human studies, writing a dissertation, finding information pertinent to patient care, or conducting an in-depth literature review, Google Scholar does not appear to be a replacement for PubMed, though it may serve effectively as an adjunct resource to complement databases with more fully developed searching features.
    12. To understand the possibilities of Boolean search when used in its most advanced ways, it is necessary to know about bibliographical records in online databases,
    13. As previously mentioned, the medical domain is an exception to the general trend that the study of the optimization of document searching strategies has suffered in information science.
  19. Aug 2015
    1. The real advantages that the VRVO offers to science and to its sponsors are based on the fact that it is not a funded project or center, and that the difference between it and funded centers (or facilities, or projects) is intentional and generative to its ROI.

      The simple point here is that you want to create a volunteer-run organization to do those things that are really easy for this type of organization to do, and really hard to fund directly.

  20. Jul 2015
  21. Mar 2015
    1. © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2015. All rights reserved.

      This says this is the organization. A Google search suggests it may be a Russian publication. Need to investigate org more.

  22. Jan 2014
    1. common appropriation regimes do not give a complete answer to the sustainability of motivation and organization for the truly open, large-scale nonproprietary peer production projects we see on the Internet.

      Towards the end of our last conversation the text following "common appropriation" seemed an interesting place to dive into further for our future discussions.

      I have tagged this annotation with "meta" because it is a comment about our discussion and where to continue it rather than an annotation focused on the content itself.

      In the future I would be interested in exploring the idea of "annotation types" that can be selectively turned on and off, but for now will handle that with ad hoc tags like "meta".

    1. In fact, our work persuades us that any urban configuration that has not evolved — has not been computed step-by-step using adaptive adjustments — is probably dysfunctional and unsustainable

      This likely applies to other areas of design as well.

  23. Nov 2013
    1. I propose to under-take against Quintilian, for I shall undertake to teach that his instructions on oratory were not correctly ordered, organized, described - es-pecially so since he seems to define an orator brilliantly at the start, then to divide elegantly the parts of the subjects covered by the definition and finally to delineate the property and nature of each part with extreme care and accuracy.
  24. Sep 2013
    1. I detach one part from another, and breaking up the discourse, as it were, into what we call general heads, I strive to express in a few words each bit of counsel which I have to offer.4