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    1. This video tells me I need to spend more time actually reflecting on the table of contents and title. As well as with the pigeonholing; classify in the mind in what categories this book falls.

    2. ( ~1:55)

      Interesting sentiment. Library Lin supposes that most people who do not like reading don't like it because of bad reading habits and that when they improve on their reading habits, they will start liking it.

    3. Off-topic, I love this woman's accent.

    1. I notice you put sticky markers into the book... Two questions. A) Does this not take too much effort/time for an inspectional read a la Adler? B) What is the purpose of the sticky markers? Warm regards, Mr. Hoorn -- Fellow Antinetter
    1. Good video. Funnily enough, I related it to Mazlow's hierarchy of competence a minute before you mentioned it. (Mr. Hoorn here, btw.) Another connection I made was to van Merriënboer et al. their "Ten Steps to Complex Learning" or "4 Component Instructional Design". Particularly with regards to doing a skill decomposition (by analyzing experts, the theory, etc.) in order to build a map for how best to learn a complex skill, reducing complexity as much as possible while still remaining true to the authentic learning task; i.e., don't learn certain skills in isolation (drill) unless the easiest version of a task still causes cognitive overload. Because if you learn in isolation too much, your brain misses on the nuances of application in harmony (element interactivity). Related to the concept of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". You can master each skill composite individually but still fail epically at combining them into one activity, which is often required.
  3. Jun 2024
    1. for - AI - inside industry predictions to 2034 - Leopold Aschenbrenner - inside information on disruptive Generative AI to 2034

      document description - Situational Awareness - The Decade Ahead - author - Leopold Aschenbrenner

      summary - Leopold Aschenbrenner is an ex-employee of OpenAI and reveals the insider information of the disruptive plans for AI in the next decade, that pose an existential threat to create a truly dystopian world if we continue going down our BAU trajectory. - The A.I. arms race can end in disaster. The mason threat of A.I. is that humans are fallible and even one bad actor with access to support intelligent A.I. can post an existential threat to everyone - A.I. threat is amplifier by allowing itt to control important processes - and when it is exploited by the military industrial complex, the threat escalates significantly

    1. the AI created Music learned from got inspiration from the hit songs and came up with a great new hit song for you and then kind of you 00:13:21 know what we'll call those those artifacts or the little similarities here and there might get picked up by Content ID on YouTube

      for - AI music - youtube content ID algorithms can identify it

  4. May 2024
    1. for - wicked problems - synthentic opiods coming to EU faster due to successful Taliban war on poppy industry

      summary - the new synthetic opiod "Nitazene" is being manufactured in China and replaces the banned fentanyl. It is 300x stronger than heroin. - Due to the Taliban's successful war on drugs that has stamped out 95% of the poppy production, EU drug addicts are turning to the far more deadly nitazine

      from - youtube - BBC - Inside the Taliban's war on Drugs - https://hyp.is/hKPiKBYbEe-2ZCPwUTz0Lg/docdrop.org/video/W-gMRFEZOGY/

    1. the whole world is affected by it opium ferret from Afghan Fields produces nearly all of the heroines sold in Europe how will prices be impacted

      for - question - how will the Taliban's successful destruction of the poppy industry affect drug supplies in Europe?

      to - youtube - Vice - The new fentanyl killing drug users in Europe - https://hyp.is/MDez0BYcEe-rq0sJ-I6FRg/docdrop.org/video/JqqfI-bIvnI/

    1. for - recombination of proteins in higher level proteins - from - youtube - Evolution 2 podcast interview - book - Understanding Living Systems - Denis Noble - Ray Noble

      from - youtube - Evolution 2 podcast interview - book - Understanding Living Systems - Denis Noble - Ray Noble - https://hyp.is/OttWABYFEe--gLNFyeNyTw/docdrop.org/video/oHZI1zZ_BhY/

    1. for - Oded Rechavi - neurobiology - gene centrism - critique - from - youtube podcast interview - book - Understanding Living Systems - Ray Noble - Denis Noble

      summary - Rechavi performed experiments with C Elegan and demonstrated that it possesses a type of neuron that - produces RNA that in response to elevated temperature change is transmitted to reproductive cells so that the offsprings encode it in the genome, and it is better adapted to deal with elevated temperatures

      question - How many species do this? Is it generally found throughout nature?

      from - outube podcast interview - book - Understanding Living Systems - Ray Noble - Denis Noble - https://hyp.is/OUlGVBXrEe-iaBeZhH_4DQ/docdrop.org/video/oHZI1zZ_BhY/

  5. Apr 2024
    1. Dunne, J. (2015). "Buddhist Styles of Mindfulness: A Heuristic Approach." In Handbook of Mindfulness and Self-Regulation, edited by B. Ostafin, B. Meier & M. Robinson. New York: Springer.

      from - Evan Thompson interview - Osher Center youtube channel podcast - citation of Dunne's paper - https://hyp.is/N348dga5Ee-vq5-ZnnVD9Q/docdrop.org/video/BNAVYglundg/

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    1. we believe that that annotation is a really important 00:05:05 uh potential tool and we think it's inevitable we could you know have our product teams develop an annotation layer you know or service um this just seems a such a better way to to go about 00:05:16 doing that um and as i said before to to invest in open at the same time makes a lot of sense so we're thinking about um how do we make the best use of our resources

      Docdrop is another tool enabled by Hypothesis (Hypothes.is). Here's I'm annotating a portion of transcript of a YouTube video clip.

  9. Dec 2023
    1. One of the advantages of this media extended plugin is that it can handle more than just YouTube videos. It can handle videos and also some audio notes as well. And I don't think I've tried it with anything else but really I just need YouTube videos.

      Video Title: Taking notes from YouTube videos in Obsidian

      Various ways and plugins to annotate or take notes on videos (e.g. YouTube) in Obsidian

      Audio notes? How?

    1. there are more media types that the team is working on it's heavily text oriented right now but I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with more audio or video related features because I know in the PKM space those are high in demand

      Yes! Video and audio for me!

    1. if it's possible to simply export a list of all your youtube videos well it's not simple but you can certainly do it fairly quickly let me show you how

      Export a list (by name) of all your uploaded YouTube videos: a hacky way to do it

  10. Nov 2023
    1. En la biblioteca de Ian Gibson: “Lorca me salvó de la desesperación” | EL PAÍS


      5:26 minutos https://youtu.be/NpoHA38qoyE

      Ian Gibson (Dublin, Irlanda, 1939-) en su biblioteca personal en Lavapiés (Madrid, España) comenta cómo su amor por Lorca se convirtió en una vocación y pasión que le salvó la vida:

      "Te juro que me salvó de la desesperación. Mi hermano terminó sus días en una clínica y yo tengo la misma semilla plantada en mi persona. Me habría desesperado sin vocación. Cuando tienes vocación, puedes superar cosas depresivas y negativas, porque tienes ojos fijos en una meta. Yo no sé qué habría sido de mí sin Federico, si me atrevo a llamarlo así."

      Obras completas de todos sus poetas, en especial de Lorca.

      • El libro que comenzó todo:

      The Bull of Minos (1955) de Leonard Cottrell (1913-1974), sobre las excavaciones en Troya y Grecia. Gibson soñaba con ser arqueólogo.

      Gibson dice que repara que también hace arqueología: hay aventura e investigación en lo que hace.

      • Tres imprescindibles

      • Poesías completas (Aguilar Editor) de Ruben Darío (1967-1916) (profesor en Brooklyn sobre Darío).

      Azul... (1988) de Darío (romance primaveral... nicaragüense, primaveral...).

      1. Romancero gitano (1928) de Lorca (1898-1936).

      A pesar de su español "muy defectuoso", el francés y los cognados fueron de ayuda.

      Romance de la pena negra.

      Romance sonámbulo.

      Magia en Lorca. Investigación. Hacer tesis sobre Lorca y "su mundo telúrico".

      1. Ulises (1920) de James Joyce (1882-1941). Ya lo leyó siete veces.

      Gibson dice que Finnegans Wake es más difícil que Ulises, y que Luis de Góngora (su poema "Soledades") también es difícil y que hay que estudiarlo.

      Descubriendo a Joyce más que antes. Lorca cuarenta años y ahora con Joyce...

      • Libro que nunca prestaría

      A Handbook for Travellers in Spain (Manual para viajeros por España y lectores en casa) (1845) de Richard Ford (1796-1858).

      Viajeros románticos, británicos... Inspiración grande para Gibson.

  11. Oct 2023
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      fuck youtube, fuck google, fuck CIA, fuck NSA, ...

  12. Sep 2023
    1. DiResta, Renee. “Free Speech Is Not the Same As Free Reach.” Wired, August 30, 2018. https://www.wired.com/story/free-speech-is-not-the-same-as-free-reach/.

    2. Zeynep Tufekci recently wrote in the Times. “YouTube may be one of the most powerful radicalizing instruments of the 21st century.”
    3. “Even the creators don’t always understand why it recommends one video instead of another,” says Guillaume Chaslot, an ex-YouTube engineer who worked on the site’s algorithm.
    4. According to YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan, 70 percent of views on YouTube are from recommendations—so the site’s algorithms are largely responsible for amplifying RT’s propaganda hundreds of millions of times.
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    1. John Vervaeke describes relevance realisation

      A small [[YouTube]] video clip of [[John Vervaeke]] discussing his model of [[relevance realization]].

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    1. Pobieranie materiałów wideo z YouTube w wierszu poleceń.

  18. Feb 2023
    1. "Certain populations are framed as having no language, and then in another moment they are framed as not having the right language. So as soon as we recognize they have language they don't have the right language and then in another moment, they don't have the right variety of the right language"- Jonathan Rosas, Youtube

  19. Jan 2023
    1. tl;dw (best DevOps tools in 2023)

      1. Low-budget cloud computing : Civo (close to Scaleway)
      2. Infrastructure and Service Management: Crossplane
      3. App Management - manifests : cdk8s (yes, not Kustomize or Helm)
      4. App Management - k8s operators: tie between Knative and Crossplane
      5. App Management - managed services: Google Cloud Run
      6. Dev Envs: Okteto (yeap, not GitPod)
      7. CI/CD: GitHub Actions (as it's simplest to use)
      8. GitOps (CD): Argo CD (wins with Flux due to its adoption rate)
      9. Policy Management: Kyverno (simpler to use than industry's most powerful tool: OPA / Gatekeeper)
      10. Observability: OpenTelemetry (instrumentation of apps), VictoriaMetrics (metrics - yes not Prometheus), Grafana / Loki (logs), Grafana Tempo (tracing), Grafana (dashboards), Robusta (alerting), Komodor (troubleshooting)
    1. Manolis Kellis: Origin of Life, Humans, Ideas, Suffering, and Happiness | Lex Fridman Podcast #123

      My summary:

      Biology: * Life = energy + self preservation * Neanderthals could be the reason why wolves/dogs are living closely with humans. Maybe in the past generations, dogs had no choice but to live with humans as they were scared of our power? * People evolved from the deep ocean (we're made in 70% of water). We're like transporting the sea with us now * Dolphins as mammals came back into the water * RNA invented proteins. Later RNA and proteins created DNA * Life is like any kind of self-reinforcement such as self-reinforcement of RNA molecules which lead to the evolution process * Europa (moon of Jupiter) already evolves some non-DNA life there. Life could exist in its under-ice ocean, perhaps in an environment similar to Earth's deep-ocean hydrothermal vents. It will be fascinating to get to know it

      Life: * Don't focus on goals but have a path to prevent the "rat race" sort of feeling * Almost every Hollywood movie has a happy ending. It prepares us, humans, really poorly for the bad times in life We need to read/watch more stories with a bad ending * Life is about accomplishing things, not about being happy all the time * As a parent, don't ask your kid if he's happy but what he's struggling to achieve * Most likely, we live on the best planet during the best time as the most beautiful mammals * If you understand yourself, you won't seek self-assurance in what other people think of you * It's hard to get to know your true self if you live all the time in the same location/environment and have the same friends who would like to have a stable image of you

    1. Face To Face with MIKE SHINODA


      Mike Shinoda discussing the idea from Stephen King's book "On Writing":

      "You should write every day, even if it's torturous, even if you hate it, you sit down and say: "this is not what I wanna be doing, I'm not in the mood, I've got too many things going on". But you should do it anyway, cause it keeps your creative muscles strong, and eventually, even on the bad day, you can come up with something that's remarkable and surprising that you can use later."

    1. Naive Recursive Approach O(2^n): ```python def fib(n): if n == 1 or n == 2: // base case return 1

          return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2)


      Dynamic Programming Solution O(n): python def fib(n): // assuming n > 2 seq = zeros(n) seq[0] = seq[1] = 1 for i from 2 to (n-1): seq[i] = seq[i-1] + seq[i-2] return seq[n-1]

    1. Thanks to its shortest orbit time, Mercury is the "mostest" closest planet to all the planets that orbits the sun

  20. Nov 2022
    1. Donations

      To add some other intermediary services:

      To add a service for groups:

      To add a service that enables fans to support the creators directly and anonymously via microdonations or small donations by pre-charging their Coil account to spend on content streaming or tipping the creators' wallets via a layer containing JS script following the Interledger Protocol proposed to W3C:

      If you want to know more, head to Web Monetization or Community or Explainer

      Disclaimer: I am a recipient of a grant from the Interledger Foundation, so there would be a Conflict of Interest if I edited directly. Plus, sharing on Hypothesis allows other users to chime in.

    1. i think so like in social terms the conservatives would say well i like that it benefits from the wisdom of math already invented you're not 00:36:39 throwing anything away you're not you're not throwing it all away and starting over you're taking what we already have and you're you're using it that's great and a libertarian might say i really like that you're free to create as you see fit you can make anything you 00:36:52 want and you're working within this background framework that's minimally invasive it doesn't make a lot of rules for you but it is highly functional i like that it kind of keeps everyone in line while 00:37:03 like satisfying some formal contracts or something while still being uh i'm still free to create and a progressive might say i like about category that theory that everyone can contribute to 00:37:15 making their own world making it more rich adding new ideas uh making it more meaningful understanding connections between things a modern viewpoint would say i like that 00:37:26 it's completely rigorous that it's been used in proving well-known conjectures that people thought were important to prove but also that it's interesting it's useful in science and technology and a postmodern person might say i like 00:37:40 that um that no perspective is right that that there's just all sorts of different categories but that navigating between these perspectives lets you look at problems from all sides or a hippie might say i like that it's 00:37:53 all about relationship and connection or irrelevant i don't know what that means maybe a practical person might say that i like that it's that we can actually use it to organize and learn from big data in 00:38:06 today's world or to manage complexity of software projects that are that are very large and changing all the time i like that you can think about ai and other complex systems with this stuff i think it's relevant and 00:38:19 practical for right now so that's that's my uh tutorial or that's the the part i'm going to record and now i'm going to open it up for questions

      David Spivak discusses how category theory may appeal to different political ideologies for a variety of reasons.

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    1. id | title <br /> ----|--------------------------- 1 | Film & Animation <br /> 2 | Autos & Vehicles <br /> 10 | Music <br /> 15 | Pets & Animals <br /> 17 | Sports <br /> 18 | Short Movies <br /> 19 | Travel & Events <br /> 20 | Gaming <br /> 21 | Videoblogging <br /> 22 | People & Blogs <br /> 23 | Comedy <br /> 24 | Entertainment <br /> 25 | News & Politics <br /> 26 | Howto & Style <br /> 27 | Education <br /> 28 | Science & Technology<br /> 29 | Nonprofits & Activism 30 | Movies <br /> 31 | Anime/Animation <br /> 32 | Action/Adventure <br /> 33 | Classics <br /> 34 | Comedy <br /> 35 | Documentary <br /> 36 | Drama <br /> 37 | Family <br /> 38 | Foreign <br /> 39 | Horror <br /> 40 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy <br /> 41 | Thriller <br /> 42 | Shorts <br /> 43 | Shows <br /> 44 | Trailers

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    1. Google and Youtube search are heavily censored, for example if you open Youtube and type "JRE alex" then Alex Jones will be the last suggestion despite his episode having the most views, if you type "JRE Robert" then Youtube will suggest Robert Downey Jr and other guests whose name starts with Robert, but it won't show Robert Malone, and if you write "JRE Robert Malon" it still won't suggest it.

      Popular episodes of Joe Rogan are being censored by YouTube. You won't find them with a normal search.

  24. Jul 2022
    1. The well-known core of any YouTuber’s income is Adsense—the system that serves the ads before, during, or after videos. This hypothetical channel could expect to earn about $4,000 in Adsense revenue for their million views, based on a typical revenue per mille rate, or RPM, of $4—meaning they earn $4 per thousand views. However, there is wild inconsistency on Adsense RPM’s from creator to creator.

      Example creator income of $4 per thousand views

    1. “replace ‘algorithm’ with ‘audience.'” Instead of positioning videos to perform well for an algorithm, how can they perform best with an audience?
  25. Jun 2022
    1. You can also use get a feed directly with a username: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?user=<username> The one I use most is the one for playlists (if creators remember to use them). https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?playlist_id=<playlist id>

      bash $ curl -s "https://www.youtube.com/c/TED" | grep -Po '"channelId":".+?"' | cut -d \" -f 4 | while read -r YTID ; do echo -n "Youtube-ID: $YTID " ; curl -s "https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=$YTID" | grep -m 1 -P -o "(?<=<title>).+(?=</title>)" ; done Youtube-ID: UCsT0YIqwnpJCM-mx7-gSA4Q TEDx Talks Youtube-ID: UCsooa4yRKGN_zEE8iknghZA TED-Ed Youtube-ID: UCy9b8cNJQmxX8Y2bdE6mQNw TED Audio Collective Youtube-ID: UCBjBZmguQzn6WCYR7DQykLw TED Fellow Youtube-ID: UC6riU7xaRItrH_8_P6rYsfQ TED Institute Youtube-ID: UCV8cNYL6xPS-MxkQ2BTsX6Q TEDPrizeChannel Youtube-ID: UCDAdYdnCDt9zx3p3e_78lEQ TED Ideas Studio Youtube-ID: UC-yTB2bUcin9mmah36sXiYA TEDxYouth Youtube-ID: UCAuUUnT6oDeKwE6v1NGQxug TED

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    1. Nick Sawyer, MD, MBA, FACEP [@NickSawyerMD]. (2022, January 3). The anti-vaccine community created a manipulated version of VARES that misrepresents the VAERS data. #disinformationdoctors use this data to falsely claim that vaccines CAUSE bad outcomes, when the relationship is only CORRELATED. Watch this explainer: Https://youtu.be/VMUQSMFGBDo https://t.co/ruRY6E6blB [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/NickSawyerMD/status/1477806470192197633