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    1. Richard Sever. (2021, October 30). The article is on ivermectin but the sunk intellectual cost fallacy has lessons for us all: "Publicly backtracking when the results refute your idea requires a very large dose of humility” Such humility has been notably lacking among Nobels and other COVID inexperts [Tweet]. @cshperspectives. https://twitter.com/cshperspectives/status/1454483988031152137

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    1. Ben Collins on Twitter: “A quick thread: It’s hard to explain just how radicalized ivermectin and antivax Facebook groups have become in the last few weeks. They’re now telling people who get COVID to avoid the ICU and treat themselves, often by nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. So, how did we get here?” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved September 26, 2021, from https://twitter.com/oneunderscore__/status/1441395300002848769?s=20

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